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Bloodshed on the Horizon? Trump-hating leftists at Phoenix march

Last Saturday, counter-demonstrators to a rally in support of President Donald Trump showed up open carrying rifles and pistols. When a Phoenix New Times reporter noticed the rifle-totin’ red-scarfed brigade, he followed along . . .

As I walked next to them, we would encounter obstacles, like parked cars, and so forth, and I mostly would go around the other side of the obstacle, and then catch back up with the group.

But at one point, I walked next to a dude in a yellow headscarf, whom I’d tried to talk with before, and I brushed against him, unintentionally.

I didn’t think much of it, as the sidewalk is only so big, but he apparently took offense, because in retaliation, he walked backwards into me, pushing me aside.

This is the sort of thing that I would normally expect from the right-wing militia-types, but, in reality, the group was little more than an ad hoc left-wing militia. So I shouldn’t have been surprised.

Needless to say, this ticked me off and my language was a tad salty. Eventually, the group stopped, and a guy in sunglasses demanded to see my credentials.

I told him I was with Phoenix New Times, but I wasn’t going to show him anything unless he identified himself to me.

He would not do this, and the conversation went back and forth, with him asking me to stop filming and leave, and me informing him that we’re in a public place and I’m not going anywhere.

“I’m just going to warn you that we’re not responsible for anything that might happen to that phone,” he told me, meaning the phone I was holding.

Not surprisingly, at the end of his story, he wrote:

In hindsight, it occurs to me that if a left-wing militia and a right-wing militia, such as the ALG, cross paths at an future demonstration, there very easily could be bloodshed.

I explored the increasing likelihood that good guy gun owners will die at the hands of leftists with guns in the piece, “Will the Left’s Civil War Turn Deadly?

Bottom line: Black Bloc/antifa “protesters,” funded by George Soros, wear masks and bully others into silence, under threat of injury or death. And now, in Phoenix, they brought their guns.

The left have proven themselves skilled at subversion, disinformation and yes, violence. They have the support of the news media, Hollywood, the entertainment industry and social media justice warriors. And they have a ton of money.

What’s more, the Democrat party seems to love these Black block/antifa-types as well. Remember who commands the police in those Democrat-controlled cities, and who prosecutes criminal cases.

What happens if someone accidentally puts a round in the dirt while carelessly caressing his or her trigger at one of these events? By the same token, what happens if one of the antifa-types shoots a Trump supporter? Or even one of their own?

Don’t underestimate violent leftists. You can laugh at them and call them “brown shirts with belly rolls,” but you do so at your own peril. As always, if you can legally carry, do so.

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  1. So, left wing stoopids doing stoopid things whilst exercising their Constitutional right to arms = bad, but right wing (Texas chipotle, Michigan libraries and police stations, Obama event in PHX during the elections) doing stoopid things whilst exercising their Constitutional rights are okay. Got it. This is why it’s increasingly hard to grow the pro-gun movement, because a nontrivial portion thinks this way.

    It’s a shame TTAG runs this kind of thing. Entirely predictable, but sad (SAD!, even).

    • You deliberately missed this part:
      “I’m just going to warn you that we’re not responsible for anything that might happen to that phone,” he told me, meaning the phone I was holding.

      • Really? That one, little, tiny, vague comment is what totally flips it for you. You think a right-wing, armed protester has never said the same thing?

        Life in a Northern Town has it exactly right. Why is this acceptable, even encouraged, when it’s the right side, but if the left does it all of the sudden it’s some black-ops group for a billionaire?

        I love, love, love this site. I have been a reader for probably 6 or 7 years now. But between blatantly hypocritical posts like this one and the beginning of authors citing sites like Breitbart is really stretching the limits of this site supposedly being absolutely factual and grounded in reality that I have grown to expect from it.

        • This is what an armed society looks like, and as far as I can tell, no one got hurt. That’s right, NO ONE GOT HURT. I recall that with some other demonstrations that didn’t have armed protesters, people got hurt. So because there were armed protesters at a demonstration where no one got hurt, that means we’ll have a civil war? So should we start banning guns at demonstrations to prevent bloodshed? I mean, it’s too bad the reporter’s feelings were hurt and all, but I don’t know if the author and some readers seriously think armed protests are a problem or what their solutions to it is.

