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This bit of analysis is from Chris Cillizza. Of CNN. There’s no more stalwart supporter of Democrat conventional wisdom in the media.

Up until very recently, the Democrats-want-to-get-rid-of-the-Second-Amendment talk was, like so much of Trump’s rhetoric, outlandish and without any basis in facts. Obama in 2008 and 2012 and Hillary Clinton in 2016 expressly made clear they had no interest in any sort of mandatory collection or buyback program.

“Of course Hillary does not support national mandatory gun buyback programs, including those modeled after Australia’s program,” said a Clinton campaign spokesman in 2016 when the NRA attacked her for allegedly supporting confiscation. “She was discussing voluntary buyback programs, which are drastically different than what occurred in Australia and are regularly run by cities across the America.”

That changed — or at least shifted — on Thursday night with O’Rourke’s comment.

While a mandatory buyback campaign of weapons like the AR-15 and AK-47 doesn’t amount to a wholesale gun confiscation, it walks much closer to that doomsday scenario the NRA has spent years painting as just over the horizon if Democrats get into power.

Even if O’Rourke never even sniffs the Democratic presidential nomination, the eventual nominee will have to answer for his support of a mandatory buyback program.

And whether or not O’Rourke is the nominee, Republicans will use his comments to stoke fear and anger in their base — see, we told you Democrats really want to take all your guns … just look at this quote from Beto O’Rourke!!!

– Chris Cillizza in Beto O’Rourke just did Republicans a massive favor on guns


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  1. It has been said that if the democrats were completely honest about what they stood for, they’d never get elected. I’m so glad this current crop is revealing its true colors. Beto turned off a whole bunch of democrats with his statement. I have plenty of democrat friends and family who said things like what he said was irresponsible and dangerous. A lot of them hate Trump, but hate this socialist crowd worse than Trump. Some have said they will vote for Trump and others have said they’ll stay home or write in Mickey Mouse or Deez Nutz. Most of them are horrified with most of the people who are running.

    Beto is a fool to think he’ll be president and a fool to think he could get such a law passed. He’s an even bigger fool to think that the president can even do something like this.

    In the meantime, we have Kamala Harris who doesn’t have a clue how EO’s work and can’t be used to limit the rights of The People. Obama learned that the hard way.

    • Something is up.

      Could the Banksters and Globalist Elites be ready to crash the World Economy and blame it on Conservatives and especially Trump?

      Could Trump be a sort of pied piper filling a role prescribed by the Banksters and Globalist Elites? He certainly owes the Rothschild Bankers in Europe for bailing him out a couple of times.

      Hmmm. Interesting times…

      • Trump did take a healthy recovery and falling deficit and turn it into a trillion dollar hole, by giving hundreds of billions to the ultra rich

        • “Healthy recovery” my ass. On Wall Street maybe the recession ended in 2010 but for the vast majority of Americans in didn’t end until at least 2014, and for many 2017.

    • Soros probably gave Beto a few million bucks to say the words. They think we need to get over the shock and get used to hearing it so they can eventually do what Beto says today. Voters won’t be animated in a few elections because the words won’t be so agregious sounding.

    • The Commiecrats have always been about complete civilian disarmament,no matter their public stated policy,they are the domestic enemy the founders warned of.

      • Yes….. And instead of letting them keep up the charade it’s time to end their threats….
        Keep these people away from my rights cause I won’t give them up as easy as they think….
        There founders in their infinite wisdom knew who these people are….. They are the same people we beat back in 1776 and they are still trying to this day….

  2. Crap News Network was substantially correct for once.

    It is obvious that Trump is living in Cillizza’s head, rent free and probably alone in the emptiness.

  3. The Beta Boy has managed to get the attention of the largest and most ardent single issue voting block going into a presidential election year. Even Obama was smart enough not to do that.

  4. Not the first time a (D) has said as much.
    And it won’t be the last time we hear some prohibitionist claim “nobody wants to take your guns” completely discounting every instance of a political, media or otherwise notable figure claiming just that.
    We’ve lived in a perpetual digital surveillance age for about three decades now and still history is re-written, denied and ignored every second of every day. Retrieve the record, play the tape, show the video, nothing matters. People believe what they want to believe and by and large that belief is that the “other” people are too stupid to see through their lies.

