Trump Visits Palmetto State Armory Store While Campaigning in South Carolina, ‘I Want to Buy One’ [VIDEO]

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Former President Donald Trump is campaigning in South Carolina today and stopped in to visit our friends at Palmetto State Armory in Summerville. He picked up a Donald Trump edition pistol and announced, ‘I want to buy one!’ Of course, being under multiple federal indictments, he couldn’t pass the background check.

Trump could do worse than being seen at a gun store trying to shore up his support among gun owners. His time in office was a mixed bag for gun rights.

While he was supported by gun owners in the 2016 election and got significant backing from the NRA, later announcing that, “I like taking the guns early, like in this crazy man’s case that just took place in Florida … to go to court would have taken a long time…Take the guns first, go through due process second” didn’t make him any friends among gun rights supporters.

And then there was the bump stock debacle. He knew it was illegal. The ATF knew it was illegal. Diane Feinstein knew it was illegal. Everyone knew it was illegal (as court decisions have confirmed so far).

Given the climate at the time, following the Las Vegas shooting and with the realities in Congress at that moment, short-circuiting harder-to-challenge legislation by having the ATF issue a new ruling may have been the best option in terms of realpolitik. But that’s not how most gun owners remember it and the move left a bitter taste in a lot of gun owners’ mouths. That hasn’t lessened much in the intervening years.

But let’s not lose sight of what’s on the other side of the ledger. The Supreme Court appointments Trump made (with a lot of help from the Federalist Society, Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans) put the ideological infrastructure in place that gave us the landmark Bruen ruling. Not to mention the record number of appointments of federal judges that have transformed courts like the Ninth Circuit. Yes, Biden’s undoing some of that, but that’s how our politics work.

Those Trump judicial appointments laid the foundation for tearing down a huge portion of the gun control laws that are in place in America. It’s taken time since Bruen and will take years more, but it’s happening and the momentum (“assault weapons,” magazine capacity limits, adults under 21, waiting periods, bump stocks, cannabis users, and many, many more) is very much on the side of gun rights.

So all campaign rhetoric and photo ops aside, is Donald Trump a gun rights supporter? Not by most reasonable measures. But put up against the alternative at the time — Hillary Clinton — was he the best choice for those who care about the Second Amendment. There’s no question.

We live and vote in a Manichean world, not some kind of utopian ideal where you can cast your ballot for a candidate who’s objectively a good person, holds all the same values you do, supports the causes you care about and votes against all of the things you oppose. That candidate doesn’t exist. When you’re in the voting booth, you have to choose, more often than not, between the lesser of two evils. That’s the system we have to work with.

You may have to choke down some bile when you check that box, but you do the best you can with the choices you’re presented with. How else could someone like Donald Trump have been elected president in the first place?

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    • Totally! If he is not our next President, then we’ll all be in a police state eating bugs. Maybe he’ll change this stupid form as well, as it is unfair. He’s not been convicted yet is denied purchase.

  1. I’d vote for Trump again. Compared to the Dim in chief he’s practically Christ-like! On balance his SCOTUS choices reverberate for eternity(especially if you aren’t a slaughtered baby🙄).

    • I like to tell people that Trump is just like Jesus! He loves regular folks and chastises the elites! Some people have a hard time reconciling that with their perception of Trump! 😉

    • Best President we’ve had in my lifetime. I didn’t care for his personality but I didn’t vote for his personality. He screwed up and had Lil’ Wayne Pierre for his gun policy advisor – I doubt he’ll repeat that disaster.

  2. The ironic part being he claims to be Mr. 2A but doesn’t know basic gun law like ‘you cant buy a handgun from out of state.’

      • nathan…I can hear the democRat applauding your garbage…if your ears were not plugged up with sht you could hear them too.

      • Republican In Name Only as in he’s completely different from the sea of Republicans who have been charge forever? Yes. That’s why they hate him.

    • you most certainly can. you just then need to get it shipped to your state of residence to take possession.

      • “We’re gonna be really careful about shipping to you legally—don’t want to break any rules here—but ignore you’re under indictment by the US and Georgia on Form 4473.

        “We ran out of ink halfway down page 1.”

        • Well, being under indictment is news to me. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? A NY Supreme Court judge is quoted as saying, “A grand jury could indict a ham sandwich.” Having been a witness to several grand jury hearings, I can verify that is true. While grand juries originally were set up to preserve one’s reputation in the community in the event the charges were untrue, today they are star chamber proceedings where the accused and his lawyer are excluded and not allowed to offer exculpatory evidence which they could at a CA preliminary hearing. At least the accused and his attorney should be able to cross-examine the prosecution witnesses. What other Amendments are foreclosed by a grand jury indictment? Trial by jury? Protection against confessions extracted under torture? Apparently free speech is precluded with gag orders being issued by more and more judges. The rights that our founding fathers thought they were preserving for U.S. citizens are slowly being chipped away.