        • It was a thinly veiled threat of violence not a “tiny little vague comment”. That that fellow thinks that they would not be responsible for any assaults or thefts they committed is indicative of his attitude in general. It is also absurd that these idiots go on a public protest and then don’t want to be recorded. That some right wing demonstrator may have said a similar thing does not make it more ethical.

      • Right. These people repeatedly committed crimes. Assault and battery. Probably some federal civil rights stuff too.

    • These Communists absolutely have the right to keep and bear arms, peacefully assemble, and even protest.

      What is disconcerting is that Communists are known for their violence. They were also there to “put the red back into red-neck,” or in other words, spread Communism. This, coupled with guns sends a clear message: they’re willing to fight for Communism.

      Is that the same as 2A supporters at open carry demonstrations? I understand that argument, but I disagree with it. 2A proponents are not known for their violence, nor are they known for making threats. 2A groups are not known for holding counter protests.

      If Communists weren’t violent, this would be a non issue.

      • You’re spot on. I saw these Commie thugs when I lived in Europe many decades ago. There weren’t as many of them in those days, but they were equally vicious and, at times, resorted to murder (Red Brigades and Aldo Moro, Baader-Meinhof Group, ETA, etc.) to achieve their evil ends. Thanks to a vacuous education system both here and abroad, there are many more of these mindless hooligans today than previously. Absent any sense of law and order on the part of authorities in several states (in other words, where there are public officials who are Democrats), our only remedy is to be armed –well armed — at all times. If the Red swamp swine begin something, we have to be able to defend ourselves adequately.

    • these are the same pricks that vote for the assault weapon ban, but they carry them to the anti Trump rally.
      what a bunch of hypocrites. Next you’ll see Pelosi with an AR15.

    • This isn’t comparable to pro 2A activists protesting gun control while carrying guns. If they were carrying gas cans to protest a fuel tax it would be comperable. This wasn’t a gun law protest, and thus introducing guns into the protest is considerably more sinister in its tone. Denying this obvious difference does nothing to inform us but rather serves to set up a false dichotomy.

      That the protesters in this case indicated via their own signage that their intent was to induce fear and suppress political discourse which they disagree with, I believe there is an at least moderately strong argument to be made that this represent not lawful protest, but rather tends to meet the definition of terrorism: the use of violence or intimidation in the furtherance of political objectives. In fact, given that these ‘protesters’ indicated that inducing fear in those with opposing political views was an overt objective, the DoJ really ought to take notice of such groups.

    • I hope left wing scum like these punks, and the BLMs, get the race/class war that they’re looking for.
      I know what the outcome will be, and I relish it.

  2. I think there is some validity in this. How far it would go, I am not sure. Leftists have already shown thier propensity to achieve thier ends by any means, even if the means are something they do not “agree” with. The bigger issue is that the leftists with weapons are a miniscule percentage, compared with who they might be “fighting” with. I do not think it would end well for them.

  3. I notice how you used the paper’s photos and not published the video where these clowns muzzle the hell out of each other and then threaten a reporter.

  4. I’m no fan of these crybabies, but who knows? An armed society is a polite society. Maybe some responsibility and self-reliance will rub off on them. Not holding my breath, but they didn’t smash windows and burn cars, unlike their unarmed brethren in Berkeley and Ferguson.

  5. Jesus Christ can this blog just be about guns and gun news and not another mindless right-wing bullshit factory indistinguishable from Russian troll factories.

    “Bottom line: Black Bloc/antifa “protesters,” funded by George Soros, wear masks and bully others into silence, under threat of injury or death. And now, in Phoenix, they brought their guns.”

    Alt-right hack checklist:
    “Black Bloc/Antifa” CHECK (even though there are probably 100 associated people nationwide)
    “George Soros” CHECK (even though he’s just a civically minded philanthropist who grew up under the nazis and soviet secret police and knows better than any of us what totalitarianism is like and is doing what he thinks is right to fight it)
    “Bully others into silence” CHECK (even though I’m reading your fucking blog aren’t I, its not as though the right has any trouble getting their message out, all you mean is that leftist protestors yell at Trump supporters and it hurts their feelings… what snowflakes)
    “And now they brought their guns” CHECK (I wonder where they got that idea, Einstein!)

