TTAG Contest: Finish This Sentence for a Free CMC AR-15/10 Trigger

Bernie Sanders (courtesy

Bernie Sanders finds his #BlackLivesMatter message reports. Here’s the money shot: “When I mention a few names, like Sandra Bland or Michael Brown or Rekia Boyd or Eric Garner or Walter Scott or Freddie Gray or Tamir Rice or recently Samuel DuBose, you know and I know that unarmed African Americans have been shot and killed by police forces in a way that never would have happened if they were . . .” Complete the sentence without using the word “white” (Bernie’s choice). TTAG commentator Jeremy (not S) is the winner of the previous TTAG sentence completion contest. This contest winner could be you!


  1. avatar Julio says:

    ….openly carrying firearms. Wait, there are plenty of instances where that wouldn’t work either.

    1. avatar Steve says:

      …actively seeking to understand and obey the law.

      1. avatar Tessius says:

        …properly educated and off the streets.

  2. avatar Bryan says:

    ….DNC party members or donors.

  3. avatar Jason says:


    1. avatar JasonM says:

      Let’s look at some actual facts, shall we:
      Sandra Bland: Arrested for assaulting an officer, and the dash cam later showed the cop lied.
      Michael Brown: Probably a justifiable shooting…doesn’t really belong in this list.
      Rekia Boyd: Teenage girl shot by a drunk cop who fired randomly into a crowd from his car.
      Eric Garner: Assaulted by cops for breaking up a fight. They later added a trumped up charge to justify their actions.
      Walter Scott: Shot in the back while fleeing. The cop claimed Scott was wielding his taser threateningly, the video shows him at a full sprint.
      Freddie Gray: Arrested for carrying a knife without a license (isn’t this a pro-2A site?), then denied necessary medical care.
      Tamir Rice: A cop who quit his previous job to avoid being fired for being “emotionally unstable” shoots a 12-year old holding an airsoft gun, before the car even comes to a stop.
      Samuel DuBose: The cop claims DuBose was trying to drag him with his car, but body cam footage shows it to be a complete lie. I believe testi-lying is the official police term for it.

      Other than Brown, what were they guilty of? Talking back to the police? Exercising their rights? Being black? One of them fled from a traffic stop, I think that’s the most severe crime, other than Brown.
      You’re making the name Jason look bad, on behalf of the organization, we ask you to change it.

      1. avatar Jason says:

        Will, being an ass, do?

        Because it seems you’re one of Them.

        1. avatar Tony says:

          In this case “being an ass” apparently means pointing out the law. These people wouldn’t have been harmed by the police if they were white. But the TTAG doesn’t want us to say white so I’ll say “not black.”

        2. avatar JasonM says:

          I think you might be getting us confused. One of us implied that some people who got killed due to excessive force, including a kid gunned down by an emotionally unstable cop and a teen gunned down by a drunk cop firing into a crowd, were all criminals, the other one of us has a sense of decency.

      2. avatar Jason says:

        FYI: since you missed it, the joke isn’t about the people you listed, it’s about you.

        1. avatar AlleyF says:

          Not funny.

        2. avatar Geo says:

          By your replies, I’m going to guess that thinking isn’t your strong suit… I bet you’re one of those bone headed cops who think that cops can never do wrong. Well wake up Nancy! Cops are just regular people, no better, more virtuous, brave, or more honest. People.

  4. avatar Kevin says:

    Body snatchers. Shapeshifters. Devil worshippers. Jehova’s witnesses. Kiss army. Juggalos.

    The list is endless…

    1. avatar Benny the Jew says:

      Juggalos got me. You win in my book, buddy!

      1. avatar Joe R. says:

        ? KISS ARMY

        piano cat, play ’em out to a little
        “Detroit Rock City” ✌️

  5. avatar Don says:

    Obeying the law.

  6. avatar EconCookbook says:

    “… appropriately politically connected.”

  7. avatar Tommy Knocker says:

    in a way that never would have happened if they were . . .” the children of powerful liberal democrats.

  8. avatar usmc says:

    not criminals

  9. avatar Tom says:

    …not lured off of an African game reserve.