    • Vhyrus, Yes, you can depending on the state you guy the firearm in. In general, you can buy a gun from out of state if it’s legal in your state. You’ll need to go through a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) for the paperwork and background check. The FFL in your state will perform the NICS check and often charge about $25 for the service.
      You can purchase long guns in a state other than your state of residence. However, if you have a concealed carry permit, it’s only valid to purchase handguns in your state of residence.
      Federal law places looser restrictions on the sale or transfer of long guns like rifles and shotguns across state lines. Both parties must meet in person to conduct the sale or transfer.
      Some states have reciprocity agreements that recognize out-of-state carry licenses and permits.

      • Trump could have purchased the gun in the store without even attempting a background check or filling out a 4473 — he just couldn’t take it home with him. He’d have had to ship it to an FFL in his home state, where he would fill.out the 4473, be whatever state requirements are, and the background check. My uncle with a felony could gift me a gun at a gun store, but I’d need to fill out the 4473 and take possession. The gun store would probably refuse the sale as a suspected straw purchase, but it would be legal.

    • “The ironic part being he claims to be Mr. 2A but doesn’t know basic gun law like ‘you cant buy a handgun from out of state.’”

      Vhyrus, you would have preferred the SCotUS picks Hillary would have made over the picks Trump made for the SCotUS? An Elena Kagan clone? A ‘wise latina’ Sotomayor clone? A Kennedy clone?

      How would they have voted on ‘Bruen’?

      Or are you pleased with how Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Coney-Barret voted on the ‘Bruen’ case?

      Trump is a boorish jackass. If I had a daughter, I wouldn’t let her date Trump if I could help it.

      When it got down to brass tacks, the gamble on Trump paid off *big time* for gun rights… 🙂

      • I voted for trump in 16 and 20 and will gladly do it again in 24 but pretending he’s ‘one of us’ is a joke and a bad one at that.

        • vhyrus…I can see you are trying to appease your Trump Bashing pals who did not start bashing until the bump stock EO.

          So I ask you and your pals to state what would you have done if the choice was between you doing nothing following Vegas and letting congress send you a laundry list of Gun Control to sign into law and if you did not sign congress could override you or would you throw bump stocks under the bus by an EO that can and was overturned in court which of course was much easier than trying to undo a Gun Control Act of Congress. Now mr. one of us you or anyone of your pals can tell this forum what you would have done following Vegas.

      • oldshthead…you are the biggest democRat Party lint licker out of all the gun owning democRat lint lickers talking out their behinds on this forum…gfy you perverted gutless sack of white trash.

        • I see that Debbie Dimwit ran out of Metamucil, and the resulting back pressure caused her hemorrhoids to flare up, and she discovered she was also out of Preparation H, so she’s not in a good mood. I’ve heard it really sucks to be full of s**t AND butthurt, Debbie Dimwit.

    • Cant buy a gunm from out of state?
      I can hook you up with Scott if you need somthing.
      No he is not an ffl holder, he is an American that believes in the power of America and its constitution.
      As the LBFTNC used to say, ” Yu got mony, anyyting u whan.”

  3. Does the Trump gun plan make me more or less of a felon than the Biden gun plan for “laws” created by executive fiat and administrative alphabet agency action instead of legislation? Why do we keep accepting the lesser of two evils? Don’t forget Trump saying he would sign a law to ban suppressors because one may (or may not) have been used in a cop shooting. over 330 million people legally in this country and these two azzhoes are the best choice we can manage?

    • Not the best choice but it takes money and lots of it to run for president.
      Its been my experience that most, not all, but most people with a lot of money tend to be assholes.
      Flying overhead in your private jet it’s hard to know what changing a flat tire is like.
      Money is power, power corrupts.

      • And absolute power corrupts absolutely. I think normal people wouldn’t want to be president with all the shinola that goes along with job. Everybody you meet has his hand out and hates you because you didn’t do something or other that they felt was absolutely essential to their health and well being. Or because you did do something they absolutely hated. It’s a no-win job. Only folks obsessed with power would seek it and they are distorted in their thinking because they are obsessed with power. “I do no seek the office and if elected over my objections, I will not serve.” Somebody who was smarter than the rest said that.

    • Hillary’s Jockstrap,
      Do you want to know one way that Trump is very different from every other politician? He doesn’t speak in carefully crafted, focus group-approved talking points, then proceeds to do the exact same thing everyone before him has done. He’s the only high level politician that let’s you know exactly what he’s thinking at that moment. Sometimes that means he’ll say stupid things in an emotional moment like take the guns first, etc. To believe that he’s actually trying to ban suppressors and implement red flag laws means you’re either out of touch with reality or you don’t pay attention to how Trump operates. At this point in the game, I have to assume anyone trying to say Trump is for red flags and suppressor bans is a troll/dem operative. If you want to know what he’s pushing for, then attend one of his rallies.

  4. Trump is the only candidate the left is obsessed with destroying. Even their vituperation for Kennedy does not rise to their roiled, rabid-frothing, soul-blackening, putridifying hatred for Trump. The left is even trying to imprison Trups lawyers and associates.

    If they hate him that much, he must be the one we need.

