TTAG Contest: Finish This Sentence for a CMC Tactical AR-15/10 Trigger

“An Allegheny County assistant district attorney and a uniformed Pittsburgh police officer posed, smiling and toting large guns that were evidence in a case they worked on together, in a Facebook photo with the caption, ‘You should take the plea,'” reports. The dynamic duo have taken some heat for this unauthorized venture into social media shaming. “Approached by a reporter Friday morning, [AC ADA Julie] Jones briefly smiled, laughed and said . . .

‘We actually…’ She did not complete her thought before saying, ‘I have to go to an appointment,’ and walking away.”

Awww. I hate uncompleted, uh, thoughts. So why don’t you finish Ms. Jones’ sentence for her? The best guess gets a CMC Tactical AR-15/10 trigger.


  1. avatar Tylerb says:

    …just finished intimidating a suspect, it was hilarious!

  2. avatar Cody says:

    …”do” it a lot.

  3. avatar Chuck Clarke says:

    “We actually beat the plea out of them”

  4. avatar AlanInFl says:

    We use the big guns at work.

  5. avatar Vhyrus says:

    We actually just wanted to let him know that his belongings were safe with us…. for now.

  6. avatar Robert says:

    We actually…aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

  7. avatar Tylerb says:

    …just did our first desk pops!

    1. avatar Pardueski says:

      Is that not a thing?! They were so convincing!

  8. avatar Andrew says:

    figured out who’s is bigger

  9. avatar JasonM says:

    We actually … know how to take a joke.

  10. avatar Uhhmerica says:

    We actually…Enjoy to exercise the Second Amendment, while vigorously depriving our fellow citizens their rights.

  11. avatar NineShooter says:

    …love using social media to poison the potential jury pool.

    1. avatar NineShooter says:

      My bad, it was a non-jury trial.

      Entry withdrawn.

  12. avatar James molloy says:

    You should take the pleasure of confiscatung one of these

  13. avatar mike oregon says:

    We actually…….are safer.

  14. avatar James molloy says:

    You should take the pleasure of holding these

  15. avatar Jay says:

    …..don’t care about jury influencing since gun owners are obviously domestic terrorists and this proves it.

  16. avatar Michael says:

    either way, there will be unwanted butt sex.

  17. avatar Ralph says:

    We actually . . . prefer plunger handles for plea bargains.

  18. avatar Drew in GA says:

    …can’t believe the guy called the cops after being shot at during a drug deal! What did he think, that we were just concerned about his well-being and safety and would ignore all the pot? (Chortle)

  19. avatar Aaron says:

    We actually just shot Cecil

  20. avatar savage1r says:

    She said: We actually wanted to see whose bore diameter was bigger. Mine was.

    1. avatar bolero says:

      Lucky that

  21. avatar Geoff PR says:

    “We actually don’t care if you have a nice day.”

  22. avatar Yelp for help says:

    We actually enjoy shooting guns and didn’t do anything wrong. The caption is meant to be a joke, maybe our big smiles were misleading.

  23. avatar california richard says:

    “…. settled the case on the drug dealer last week. He pled to fellony probation. Now that hes a covictrd fellon and self confessed dope slinger he cant have a firearm.”

  24. avatar TomD says:

    …because these guns are so scary looking!

  25. avatar Kent says:

    We actually. …just shot them at the range

  26. avatar Marcus says:

    “We actually….” are not dating….

  27. avatar SkyMan77 says:

    You should take the pleasure of breaking these bad boys in…

  28. avatar Pardueski says:

    … “thought our terrifying smiles were helping us avoid court.”

  29. avatar Katy says:

    …don’t get paid to think about what we do before we do it.

  30. avatar On the water says:

    We actually need to get these back to the ATF so we know they won’t fall back into a criminals hands.

    The cycle continues and our jobs are secure.

  31. avatar Chris says:

    We actually…went and shot them first, hence the big smiles.


    We actually…are hoping to seize them permanently due to criminal forfeiture so I can shoot it any time I like.

  32. avatar vv ind says:

    We actually. ….didn’t think that far ahead

  33. avatar Andy says:

    We actually… didn’t think it was a big deal. I know it must be shocking that an average person can hold a firearm and nothing happen.