    1. avatar Ing says:

      That was wrong, man. Really wrong. You’ve got my vote for the win.

    2. avatar bontai Joe says:


  10. avatar actionphysicalman says:

    donators to my campaign.

  11. avatar Ebenezer Bowman says:

    Truely the presidents children.

  12. avatar Noah says:

    Seems like the answer, in at least a few of those cases, is “polite.” Sure, you shouldn’t have to be respectful to the po-po to survive, but this is an imperfect world we live in. I’m willing to pay a little lip service to an officer if it means I’m less likely to be cuffed or shot.

    1. avatar Good Riddance says:

      God forbid the cops have the slightest amount of humanity and not act like blood-thirsty scum.

    2. avatar Uhhmerica says:

      “I’m willing to pay a little lip service to an officer if it means I’m less likely to be cuffed or shot.”

      If you don’t understand how wrong that statement is then you are part of the problem. Our judicial institution is corrupt and it needs to change, or we can just wait until the law is used like Stalin preferred.

      A police officer is supposed to be held to a higher standard since WE allow them the authority to kill us citizens. If the police are no better than a criminal then their authority becomes what the Second Amendment was recognized as the protection from.

      1. avatar Shanaynay Garthbrooks says:

        Yes, but the place to address those issues, fight that struggle against injustice, or deal with a corrupt judicial system, or even corruption within law enforcement, isn’t one on one with a cop where you endanger yourself, them, and bystanders. There’s a time and a place for all things.

  13. avatar Sean says:

    “…trying to turn their lives around.”

  14. avatar Chris wilkiams says:

    What if they were

    African Lions?

    1. avatar Uhhmerica says:

      “What if they were

      African Lions”

      I think their problem was they were lying africans

      1. avatar Joe R. says:

        Then they could be prez (D).

  15. avatar Mark N. says:

    not treated as second class citizens and instead accorded their second amendment right to keep and bear arms in our cities.

    1. avatar Uhhmerica says:

      Thankfully friend your white guilt is not contagious, and is cured after brief exposure to any democrat metropolitan area.

      They are treated like second class citizens because their freely chosen behaviors exemplify that they choose not to be as civilized as the rest of the population. They willingly sold out their American birthrights to the highest bidder of free stuff.
      The label African American is not showing a lot of love towards the country that saved their descendants from living in the wonderful utopia that is currently Africa.

  16. avatar Bob Solla says:

    Not being complete Fucking moron’s with a bloated feeling of entitlement!

  17. avatar Jim says:

    law abiding citizens

  18. avatar actionphysicalman says:

    “..if I was chairman of the central committee.”

  19. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

    Sandra Bland, a psycho druggie with a history of drug abuse and a suicide attempt, was, surprise, high on drugs when she committed suicide in her jail cell. Ol’ Blowhard Sanders is really stretching that so-called victims list for political effect.

    1. avatar FedUp says:

      Oh, really?
      And just how did she get ‘high on drugs’ during day 3 of her jail stay?

      But yeah, it’s ridiculous to talk about Eric and Sandra when the subject is ‘unarmed suspects shot and killed by cops’.

      1. avatar Shwiggie says:

        One might argue that she hit a new high…heaven.

      2. avatar Joe R. says:

        Humor is a good stress relief, and there’s some relief being released that we all hope can aldo be released. I don’t know Sandra’s story, but yes, she could get stoned in prison, she could get a cell phone, if she had a landscaping crew she could’ve had a tunnel. If she had some botchagaloops she could’ve had lobster.

      3. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

        Her system was full of pot. I’d bet dhe swallowed it raw whrn pulled over. Aldo, she could easily have concealed the pills also found in her system.

        That whack job was only getting a warning, but her decisions spun it all out of control. This list of thugs and druggies and crazies, these are not the police misconduct poster children you’re looking for. You’re making a mockery of genuine cases when you hitch your wagon to these fallen stars.