    • Even Harry Truman, after he fired MacArthur didn’t generate the hate that Trump experienced from the get go. While I am not acquainted with the reception every prez got from the electorate, it seems to me that Trump was met with a barrage of unreasoning hatred from the moment he announced he was running for prez. He wasn’t my choice for prez but he was a better choice than any of my other choices and I certainly preferred him over Billary — talk about corruption! I’d better watch my mouth. I am liable to have a bad automobile accident on a straight, low traffic road some night.

  5. ‘I want to buy one!’

    A gun — or a gun manufacturer? Since he can’t legally purchase a gun, maybe he should buy Palmetto State Armory. Can you imagine the leftists’ explodey-heads?

        • It’s not him, it’s the dealer’s problem. PSA is the idiot here by giving the appearance of selling a handgun to someone under indictment, which is a felony… not for the accused but for the dealer, who has “reasonable cause” to believe the person is under indictment. Like the entire universe knows, the reason his face is on the frame.

  6. “Of course, being under multiple federal indictments, he couldn’t pass the background check.”

    And there’s the core problem with our unconstitutional system of federal BGCs. If a mere filing of a charge (which may be dropped, or defeated in court) is enough to prevent someone from exercising their right, then the pretense of “innocent until proven guilty” is a joke.

    • Hey, Nathan — what do you think of President Trump?

      It’s not clear from the several posts you’ve thrown up.

      Here’s an idea — why don’t we let each voter choose the candidate that they want elected?

      It’s still a semi-free country, ya know. At least for now.

      • Less than half this country wanted to separate from Britain but it was still the right thing to do. Sometimes, what’s right isn’t a discussion, it’s an action. People voting anyway they want has failed our founding fathers failed our youth and failed Liberty as a whole. Most people aren’t intelligent enough to make decisions on their own.

    • Nathan Freeman,

      A vote for a lesser evil is still a vote for evil.

      Is it?

      Imagine that a horrific violent criminal surprise attacks you and your family. You were unable to grab a firearm meaning that you and your family are, tragically, at the (non-existent) mercy of your horrific violent criminal attacker. And then the violent criminal tells you that he is going to rape either your wife, your 16 year-old daughter, and/or your 12 year-old daughter. And to be even more horrific that violent criminal tells you to choose which ONE he rapes–or else if you fail to choose he will rape all of them. If you choose your wife (in order to spare your daughters), are you “cooperating” with that evil violent scumbag attacker? Are you “choosing” evil? Or, are you doing the best you can in a horrible situation to minimize harm to your family?

      It is the same way with elections. You have no control over the entire process, the election is going to happen no matter how many people refuse to participate, and whoever gets the most votes WILL take office. At that point your vote is most definitely NOT a vote for (e.g. endorsement of) the candidate that you vote for. Rather, your vote is your only means to direct the outcome of the situation to minimize the harm to you and your family.

      • I totally agree, Uncommon. Because I am stuck in Kallifornikadia, how many times each election do I hold my nose and either not vote for a candidate for office because both my choices are so bad I can’t justify a vote for either although I know one of the suckers is going to be elected; or vote for the least worst candidate whom I don’t detest as much as the other candidate? I still vote because I believe if I don’t vote, I can’t complain. I am certain that the reason we have such low voter turnout is because those folks can’t stomach any of the candidates on the ballot — although in Kallifornikadia in the general election, only the top two candidates appear on the ballot so one gets to vote for one of two demonokrauts because the CA voters approved that silliness in a plebiscite a couple of years ago. Our founding fathers didn’t believe in universal suffrage. They believed and I have to agree with them, only male property owners should vote. I might amend that to property owners of both sexes but I could be persuaded to follow the founding fathers.

    • “A vote for a lesser evil is still a vote for evil.”

      Why aren’t you running, Nathan? It’s much easier to sit around and complain, isn’t it?

      Since when is saving babies from being murdered and defending civil rights considered evil?

  7. I sure hope to god we can do better than this Fudd.

    “Take the guns away now and then the due process later…”

    Still better than Hillary though.

    • Crooked Hillary is/was so terrible that I’d vote for a Yellow Dog before her. My candidate was Ted Cruz & DJT was my second choice was DJT because, his history gave me doubts about his follow through on his campaign statements. His persona was a secondary concern. One thing I knew is his wealth meant he could ignore the media wing of the Democrat Party & big donors. He has FU money. The 3 SCOTUS justices he nominated is well worth the plurality of voter’s vote’s in the states that sent the majority of electors to the Electoral College. Note: I and my adult family live in states that sent Crooked & Sleepy supporting electors. There was a chance my & the wife’s vote would have made a difference.
      Not voting or voting for a 3rd party candidate because the republican or democrat candidate is a waste unless you don’t care which one wins in your state.

  8. I would not trust Trump to not show his true, anti-gun colors (if he really is that way) after getting re-elected. He would have nothing left to lose, then, and he knows that after 3 years of lock-downs, Americans (at least that non-gun type) are pretty passive. Trump is already on record stating “take the guns, due process later”, and he gave us the bump stock ban. Yeah, he gave us judges to help with the Burden decision. Still… old adage of “Trust No One” still likes to kick in, even with someone as seemingly half-decent as Donald J. Trump. So…elect an “iffy on guns” Trump, or a Communist-Democrat, and party members who would just as soon shoot us if we do not give them up. It reminds me of the Far Side clip, where the devil is telling the guy “pick one already”…with the “Damned if You Do” on one door, and “Damned If You Don’t” on the other.

