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Ah, Christmas. The time of year when I start talking about all the wonderful gun-related stuff I’m yearning for and my family responds with either a blank stare or, “Can’t I just get you a DVD or something?” Oh the trials of having a non-gun family. But enough whining, here’s my list. Short, simple and to the point…


Bushnell Scout 1000 Range Finder. I’m starting to get into hunting and the farther back I take my rifles, the more annoying it becomes to try and pace out the range. The Bushnell Scout 1000 not only gives you the range, but in rifle mode you also get all the pertinent ballistic information to help you make the shot.

Leupold FX II Scout Scope. My Marlin 336 scout set up practically begs me for this scope whenever I open the safe. Seriously, I hear it crying for quality glass as I type. Leupold is top notch when it comes to optics and with this particular scope on my Marlin, I’d have a tack driving lever gun all ready to go for next deer season and any Red Dawn scenario that may present itself between now and then.


Buy all the ammo!! Need I say more?


I know everyone else has hit on this so far but seriously, you can never have too many. Of particular note, I’ve been really intrigued by the CAA CDMAG. I really like the concept and know that I would love to be able to glance at my mag and see how many rounds I have left. Also, I need more mags for my CMMG AR .22 Conversion kit because I only have one and we all know that’s nowhere near enough.


Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle. I’ve always loved Cooper’s scout rifle concept, so much so that my non-AR rifles are both scout rifles. Ruger used to have an M77 frontier rifle that fit the bill perfectly, but discontinued it before I had the chance to snag one. Now the Gunsite rifle has filled the void in that market as well as the one in my scout rifle-loving heart.

AAC .300 BLK AR Upper. .300 BLK is the next big thing in the rifle market. If Nick hasn’t been able to convince you of that with all his coverage of the cartridge, then I don’t know what can. All the articles I’ve read have me absolutely convinced that I need a rifle chambered in .300. I love the idea of having a .30 caliber rifle that can be made super quiet and can also be used to legally hunt four-legged critters. The fact that it utilizes AR-15 bolts and mags is just icing on the cake.


Liberty Premium 20 Gun Safe My collection has now grown to the point that I need to be a big boy and get a real fire-proof safe. I’ve had my eye on this safe for a long time now and love the 75 minute fire time it boasts.

So there you go. Short, sweet and expensive, unfortunately. Here’s to hoping Santa has some deep pockets this year and can make some of this humble scribe’s Xmas dreams come true. Barring that, I’d be just fine with a case of 5.56, .45 and a day at the range with no interruptions.

[Photo by Swiss_Cheese9797]




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  1. Since they want to get you a DVD, ask for a DVD that is gun related. There are DVD’s on Gun Smithing, carbine tactics, long range shooting, handgun defense, etcc.

  2. You’re right: your Marlin is desperately longing for a Leupold scout scope. My VXII is the perfect match for my little Marlin, and it turns the handy .357 into a 100-yard deer rifle.


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