  6. I noticed something that seems to set the left and right wing open carry groups apart. I might be wrong because I sort of have the attitude that if you’ve seen one open carry march you’ve seen them all. If you go to the article you’ll see a lot of people who are wearing masks. And of course there was the confrontation regarding the reported filming the protest.
    I honestly cant recall ever seeing marchers wearing masks in the “right wing” open carry events. And of course I also cant recall the right wing types complaining about being filmed during a public event.
    In fact masks seem to be a recurring theme in left wing protests. Especially the ones that turn violent. Sort of speaks to how they feel about how just their cause is. Or perhaps their intent.
    The reported might be correct in the potential for bloodshed, but I’d be willing to lay odds on the one who starts it will be wearing a mask.

    • These are not open carry supporters having a march. These are a left militia. Open carry people would have rifles slung over the shoulder and maybe not even have a mag in the gun.

  7. There is a big difference between left militias like this one and right militias. Right militias are about defense. These left ones seems to be about starting the war, not just being prepared for one. How often do right wing militias go around protesting with loaded guns? The Bundy ranch wasn’t a protest and definitely not a counter protest looking for a confrontation. More like a stand or defense of a citizen.

  8. I got in an argument yesterday on Facebook with conservatives joking about shooting these protesters. It’s funny how conservatives marching with guns is supposed to be about safety and freedom, while liberals with guns means they’re starting an arms race and threatening people. It says a lot about the state of civil discourse in our society and how eager people are to defend their double standards with violence.

    • Look at their rifles at the ready. How many open carry marches have you seen by the right with rifles loaded and carried at the ready position?

    • The problem is that Leftists with guns (various commie flavors, Nazis) meant big problems for everyone. Unfortunately, the Leftists always have ambitions to tell everyone what’s best for them and command them on how to lead their life. Maybe there’s the difference in perception.

      We knew them well, how they ruled the society. Greetings from post-commie state of Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia before.

    • Please tell me more about how I shouldn’t shoot literal masked brownshirts wearing red bandanas and carrying loaded weapons at low ready.

      • Because they are not doing anything illegal ?

        I understand you’re afraid. But the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

        And spiders.

        • That Roosevelt quote is in response to the great depression, not Nazis. Additionally, the article describes a couple of crimes committed by members of the mob. Sure, on the scale of criminal offenses, these were pretty minor, but they were still criminal offenses. In Texas, they could have been charged with assault, battery, terroristic threat, disorderly conduct, and probably some other offenses. And that’s just based on the facts in the article and video.

      • NEVER allow them to provoke you into starting violence.

        Even WHEN (not IF) leftists start violence the leftist propaganda media will twist the facts (i.e. LIE) to make it appear that good law-abiding conservatives initiated violence and those lawless radical leftist thugs were “helpless victims” merely defending themselves.

    • Ummmm…take a look again at the gun club signage. “Make Racists Afraid Again” and “Redneck Revolt” are pretty much “in your face” and threats of violence. You better believe snowflakes who have reacted with nothing but emotion their entire lives will pull a trigger in anger and keep on pulling. If you show up to any of these protests with a firearm, you would be stupid to do so and not expect violence to break out.

    • Many of those hooligans have to carry Airsoft guns because they can’t pass the very background checks they falsely claim are NOT required to purchase real guns.

  9. Fatasses in skinny jeans. No plates, no extra mags in the mag pouches, no (visible) pistols, nothing on their belts……..tis all for show……….are they completely irrelevant and harmless? No, there are a small core of true believers at the core of all the masked up faux-revolutionary chubs, but on the whole, if real shooting started, these idiots would sh#t their britches and run.

    • I am surprise those dweebs knew not to pose with their fingers on the triggers. Normally the first thing those inexperienced with handling firearms do is place their fingers on the trigger.

  10. Manufactured civil war…another Soros sponsored color revolution? Maybe the NWO conspiracy theorists were right all along?

