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Let’s get straight to it: you can now buy pair of Equinox night-vision enabled binoculars for under $500. The presser [via] on two new models says “Equinox Z binoculars feature 1-3x digital zoom, adjustable IR settings and daytime color viewing with a viewing distance of up to 500 feet in the 2x40mm model and 750 feet in the 4x40mm version. Both units are powered with AA batteries for added convenience and cost savings. In addition . . .

the binoculars include image and video capture modes that allow users to record video and still images to be later downloaded to a computer. These devices also allow the user to select from multiple LCD brightness settings to select the best display intensity for current ambient light conditions.”

We’re reaching out for a pair, but night hog hunting just got a little easier. As for home defense, well, it’s better to have night vision on your HD long gun, but these look like a lot better than nothing.

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  1. These use active IR technology; they are only useful to the maximum distance that the IR illumination source can “light-up” the target. I suppose you could use detached IR “floodlights” mounted around your property to make the binocs a bit more useful, but only if you can turn-off the internal IR light source.

    And if anyone nearby is observing you with a passive NV device, when you use these you’ll look like you have a searchlight mounted on your face.

    • I concur, plus, you get what you pay for. You will be able to see fuzzily what’s directly around you for about 50 feet in a moonless night and the magnification overwhelms the range of the built-in IR illuminator. The effect is far from enlightening and at that range you may as well be using a simple IR monocle w/o magnification. I remember that my hearing was more effective in locating direction than cheap IR units. For some reason manufacturers don’t put anything but an IR LED on these units when they should include dedicated projector optics to enhance the illumination.

      Mounting an IR “projector” lens would probably do a very good job of extending the visible range. Old slide projectors are a few bucks at the second-hand shop. Get busy!

      BTW, I can’t get the TTAG Blog/Forums to send me a registration confirmation, and there is absolutely no other way to submit stories or even contact the authors – why can’t we interact? This is especially frustrating when I get a message about a post but I get the “This is embarrassing …” message when the link can’t be found and I can’t read the cited post. Thus, my desperate cry for help here. I hope someone will read it and address the issue …

  2. Not sure how affective a pair of 500$ NV would be, but needless to say I wouldn’t mind trying them if I had the capital on hand haha.


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