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President Trump has appointed Anthony Scaramucci as his new communications director, a move which resulted in Sean Spicer’s resignation earlier today. It also prompted something else: celebration from Michael Bloomberg’s employees at Everytown for Gun Safety.

It seems that Scaramucci has made some strident communications of his own in the past in support of strict gun control measures and Bloomberg’s bunch is declaring victory.

Following the Sandy Hook shooting that killed 20 children and six adults in 2012, Scaramucci tweeted that he has “always been for strong gun control laws.” In another tweet, Scaramucci implied that keeping a gun in a home may give the “illusion of security, but more likely to cause you harm.” Additionally, Scaramucci tweeted that when it comes to guns, “it is just common sense [to] apply more controls.” In 2016, he tweeted that “killings went down” when “guns were taken from people who put their fellow citizens at risk.”

These comments would seem to contradict the stated position of the Trump administration. The NRA was one of the first organizations to throw their full weight behind Trump’s candidacy and they’ve been among his most strident supporters since his election. The President’s promises to reduce infringements on the Second Amendment and appoint conservative justices to the Supreme Court (i.e. Neil Gorsuch) earned him the strong support of the nation’s gun owners.

Every administration includes those with beliefs counter to those of the Commander in Chief himself. But Donald Trump can’t afford to alienate gun owners, a group that has so strongly supported him so far. Going squishy on guns and the Second Amendment is a sure way to ensure that the People of the Gun are much less keen about showing up at the polls and casting their ballots the same way in the future.

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  1. >Additionally, Scaramucci tweeted that when it comes to guns, “it is just common sense [to] apply more controls.”

    He’s right, for government, that is “Common Sense”.

    Thankfully, our country was founded by people with the uncommonly good sense to predict that there would be assholes like this guy.

    • Let’s see, thanks more gun-control is “commonsense”, thinks climate-change can be solved by regulating human behavior, was a Manhattan based investor . . . Scaramucci sounds like your typical NYC progressive-liberal. Steve Bannon’s going to have a lot of fun with this guy.

      • Why wouldn’t he think climate change could be mitigated by changing human behavior since climate change is the result of humans releasing massive quantities of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere?

        • There is little doubt that Human activity has influenced our climate. It’s foolish to think that it hasn’t. But, any single major volcanic eruption in living memory has, in fact, pumped more pollutants into our atmosphere than we Humans have since the Industrial Revolution onward.

          The only thing that’s really up for debate is the matter of degree which, contrary to the alarmists’ claims, is not — because it physically cannot be — as much as they’d like us to believe.

        • That’s a total myth. While volcanic eruptions do have some atmospheric effects. The burning of fossil fuels by humans is about 100 times more damaging than volcanic activity. Even large eruptions which are rare only have short term effects compared to constant human activity.

        • Mierda del caballo, F bomb. Nice try, but your stats are bass-ackwards. The 1991 eruption of Mt. Pinatubo is estimated to have released more hydrocarbons, toxic gasses, and particulates into the atmosphere in a single episode than the totality of mankind’s puny efforts since the Bronze Age.

        • It’s a myth. It’s not even close.

          This argument that human-caused carbon emissions are merely a drop in the bucket compared to greenhouse gases generated by volcanoes has been making its way around the rumor mill for years. And while it may sound plausible, the science just doesn’t back it up.
          According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the world’s volcanoes, both on land and undersea, generate about 200 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually, while our automotive and industrial activities cause some 24 billion tons of CO2 emissions every year worldwide. Despite the arguments to the contrary, the facts speak for themselves: Greenhouse gas emissions from volcanoes comprise less than one percent of those generated by today’s human endeavors.
          Another indication that human emissions dwarf those of volcanoes is the fact that atmospheric CO2 levels, as measured by sampling stations around the world set up by the federally funded Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, have gone up consistently year after year regardless of whether or not there have been major volcanic eruptions in specific years. “If it were true that individual volcanic eruptions dominated human emissions and were causing the rise in carbon dioxide concentrations, then these carbon dioxide records would be full of spikes—one for each eruption,” says Coby Beck, a journalist writing for online environmental news portal “Instead, such records show a smooth and regular trend.”