    • And joe you are on record kissing Gun Control democRat behind…Take a bow iffy bozo, your buttspew is what helped to usher biden and his Gun Control in and POTUS DJT out.

      • This coming from Debbie, say-the-same-thing-with-every article? You do not know a damned thing about me, so piss off already, and come back with another comment that is something close to being intelligent.

      • You can join the ranks with Debbie in my not caring what you think about me. And since when has there ever been a “viable candidate” worth voting for? FJB, and if you think I would vote for some Commie-loving Democrat, or a damned RINO, you are just as stupid as Debbie is for thinking you know anything about me, or who you think I vote for. Come to think of it, stop thinking because it just makes you look stupid.

        • When voting for the lesser of two evils is the best one can do in this country, you are still voting for evil. You can fool yourself into believing that “less evil” is somehow good, but it is not. We will all “pinch our noses” and vote for the lesser of a President, but in the end, it does not matter who the President is, because the losers in Congress sit there for a life time destroying the country with the voters blessing-or just plain voter fraud. Presidents come and go, but Congress members sit there for a life time destroying everything around us. Good enough for me? Hell, I would just be happy if any damned one of them could sit down and read the U.S. Constitution and have enough brain cells to know what it means and follow it. But even that is too much for them, and this country is way beyond that. As for you, you can continue to attack me, because apparently, you have no other arguments with me than to attack. I am not your enemy. Maybe you should figure out who your real enemy is, before the real one destroys both you and the rest of us. But go on ahead (you and everyone else) and keep throwing darts at someone you do not know if it will make you feel better.

  9. the only thing trump did positively for the 2nd amendment was selecting justices that aren’t actively opposed to it- and even then, they’re no Alito or Thomas. And, moreover, he didn’t pick em. Other people put them in front of him to sign in between talking about how it would be best to “take the guns now, worry about due process later” and the whole bump-stock by fiat thing.

    He’s still better than biden on this issue, and since it’s a one-issue topic page, I can’t begrudge supporting him in that choice. He shouldn’t be the nominee from the primary, though. Anyone with a pulse could have rubber stamped a scotus nominee. And if biden is as weak as people think, anyone should be able to beat him.

    • hannibull…Are you so politically inept not to know it was Jim Crow Gun Control joe biden who tried his best to stop the Thomas nomination? Pull your head out of your behind and focus on who and what is trashing America…You and you like minded nitpicking pals are so cnn level sensitive about Trump you lose touch with the reality about joe biden et al and proceed to blow smoke about DJT. Make up your mind which side of the fence you are on and stay there. Futhermore…Had POTUS not EOed bump stocks congress could have passed their Gun Control laundry list. And at that point in time the risk of DJT letting congress decide was too high so POTUS DJT signed an EO which can be reversed much easier than an act of congress…I do not see DJT reaching across the aisle this time to accomodate democRats.

      TRUMP 2024.

      • “Had POTUS not EOed bump stocks congress could have passed their Gun Control laundry list. And at that point in time the risk of DJT letting congress decide was too high so POTUS DJT signed an EO which can be reversed much easier than an act of congress…”

        It was an act of the ATF, not an executive order. He prodded them to do it, and basically promised that they would.

        For you to be right, the congress that did nothing after sandyhook was for sure going to do something after Las Vegas. And furthermore going to do it with either a veto proof majority or *with* his signature.

        For you to be right, he did a gun control to prevent a gun control, a gun control that he would have had to sign to become law…

      • Are you saying that Trump was too gutless to put up a fight, didn’t care enough about 2A to put up a fight, or is such a loser that he thought he couldn’t win a fight? I think the evidence points to the middle. Had Trump not told the BATFE to ban bump stocks by fiat, it doesn’t mean a gun controller’s dream would have passed a Republican controlled Congress. Even if RINOs and noodle spined Reps went along with the Dems, he could have vetoed it, and it wouldn’t have passed by 2/3 majority to override. A narrowly tailored ban with compromise might have even passed, like bump stocks.go on the NFA, and

        • Don’t forget that Congress did end up overriding Trump in 2020. You don’t know how that situation would play out.

    • “take the guns now, worry about due process later”

      See comment above. So far, we have at least Joe and Hannibal. Expect many more in the next year. The question is why are they desperate clingers? There’s a reason for all things.

      • I am no desperate clinger, and you can go to hell if you think I am. And, I will give you map and directions if you do not know the way. I swear, you people attacking other, pro-gun people, when you apparently do not know who your real enemies are (Communist-Democrats, RINO’s). You people are screwed when SHTF. Busy being arm chair warriors, and when real crap hits, you will do just that in your pants, because you know how to do nothing else.