  34. avatar Gunr says:

    Because it makes my job so much easier!

  35. avatar vcaine says:

    We actually… Pose with firearms that we unjustly confiscate all the time. Not sure why your making a big deal out of it this time!!!!

  36. avatar Gunr says:

    Because I got a hot date in Rio, the same week as the trial is scheduled for.

  37. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    because this is what comes after the rubber hose!

  38. avatar Removed_californian says:

    We actually on our way to go and have these über-scary high power military-style assault weapons melted down and cast into a peace sign. We were then going to hold hands with sing kumbaya over the fact that we could have just possibly saved “just one life” from gun violence…

  39. avatar Nick Pacific says:

    We actually aren’t accountable for our actions, we’re government employees.

    1. avatar Removed_californian says:

      *mad I didn’t think about this*

  40. avatar Milton marentette says:

    We actually … have a big pile of these. What’s the big deal?

  41. avatar John garrett says:

    …forgot to run this by forensics first

  42. avatar Rob S says:

    “We are” actually looking for for a new profession not in law enforcement.

  43. avatar Rob S says:

    “We are” using good trigger discipline!

  44. avatar Brett says:

    “We actually… didn’t think the media would object because they usually buy in to our anti gun BS.”

  45. avatar PY-T says:

    (We actually…) know they’re totally innocent! But….we don’t care! And…we grabbed their guns! Hahahahahahahahaha…

  46. avatar Jeff says:

    Were posing for a picture for our wedding invitation.

  47. avatar Collin Buckles says:

    “We actually” were just holding the weapons so that they didn’t walk off and start killing people

  48. avatar PY-T says:

    Are taking these and flying to Zimbawe for a lion hunt now!

  49. avatar Jordan says:

    …went full retard by posting this to facebook. derp.

  50. avatar Rudy Segura says:

    We actually have a First Amendment right to display our personal affections for the Second Amendment (and for each other) on Facebook.

  51. avatar Dev says:

    We actually understand the Constitution.

  52. avatar Josh G says:

    We actually were breaking no laws. There’s no story here.. move on.

  53. avatar Another Robert says:

    Best guess? “We actually just thought it would be funny… [left unsaid part: …”but nobody has a sense of humor about anything any more”].

  54. avatar steve says:

    I plea the 2nd

    The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed

  55. avatar Alex Waits says:

    We actually …. didn’t do anything illegal. This isn’t the politically charged issue your looking for.

  56. avatar Azics says:

    …are the only ones, professional enough, to handle these weapons. *bang*

    1. avatar Stinkeye says:

      Stop posting, boys. This here is the winner…

      1. avatar One of the good guys says:

        Agreed! That clip is freaking hilarious! This entry should win for sure.

  57. avatar John D. says:

    “We actually…… don’t give a damn what the public thinks of our trophy photo.”

  58. avatar Tommy Knocker says:

    …were comparing the size of our penises.

  59. avatar Jim says:

    We actually…were on our way to a Moms demand rally.

  60. avatar Ed Burton says:

    We actually…don’t know what you are talking about. It was a photoshop picture? Yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket!

    It was someone else, somewhere else. We’ve never even held guns before.

    It must have been those pesky Republican gun-lovers using fake photography!

  61. avatar Spaceman Brown says:

    We actually don’t understand the concept of tact.

  62. avatar DAN V says:

    We actually… don’t remember where we left those. Case closed?

  63. avatar Mike Colins says:

    …And we can take ’em home!

  64. avatar Dustin says:

    presume you’re guilty because guns.”

  65. avatar Mic says:

    “do this with all the evidence, shouldn’t you be covering Cecil the lion or something?”

  66. avatar Accur81 says:

    …shouldn’t have had those Happy Hour Lemon Flirtinis.

  67. avatar RockThisTown says:

    ” . . . are born exhibitionists.”

  68. avatar RockThisTown says:

    ” . . . thought this would help the jury make a decision.”

  69. avatar joe_thousandaire says:

    We actually tried being a couple but I’ve got a twelve gauge and he’s a .223 – if you know what I’m saying.