  11. (My opinion only). The liberal/socialist news media has two primary tactics, incite riot and encourage the assassination of The President. That is their idea of freedom of the press.

  12. I was thrilled to know there were anti-Trump folks who would own a gun and proudly display their constitutional right to carry and THEN I SAW THE PICS , dear Lord , almost makes me want to second guess my stance on the 2nd . OK , I think the war , if there is going to be a war , is won by Trumpsters .

  13. I don’t understand what they want. They seem to have named a lot of groups they’re against, but nothing they’re for. Are they like Occupy that they’ll figure the details out later?

    Guns implies if you don’t give me what I want I’ll shoot you. I know I just want to be left alone, and yes, otherwise I’ll shoot. What does the Left want so bad it’s willing to kill for? I don’t know because they won’t say but I’m sure it’s something of mine (rights, fruits of my labors, progeny, etc.). This won’t end well.

    • I’m even more confused now that I’ve seen the facebook video. They marched down a sidewalk armed and wearing costumes. They got the attention they were apparently demanding and then got hostile. They even committed battery in the process. This is a confused bunch, which makes them dangerous.

  14. The important thing to realize about this situation is that it is a deliberate provocation.

    Don’t fall for it. Let the left discredit itself as it’s doing that job pretty well all on its own.

    Remain above the fray.

  15. are we even sure they can make those firearms function? if they can are they even going to be able to accurately lay down fire? I’m sure a lot of you like me, practice 500+ yard shots regularly, do they? Doubt it! so it seems the answer here would be good camo, higher ground and cover. When the report of a rifle is heard well after the shot has entered it’s target, a scramble will start to find that shooter, by then you will have another shot lined up, multiply this by a couple hundred/thousand skilled shooters in our favorite backwoods hunting areas, and viola, war ends rapidly. experience and numbers will matter if and when these pukes do something to make our trigger fingers itch, so if they start shit, we should be able to give them what they want, bloodshed, and end well for our side. war is peace, and it may become a very real thing, I won’t be hiding my face from those who wish to destroy lives over a bullshit rebellion of a presedent, afterall, we didn’t pull this shit over Obama and maybe we should have.

      • My local shooting site has a 1,000 yard range. Clark loves blasting away at commenters just to see his own fake name in print.

      • Not a whopper, Clark. Five hundred yards is quite an easy shot. There are many of us with rifles accurate well past 500 yards.

        Be afraid, Clark. . .BE VERY AFRAID! Perhaps you lawless leftists should reconsider your plans to start the civil war you can NOT win.

  16. Hmm, how do you oppose modern tyranny without guns none of them asked ever as they protest trump and demand a leftist replacement.

  17. Considering the fact that Right Wing White Terrorists are shooting up abortion clinics and minority churches, with Dillon Roof their star hero waving the Confederate Flag is it a wonder that the minorities and the left are now being forced to arming themselves. How could you blame them? Even the Jewish people are now in a panic on all the attacks on Jewish schools, graveyards and synagogues. Perhaps now we will see more Jewish defense leagues arming themselves against the far right racist fanatics. And of course the grand master of ceremonies, the person responsible for all this hate is none other than “Herr Trump” who ran the most racist campaign in U.S. History for today “Its cool to be racist”. The natural born White Supremacist Racists continue to be the most common people committing mass murder in the U.S. not the mythical Muslim boogey man. Statistics prove it beyond all doubt, something the far right fanatics continue to ignore because it does not fit their racist philosophy that all people that are not White Anglo Saxon Protestant are going to take over the U.S. Too bad its not true we might have a peaceful country if they did. Then we could pass laws to deport the White Racist back to Europe but the problem is Europe would not want them either. WE NEED MORE IMMIGRANTS AND REFUGEES FOR A BETTER AMERICA.

    • You’re a delusional leftist troll. If you think genocide is going to result in anything other than a hard pushback from the right you’re delusional. I hate to break this to you, but the overwhelming majority of the “right wing” attacks you refer to have been linked to leftist provocateurs. But please, go out in the street with a loaded rifle held at low ready. I’ll be happy to put a bullet in your empty skull.