        • Obama’s corrupted USGS, the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, Coby Beck,, and Chicken Little notwithstanding, F bomb, mierda del toro. Mankind’s influence is but a flyspeck relative to the elephant’s hind-end of geologically-induced atmospheric change. Go fish.

        • Ah, you did exactly as I thought you would Claim the science is wrong. Gimme a break. Ya, Obama called up the scientists and said, change your information on volcanic effects on the atmosphere. I don’t need to hide and say it in Spanish. I’ll say it in English. Horse shit is what you are saying.

        • Ah, but no one said the actual science is necessarily wrong, Mierda del Pollo, merely that Lord Obamao had USGS (and NASA, NOAA, etc.) corrupt its data, similar to his retasking NASA with bolstering Muslims’ self-esteem, retasking BATFE with gunrunning to the cartels, retasking DOJ and DHS with subverting federal immigration law, and unleashing EPA to cook the books on virtually every data-set it touches, ad infinitum. Give me a break.

        • What a complete and total crock of shit. You don’t have a shred of evidence from a REPUTABLE source on any of that. You just WANT to believe it because it’s what you want to hear.

    • This fellow is going to be Trump’s “Parrot” and spokesperson, not his chief adviser.
      He will be using his glib tongue for speaking to the press and tooting Trump’s agenda.
      If he acts up, he will get canned.
      In any case, Congress, not the President, makes the laws that matter.

      • Agreed. I really don’t think Sean Spicer had any say in policies and if you disagree you have to ask yourself “why did he resign”. Sean’s job, now this guys job is to be a mouth piece for the president and nothing else. Trump has given us a decent Supreme Court judge, a reversal of the arm brace letter, and an atf that is meeting with firearm industry executives to discuss what regulations have no value. But yeah, a low level White House official will get him to turn and run the other way, okay.

        • Spicer resigned because Trump was unprofessional and threw him (and Sanders, granted) under the bus innumerable times. He’d hand them talking points, then go do an interview and completely refute them himself.

          If I were Spicer, I’d have resigned 4 months ago. He had an impossible job and the $172k (or whatever press sec is currently paid) isn’t worth completely ruining the rest of your career by publicly looking like a moron on a daily basis.

          Of course, the next step for him is probably going to be a multi-million dollar book deal, so maybe he he had good cause to stick around.

  2. It’s nice the government continues to employ the slow people no one else would hire because they’d run the business into the ground.

    I’m kind of surprised John Boch isn’t writing about this, being on the Trump’s 2A committee.

    • I’m not a fan of the guy, but he did found a hedge fund that attracted about $13 billion of other people’s money for him to manage. The article I read reported that he ultimately sold his stake in the fund and pocketed $200 million. That’s not chump change.

      I’m no Wall Street mergers and acquisitions expert, by any means, but I am a successful businessman. I look at a handful of potential buyout deals every quarter and pore over their financials. It’s tough for a business to substantiate a net present value, based on expected future cash flows, in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, let alone millions of dollars.

      I don’t know who bought this guy’s fund, but it seems highly unlikely that some Joe Blow waltzed in and dropped $200M willy nilly without there being a serious business at stake.

  3. “Every administration included those with beliefs counter to those of the Commander in Chief himself.”

    And this would not be an example of that. DT is not pro-gun, he simply gave lip service to the NRA during an election cycle. He’s written in books that he is anti-gun.

    Could the 2A crowd possibly be more gullible?

    Hey, at least it’s not Hillary? AMIRIGHT OR AMIRIGHT?

    • Trump may or may not be pro gun. But his SC pick was pro gun and his Secretary of the Interior sure reversed a bunch of stupid gun rules for Federal parks and the ATF is so worried about Trump EOs that they’re voluntarily looking at ways to loosen their stranglehold and gun rights are expanding all across the US.

      Could the anti gun crowd possibly be anymore oblivious to reality?

