We here at TTAG see a lot of guns and gear throughout the year. We think we have a good idea about what’s cool and new in 2017, but the more important question is what do all of you — our readers — think.

That’s why we started the Reader’s Choice Awards. To give you readers a voice in picking the most exciting and influential products of 2017. And to keep us from coming to blows in the editor’s meetings trying to pick a winner ourselves. And, just like every year around this magical time, the polls are officially open!

You get one vote per category, and once you’ve voted the system will lock you out (third party cookies might also need to be enabled in your browser). Any write-ins you enter will be presented as options to all subsequent voters (so if something is missing, add it and everyone else will see it too)

Cast your vote before December 24th and we’ll report the results after the holidays. Thanks!

For those having trouble seeing the embedded version below, please CLICK HERE.



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