      FYI, strict merit based immigration is coming. You can either accept that or you can get in the damn helicopter.

    • “Considering the fact that Right Wing White Terrorists are shooting up abortion clinics and minority churches, with Dillon Roof their star hero waving the Confederate Flag is it a wonder that the minorities and the left are now being forced to arming themselves”

      It’s interesting that some go to great lengths to try to explain that we shouldn’t label all followers of a religion as violent because of the acts of a few and then you proceed to do exactly that with those who you disagree with.
      How do you justify this?

      • Quote————–It’s interesting that some go to great lengths to try to explain that we shouldn’t label all followers of a religion as violent because of the acts of a few and then you proceed to do exactly that with those who you disagree with.
        How do you justify this?—————-Quote

        I already did justify it. If you had read and understood my post I stated that it has been the far right that has committed the most terrorist acts in the U.S. who were natural born not the minorities, not immigrants, not refugees.


        Of the 28 deadly homegrown terrorist attacks, only 10 of those attacks were related to Islamic extremism. The other 18 attacks were led by right-wing extremists, including, most recently, the mass shooting that killed three and wounded nine at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

        The data from New America clearly shows that domestic terrorist attacks have, since 2001, been more commonly perpetrated by right-wing groups than by Islamic extremists.

        • cisco kid, you actually didn’t at all justify anything, and that IS because you actually can’t. If you had read and understood the responses to your posts, I’ve stated that it had for a FACT actually been the far left that has committed the most terrorist acts in the U.S. — with minorities, refugees, and migrants being vastly over-represented over natural-born citizens.

          Also, given that Muslims are such a small minority in the U.S., they’re grossly over-represented in your dubious-at-best “statistics.” There’s a reason for that, and that IS because you cannot co-exist with people determined to kill you. Even after as much as the far left has long lied to you and everyone else to the contrary.

          So, what the dubious data from New “America” actually clearly shows that domestic attacks have, since 2001, been increasingly more likely to be perpetrated by left-wing groups. And that’s IF they’re even real, at all. More than likely, they’re NOT.

    • ** Considering the actual fact that Left Wing Black and Brown Terrorists are shooting up kid’s birthday parties and even hospital rooms on ocassion, with Omar Mateen and Hambone or Skillet waving an ISIS or African flag respectively, it is a wonder that the majority and the right are now being forced into further arming themselves. How could you blame them? What with the whole host of hoax attacks being perpetrated by Left Wing Fascists against their Liberal fellow travelers, after all. Perhaps now we will see more Jewish defense leagues arming themselves against the far left racist fanatics. And, of course, the Grand Master of Ceremonies, the person actually responsible for all this hate is none other than “Herr Shillary” who actually ran the most racist campaign in U.S. history for today’s, “It’s cool to be racist.” The natural-born Black Supremacist Racists continue to be the most common people committing mass murder in the U.S., not the mythical white boogey man. Statistics prove that beyond all doubt, something that far left fanatics continue to ignore because it does not fit their racist philosophy that all people who are White Anglo Saxon Protestants are going to take over the U.S. Too bad that’s not true, because then we’d have a peaceful country if they did. Then, we could pass laws to deport the black and brown racists back to Africa and Latin America, but the problem is that Africa and Latin America wouldn’t want them back, either. WE NEED FEWER THIRD-WORLD IMMIGRANTS FOR A BETTER AMERICA.

      First-world folks? No problem, no matter their fucking skin color.

      Fixed that for you, cisco kid. You racist, classist, sexist, anti-rights POS.

    • Oh, Cisco again, you know who the BIGGEST racist are ? The ones who always call everybody else a racist. You Socialist indoctrinated idiots are hell bent on ruining America.

  18. how come neither brand of fruitcake’s are around a mass shooting, must have bankers hours! record them now for latter surgical strikes! kind of funny when the loop’s pick up the thing they supposedly abhor! Oh just like every good Democratic Party Member { notice the red scarves} you can’t have it but I can and if I can’t destroy them all AKA

  19. Calvin asks “What do they want?”

    The main thing they want is to intimidate people on the right. To that point, a banner in one of the photos refers to the “John Brown Gun Club.” I had recently watched the entire “Hell on Wheels” series, and in it, there is a preacher who had been the leader of a John Brown group.