  70. avatar Eric L says:

    ” we actually…… Don’t care what the peasants think. We do what we want.”

  71. avatar xer 21 says:

    “We actually found those in your bedroom”

  72. avatar Gunr says:

    For the children, you know, it always is!

    1. avatar Lotek says:

      Gunr was that you I heard on the Jeff Ward show

      1. avatar Gunr says:

        No, but now you have my interest?

  73. avatar C.S. says:

    We actually… (should plead the Fifth)

  74. avatar Claymore says:

    We actually are an effective team.

  75. avatar Model 31 says:

    We actually are dorks and use the State’s backing to take down citizens as a way to give meaning to what would otherwise be our feckless existence.

  76. avatar Cody says:

    “We actually” are really glad we didn’t upload the rest of the photos.

  77. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

    We actually take solemn oaths to uphold the public trust and professional ethics to get these jobs, if you can believe that!

  78. avatar Gunr says:

    You should take the plea….. OR ELSE!

  79. avatar Siris says:

    Well, we are the only ones with enough training to hold these. They are almost as dangerous as my “Glock Fortay”

  80. avatar Cockatoo4169 says:

    “We are polite, we are friendly, and we have a plan to kill everyone we see.”

  81. avatar Mecha75 says:

    … Bought those guns at auction. Odd that there were no other bidders. I got mine for my opening bid of $10. Now i can go on that duck blind tour with the Duck Dynasty guys.

  82. avatar Bob Wall says:

    That’s not all we do in the evidence locker… 3:)

  83. avatar TheBear says:

    “…just got done watching ‘Breaking Bad’.”

  84. avatar bob says:

    …just heading to the movies.

  85. avatar schernobyl says:

    Violated some rights after finding these lost in a boating accident for the children killers.

  86. avatar MattG says:

    We actually… love protecting and serving the $hit out of people.

  87. avatar BigBoy says:

    … love abusing our power.

  88. avatar Mike says:

    We actually…. deflate our footballs the old-fashioned way.

  89. avatar TheBear says:

    “…sometimes pretend we’re not married.”

  90. avatar BDub says:

    We actually get these from a gun buyback program and then plant them on the scene so we can aggravate the charges – it gets us a plea every time!

  91. avatar dragos111 says:

    We actually pulled them out. Can you believe it? He said, “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!”

  92. avatar Bob says:

    We actually…gotta get back to “statin’ ”…rights don’t trample themselves.

  93. avatar DownrangeFuture says:

    We actually… don’t care about your ‘so called’ rights. They are what we say they are. Move along.

  94. avatar Anthony says:

    … Don’t give a damn to the reporter..

  95. avatar TTACer says:

    …applied for jobs with the ATF.

  96. avatar Nicm says:

    …were in the middle of playing out our “Bonnie and Clyde” role playing fantasy…I’m Clyde.

  97. avatar Jeremy says:

    … Didn’t mean to post that publicly.

  98. avatar Joe R. says:

    We actually… believe Facebook…
    Lives matter
    Is more secure than that
    Trumps common sense
    Saves lives
    Stands for something
    Circumvents FOIA requests…

  99. avatar Matt in Maine says:

    We actually…you should see my safe!

  100. avatar Matt in Maine says:

    Well actually…we do investigate boating accidents.

  101. avatar Tim says:

    We actually believe this picture was taken out of context.

  102. avatar Brian says:

    We actually wanted to get posted on TTAG!

  103. avatar Andrew Lias says:

    Well actually…………we were trying to figure out what a “barrel shroud” is.

  104. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    We actually are going to use the guns to go Border Collie hunting in the suburbs.

  105. avatar Spyco says:

    We actually… thought if Feinstien could do it, we could too.

  106. avatar Odin says:

    “Take the plea… Eric holder” (worlds most elusive gun smuggler”

  107. avatar BigAl says:

    …bought those from some dude named El Chapo. He said they were legit.

  108. avatar Jeremy Blasko says:

    We actually….did a thorough job cleaning these before sending them to forensics.

  109. avatar Sean says:

    …got the plea a few minutes after posting the photo, we should do this more often!

