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As much as I hate to admit it, it’s time once again to get my holiday shopping done and buy gifts for all my friends and family. We ran a similar series last year, and being another year older and (I hope) another year wiser, I’ve refined my gift list a tad. I’ll be focusing more on long range and precision shooting, and I’m sure my fellow writers will chime in with their own flavors of gift guides. But first, here’s my list:

  • Leatherman MUT ($134) — This has been the single most useful thing I’ve reviewed this year, hence the five star rating. I’ve used it to do everything from basic firearms maintenance to swapping triggers on my Remington 700, and it has never failed to beat my expectations for how well something that fits in my pocket can work. If your target doesn’t have one yet, buy this before anything else.
  • Leupold RX-800i/TBR Rangefinder ($280) — My friend Tyler has a friggin’ awesome ranch here in Texas. And while it’s great for the most part, there are no fixed range markings out in his fields. Guessing distances has worked pretty well so far, but where the known distance markings are absent, the ability to quickly get a precise range on your target is essential for hunting and precision shooting. Chris Dumm really liked this rangefinder and I’m considering getting one for Tyler (shhhh…don’t tell him!).
  • Kestrel 4500NV Pocket Weather Tracker ($351) — Making a precise shot is all about knowing the atmospherics. How fast is the wind blowing? From what direction? What’s the barometric pressure? The humidity? The human body can’t sense these things accurately enough which is where the Kestrel comes in handy. This version in particular, with Bluetooth built in, connects to your pocket ballistic calculator of choice and alters the atmospherics in real time to match the current conditions, adjusting your firing solution as it goes. Which is awesome.
  • Surefire EP5 Sonic Defenders Max ($12.95) — I hate hearing protection. Which is part of the reason why I spent an inordinate amount of time and money getting a silencer. But if your guns (or your buddy’s guns) are still too loud, a set of these will hold you in good stead. They’re comfortable for all day wear, don’t get in the way of your cheek weld and above all are CHEAP!
  • LET 10″ Steel Plate & Stand Combo – The only thing more satisfying than shooting at 1,000 yards is hearing the “ping” of a steel target after you break the shot. There’s something amazing about shooting steel, and this kit I got as a Christmas present a few years back was the absolute ideal gift for me. I gave one to Tyler last year and he loves it too. (LET, $90)
  • Barska Spotting Scope ($108) — Sometimes you just need that extra magnification to see the holes you’re putting in paper, and a spotting scope does it best. I’ve been using this one for ages, and it has taken all sorts of abuse and kept on ticking. Not exactly the clearest glass on the market, but a good value for the money.
  • Blackhawk Adjustable Bipod ($60) — I used to think that adjustable bipods were a waste of money. I also used to think that Thomas the Tank Engine was the epitome of television programming, but those days are well behind us. Adjustable bipods that let you tilt the gun not only make shooting more comfortable, but make you more accurate too as you can keep your scope level to the world for every shot. Worth every penny.
  • CTD Gift Cards — Cheaper Than Dirt is one of the larger retailers of firearms and firearms related stuff. Anytime I need a part, they always have it in stock. For the gift giver that has no idea what to get someone a gift card to CTD is the cop out that you’re looking for, just load it up with cash and pass it on to your loved one.
  • Getting Started with Firearms in the United States (Book) ($5) — The #1 book about guns for the new shooter ever written, this absolutely perfect masterpiece should be on every bookshelf in America. Plus, the author is friggin’ cool and totally deserves your money.

That’s my list, but if you guys have any other bright ideas, feel free to pop them in the comments.

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  1. My list was changed a bit (as of 11:00pm Tuesday):

    -AR mags 30 round
    -AK47 mags 30 round
    -AK 74 mags 30 round oooh, German Bakelite!
    -Rock River LAR-8 🙂
    -FAL thermold mags 20 round
    -Glock .40 high cap mags

    Maybe throw in a couple G3 mags for good measure.

    • Better put in your order for the LAR-8. I had an order put in early April and the dealer still hasn’t received it. I have heard orders are on at least an 8-month wait currently.

  2. Dear St. Nick,

    If you could send me a 16″ upper in 300 BLK, well, that’d be just super.


    P.S. I still want that super sexy black Pmag you had with one of your 300 BLK reviews. For the record, I’ve been good all year, more or less…

  3. mags and ammo for me plz! I aint greedy, got my guns, want my brothers in arms to have theirs too, for me, Ill just take Armalite 7.62 20 rounders and AR15 30 rounders and a #$% ton of ammo. Just a #%% ton should do.

  4. Extra 10rd 1911 mags(lots of them please), extra HSA10 speedloaders(.38spec).
    Ammo ammo ammo!!!
    .45acp,9mm, .38spec, .25auto hp’s, .22lr, .22wmr, 12ga, 7.62x54r sjsp, 7.62×39 hp’s,
    and last but not least a bunch of 5.56Nato( trade for food,etc if times get too tough)!!’

  5. Nice assortment of items on that wish list! When it comes to shopping for gifts, it helps to have a variety of things… both the “cheap” (under $20) mid level ($20-100) and high end ($100+).

  6. As always, Swedish Bikini Team. I have all the shooting widgets I want so my xmas wish is always for something that I can’t get at the LGS.

  7. I just bought the book. Love my Kindle Fire!!! As a Prime member got it for $1.99.
    My daughter is a new shooter, and along with a Rugger SR22, three mags, a Midway pistol bag, electronic hearing protection, shooting glasses, shooting glove, and 500 rounds of CCI Mini Mags. The book will make a good addition. I think she is going too have a great Christmas!!!

  8. I’m asking the jolly big guy for a good quality holster which just may actually help me conceal my carry piece. You see I’m very thin in most of the wrong places and concealing a weapon compact or sub is pretty much impossible. Now I saw a video of a guy skinnier than me concealing a full size glock 19 with one of those raven kydex holsters. So we’ll see how this treats me. For other gents with semi- fem physiques I will be back to let you know if it works.
    And Nick you forgot a toot toot at the end of that last item.


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