        • Joe,
          You’re desperately clinging to the fantasy that Trump is going to push for red flag laws. He’s moved on, but you haven’t. That’s the definition of a desperate clinger. How are you going to be prepared for anything when you live in a fantasy world? It’s either that or you’re another troll or dem operative. I don’t doubt you when you say you know how to get to Hell.

          “you people attacking other, pro-gun people”

          Yet here you are telling me to go to Hell.

        • And you are a fool if you trust Trump, or anyone else in D.C. “Take the guns, due process later” is what Trump is on record saying, and yet you lambast me?

        • I’m not in love with nor do I trust ANY politician. Yes, Joe. I’m lambasting you because you seem to, or pretend to, believe that’s a priority of Trump. Have you been under a rock since he made that statement? Did he push for that after that statement? Is that a part of his platform? Is he telling his rally goers he plans on taking “the guns first, go through due process second?” I believe the answer to that is a big fat no. This begs the question. Why are you desperately clinging to that if you don’t have an agenda?

          If you were paying attention to Trump in 2015 and 2016, you would know that he also bungled pro-life rhetoric. He isn’t exactly a polished politician like Mike Pence. Guess what? He STILL bungles it to this day! Trump is a bull in a China shop. Have you not figured that out? Yet Trump will go down in history as the most consequential pro-life president.

          Do you understand my point of view now? If not, we can agree to disagree. Telling people to go to Hell when you disagree with them isn’t how you win hearts and minds.

        • I am not trying to win hearts and minds. I am not trying to change anyone’s mind on anything. I am trying to prepare on many levels (and my awake-not-woke neighbours) for the fact that the country will most likely fall, no matter what valiant efforts Trump may enact if he somehow gets re-elected in 2024. He may have been the best president around, but he is one man, and he cannot stop the fact that this country is deeply divided, deeply in debt, and falling. It is nice to think that things could turn around permanently with a second, Trump Presidency, but I do not believe that. I would like to, but I do not. The system I grew up in, I see rapidly coming here to the U.S. We are running head-long into a brick wall at 100 mph with no seat belts. I am trying to prepare myself, and my loved ones accordingly, because in the end, no man (President, Vice-President, Congress man, etc.) is going to save us. If you disagree, so be it. I just see too many parallels in history to think that this country will somehow survive its fools in D.C.

        • Joe, you are part right and part wrong. It is up to the American people to preserve our Republic (we are NOT a “democracy”). Ben Franklin said it best when asked what kind of country did the Constitutional Convention give us. “A Republic is you can keep it.”.

        • I know the difference between a Republic and a Democracy. The US has not been a Republic for quite some time. As for Ben Franklin, some of my favorite quotes are from him. Read a few books on him and he was one wise man.

  10. We’re so hungry to be treated decently that Scott Adams’s Dilbert, with Satan look-alike Phil comes to mind.
    Phil, in cheap, baggy Devil suit: “ You can have a job where you get paid an exorbitant amount of money, but your work is trashed””
    “OR you can be paid nothing, and your work is appreciated”.
    While engineer Dilbert ponders, engineer Wally pipes up “Do Me Next!”
    We want relevancy AND fair play in our lives. The right candidate possibly may deliver one plank of a platform. And we always have a choice…but we must pick exclusively from a group of wealthy people who brushed all others aside to get to the top.
    If a person WANTS to be President, that should be a disqualification, for sure.
    If it’s an obsession, it should come with a healthy prison term in a psychiatric lockdown. HRC, anyone?

  11. jockstrap…If you want to complain about DJT do it after he is elected. Otherwise like in 2020 the democRat Party benefits from your karen level finger pointing and the 2A could get really screwed again, perhaps this time with newsom.

      • Most of what was there to complain about were lies, distortions, and baseless accusations born of the Democrat left in DC and their loyal minions in the media…all with varying degrees of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    • Primary the Fudd out now and get someone else who is actually pro-RKBA.

      We aren’t at the Battle between Trump and Biden yet Let’s find a better warrior now who is actually on our side before we end up with a another choice between two horrible evils.

  12. What are our prospects on the socialist side; gruesome Newsom, Kamy T., or big M.. Wonder if we’re getting ballot stuffing, ballot harvesting, machine ‘glitches’, kicked out repub poll watchers, Zucker drop boxes, etc…

  13. I was never an admiriror of Donald Trump. And anyone paying attention could give a long list of his faults.
    Problem is the alternative in ’16 was Hildabeast. Only the very possible cheating and a very biased media prevented Trump from being re-elected in’20. And with the crap indictments against him, there will be a very high probability of him being convicted for something.
    Go look up the actual indictments and you will find little in the way of actual statutory charges and a lot of over reach and political based crap.
    Trump is not exactly pro gun or pro 2nd. Ambivalent at best. But, at least he does pretend to be for the rights of citizens instead of open disdain for peoples rights as we see from the Dems.
    Vote as you will. Support whomever you like. The bureaucracy rules today instead of elected officials. Until the bureaucracy is brought too heel, our rights and who we vote for means nothing.

  14. Trump has never read the Constitution or the Federalist Papers. He failed us massively(remember covid 19?)and somehow still has support. He will fail again because he doesn’t understand the foundation of our country. Shame on all of you that support him!

