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Well, here I am once more. 4:30 in the bloody AM (having just gotten off shift at 11 PM), sitting in the San Antonio International Airport listening to terrible muzak and waiting to fly off to another firearms related event somewhere in the United States to cover it for you guys. While it may suck right now, I know that in a few short hours I’ll be playing with silencers of all shapes and sizes at the first ever Silencers Are Legal shoot in Dallas, Texas. I’m hoping to get some great pictures and video, but most of all to try out as many different silencers as I can and report back.

This shoot is open to the public, and everyone is invited to bring their toys along to play. The only caveat is that every firearm needs to be suppressed to fire. It’s especially maddening for me, because I want to play too — the stamp on my first silencer transfer was approved on Thursday but it hasn’t arrived yet, meaning my own can is stil hostage at the gun store. Maybe next year…

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  1. I’d like to own silencers, but they are definitely illgal in Massachusetts. The Commonwealth has some crazy-ass gun laws.

  2. Silencers or suppressors whichever you prefer are better for the environment, noise pollution let alone no need for ear protection. NY you are not allowed to have one most LE Agency’s can’t get them. I think as a whole they should be legal all across the board. They provide a more enjoyable experience considering where I live it’s all indoor ranges

  3. For those of us in Dallas, you might mention where and when.
    Also, you can darn near drive San Antonio to Dallas faster than fly. 😉


  4. Elm Fork Range in Irving Texas. Tickets are available there for $15. It goes till 6 pm tonight. Located at 10751 Luna Rd Dallas, TX 75220 – (972) 556-0103

    Was out there earlier, good show, got to try a lot of different suppressed firearms, and some of those cans are incredibly light. This is why events like this are great – you can get a feel for how it is in real life, rather than staring at an image that doesn’t convey much.

    I’m getting in line for an Osprey silencer at this point.

    Also, there are some annoying people out there that decided subsonic ammo was too much trouble to bother with, so you have mostly quiet ‘pop pop’ sounds, mixed with bangs and cracks that are right on the edge of hurting your hearing. Maybe next year they’ll make subsonic ammo a requirement. One could only hope…

  5. The ease with which we can possess silencers(referred to more accurately as “sound moderators” here – a more politically friendly name too…), is about the only positive part of shooting in the UK.
    They certainly do remove the “bark” from centrefire rifle cartridges but they ain’t silencers until your ammunition is loaded to where the bullet is subsonic as it leaves the muzzle – now THAT is where the fun is.
    Subsonic .22rf ammunition & a “can” makes rabbit hunting much more fun & more productive too, as the only sounds are the “click” of the action followed by the “thud” of the bullet impacting the bunny. We’ve taken a dozen rabbits out of the same warren this way without disturbing the others & at ranges over 120yds too – just make sure you know your come-ups, as the trajectory is seriously rainbow shaped.:-)

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