    I had not heard of the guy or group before. Their mission was to kill racists. Of course, in the 19th century there were many violent racists. In the show, the preacher could not quite give up his serial killer past.

    • (Sigh.) I guess they just don’t teach our history anymore. Abolitionist John Brown led an insurrection against the United States in 1859, intending to free all of the slaves, and taking over the federal arsenal at Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia. A contingent of United States Marines under the command of Robert E. Lee (yes, THAT Robert E. Lee) stormed the arsenal, ending the insurrection by wounding and arresting Brown, whose life ended at the end of a rope upon a conviction for treason.

      • Yep, and future CONFEDERATE general JEB Stuart was there also. Yeah, that’s right! Two future CONFEDERATE generals who fought for the right of wealthy, white DEMOCRATS in southern states to keep black slaves were present to oppose John Brown at Harper’s Ferry in 1859.

  20. I think we’re missing a point here, This is genius if you want to protest Trump, disrupt a city, AND make points for gun control, arm up your own wack jobs to prove how dangerous people carrying guns are. YMMV

  21. There are, and have been all along, a lot more armed liberals out there than most people would suspect. Most of them are of course Jeffersonian liberals, not the modern perversion.

    Are more liberals now arming themselves? We have no information on that, really, since political affiliation is not a required item of information when purchasing a gun. The finger discipline in the pictures suggests these are not new gun owners, though.

    • Those are cherry picked press package pictures. If you look at the actual video, these clowns were finger banging their rifles and muzzling each other the whole time.

  22. Q.: Is bloodshed on the horizon?

    A.: Only if the left wants there to be. Otherwise, continue as normal. Train, carry every day, and just be aware.

  23. Well I’m not really worried about those types, someone has to show them how to Lock and Load and where the trigger is. Saying that, don’t be around garbage like them. Just be safe and always be prepared for whatever!

  24. The anarchist in me wants the war. The (not sure the proper label) in me wants the war finished so that all the current social debates/ contravercies can finally be settled with a degree of permanency. My human side is not looking forward to the act of killing.

  25. Down through History it has almost always been the Far Right such as Hitler and Stalin and Pol Pot that have started wars or instituted mass extermination. Although Stalin was a Communist in his economic ideology his Government was as far right wing as you can get politically get tolerating no democracy or opposing viewpoints, something that is the hallmark of Conservatism.

    The Right Wing follows Hitler’s Mein Kampf page for page.

    Hateful and fearful of all minorities.

    Hateful of all other religions and dedicated to forming a Christian Caliphate in the U.S. which would allow no other religious worship including Catholicism which until recently was the “boogey man” of the Protestant Far Right Fanatics.. Billy Graham actually went to see Congressmen when John F. Kennedy was running for President and Hillbilly Graham declared Kennedy would create a Catholic Caliphate if elected President. His Son, today, every bit the radical racist now claims the same will happen if ever a Muslim President is ever elected. Franklin Graham even went so far as showing up at a U.S. University to try and prevent Muslim students from Praying next to a Christian Church. The ultimate Christian Blasphemy. He is good at that.

    Hateful and fearful of all other races

    Refusal to accept the contributions of other cultures, races and countries and political systems.

    Totally ignorant of the History of all other economic systems and health care systems

    Totally ignorant of the fact that Refugees and Immigrants are the ones who made America Great. As a matter of fact the so called “greatest generation” was largely composed of Immigrants and refugees not natural born citizens. Many of our greatest inventions, and scientific breakthroughs came from the fertile minds of Immigrants. This has even been true in modern times as the invention of the cell phone was the result of a Syrian Immigrant, who today is the “new boogey man” of the ignorant Far Right even though no Syrian refugee has committed not one mass murder.

    Belief that they are the “master race” and the “chosen people” following the one and only “true religion” and that all other peoples are inferior and dangerous to them.

    Belief that the total destruction of all other people and cultures would benefit them and the world.

    Belief that they have the right to invade and conquer all other countries for their economic, political and military benefit.