        1. avatar O-Hebi says:

          You do know that THC stores in the body’s fat and that is why it stays in your system for 30-60 days depending on how much fat you regularly burn. Women have more fat, generally, than men. With that having been said there is no proof on your part, or anyone elses for that matter, that she was high at the time of her arrest. And her so-called “history of drug addiction” is just as ridiculous and erroneous as thinking that a man, owning 15 guns, has an “arsenal”. So what she smoked some weed. Turn off Reefer Madness and pul your head out of your anal crevice.

  20. avatar godsend1 says:


  21. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    Fish. They may all be sleeping with the fishes, but Bland offed herself and was never shot. More than one of the rest chose to initiate combat with armed police. Initiating combat with someone who is armed and at least minimally trained when you are not yourself armed could also be described as suicide. There is a certain truth to the meme: Suicide by cop.

  22. avatar Good Riddance says:

    …if they shot first.

  23. avatar rambam says:

    “having sexual relations with that woman.”

  24. avatar Coffee Addict says:

    .. undocumented immigrants.

    1. avatar Chicago Steve says:

      Sadly, undocumented immigrants are often treated better than African Americans. With that said, as a percentage of population, African Americans commit exponentially more homicides than illegals in the City of Chicago. (facts don’t lie)

      1. avatar Coffee Addict says:

        yup. if they had been brown and here illegally instead of black and a citizen, they’d be in San Francisco or Los Angeles getting free stuff and in-state tuition instead of dead.

  25. avatar Ralph says:

    Unarmed African Americans have been shot and killed by police forces in a way that never would have happened if they were . . . not black.

  26. avatar Joseph says:

    When I mention a few names, like Sandra Bland or Michael Brown or Rekia Boyd or Eric Garner or Walter Scott or Freddie Gray or Tamir Rice or recently Samuel DuBose, you know and I know that unarmed African Americans have been shot and killed by police forces in a way that never would have happened if they were caucasian…

  27. avatar Boojum says:

    “…in Europe. Shootings NEVER happen in Europe!”

  28. avatar MarkT says:

    ….raised by a father and mother who loved them enough to teach them respect for the rule of law.

    1. avatar Joe R. says:

      How about “equal” can we at least have all parents tell their kids to not ask for “equality” but instead to”be the equal that they are”. Borrow this litany, tell your kids this every night when you tuck them in: “You Are the best baby in the whole wide world, and everybody loves you, especially mommy and daddy and God. You are so beautiful and so smart, sleep good and have good dreams baby.” YATBBITWWWAELYEMADAGASBASSSGAHGDB.

  29. avatar SpeleoFool says:

    actually, …

  30. avatar Chuck Clarke says:

    creepy-ass crackas

  31. avatar Josiah in WA says:


    1. avatar cigardog says:

      And we have a winner.

  32. avatar *anonymous informed reader* says:

    never would have happened if they were…cooperative with police officers, didn’t attack a police officer and just stopped when told to, hadn’t gathered in a dark alley for no good reason, hadn’t resisted arrest, chose not to run, didn’t throw a hissy fit in the back of the police van because the police arrested a known drug dealer, didn’t approach a police officer with a toy gun, and finally didn’t try and drive off in the middle of a traffic stop.

    **The facts of these incidents listed above do not outweigh the reality that these people lost their lives but sometimes the truth hurts and people are stupid.

    1. avatar jsj says:

      Which item in your list is a capital offense?

  33. avatar Removed_californian says:


    (90% of OFWGs)

  34. avatar AaronW says:

    as lucky as James Yeager’s photographers.

  35. avatar AaronW says:

    … “wearing AR-500 plates”

  36. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

    that never would have happened if they were . . .” compliant with police commands without being antagonistic

  37. avatar Wiregrass says:

    …acting like civilized human beings.

  38. avatar Matt D says:

    Obama’s son

  39. avatar Tater says:

    Causing problems….

  40. avatar Mk10108 says:

    ….if they were judged on the content of their character.

      1. avatar Mk10108 says:


  41. avatar Nick Pacific says:

    Somewhere else at the time.

  42. avatar Greg says:

    Law abiding people not trying to cause trouble for the police.

  43. avatar Jim says:

    ….not engaged in a violent attack on those officers.