    • Trump has my support. Not for for Covid. That was created and weaponized by others. The only aspect of Covid that I consider him absolutely responsible for is the blanket protections he gave the drug makers in the shots. Much suffering because of that. But it was Biden and the left that forced it onto us. Along with the masks. Although far to many governors ran with all that.

      There is an open wound with Covid and a serious need for some sort of reconning for what was done to the American people in the reaction to it.

      Vote Democrat and you help push this entire nation back into that insanity. Personally, Trumps tweets pale by comparison.

      • Without Federal Funding, that Trump still brags about, no State could afford lockdowns. Trump started this inflation.

        • Did you cash you Covid bucks, Phillip? I didn’t. I didn’t hear you complaining back then. It’s easy to complain now. I said it would cause inflation from the beginning. Then the Puppet was elected, so they threw gas on the fire. They’re still doing that by the way, but Orange Man BADDDD!!!!

    • Phillip, So what about COVID? It seems that like most of us, he depended on the so called experts for advice. Now granted those experts turned out to be mostly wrong, but that is what you do when you are not an expert in a particular field.
      He had to do something. And he had to do it quickly. I wonder if you would have made the same decisions if you had been president?

      • Liberty is our founding principal, if he cared about our nation that’s all that would’ve mattered. He had plenty of authority to make changes but he doesn’t understand that because he’s not studied on our Constitution. I have no use for a ignorant coward!

        • Phillip, you skirted the question. Liberty is one thing, common sense is sometimes something else. Medicine was never figured into the Constitution.
          Trump may not have been perfect, but he’s a hell of a lot better than the alternative, Sleepy Joe, his Hoe and the DEMONcRATS. If you are looking for perfect, let me just say that “perfect is the enemy of good”.

  15. Trumps not going to be president.
    The “system” saw he has the character to start an “insurrection”.
    Two scenarios
    One. a united United States.
    Two. A dictatorship.
    Either way ” the system” looses power.

  16. Trump 2024
    I didn’t like his domestic policies and certainly gun rights came into play.
    His foreign policy was stellar and I am hoping he is learning how deep the deep state goes.
    Don’t get me wrong I like other candidates too but at least for president he is best suited.

    • Trump is not and never was a gun guy.

      But he did more for gun rights than any president anyone here has ever seen.

        • Trump was raised in NYC, the birthplace of American gun control, and a Tory haven from the git.

          Non-elite people who wanted the right and capacity for self defense fled the place in the 30s.

          That he could rise above that at all is impressive.

          Ditto the fact that he could get anything done at all, in the face of constant never-Trumper warfare…

          That said, I fear the DOJ has him strapped, not to mention Georgia.

      • I’ve never been so weak that I let others tell me what guns I can own and where I can carry them. Somehow you guys have forgotten that ammo prices doubled under Trump….

        • Phil you are full of shit. there was a price slump while DJT was prez. But you just keep talking shit.

        • Actually, I could find ammo under Trump, and could actually buy some under his administration. Obama on the other hand? Forget it. Those first four years of his administration, I could not find ammo to save myself. BHO was the best gun and ammo salesman around.

    • Daniel Silverman,
      “I didn’t like his domestic policies”
      I have to assume that you hate prosperity and babies, and love illegal immigration.

  17. Photo op and don’t care. He says the elections ain’t real so why is he campaigning to get votes? Which is it? They are all the same anyway. Even when they say they won’t mess with ya they do. While things become a joke.

  18. It would look and be pretty stupid to sell a handgun to a guy on national news that flew in for a day that’s been indicted on national news, then tweet about it after. Good job PSA, sure that’ll work out for you.

    • Look everyone a disposable troll account with a one liner, much creativity such wit. So whose sock puppet account are you?


    MAGA ~ Me A Great A~icieeeHoo ~ by tTRUMP

    • The list is long with the traitorous Democrats and their evil against the Constitution. We just saw what happened in New Mexico.

      Do as you wish. But I have seen no reason to vote for anyone other than Trump.



        • The Trump rally on Jan6 happened BECAUSE the people were tired of the Democrats stomping all over the Constitution. If it were not for so much traitorous evil against our most cherished laws committed by Democrats, the events of that day would not have happened. Trump is not to blame for Jan6. The Democrat party is.

        • “HOW HE the propagandists MADE ME FEEL AFTER JAN 6TH”

          Fixed it for you. You’re like Charlie Brown. Maybe one of these days you’ll figure it out…I doubt it (old dogs and all), but maybe.

          Remember when you said Trump was a traitor because he colluded with Russia? Or how about that time you believed that lie that he was putting the troops down? Yet I never here a peep from you about the things the Puppet has actually done to the troops while in office. That says a lot about you and your “issues.”

  20. IIRC Trump himself doesn’t receive gifts, they belong to the Office and are the property of the USA. Most are placed in a museum on a rotating basis.

    Now, Hillary taking towels and furniture out of the White House and AF1, thats something else.

  21. The uniparty, media, MIC and the globalists all hate him to the point of rabid obsession. He must be doing something right.