    Stingy and cheap to the detriment of their own well being i.e. save a penny today and go bankrupt tomorrow even when history has shown otherwise in regards to Universal Health Care as just one example. Spending money for research on the eradication of deadly diseases such as “Ebola” which Republicans tried to cut funding for under Obama because they did not want to spend the money. Perfect example of preferring death over spending a penny in disease eradication.

    They do not believe in compromise with Liberals even when History has proven them wrong. Their ignorance of most subjects breeds fear and paranoia and no amount of reasoning will convince them otherwise on any subject.

    Most do not believe in Global warming even though every accredited education institution and the majority of the worlds top scientists have known about global warming since the 1940’s when U.S. government weather studies showed pollution hanging over the earth that was above the weather clouds (I personally in the 1960’s talked to one such governmental employee about this whom I knew most well). Most of this belief against Global Warming is re-enforced because of greed for profit which is gained through mass pollution of the environment.

    Believe Women are the inferior sex and that they should be paid less for the same amount or type of work. Believe Women should be subservient to men according to their various religious superstitions

    Believe that only White Anglo Saxon Protestants have Constitutional Rights, all others do not as in supporting prohibitions against gays wanting to marry and have families or having the right to shop and be served in retail establishments open to the public.

    Believe in the right to force Christianity onto the public by displaying religious statues and dogma in Governmental buildings where the public is required by law to do business.

    Believe in Religious discrimination and that Christianity is the only State approved Religion and that they have the right to ban all other religions except Christianity and prohibit the building of Churches or other places of worship that are not Christian whenever and wherever they please.

    Most even believe the world is only 2,000 years old and that it was created in 7 days when modern geology, zoology, archeology and scientific dating of the world has shown it to be 4 1/2 billion years old.

    Savage and sadistic by nature lusting for public executions when over 14,000 years of bloody history has shown capital punishment does not and never has prevented murder or crime due to the fact that people who commit such heinous acts are mentally ill, something the Far Right even refuses to take into consideration in trials. For the Far right burning witches at the stake is something that never should have been eradicated as they believe they actually exist.

    As you can see even though many of the Far Right Rant and Rave against Hitler they follow in his jackbooted footsteps every step through life.

    What does the Left believe, simple, the opposite of the Far Right and they have History and Science and Education to verify it. Its a rather one sided fight, the ignorant and greedy and cheap versus the Educated and Generous, and Tolerant, its called being civilized, something the Far Right Loathes and fears because they understand none of it.

    I do not fear violence from the Far Left as they would only resort to violence if their Constitutional Rights were raped by the Far Right which has declared that this is exactly what they have planned to do for years. But do to the fact that we still have a semblance of Democracy left the civilized electoral process will be the Far Lefts road to follow and remember right now its the Far Right Fanatics that are attacking minorities including the Jewish people not the Far Left. That should tell even a Moron that its the Far Right everyone should fear.

    • Wow. You managed to get everything exactly ass backwards. Did you stay up all night working on that hate filled and totally wrong screed?

      • I think cisco has some mental problems, what a dumb shit, He should look at what party’s are killing kids and presidents, they certinly are not NRA ppl, nor are they Republicans. cisco spu your lies else where! What a dumb ass!

        • Yeah, cisco is retarded, saying Hitler and Stalin were conservative right wing. They were textbook left wing.

    • The only ‘hateful and fearful’ group is the left wing. Cisco has thrown out the typical left-wing lies about conservatives – a hateful and fearful thing to do.

    • You’ve just demonstrated YOUR complete ignorance of history, idiot.

      Communists, marxists, and socialist tyrants such as Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Pol Pot were leftist radical dictators who used their big governments to violently suppress their people.

  26. Ooooooh, leftist “antifas” going to start a real shooting war! We have a term for this kind of thing: “Target-rich environment”. I think they will find that quite a few people in “flyover country” are getting just a bit tired of their crap.

  27. Please everyone watch the entire video. If you are going to CCW or open carry. You need to watch this video. This is a great training tool for what not to do when you open carry in public. This video should be part of every training package. The video is about 30 minutes long, but all the safety mistakes they make! Rude behavior while carrying a weapon! You can debate their selection of gear or should I say the lack of certain gear.