    1. avatar Good Riddance says:

      How exactly were Walter Scott or Sandra Bland or Tamir Rice or Eric Garner attacking the cops?

      As always, cop fellaters are lying scum.

  44. avatar On the water says:

    If they were Planned Parenthood success stories.

    1. avatar cigardog says:

      I lol’d. 60th trimester abortion?

    2. avatar Joe R. says:

      Beat me to it, was gonna say if they were yanked outa their mom w/scissors.

  45. avatar Sam Wright says:

    Cooperating with the police.

  46. avatar Empty Jay says:

    Obeying the law and cooperating with police.

  47. avatar Eric says:

    A Kardashian

  48. avatar The smiling swordsman says:

    … in Chicago, because they would have already been dead.

  49. avatar Red in Texas says:

    Members of the proletariat

  50. avatar Scrubula says:

    …Aryan master race.

    1. avatar Joe R. says:

      …if they were equal, but they couldn’t have been. ‘Cause they keep having to ask for it. Thankfully equal people never have to give a f.

  51. avatar PsyGuy says:

    …Rich, successful or famous

  52. avatar Stephen Rivera says:


    1. avatar Joe R. says:

      You say that, as though you are certain they were not…

  53. avatar C.S. says:

    … actually all shot and killed… I mean, not committing crimes in progress… I mean, not racially profiled like Dillon Taylor… Oh **** where was I?

  54. avatar Daily Beatings says:

    … not pants retention challenged?

    1. avatar tsbhoA.P.jr says:

      …belt owners.

  55. avatar AJ says:

    …not captured. I like people who weren’t captured.

  56. avatar Emfourty Gasmask says:

    …jus’ Goin to church or something man they dindu nuffin they good people’s man, turning they lives around in college they dindu nuffin

  57. avatar H65 says:

    …getting off the X.

  58. avatar Seth says:

    …illegal immigrants; they would have been in a Marriott Hotel near the border or shooting young women in San Francisco or lighting kids on fire in Texas.

  59. avatar TxDuallyDog says:

    DinDoo Nuffins

    1. avatar Bob says:

      Isn’t that a Saturday morning cartoon on BET?

  60. avatar Russ says:

    … cops.

  61. avatar Reyberto Colón says:

    Paying their NRA dues. I hear their collection department is ruthless.

  62. avatar 0351 says:

    …… Lions…. Hmm…

  63. avatar mike oregon says:

    Throwing a tantrum, high and fighting with cops.

  64. avatar bill says:


  65. avatar Stephen Rivera says:

    Sworn DOJ officers.

  66. avatar J Blasko says:

    …given space to destroy.

  67. avatar JasonM says:


    The whole thing is part of a viral marketing campaign for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. In theaters December 18!!

  68. avatar David L Spencer says:


  69. avatar Kyle says:

    …police officers?

  70. avatar Spyco says:

    … upstanding, model citizens that should be a role model for ALL youth in the country.

  71. avatar Jonathan Kidd says:

    if they were a senior officer of O.C.P.

  72. avatar Chicago Steve says:

    a member of the Kennedy family.

  73. avatar Chris says:


  74. avatar Pinko says:

    Born with a silver spoon in their arses, part of the elite sewer drinking fox news crowd

  75. avatar darius says:

    Milky with a dash of privilege

  76. avatar Joel B. says:

    Compliant and careful about their movements

  77. avatar Collin Buckles says:

    could imagine themselves in the police’s shoes.

  78. avatar Jack says:

    Bullet proof.

  79. avatar Cpt says:

    “…Henry Louis Gates Cracking ‘yo-momma’ jokes”

  80. avatar Gabe says:

    not raised in Food Deserts!

  81. avatar Richard Cox says:

    …people who have never been in my kitchen.

  82. avatar Ddub says:

    Contacted by the police in the first place.

  83. avatar Chris says:

    “…not attempting to reject civilized society and undermine the law at every opportunity.”

  84. avatar Charlie says:

    “When I mention a few names, like Sandra Bland or Michael Brown or Rekia Boyd or Eric Garner or Walter Scott or Freddie Gray or Tamir Rice or recently Samuel DuBose, you know and I know that unarmed African Americans have been shot and killed by police forces in a way that never would have happened if they were . . .”