    • Seriously. The whole, “no one ever said they wanted to take your guns,” thing was a lie before Beto, and it’s a lie now.

  5. The ‘Rats and RINO’s have ALWAYS wanted to infringe the Second and confiscate firearms from the law-abiding public. ALWAYS. Only a blind, ignorant fool thinks otherwise.

    Post Beto the Left’s new tack is that Semi-Auto owners vowing to use whatever means necessary to resist government firearm confiscation and challenging Beto to personally come and take their guns, is proof that gun owners are VIOLENT, UNSTABLE Fascists and should have their firearms removed from their possession by force if necessary.

    CWII, or serfdom, is just around the corner.

    • as long as beto is the first one through the door!…seriously, though…this is the best thing that could have happened….we actually owe him a debt of gratitude…

      • I think the postmortem will discover more wounds in his back than the front.

        Perhaps he needs a trustworthy commissar such as Vlad to ensure the reliability of the gun seizure teams.

    • Don’t be fooled by the words politicians use, i.e. “nobody wants to take your guns” etc. What they will do is allow others to pass the legislation and then they(such as Hillary Clinton) will merely sign it into law while at the same time stating all sorts of foolishness and lame excuses for signing it while blaming it on the legislatures for creating it. PASSING THE BUCK! Then at re-election time take all the credit..

    • @ Leighton Cavendish

      “so…yes…they want the guns…eventually ALL the guns…”

      They always have,right down to sling shots and straws with spit wads and some states have already banned plastic straws.

  6. Beatoff is a privileged adolescent. The fool can’t help it. Thanks dummy. Now if herr Drumph doesn’t give the farm away(bumpstocks,silencers(?)and redflag)perhaps we’ll be OK for awhile. In the meantime I’m stocking up like I never have before…

  7. Beto knows he has no chance at the Whitehouse, so he decided to go out in a blaze of glory for two reasons: ensure he is brought under the Bloomberg money umbrella for the rest of his professional life, and move the Overton Window further to the left for the Democrats.

    Both of those things were deeply selfish and calculated. He doesn’t care if he ensures a second term for Trump (he has) as long as his personal future is secure.

    I know a lot of you on this site think I’m some sort of lefty, and that’s not true (except as compared to some of the extreme right-wingers here), but I had for a long time held out hope– and worked towards the goal– that the Democrats could see the error of their ways on guns: I believe that many of their *other* policies would have an *actual* effect on violence levels, but the shrill gun talk was keeping them from getting elected, therefore defeating the very goals of violence reduction they claimed to want to achieve. I know you disagree. Doesn’t matter now.

    That’s over. This is the final straw for me. The Democrats are beyond help with this. I’m done with them.

    • I totally get what you’re saying. I have many family members who were the same way. They really don’t like Trump, and are 50/50 on other Republicans, but the democrats convinced them that they needed to vote against any democrat. I don’t think this crop of democrats even realize how crazy they sound. They spend all their time in coastal urban centers surrounded only by those like them, and totally disregard the rest of the country. I think Beta certainly let the horse out of the barn with this one.

    • You are some sort of a lefty. Lite, maybe? I’m not a Trump or gop die hard. There are programs on both sides that I like.

      But I cannot vote democrat so long as they remain bat shit crazy on guns. The dems are at a breaking point. They will have to purge their ranks of the beto’s, the aoc’s, the bernies and the clintons or they will wither and die.

      For now i have no option but to vote gop. And keep telling myself it is about the judges.

      • They’re bat shit crazy on far more than guns. If you own or work at a small business you might want to start looking at openings in the federal government. They’re ready to destroy private sector growth.

  8. What about the time Shillary said “Australian gun buybacks are worth considering?” Paraphrasing but all their buyback was is confiscation with a cute euphemism.

      • “I think they’ve wanted all along. They just weren’t forthright. They were biding their time for the right moment.”

        Just because people are crazy, that doesn’t mean they are stupid.