    It was very appropriate for them to be wearing “brown shirts”, for the way they have conducted themselves in public while carrying arms. Their red bandanna reminds me of the “Spartacus League” in Germany in the 1920s. That communist group was also armed with guns but they had bombs as well and killed many people with them back then. The rise Adolf Hitler was a reaction to the violence of communist in Germany when the government could not or would not go after those violent communists.

    The second amendment will stop any communist or fascist in this country. These people ran away. I have never seen a right winger carrying a gun run away from a camera. They can’t wait to talk to a reporter. The bottom line is a liberal gun owner is terrified of a reporter and camera man, and will run away from them if confronted. It makes me think some of them might be felons and they don’t want the police to find out.

    • I seriously doubt it. First you would have to get off your fat azz and go outside. Secondly, you would probably die of cardiac arrest attempting to chase someone. Plus; what exactly are you ‘ending’ (besides your time on earth)? Grow up and quit watching Rambo movies. P.S. You can now go back stuffing your fat face with pizza and candy.

  28. I don’t know, but I just don’t find these queer looking boys with cheap guns very intimidating. I wish they would come out our way.
    As we like to say, “We’re from Texas, Fuck Y’all”

  29. There needs to be legislation passed, and quickly, making the wearing of face masks illegal, and a felony when open-carrying weapons. This law should apply to law enforcement officers including SWAT teams as well. This is a public safety issue, and should be welcomed wholeheartedly by law-abiding citizens

    • So how many undercover narcotics officers who are also on the SWAT team would volunteer for same if they were forbidden to wear masks? THINK before you post your ignorant bilge……

  30. whats up with the guy with the sks

    dont get get me wrong its a fine weapon and all that

    i own an sks and would trust my life to it as ive put probably 2000 rounds through mine without a single malfunction whatsoever

    i would just never bring it to a modern day open carry event

    people might think its a korean war reenactment or antique firearms symposium and thereby become confused about the message

    those douches are all astro turf anyway…hillary was going take all those guns if the opportunity presented itself or was made to present itself

  31. ROTFLMFAO ! So only Right Wing zealots can carry guns in public and force their beliefs on others ? You guys kill me , it’s ok for you to have a Militia but not someone else ? This reminds me of only Christianity is the true religion types lol. Get a grip people I may vote Democrat but I don’t follow ALL their ideology and care for some of the right wing stuff too. I own guns and live in Communist California but if any of the ass clowns racists/bigots brace me i’ll use them. Fair exchange is no robbery.

    • Exactly how does any protest group of any sort ‘force their beliefs on others’? How old are you, twelve?

      • Geez, Clark, you can’t let ANY comment go by without shooting it down. You must be only thirteen yourself.

  32. So I have been an observer and many of these things. The Mosque protest that Jon Ritzcracker showed up to open carrying, I was at the MAGA rally March 4th where they had armed militia members open carrying, many at a low ready position, many of them flagging everyone, and this march. I never noticed any flagging nor any type of aggressive behavior from any of them. A little overdone coming out like they did? Maybe but still no different than any of the militia groups or any of the people on the right (or alt-right) that came to the mosque protests. I can’t really say what did or did not happen with this reporter but he does have a history of things like this and causing problems.

    The right has been screaming about the left wanting to take their guns and or voting away thir rights. A group shows up and now y’all screaming they’re coming to start a civil war. Everyone needs to calm the fuck down.


  34. Left-wing demonstrators carrying weapons to protest at a rally at which no one else is open-carrying weapons; The BLM/AntiFa people are itching to shed some blood. If I was going to such an event I would carry concealed – NOT open carry. It would be good to have enough high-capacity magazines for my concealed pistol to put up a good fight if the Communists/Leftists started anything, but I would certainly avoid provoking them. I am lucky that no such demonstrations are not likely to happen in my town.

  35. Is this a free template in use here as I really like it. As a
    website designer myself I trust that it is okay to ask you.

    will yoou ever approve previous comments? ive left a comment loads of
    times now so they never make it on


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