TTAG Announces Liberty Gun Project

Remember The Brady Campaign to Prevent Violence poster to “celebrate” July fourth? [click here] The gun control org’s image and text mocked America on our most patriotic holiday. That really pissed me off. But I like what they did with the gun! So I had Lauer Weaponry make one up. Exactly the same (only on an XD rather than a Glock). And so The Truth About Guns’ Liberty Gun Project is born. My goal: to photograph thousands of Americans from every walk of life proudly holding this gun, and post these images on the site. While I wait for the paint job to cure and my web guys’ advice on how to post the images, here’s a sneak peak. Watch this space for your chance to be photographed with the Liberty Gun. [Make the jump for a close up of The Liberty Gun]


  1. avatar Johnny Canada says:

    More Sam, less Robert. Just sayin'. No seriously, more Sam.

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