      But I’m sure all of that would have happened under Hillary too? AMIRIGHT OR AMIRIGHT?

      • Love or hate Trump, but gun rights have gone in the opposite direction of where they were headed the last 8 years. A new pro-2A SCJ, new originalist appellate judges, reversing the m855 ban… It is a trickle and not the gusher we all wanted, but at least it’s trickling in the right direction at the federal level.

        • That post was so poorly thought out… it makes me wonder if he’s another one like #TheResistance. Like a parody of an anti gunner. With arguments that ignore reality so hard, it’s difficult to believe he’s really anti gun. I mean, surely that side has people who can make more intelligent, more convincing arguments than that right?

        • Trump doesn’t stand for gun rights or anything else. He is for something when it is convenient, and against it the next day.

        • I could believe that Trump is pro Trump and not really for any particular policy, even the 2A. But you can’t deny the results. Trump can’t pass any gun restrictions and still win in 2020. He might not fight very hard for what we believe in. But he has and will continue to appoint pro 2A Appellate and SC justices that come up and he’ll sign every pro gun piece of legislation that comes across his desk. And I guarantee you that the 2A will be healthier than if Hillary had sat in that office.

          One or two members of his team won’t change my opinion on the overall direction the 2A is taking this cycle.

        • “I could believe that Trump is pro Trump and not really for any particular policy, even the 2A. But you can’t deny the results. Trump can’t pass any gun restrictions and still win in 2020.”

          LOL. And there’s the evolution.

          First it was Trump is Pro Gun and part of the NRA / 2A crowd and will support us in every way possible. You watch, he even supports a 2A Council packed with people that are going to bring ideas to the administration they will implement. Now we are at making excuses – He can’t do anything Pro 2A and still win in 2020.. just be patient until second term.

          Of course! Elect him a second time.

          What a joke. I admit I never though he’d make it to the WH the first time, but there is no way he has any chance in 2020… get real.

        • I don’t know if Trump will win in 2020 or not. I also didn’t think he’d win here in 2016. As for “getting real”, the facts are undeniable. Every single gun related issue he’s had his fingers in has had a pro gun result. Period. You can claim that’s me being duped about a president’s support if you’d like.

          P.S. I said he can’t do anything ANTI 2A and still win. (Hint, he’s already done a ton of pro 2A things, there’s a ton listed in just these comment replies). Misquoting comments you literally just read won’t gain you any credibility, it’ll just make people question your reading and comprehension skills.


        • Maybe me claiming Trump can’t pass gun RESTRICTIONS (I know, tough word to understand) and will continue to appoint pro gun justices is somehow an evolution on my feelings about Trump’s support of the 2A?!?!? It must also mean I claimed that we have to wait until 2020 for results?!?! I guess I’ll have to take your word for it. As you can tell, I hold your word in high regard, would never think to mock it, and you’ve totally changed my mind.

        • Trickle doesn’t cut it. Time and demographics are not on our side. This presidency was a fluke to begin with. He shouldn’t waste one second of it.

          Most presidents lose seats in Congress, sometimes losing control of Congress, in the midterms. So he may be lame ducked here pretty soon and not be able to get anything done. Long term, the illegal aliens are reproducing and churning out future Dems on a daily basis. We may not get any more presidencies, let alone Supreme Court appointments.

          A trickle is a 1 yard run when it’s third and long. It’s something next to nothing.

        • Johnathan, you may not be happy that 6 months in there’s only one extra pro gun SC and a ton of appellate Justices and a president who’s willing to sign every piece of pro gun legislation that crosses his desk.

          Feel free to hold your breath for a president who does more their first year. I’ll take steps forward over steps backwards any day. And that’s what we got with Hillary’s defeat

    • Note to Never-Trumpers: The conservative insurgency understands exactly who we are backing to be president. Trump is a hired gun, pure and simple. He doesn’t have to like or agree with us and we don’t have to like or agree with him. The insurgency put out a contract on the progressive left and Donald Trump is the assassin we hired to do the job. Deal with it.