    Obeying the law!

  85. avatar Shanaynay Garthbrooks says:

    …compliant, and in certain cases had chosen to take up any real or perceived injustice within the court system after the fact rather than endangering themselves and others by fighting, struggling, or running in the heat of the moment.”

  86. avatar B320 says:

    … raised by parents who brought them up to respect authority; to be conscientious of others, and to avoid doing things or going places that would necessitate police involvement or attention.

  87. avatar racer88 says:

    “…. not friends of the Clintons.”

  88. avatar Tk says:

    Would’ve done what the police asked them to do the first time. If they have a problem with it file a report after.

    1. avatar cigardog says:

      Tempted to say “So, how did the complaint department work at Auschwitz” but I don’t want to Godwin myself.

  89. avatar Zebulon Pike says:

    “…shot in some other way instead. Like in a movie theater, school, or church. Ban assault weapons!”

  90. avatar Matt says:


  91. avatar Phred says:

    “…showing the police and government due subservience and submissiveness.”

  92. avatar Josh Knott says:

    smart enough and had the common sense approach to render yourself a subject of the authorities.

    (I say this jokingly i swear it lol)

  93. avatar Bob says:

    …were….not playing stupid games trying to win stupid prizes.

    1. avatar Joe R. says:

      + ^
      First law of nature, the dumb must suffer.
      Second law of nature, suffer in silence.

  94. avatar Bob says:

    …were…not validating the statistics.

  95. avatar Paul53 says:

    Beamed up in time by Scotty!

  96. avatar Bernard says:

    …just staying home watching Netflix.

  97. avatar scott says:


  98. avatar Wiltz Cutrer says:

    “…not breaking the laws already on the books.”

  99. avatar AaronNM says:

    doing stupid things in stupid places. (Whatever it was that got them noticed by the police) there are no postive outcomes for attracting police attention.

  100. avatar Gunr says:

    Smart enough to keep from making the mistake that got them in this pickle!

  101. avatar Steve says:


  102. avatar Matt in Maine says:

    violated by police who aren’t trained to understand the constitution.

  103. avatar Sean says:

    “… astronauts. You know, we really should give more money to NASA to prevent things like this!”

    1. avatar Jwestham2 says:

      I think I may be the only person that gets this.

      If by NASA you mean what I think you mean.

  104. avatar TommyinKY says:

    … another stain on Monica Lewinsky’s dress.

  105. avatar John says:

    Law abiding

  106. avatar neiowa says:

    in a way that never would have happened if they were . . not running around with high murder risk 1) criminals, 2)druggies, 3 gangbangers.

  107. avatar C says:

    not resisting arrest

    1. avatar Joe R. says:

      Never abdicate the right to resist arrest. It’s the only response possible to the police overstepping their mandate. You don’t abuse that thougn as an attept to directly interdict proper police procedure or avoid prosecution when you are breaking the law.

  108. avatar dj trip says:

    …wards of a caring socialist state. Oh wait…

  109. avatar Jwestham2 says:

    …recording the encounter with an Obama phone.

  110. avatar TTACer says:

    “When I mention a few names, like Sandra Bland or Michael Brown or Rekia Boyd or Eric Garner or Walter Scott or Freddie Gray or Tamir Rice or recently Samuel DuBose, you know and I know that unarmed African Americans have been shot and killed by police forces in a way that never would have happened if they were . . .”

    Living in Fairfax County, Virginia, like Sal Culosi and John Geer.

    1. avatar TTACer says:

      Or in nearby Culpeper County, like Patricia Cook. Or really any of the other 283 white, 90 hispanic, 20 other, and 36 “unknown” people who were apparently not killed by police in 2015 despite the Washington Post saying they were.

      I know 141/270 = 25% >> ~11% but still, there are tons of people getting shot by police. At this pace there will be ~1000 deaths. Justifiable or not, that is a substantial percentage of the firearm involved homicide rate.