  110. avatar schernobyl says:

    Well actually…just realized I’m not high enough up to spin the msm story

  111. avatar TaterTot says:

    We’re so high, we don’t remember doing it, or taking the picture

  112. avatar Norm says:

    We actually… took this from Shannon Watts’ office at the local Mom’s Demand Action branch.

  113. “You should take the plea.. because now we’ll never sort all these fingerprints out.”

  114. avatar Michael Zupcak says:

    “We actually…”

    “…argued over who got to hold the AR-15, but his paper beat my rock.”

  115. avatar Steve in RI says:

    We actually were just about to plant these as evidence in one of our cases

  116. avatar Kevin says:

    We actually play with all the evidence that passes through here.

  117. avatar Matt says:

    “Well actually… I like big buts and I cannot lie…”

  118. avatar AJ says:

    …and in the meantime we’ll be partaking in an open carry march right in front of the courthouse.

  119. avatar jans says:

    Because when the jury sees these, you’re going down for the count.

  120. avatar Stephen Rivera says:

    …gun, bro!

  121. avatar Stephen Rivera says:

    …didn’t even post the pictures of us holding the NFA weapons!

  122. avatar James69 says:

    You take that one, and I’ll keep this one because we NEVER give them back.

  123. avatar Chad B says:

    We actually just saved 15% on our car insurance by switching to GEICO!

  124. avatar Luke Yarasheski says:

    We actually… have done WAAYYYY worse. I mean only one of the guns this time accidently went off. Sometimes the best judgement around here isnt used. Who do you think we are the justice system?

  125. avatar AaronW says:

    “We actually… have trouble verbalizing our thought process… or lack thereof”

  126. avatar Johannes Paulsen says:

    “…are the vanguard of an alien starfleet, here to scout your pathetic world before the invasion force arrives, and we laugh at your puny Hu-mon weapons! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!”

  127. avatar Illinois_Minion says:

    “We actually… ” Are looking forward to our first trigger jobs.

  128. We actually just had sex on a huge pile of hate mail, so uh, you might get the notion that we don’t care at all what you or anyone else thinks about the post. It was funny. Quit being hypersensitive hoplophobes.

  129. avatar Eric says:

    We actually…wondered if this would be a good profile photo for our Tinder accounts

  130. avatar Jason says:

    We actually… just wanted to be the first ones to receive Farrago’s new Idiot Peace Officer of The Day award.

  131. avatar Will P. says:

    We actually…win all of our cases this way!

  132. avatar Adam says:

    We actually……….thought Lt. Dangle and myself would win the Reno 911 look-alike contest

  133. avatar tmm says:

    …didn’t think a reporter would take us to task on this.

  134. avatar Chad B says:

    We actually…um…Thanks Obama?

  135. avatar Mykel Obvious says:

    We actually… wanted to show you the shoulder thing that goes up!

  136. avatar T.H.E. Bear says:

    WE actually…have no freaking idea what these devices are for, but we know YOU have no need for them as we know it all about everything, even when we don’t.

  137. avatar Mark says:

    We actually . . . took this picture for our Ashley Madison account, to improve the security of our personal information . . . um, scratch that, I have an appointment.

  138. avatar N8thecowboy says:

    We actually… weren’t posing. We always look like that.

  139. avatar DE_Dom says:

    We actually made up about fifty charges so he will have to take a plea on at least half of them!

  140. avatar dMo says:

    We actually…don’t protect and serve.

  141. avatar Steve says:

    We actually thought this was a good idea.

  142. avatar RatInDaHat says:

    We actually… Just finished playing cops and robbers. Now it is on to playing doctor.

  143. avatar Alex says:

    We actually…just finished filming a pilot for Law and Order: Civilian Disarmament Unit

  144. avatar Timmah says:

    We actually wanted to make a point, but I have a yellow squirrel that likes potatoes.

  145. avatar Will says:

    We actually… were just doing some research on the guns values to see how many Hi-Point pistols we could buy for the same price. It was 492.


    We actually… thought these were a lot more useful than the crappy weed that usually comes through the evidence locker

  146. avatar twency says:

    We actually … treat all evidence in criminal cases as playthings made available to us for the purpose of amusement.

  147. avatar GaPharmD says:

    We actually use these like viagra….for men and women!

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