      • What a brilliant calculated move there.You set out to do this, and manipulated the entire country, eh?

        I think what happened happened, and now you’re trying to paint some false narrative around it trying to pretend like it was some pre-planned out evil-genius level coup. Please.

        • Where are you getting genius level conspiracy? Trump spoke plainly about what he was going to do and people voted for him. The Never Trump people were the incoherent ones stumbling for reasons to explain how voting for Hilary was the principled move. Hilary and principles, HAHAHA. Still cracks me up.

        • Am I the only one that thinks Yada is a little sexual frustrated that we don’t have president pantsuit up there for him to look att. Sounds like a dem troll that is trying to get people rallied up……..shannon? Is that you?

        • Clearly there are many 2As that bet the house on Trump, and now that they are facing the reality that not only is he a complete Dud, but outright lied to them – folks are a bit on edge and are lashing out. God forbid you actually say ‘I Told You So’ – when you do that, they straight up attack you because the truth is so uncomfortable.

          You Dun Got Fooled.

        • Trump is NOT a dud.
          The Trump Rally in the markets has created 4 trillion dollars in new wealth and given businesses reason to be optimistic for the first time in many years. If his tax reforms get passed, US business will do great.
          Trump is the first president in decades to actually try to bring integrity to our presently flawed voting process.
          Hillary’s Australian-Style gun control is now dead.
          Trump’s only bad idea was to try and fix Obamacare, which cannot be fixed. Obamacare has been insolvent since Day 1 and should be allow to collapse on it’s own.

    • Whether Trump gets elected a 2nd time is up to us. I personally will vote for him again. But the real reason for his presence is to appoint a majority of SCOTUS. After that it’s academic. And Yada you are clearly not. LMAO.

  4. Meh. Even if Trump was the most hardcore 2A supporting POTUS ever we still wouldn’t be getting much more than the crumbs we already have.

    Congress doesn’t care about 2A rights and, as far as I can tell, at this point can’t get out of it’s own way.

    While most of the country doesn’t much care about all the mud slinging going on with “Russia” the media does and that means the people inside the DC bubble do too. Combine that fact, and the fact that the Senate can’t get a damn thing done, with the reality that 2A issues we’re always on the back burner and I don’t think you’re going to see much movement in the immediate future.

    Further, if the Senate continues to dick around the Democrats will probably take back some seats in that chamber next year and then you can forget getting ANY positive movement on 2A issues.

    • Next year, there are 33 senate seats up. 23 seats Dems and 2 Independents that caucus with them compared to only 8 Republican seats. Dem Senators are facing as many battles in red and purple states as Republicans have total seats up. Dems won’t have a net gain next year.

      • Dems have literally almost zero percent chance of gaining in the senate. Its much more likely republicans will gain in the senate. Republicans will probably lose some seats in the house, but still maintain their needed majority. I highly doubt any power change in congress in 2018.

      • If Republicans piss off their base you could, in my estimation, see 2-3 R’s lose.

        Not a major power shift but it makes things harder and the D’s march in lock step while the Republicans fight each other over shit they shouldn’t.

        I’m not talking about a slaughter or anything but I don’t see something like the HPA having a prayer’s chance in hell under those conditions.

        • Have you seen the Democrats’ new slogan?

          Don’t worry, the Republicans can continue to screw things up as badly as they are and the Dems will ensure their own loss just by being themselves.

          Might as well name the donkey Eeyore and make it official.

        • Their new slogan is immaterial.

          They have to win 2 Republican seats to take the Senate to 50 R’s, three to remove the majority.

          That’s doable. An uphill battle considering the defense they have to play but it is doable, especially if the Republicans continue to get nothing done and fight with one another. A few GOP primaries in the wrong places go the wrong way and you’ll have a big problem.

          The D’s may or may not pick up a few seats in the Senate but to assume that they will simply fall on their faces is the height of hubris.

    • Sad thing is, I think Trump is the most hardcore 2A supporting president ever (for small values of “ever”). Reagan signed FOPA, which was a mixed bag. Before that, I can’t think of anything pro-gun coming out of Congress except the 2A, much less the executive branch.