  111. avatar Jwestham2 says:

    …aborted at planned parenthood

  112. avatar RockThisTown says:

    ” . . . prized for their body parts so a doctor could buy a Lamborghini.”

  113. avatar Greg says:

    …Community Organizers

  114. avatar S Michael DeHart says:

    “if they were…………”, not living in an Obama supported and established Police State.

  115. avatar Al Sharpton says:

    Race bait. Not cool. Not playing.

    1. avatar Joe R. says:

      C’mon Al… ?
      It’s not like were talkin NASCAR.
      That shizzay is raceist.

  116. avatar Paladin says:

    Not posing an active threat to those around them.

  117. avatar James69 says:

    at work……………

  118. avatar Jay says:

    ….living in a society that didn’t try to portray them as thugs and instead as good Americans.

  119. avatar Al Sharpton's Hair says:

    not deceived by the white man

  120. avatar tmm says:

    …not pawns

  121. If they were…Minions?

  122. avatar Alex says:

    We’re…respecting mah authoritah!!!

  123. avatar RetroG says:

    … Hillary supporters.

  124. avatar Alex says:

    Were…not in an ever increasingly militarized police state intent on making people defenseless victims dependent on the very government that put us down in the first place.

  125. avatar Stephen Rivera says:

    Amongst the wealthiest 1% who take advantage of average Americans.

  126. avatar displacer says:


  127. avatar Random Swede says:

    …less black.

  128. avatar Sambo82 says:

    more obedient to the state, comrade.

  129. avatar Ken in TN says:

    Taken care of from cradle to grave and handed housing, cash, and food, from all you working, law-abiding citizens.

  130. avatar hbk80rice says:

    People who have a Dale Jr. tattoo.

  131. avatar RicD says:


  132. avatar Davey says:

    privileged Anglo Saxons

  133. avatar Terry says:


  134. avatar Brandan says:

    ….”Wearing a confederate flag shirt with body armor”

  135. avatar BigDinVT says:

    “…toting a modern sporting rifle equipped with a CMC AR 15/10 Trigger.” (Maybe a little pandering will take the win.)

  136. avatar Dave says:

    …at home!
    I could really use that trigger right now too!

  137. avatar Andy says:



  138. African Americans have been shot and killed by police forces in a way that never would have happened if they were . . .

    aborted along with the other 17,000,000 black babies since the Roe v. Wade decision. For this reason, we must stop the war on women and continue to fund Planned Parenthood.

  139. avatar Braenen says:

    not committing felony assaults on police officers.

  140. avatar Tyler says:

    …Senators or Representatives with their own armed PSD.

  141. avatar P. Nissman says:

    … not in front of officers issued Glocks, because they are so likely to accidently go off.

    … clearly labeled as “safe individuals”, with something like a red A or even better a gold star.

    (Ok – that’s 2)

    BONUS for the TTAG staff :
    … confronted by the people in the training video from yesterday’s story – who stood there and did nothing…

  142. avatar KeithCo says:

    Politically connected or celebrities

  143. avatar Gman says:


  144. avatar says:

    …dressed smartly and home before midnight.

  145. avatar Gman says:


  146. avatar zawetzel13 says:

    …not so deeply involved in a culture of violence.

  147. avatar Kris says:

    “…too legit, too legit to quit!”

    1. avatar Kris says:


      “…not too legit, too legit to quit!”

  148. avatar sonnyroofy says:

    I believe the best answer is “at work”

  149. avatar Sven79 says:

    respectful, productive citizens with a modicum of class, who knew how to properly behave in a modern, civilized society.

  150. avatar John says:

    … cowering in fear and obedience as the “FOC” Framers of the Constitution, I mean the Fraternal Order of Cops, instructed.

    With the exception of the Michael Brown case, cops need to be trained that writing a ticket/summons is preferable to pounding their chest and pulling the trigger.

    1. avatar P. Nissman says:


  151. avatar VTAero says:

    “… brown nosers instead of brown people.”

  152. avatar bontai Joe says:

    … standing on the corner, minding their own business. (Allegedly the most often into to how an injury happened in the middle of the night in any metro E.R.)

  153. avatar Warren says:

    submissive and compliant.

