The Truth About Russian Gun Control Laws

It’s a bit weird listening to man with a German/Austrian accent decry Russian gun control laws. But it’s true: all those who oppose civilian disarmament understand the same common sense bottom line: criminals remain unaffected. That leaves disarmed civilians subject to increased criminal predation. It makes criminals more powerful. And corrupts the society in which they operate. Not to mention the dangers of government tyranny upon a disarmed populace. Let’s not go there. Again. Well, at least not here, yah?


  1. avatar formerwaterwalker says:

    Well Hitler had a “German/Austrian” accent-he loved him some Russian gun control…

  2. avatar Priest of the center mass says:

    I just spoke with a kid about gun control…his argument…that no civilian fired back at the sniper in Dallas so guns should just be taken awsy.
    I discussed the chaos they experienced and then played the “how would you have dealt with it ”
    He eventually crumbled in the conversation and understood that hunting well trained snipers was extremely difficult without a well organized response.
    At first he was all about taking guns from everyone, even cops then he at least saw some light.
    Told him to look up dgu per year stats then rethink his position.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      Gungrabbers assert that armed citizens at a mass shooting would only make things worse. But when armed carriers don’t spray bullets everywhere, the gungrabbers complain that armed citizens didn’t make things better.

      The fact is that the #BLM carriers wouldn’t shoot one of their own, and neither would Micah X.

    2. avatar Anner says:

      Good work. It’s not so common that folks listen long enough to get to the reasoning behind the emotion.

  3. avatar pwrserge says:

    Yeah, there’s a reason why the commies confiscated the guns from the Russian people. It’s hard to get an armed man to starve on his own land.

    1. avatar gs650g says:

      Venezuela is about ready to test that theory.

      1. avatar pwrserge says:

        Nope, just repeating Stalin’s formula. They banned private gun ownership entirely in 2012.

        1. avatar int19h says:

          Banning guns doesn’t mean that you don’t have armed men around. It just means that they’re now outlaws simply by virtue of owning a gun.

  4. avatar Jared says:

    This video is outdated. Russia liberalized their gun laws and self defense is now a reason for a license. It includes handguns (real ones) and concealed carry.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      Are licenses being granted, or is the Russian law just another NYC-type farce?

      1. avatar Geoff PR says:

        Yeah, I’d like to hear confirmation on that one from one of TTAG’s resident Russians like int19h…

      2. avatar Jared says:

        Yes. Under the same conditions of the old license system. So it’s mostly shall issue.

        I’d say Russia is better than Canada, HI, CA, NJ, NY, DC, AS, USVI, and CNMI.

        1. avatar jwm says:

          Do you still have to own a shotgun for 5 years before you can own a rifle? Do you still have to go to a head doctor to get permission to buy a firearm in Russia?

          If so, then CA is still better than Russia.

        2. avatar Jared says:

          Don’t know, I believe the rifle 5 year rule was repealed. Even if it is there, that’s better than the no rifle rule in California.

          Russia has no AWB that is slowly expanding to cover anything with a trigger…. And CA is about to go from may-issue to NJ/HI “may-issue”.

        3. avatar Hyperprapor says:

          Nope, the 5-year rule is still there. We couldn’t own any handguns, no rifles/shotguns shorter than 800mm and with barrel whorter 500mm. 10rnd limit (that’s not very strict. Not a problem to buy mags 30rnd or more and no penalty for owning it. Just a fine for attaching to the firearm. As you can guess – no one enforcing it really).

    2. avatar Dave357 says:

      There was some confusion back in 2014 about whether some minor changes in the law that had to do with transporting firearms allowed carrying a firearm for self-defense. The confusion was cleared up to be just that. Did something new happen since?

      Also, back then at least only nonlethal gas-operated “traumatic” handguns were available to civilians for self-defense. Has that changed too?

    3. avatar Hyperprapor says:

      Nope, they don’t. That was media misconception. We are not able here to own handguns, or anything shorter 800mm and with less than 500mm barrell length. The only ‘hangun’ we are allowed to own – is less-lethal, up to 81Joules energy (less than .22lr). And there is 5-year period, for beginners – when they could own only shotguns (VEPR is allowed, though, but no rifles – even .22lr).

    4. avatar Kaban says:

      Care to post a proof on this one?

      Last time I checked, the list of weapons available to civilian was the same:
      – Long hunting guns (shotguns or partially-rifled, then rifles after 5y of possessing a hunting shotgun).
      – Handguns with up to 91J muzzle energy using special (assumedly) non-lethal ammo (“rubber shooters”).
      – Gas guns, shockers, etc.

      Pretty much anything else is verbotten for private ownership. Sporting firearms are to be stored within shooting ranges.