      • The problem as I see it is that R’s are effectively in just as much disarray as the D’s at this point.

        For example: they had years to figure out how to repeal the ACA. That’s a mess.

        They have had six months to work up a tax package. That’s a mess.

        All the bullshit is in the Senate. Last I looked a few weeks back the House had sent the Senate 149 bills. The Senate hadn’t really done anything with any of them. Many hadn’t even been assigned to their required committees.

        Losing even one seat in the Senate will result in chaos not because of a power shift but because the Senate leadership has a divided caucus which is already flailing. Injecting some fear of “Oh God we’re not doing it right!” would, in my estimation divide the caucus further.

        IMHO, the House is immaterial because I don’t see the D’s, dominated by the far Left at this point, being able to pick up even close to the 29 seats they need to retake the house. They’ve basically been pushed back to safe districts and I don’t see them getting the rebound they would need.

        It’s my personal opinion that the R division in the Senate has less to do with ideology than it does with a fear of the media. It’s not based on “heartland” reality, it’s based on the DC echo chamber where minutia gets blown up in “major issues” and major issues are reduced to non-priorities.

        In other words: it’s a perception vs reality problem. Many of these Senators see the current world through the lens that the MSM/DC media provide for them and via the echo chamber that is DC. As such they perceive a lot of danger where there is little and overlook significant opportunity where it exists.

        You can see the chasm with the Russia thing. Senators have been made nervous about the POTUS even though some quality polling shows that outside DC, NY and some areas of Cali (none of which are R friendly to begin with btw) no one gives a shit about Russia.

  5. As long as man tolerates governance no rights will ever be absolute because liberty will never be absolute.
    Voting (R) is just taking the scenic road to tyranny. (D) would be the interstate. We’re all going to the same destination.

    • “Voting (R) is just taking the scenic road to tyranny. (D) would be the interstate. We’re all going to the same destination.”


      I’m going to steal that statement.

    • There are currently more registered independents that registered democrats or republicans. The break down changes but it’s something like 29%-R 31%-D and 40%-I.

    • Shire-man for the win!

      I have been telling people for some time that our laws/policy have been moving in the same direction for about 130 years … we just move more slowly under Republican controlled governments.

      Saying it another way, Republicans and Democrats keep playing the “good cop, bad cop” schtick. But make no mistake, they are both working toward the same outcome.

  6. The comms directors job is to try to deal with the ‘journalists’ and to get the White House’s message out, not to create policy. I’m sure Sean Spicer is a nice guy but it seems that a nice guy will get devoured by the wolves of the media who are out to create & distort the news, not report on it.

    Perhaps it’s good that President Trump doesn’t just surround himself with yes men, don’t we accuse the left of operating in an echo chamber? Now, if somehow Scaramanga somehow manages to leverage this role into one where he has the power to hurt the 2A, then I would say it’s time to get the pitchforks, tar & feathers out!!

    • Yeah, I’m with you. As long as this dude keeps his crap opinions out of legislation he’s welcome to them.

      I just hope the administration will do it’s job. (jury still out on that one)

  7. Trump has never been our friend. Trump said anything and everything to get elected. He’s not pro-gun. He’s pro-Donald trump. Luckily that usually plays in our favor, but when the chips are down we can’t count on him for anything except what’s best for himself at that moment.

    • IDK compared to Hillary, Trump is our best friend.

      Trump supports gun rights.

      Hillary wanted Australian style gun confiscation and doesn’t believe the 2nd protects ownership of handguns in your own home.

    • I don’t care what Trump thinks or really feels about the 2A.
      Feelwingz are for Leftists and idiot Never-Trumpers.
      I only care about his ACTIONS.
      As long as he KEEPS DOING ACTIONS where it counts like NEIL GORSUCH then I don’t give a crap what he thinks.

      • Such a tough guy. Disowns the essence of humanity.

        Got news for you, Chief, you too have Feelwingz.