  154. avatar DanRRZ says:

    …avoiding stupid people, stupid places, and stupid things

  155. avatar Don says:

    n’t living in a police state.

    1. avatar GuyFromV says:

      Damn you I was just about to use: “n’t.”

  156. avatar Chip Bennett says:


    By the way:

    1. Sandra Bland hanged herself in a jail cell. She was not shot and killed by police.
    2. Rekia Boyd was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer, who was not acting in the capacity of a police officer.
    3. Eric Garner died as a result of his own morbid obesity and related health complications. He was not shot and killed by police. He wasn’t even choked to death.
    4. Freddie Gray was armed at the time of arrest. Freddie Gray most likely self-injured in the police van, leading to his own death. He was not shot and killed by police.
    5. Tamir Rice was armed with an AirSoft pistol that was visually indistinguishable from a 1911 pistol. He had brandished it at passersby, and reached for it at his waist when instructed to put his hands up.

    So, of that long list, Bernie, you’re left with Walter Scott and Sam DuBose as unarmed black people who were shot and killed by police – both legitimately cases that should be tried for manslaughter.

    In that same time span, Bernie: how many unarmed white people were shot and killed by police? How many white people shot and killed police officers? How many black people shot and killed police officers?

    94% of black homicide victims are killed by black assailants. Do their lives matter, too, Bernie?

  157. avatar Andrew says:

    responsible and productive members of society

  158. avatar David C says:

    … legally armed responsible citizens.

  159. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    ” … you know and I know that unarmed African Americans have been shot and killed by police forces in a way that never would have happened if they were …”

    willing to elect better politicians.

  160. avatar 3screw says:


    (not saying that in support of such, but as the pic posted the other day so eloquently displays the mindset of these fools)

  161. avatar Jeff says:

    obeying the lawful order of the police that they encountered.

  162. avatar PeterK says:

    Ugh. The more I learn about this guy the less I like him.

    Anywho. My submission is: “living in a country that still values liberty and the presumption of innocence.”

  163. avatar GaPharmD says:


  164. avatar BDub says:

    …not living in a world with qualified immunity.

  165. avatar Matt T says:

    …weren’t in a country with structural racism and lax gun laws.

  166. avatar RonnieB223 says:

    If they were…. Compliant and respectful to the officers.

  167. avatar Phil LA says:

    …at work.

  168. avatar tsbhoA.P.jr says:

    …neutered and microchipped at birth

  169. avatar mattie dimes says:

    ….attending church

  170. avatar schernobyl says:

    Situationally Aware



  171. avatar George says:

    “When I mention a few names, like Sandra Bland or Michael Brown or Rekia Boyd or Eric Garner or Walter Scott or Freddie Gray or Tamir Rice or recently Samuel DuBose, you know and I know that unarmed African Americans have been shot and killed by police forces in a way that never would have happened if they were . . .
    obeying the lawful orders of a police officer.”

    It’s simple really. When someone with a gun and a badge tells you to do something, do it. Afterwards, if you feel that your rights were violated, file a lawsuit. Dead people can’t sue.

  172. avatar Mike says:

    …not trapped in communities created in large part by an unrelenting war on drugs that has done more to destroy the lives of the people it has aimed to save than nearly any other policy ever devised.

  173. avatar John L. says:

    “…girls with kaleidoscope eyes.”

  174. avatar tsbhoA.P.jr says:

    …chuck norris.

  175. avatar tsbhoA.P.jr says:

    …at phat phases.

    1. avatar tsbhoA.P.jr says:

      …at phat phades.

  176. avatar Sian says:

    “you know and I know that unarmed African Americans have been shot and killed by police forces in a way that never would have happened if they were”

    born in Kenya.

  177. avatar Simon Jester says:

    “…quite, obedient, and respectful.”

  178. avatar Matt says:

    …well dressed.

  179. avatar brian p says:

    Law abiding and not comitting a crime if they listended to th officers on the scene even if demands were outside the law.