    5. avatar Wasder says:

      Jared, you are completely wrong. We still don’t get to own or carry actual handguns in Russia. It’s a felony to possess one.

    6. avatar int19h says:

      Guy is trolling. It’s still pretty much all but impossible to even own a handgun for a civilian; and carry? hah.

  5. avatar Amfivena says:

    The German accent isn’t that odd to me. I visited Leningrad in the 1980’s – there was a lot of East Germans. I don’t speak Russian, but do speak German. I was amazed at the number of ordinary people who spoke some German – cabbies, bartenders, hotel maids, etc. After a couple weeks it was my go to language.

    Otherwise I wonder how hard it is to get those licences for unconnected Russians?

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      “Otherwise I wonder how hard it is to get those licences for unconnected Russians?”

      I suspect it depends on the size of the fee you pay to ‘expedite the paperwork’…

    2. avatar Hyperprapor says:

      It depends. Shotgun license is pretty simple to obtain. Self-defense less-lethal handgun a bit harder, and a rifle license – the toughest one. All of it is not very pricey, but bureucreacy could make you look like russian flag – first you get red, then blue, and white at last. Depleted and tired from all this useless paperwork. Visit medical evaluation, get psychological and narcology report, find local policeman and get his report as well, provide all this shit to authority, wait for about a month, while they check data and look if you’ve had no criminal records, After 30 days – get a permit to buy a gun (one separate permit for each gun, bot no more than 5 of each kind (5 shotguns, 5 rifles is a max, without collectors license)!). This permit is valid for 6months. When you buy a gun, you have 2 weeks to get it to police, and after 2 weeks more – you’ll get finally a license for that gun. Valid for the next 5 years. After that – you should repeat all steps.

  6. avatar mike says:

    So even in Russia, gun control only controls law-abiding citizens, not the criminals. Who woulda thunk?!

    1. Yeah but get caught with an illegal gun and see what happens. I just don’t see them having recidivism rates like we do. Just a wild guess.

      1. avatar Geoff PR says:

        Organized crime has ‘arrangements’ with local law enforcement, I bet.

        The independent thugs likely have it far worse off…

        1. If you outlaw capitalism, only outlaws will Capitalize.

  7. avatar samuraichatter says:

    Even under the Soviet Union the Mafia in Russia was armed. The more draconian the enforcement of gun control the more it accelerates a weird kind of criminal Darwinism where only the gustiest, toughest, and most ruthless groups and individuals own firearms – the last people you want with firearms.

    1. avatar pwrserge says:

      Yeah, it’s why the Russian mob laughs at Italian and Irish organized crime. They send a few toughs to beat somebody or burn down a storefront. The Russians just send a guy with a RPG7.

  8. avatar I am a gun says:

    I bet Putin carries an AK pistol under his coat.

  9. avatar Crowbar says:

    I couldn’t imagine being in Europe right now with mass influx of muslims and no right to own, let alone carry firearms. I find it harder to imagine that anyone really believes that our country would be safer in any way if we adopt their attitude towards guns.

  10. avatar The Original JohnO says:

    Man, I want to send that guy some DEET.

  11. avatar Fred Frendly says:

    Hillary is taking notes and nodding in approval.

  12. avatar James69 says:

    They don’t have any guns left. They sold them all to us.

  13. avatar Wasder says:

    The guy in the video gets the gist of it right.

    A couple interesting details:

    1) Concealed carry is not regulated in Russia. Meaning, you don’t need to get a special permit and may carry openly or concealed as you please. By open carry I mean holstered rubber bullet handguns, long gun open carry is prohibited.

    2) Illegal sale, transfer or possession of a shotgun or a less lethal handgun is not a crime, but a misdemeanor punishable by a pretty small fine or up to 15 days in jail.

    1. avatar int19h says:

      Even for rubber-bullet “handguns”, you’re wrong. You still need a license for those things. It’s a license to own, which also gives you permission to carry. Individual guns have to be registered, too.

      As far as real handguns go, forget about it.

  14. Thanks for your post. It helps to understand more about Russian Gun Control Laws

  15. avatar int19h says:

    Guy is trolling. It’s still pretty much all but impossible to even own a handgun for a civilian; and carry? hah.

  16. avatar Harold says:

    The Truth About Russian Gun Control Laws, thanks for your share

  17. Personally, I totally agree that gun should be monitored and controlled by authorities. Many people argue that they need gun for their own protection, that is right. But look at the bad sides, let people easy to access a lethal weapon is the fastest way to create chaos. People can easily use gun for civil conflict without thinking thoroughly. This is not good at all, right

  18. While reading the post I kept asking myself if it is all worth it to try and control who uses guns and who not?

  19. avatar JamesBomb says:

    The Russians have better things to do than to obsess over guns..
    They have Russian women.

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