  8. The only thing worse than lazy assed Republican leadership in Congress is a White House that can’t get it’s head in the game. Nothing is happening this year cause they are gonna screw around whining about Obamacare and then the budget. Sometimes the worst enemy we have is the people who pretend to support our rights only to go off on a damn tangent, like some kid with attention deficit disorder!

  9. I guess if your goal is to simply reduce violence caused by guns then taking guns away works. However last time I checked taking guns away didn’t do anything to reduce the issues of gangs, domestic or any other form of violence and/or killings (See Chicago, Britain and many others for reference).

  10. He’s a mouthpiece. Spicer came across as a big girl. Enough that a porculent gal portrayed him on SNL. Will they make fun of THIS dude? Probably…but I’ve never thought Donnie was particularly pro-gun.

  11. Looks like Trump is gonna stab the gun community in the back just like he has everybody else, except for his rich buddies.

  12. As my faith in Trump erodes a little bit everyday, this slaps me in the face. WTF POTUS? How can you have such trash in my White House?

    • No kidding. I think they only care that he tweaks off the MSM and people they don’t like. IMO, his only good point was that he was better (theoretically) than Hillary, and that was a low bar. The SC appointment was low hanging fruit and in 6 months he hasn’t accomplished much other than that. 2A supporters should prep for disappointment, or the status quo at best. Is that really a “win” for us?

  13. Meh… still better than Hillary.

    This dude’s opinion and $2 will get you a cup of coffee. He is the Comms Director, what the fuck is he gonna do.

  14. The Comms Director doesn’t set policy, and I don’t think he’s gonna turn Trump away from his support of the 2nd.

  15. This guy’s only job is to be loyal to his boss. If Trump says the sky is green, this guy’s job is to stand behind a podium and explain how the sky is green. Scaramonger took this job with full knowledge of the above.

    We know that a person’s opinions can evolve, sometimes even change suddenly. I know my opinions on gun rights and other issues have evolved. What we need to do now is sit back, relax, and pay very, very close attention.

    • Most Federal offices I know of require one swear to protect and defend the Constitution to the best of one’s abilities. Oathbreakers can’t be trusted by definition.

  16. Scaramanga can be a good Secretary or not. Either way, F him.

    We can get what we want out of gun rights protections, or we can take what we want out of gun rights protections.

    The language works both ways folks.

    If Scarfalaffal wants to interject his stupidity and taint what we can only hope is a pro 2A stance from the POTUS, we can throw the baby diaper out with the bath water per Paragraph 2nd of the Declaration of Independence.

    • He’s also a globalization lover.

      Funny, in a bad taste in your mouth sort of way, is that questions about the existence of globalists and globalization was greeted with complete surprise and repeated shocked denials, before the election. Now the MFs are everywhere, they’re proud of their “decades long” “activities” and “advancements”.

      President POS extraordinaire Obama denied progressivism and globalist initiatives were such, now the POS (D)head says the world can’t get by without progressive globalization that has been going on for many years.

      F all the POS (D) liars, especially Scaramucci turd sweat.

  17. Does Anthony Scaramucci have a private armed security detail like other rich white people like Micheal Bloomberg????

    • He was guaranteed that the moment he won the election. The man is a weak, inept fool, a Chihuaha that finally caught the car it yelled about so loudly and is now pissing itself, hiding on the golf course from the job it’s just too small and ineffective to do.

      It’s not that his politics are bad. Plenty of people have politics based on hate and fear. It’s that he sucks at /being a person/. The only thing Donald Trump has ever been good at is exploiting tax breaks (which is as anti-free-market-capitalism as it gets) and being disliked.

      Those are not qualities that qualify you to lead a nation.

  18. If that’s so, then losing the White House, Senate and House are also “common sense”.

    My answer to Republicans on invidiously racist gun controls is EXACTLY what it was to Democrats:


  19. Never Trumpers. Progs. Hillaryites. These posts bring them out in droves.

    To answer Yada’s over the top claims. I never believed in Trump. I voted for him, and said it many times, cause he wasn’t hillary. And that has already paid off. Gorsuch.