  180. avatar Azics says:

    …you know and I know that unarmed African Americans have been shot and killed by police forces in a way that never would have happened if they were…

    not so dedicated to the party that has always sought to impede their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

  181. avatar PeterDvornik says:

    …. politically active libertarians who had voted against the expansion and militarization of police forces.

  182. avatar jake says:

    If they were…not supported by the race baiting community ?

  183. avatar rip_vw32 says:

    Unarmed African Americans have been shot and killed by police forces in a way that never would have happened if they were….not restricted, by income and circumstances, to live in major metropolitan areas where the police are more often than not more criminalistic in their behavior than the citizens around them.

  184. avatar Tokamak says:

    If they were…from a family that frequented “planned parenthood.”

  185. avatar Jake Pivo says:

    “living in New York – because an innocent bystander would have gotten shot instead”

  186. avatar Dan C. says:

    …given the same respect as every citizen deserves and our laws require.

    1. avatar Dan C. says:

      I am not saying these men and women are blameless. However, they should have been detained and arrested with as little force as nessessarily, given medical attention when needed and allowed to be tried by a jury of peers if the State brought charges against them.

      1. avatar Chip Bennett says:

        There are specific names. To which ones does your statement apply? And in each applicable specific instance, what is the precise amount of force that would have been appropriate?

        1. avatar Dan C. says:

          Finished the sentence for the contest. Finished the paragraph to complete the thought. Now being asked to explain myself. So here we go.

          Michael Brown was a good shoot as found by a grand jury with a no true bill, and really shouldn’t be on the list, but is included because it was his “case” that sparked the #blacklivesmatter campaign.

          Freddie Gray was arrested in the back of a police transport for an illegal knife. He was secured prior to transport and died due to a neck injury during transport. His death as avoidable, and caused by police negligence. There are six officers currently facing manslaughter charges due to their lack of respect for him and his well being in their custody.

          Walter Scott was killed by Officer Slagar and will by tried by a grand jury for murder. The officer exceeded the necessary use of force by shooting a suspect in the back while fleeing and allegedly falsified his police report. He was not in danger for his life at that time and violated his rights and the law.

          Tamir Rice was shot and killed by Officer Gramback for reaching for an air soft gun in his waist band. The shooting may have been justifiable, however, not administering first aid and calling for medical help showed lack of respect for a citizens life. Findings have been turned over to a prosecutor and will likely go before a grand jury.

          Rekia Boyd was shot and killed by Officer Sevrin when she shot blindly into a crowd. He was convicted of involuntary manslaughter but the judge said the charge should have been first degree murder and ruled him not guilty. This one is disgusting and well, it’s from Chicago, so what can you expect. Special federal prosecution should be conducted. Her rights and the law were violated

          Samuel DuBouse was shot and killed by Officer Tensing when he attempted to drive off. Officer Tensing claimed he was defending himself, but dash cam footage showed he was in no danger of being hit. A true bill has been found by a grand jury for murder and voluntary manslaughter.

          Sandra Bland hung herself in a Texas jail. All the details are unknown in this case.

  187. avatar RatInDaHat says:

    …Members of a Mexican cartel.

  188. avatar dMo says:

    you know and I know that unarmed African Americans have been shot and killed by police forces in a way that never would have happened if they were . . .”

    …Cecil…oh wait.”

  189. avatar Tom Judikin says:

    …recognized as the unique and special flowers that every gang banger truly is deep, deep inside.

  190. avatar Mr. Hampton says:

    Upstanding, non-threatening, ideal middle class Americans who are well spoken who occasionally listen to rap music but are law abiding citizens who just happen to look like Opie (Andy Griffin), or even Jaks (S.O.A).

  191. avatar Soccerchainsaw says:

    …..hunting feral hogs in TX.

  192. avatar Rusty the Boy Robot says:

    Kenyans. Not even a bullet can keep up with racing Kenyans.


  193. avatar ChewyCz says:

    … confident of their constitutional rights.

  194. avatar Bruce Bogle says:

    Law abiding citizens.

  195. avatar Bill Murphy says:


  196. avatar MeRp says:

    trying to fight their case in the courts, rather than in the streets.

  197. avatar John says:

    Presidential candidates

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