    • The left uses the idea of a ‘government shutdown’ as a bludgeon to beat pthe rest of this country into submission. Democrats use it to hold this nation hostage. This comes up once or twice every year or so but it comes up for a reason.

      If DC did thing responsibly the no one would ever hear the words “government shutdown”. The problem here is coming from the left.

      • You’re choosing to be misinformed. Both sides are responsible for our failures. The massive debt began under a Republican President when he and his cronies got us into a war with countries that had nothing to do with 9/11

  23. Name a president who was better on guns than Trump? Seriously, I’ll wait. I expect that you’ll have to go back to the 1800s to find one.

    Yes, his record was mixed. But his judges have been excellent. And he was under attack every day by both political parties, the deep state, treasonous generals, most foreign governments, and 99% of the world’s press.

    • Reagan passed the 1986 gun control act. His Supreme Court justices were very mixed. Scalia was great, but Kennedy was bad, and O’Conner went full commie.

    • Major gun control bills were passed in 1934, 1968, 1986, and 1994. We were losing on every front at the federal level throughout the 20th century. It was at the state level, really starting in Florida in 1986, that we started to win battles with concealed carry. Trump ceded some territory (i.e. bump stocks) but his judges gave us Bruen, which is the biggest victory for guns in over 100 years.

      • Honest question. What’s your basis for saying that? He was a hunter, but also was no small-government conservative, dramatically expanding the size of the federal government.

        • Small-government conservatives are mythical creatures. They always talk a big game when they never intend to act on it.

        • Agreed. I guess that’s my point. Trump was the best president in regards to gun in the last 100+ years. Not the greatest ever. Not a perfect person. Just the best by comparison to everyone else.

  24. George HW Bush was 1-1 on justices (Thomas=great, Souter=very bad). He passed the 1990 gun free school zone act.

    • True. One can only wonder what the U.S. would have looked like if Jimmy Carter had been re-elected in 1980 instead….

      • I was a big Reagan fan at the time. He did many amazing things, defeating the USSR, saving the economy, deregulating many industries like trucking and telecom (leading directly to the creation of FedEx and UPS, and indirectly to the cell phone revolution in the 90s). But we’ve now gone full commie, so it seems that all he did was buy us some time. His “sunset years” prediction was spot on, unfortunately.

        • “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.” – Ronald Reagan

        • Well, and in a note of irony, many of history are saying (whether true or not, I do not know) that Reagan’s Alzheimer’s was setting in at the end of his 2nd Presidential term, and that it was H.W. Bush who was doing the ruling behind him. Sunset years indeed…

      • Wonder where the border between Southern Canada and Northern Mexico instead…

        Keep voting Democrat, you won’t have to wonder, of course.

  25. I don’t believe that, but it’s just my opinion. I think the story was just jealously at his success and popularity. For instance, his famous “tear down this wall” speech from 1987 was widely ridiculed and yet the wall came down just over two years later. He was the driving force behind that statement.

  26. I’ve one son #1 who is military high up and one son#2 who is a felon.
    The felon likes and needs the gunms more, and if shtf for freedom we would be better of with son#2

  27. Spicy comment section, as expected.

    The Right’s arguments about Trump speak well of the Right’s morality but poorly of its strategic and tactical thinking capacities.

    The cops are defunded. Shitlibs live in cities. They’ll go bonkers if Trump gets elected, they might even rapidly outshine 2020.

    If the Right was tactical, they’d see that as an advantage and take a page from the Left’s book. “Your real action is your enemy’s reaction” (and a justification for your next move, a crackdown).

    Or if you prefer lulz, just sit back and watch them burn down their own homes and then treat the cities like the Biden regime treats West Palestine or Maui.

    • Was wondering how you would season the pot and that last line did not disappoint. Played correctly a candidate looking to bring jobs back to the US, rebuild infrastructure (actual roads and bridges not whatever equity shit they are trying to divert funds for lately) and I dunno maybe not expose kids to deviants in school being utterly demonized at all levels could begin to wake up a few more than we have already seen.

    • I see the republican governors of put denver colorado on their list. I look forward to them sending thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens to every city. That is a sanctuary city in the state of Colorado.

      That and the proud married with children. G@y governor who signed the law repealing preemption in Colorado. That combination should work out just fine. For all the libertarians, the liberals on the left who support these policies.

      • Who cares? Denver’s basically empty these days, except for homeless junkies.

        Fill it to the brim. It will sort itself out.

    • This is the take. Trump creates an unhinged reaction that may be more useful than anything likely to come from normal politicians in normal times.

      • I’m not really interesting in playing nice or talking to the people who openly declare they want mass murder in one form or another. They want you dead and most of the Right wants to figure out how to appease them or “win an election”.

        The “we just want to be left alone” folks are getting steamrolled, and have been for decades. That’s why we are where we are and it’s disaffected Lefties and normies going to bat on the Right’s behalf because the Right, honestly, is made up most of babes in the woods.

        The Left is disgusting. The Right’s asleep.