    As for claiming 90% of the potg claiming him to be pro gun? That statement by itself shows which side of the issue you’re on. And it ain’t the pro gun side.

  20. This can be fixed. Wayne phones-up The Donald; tells him to send his new Communications guy to Re-Education Camp at NRA headquarters. After he sees the light, he publicly repents.
    Otherwise, gun-owners will go to the polls to elect only those Republicans who are strong on the 2A; and, vote for Democrats where opposed by Republicans who are weak on the 2A.
    We don’t need RINOs or enemies of the 2A when we could have REAL Democrats to represent us in Congress.

    Wayne needs to remind Trump that he is honor bound to dance with he who brought him to the White House. Who will that be? Those that voted for him because he would build a wall? Those who expected he would fix ObamaCare? Those that expected him to reform income taxes?

    • It sucks when the 2a crowd eats their own for pointing out how foolish the group has a whole has been for worshiping at the temple of El’Donald.

      Wouldn’t be the first time pointing out the emperor has no clothes get’s one killed though.

    • 80% of the population of this country lives in cities. This bogeyman about how the elite minority in cities control things for the rural majority is utter nonsense.

      • That does not mean urban interests are all that matter. If 80% of the population were white, would only their interests matter? Tyranny of majority is reason we have the COTUS and the BOR.

        In Rural Areas, the police can be over 1/2 hour away. Significantly more in some cases.

  21. “Every administration includes those with beliefs counter to those of the Commander in Chief himself.”

    It’s doubtful that Scaramucci’s job is to determine gun control policy. In addition, the NRA is WISELY remaining closely at the president’s side, unlike some who snipe from afar. Better to influence policy by being in the room than to merely criticize if from outside the room.

  22. How is this possibly a concern to anyone? This guy has been hired as Communications Director. He’s a PR guy. A mouthpiece for the mundane affairs of the White House that Trump himself doesn’t want to be bothered with.

    He is not President. He is not a policy advisor. He is not there to run a hedge fund. He is not there as an economic advisor. He’s a fast-talking pretty boy who is there to tell the world what Trump thinks, not to advance his own agenda.

    Get over it. Nothing to see here. Save your outrage for something that matters.

  23. This guy’s twitter account is full of him opposing the majority of Trumps platform. We’ll see how he does I guess. Should be interesting.

  24. The lifelong Democrat Trump is starting to show his true colors. First throwing the AG out to dry for being ethical. Now this genius. It’s gonna get interesting. Would really hate to tell my family I told you so, but I think I’m going to have to.

  25. But, but, but, its gonna be great, its gonna be awesome. Don’t worry Trump said that he will get the best people! You all just don’t understand, this is a secret Trump strategy to outflank the leftist globalists by hiring more leftist globalists, you just don’t understand so just stop questioning him and follow your leader! There is no way that 1988/1989 can repeat itself when H.W. Bush said “No new gun laws!” and then banned imported “assault weapons” even though Bush was an NRA member, no, no, no, this is totally different with Trump as he has supported the 2nd Amendment for at least 4 whole years! When Trump called for an “assault weapons” ban, handgun registration, “hi-cap” magazine ban in books and in interviews as well as calling the NRA and Tea Party extreme and radical, THAT IS LIKE ANCIENT HISTORY MAN, LIKE FIVE YEARS AGO!!! Now just get in line and support Trump no matter what and don’t question anything he does!

  26. Y’all elected a career liar who is part of the 1%, who can’t put a coherent sentence together and may not be literate,who wasn’t very good at his old job and had zero experience for his new one.

    If folks weren’t allowed to complain when Obama turned out to be just another corporate pawn, y’all damn sure don’t get to bitch about anything coming out of the Trump White House.

    You got what you paid for. Choke on it.


    all you guys like “one volcano has more Co2 then human activity” This has been debunked over and over again, you could not be more wrong. It is sad how trolled by the media some of you conservative cucks are… no offense, but check a goddamn source every now and then, every fact you spew is total nonsense. If you can understand the technology behind a cellphone, you should be able to understand global warming.


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