        Historical power dynamics and human nature offer you two options at this juncture: You will appear strong enough that the Left will back off out of fear that shit might get really real or the Right continues to be lazy and cowardly, inviting aggression and you will have a no-shit fight, winner take all, loser gets exterminated.

  28. Well, if he had balls, he would fill out the 4473, get rejected by NICS because being indicted, and then sue the hell against the federal gov because of infringement of his constitutional rights (he is not even a convicted felon yet).

    • Just what do mean by yet? Trump’s indictments further prove the old adage “you can indict a ham sandwich”. Clearly law fare. Donald Trump has committed some blunders just like you, just like me, and just like everyone who reads this post. That is being human! Trump is smart and like most intelligent people learns from his mistakes.

  29. TRUMP 2024…Anything less says somebody has their head so far up their behind they cannot see the wrecking ball joe biden is at the helm and newsom/michelle may be coming. Looking at that pile of demoCrap I’d say Trump is the best thing since the hulahoop and leave it at that.

  30. We live and vote in a Manichean world, not some kind of utopian ideal where you can cast your ballot for a candidate who’s objectively a good person, holds all the same values you do, supports the causes you care about and votes against all of the things you oppose. That candidate doesn’t exist. When you’re in the voting booth, you have to choose, more often than not, between the lesser of two evils. That’s the system we have to work with.

    Except that’s not the scenario we’re in right now. We actually have many choices other than Trump or Biden, because not even one primary vote has been cast. As far as I’m aware, no ballot access deadlines have passed. There are literally millions of eligible citizens who could, technically, be the Republican nominee other than Trump.

    Therefore, we could, in fact, select someone who is stronger on guns than Trump. Instead of having a coronation, and then being shocked and dismayed when he throws us under the bus at the first opportunity (if he’s elected at all), we could have an actual primary fight where the nominee has to earn our support.

    But, okay, let’s just skip to the end where we vote for our old guy who doesn’t really support us so maybe the old guy who hates us won’t ban all the guns.

  31. The bumpstock. Really??? So what!!
    I owned one. Unfortunately, it was lost in a boating accident.

    The “gun community” has never supported the widespread ownership of machine guns in the general population. The “gun community” secretly supports keeping the national firearms act on the books.

    And the “gun community” does not support the open carry of guns, particularly, they don’t support the open carry a long guns.
    They didn’t like it when white men openly carry long guns in Ferguson Missouri. They stopped the rioting there. And they never shot anyone.

    And most recently, the “gun community” doesn’t support the open carry of long guns, by law abiding black men, at gas stations and other retail stores in philadelphia.

    I’m sure crime will go down to zero in those areas. And they won’t have to shoot anyone either.

    The “gun community” believes the second amendment is about hunting. No, the second amendment is not about hunting. It was never about hunting. But if you want to hunt???
    You certainly have a legal right to do so.

  32. As the article clearly states, Trump wasn’t and still isn’t really a supporter of gun owners. At best he falls in the same category with people who say they “Support the 2nd Amendment, but…” — even so, he was far better than the only other viable candidate in 2016 (Hillary Clinton)

    He was also far better than the only other serious candidate in 2020 (Joe Biden) but stupid gun owners chose to elect Biden either by staying home or by voting for Jo Jorgensen.

    Yes I’m talking about YOU! That election wasn’t stolen — gun owners gave it away! — Gun owners were mad because the GOP-majority congress chose to not pass ANY pro-2A legislation in 2017-2018 when such bills could have been passed and signed, so they didn’t vote for Trump — Gun owners were mad that Trump supported the NRA-proposed and NRA-backed “Bump Stock Ban”, so they didn’t vote for Trump (but continued to send money to Wayne LaPierre who pushed Trump to back the ban).

    Sorry, guys (and gals) but American Gun Owners are the stupidest voters in the history of this country.

    Let me try to make two things clear at a level that even YOU can understand:

    1. The time to vote out RINOs and other worthless “Republicans” is during the PRIMARY, not in November.

    2. In November there are ONLY TWO choices on the ballot — the Republican and everyone else. Any vote that isn’t for the Republican is automatically a vote for the Democrat. Anyone who stays home, is a vote for the Democrat.

    You don’t have to like it — but those are your choices in the real world.

  33. Xuan Loc,
    Plus 1!
    How did you choose your handle? I am curious because I spent a week days there in 1970 dismantling & moving the 11th ACR’s pirate radio station there. The equipment was moved to Dau Tieng in 25th ID’s AO. The 11th ACR transferred the equipment & record library to the 25th ID. I was the station call sign WTLB broadcast engineer until the 25th ID redeployed to Schofield Barracks.

  34. @Xuan Loc & Steve Cushman:
    I was a SP4 Radio Op from IIFFV working MARS my first 2 1/2 months in country.
    Then out of the SF camp in Go Dau Ha as an RTO/Driver in Mar/Apr ‘70.
    Got popped on the Cambodian border on 14APR70. When everybody in South East Asia attacked South Viet Nam. Piss drinking Press headlines all said:
    Spent two short tours on top of Nui Ba Den talking to some of you and your compadres.
    I loved (almost) every minute of it all.
    Welcome Home!
    I’m glad you made it!

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