  9. “Trump and the Republican Party Owe ‘Beto’ O’Rourke a Debt of Gratitude”

    Not yet. 14mos to go.

    We are focused on the presidential circus, but there are House/Senate races in 2020, as well.

    • The House and Senate elections should be interesting. I think the dems won as much as they did in the House, not just because that usually happens when the opposite party has the white house, but because of the Russia scare and nonstop negative media coverage about the scary racist nazi dictator.

      I think more than a few people have noticed that the Russian collusion story was a hoax. The sky never fell like the media predicted it would. That evil racist dictator keeps bragging about the best black employment numbers ever recorded, and the racist crowds at his rallies cheer the good news.

      • “I think the dems won as much as they did in the House, not just because that usually happens when the opposite party has the white house, but because of the Russia scare…”

        Once worked on a campaign that successfully re-elected a conservative US Senator. The campaign manager insisted we were always 10pts behind on polling, and 10% behind on vote count. That was a good campaign management tactic.

        • “The campaign manager insisted we were always 10pts behind on polling, and 10% behind on vote count.”

          Yep, keep ’em hungry. No complacency.

          The mass media were the ones who got Trump elected. Every last one of them was so proud the polling data showed Hillary had it in the bag. So, lots of folks never bothered to show up and vote. I have a sneaking suspicion that will bite them in the ass again in 2020, to an extent. How much of an extent, we won’t know until the November following.

          The danger is, we can also fall into that trap…

    • Holding/taking back control of Congress is ultimately more important then the presidency. Whoever the president is, they are essentially impotent if they don’t have both houses of Congress.

      • I don’t think this is true at all. The president is the single most powerful person in the government. They can veto anything congress passes. They can create massive new executive branch bureaucracies that can come up with their own rules for you to live by. The executive branch can decide not to enforce existing laws they don’t like. The president determines which direction to take foreign policy.

        I could go on and on but you get the point. Obama did plenty of damage to the country with a republican congress.

        • Extremely short list
          Worst recovery from a recession in modern American history. Solution to people not working was just more welfare and more regulations. Obama was so clueless, he said nothing else could be done unless you have a magic wand.
          Foreign policy:
          Caused instability in the middle east prompting a humanitarian crisis and massive migration into Europe. They also wanted to load the US up with migrants fleeing the disasters the Obama admin helped to create.
          Did nothing to put checks on Russian and Chinese aggression.
          Signed absurd treaties without congressional approval.
          Ignored illegal activity by Iran to cozy them up to a ridiculous deal.
          Helped insurance companies make trillions when everyone else was going out of business. Made insurance costs skyrocket after promising to save families $2,500 per year. Made hard working contractors and small businesses pay $1,000+ tax if they didn’t want shitty, unaffordable $6000 plans. Forced people out of decent plans that they liked. Told some people which doctors they could go to. Lied about all of it. More insurance DOES NOT equal more healthcare. This is killing the middle class.
          Why no urgency in the opioid crisis? This is literally killing the middle class. It is finally being addressed.
          Immigration: seriously?
          National security: Intentionally hampered the military while ignoring threats. Did nothing to stop Chinese from stealing from US government and private companies.
          National unity: Increased racial tensions. Helped usher in the rise of SJWs.
          Corruption: Used the government to attack political enemies.

          A book could be written on his failures. Where have you been? Trump is very far from perfect, but he’s tried to stop the bleeding of this country while fighting the Russia scare coming from within the government, the corrupt media, and the democrats. Imagine what he could have done without that BS.

          If you would like to go back to $4.00+ / gal gas (before they take it away permanently) then be sure to put a democrat in the white house. The only reason gas went down while Obama was still in is because of fracking. Don’t worry though, all democratic presidential candidates have promised to outlaw it.

        • ll says: “what damage did Obama do?”

          It’s a fair question. Obama did a lot of good and made some mistakes. Being America’s Bestest Ever Gun Salesman is a positive. Not for us hit by high prices, but hell yes a positive for all the Americans with jobs making guns, ammo, gun accessories, operating gun shops!

          On Presidential power, yes and no. Every President discovers there are limits. He can drop bombs on a foreign enemy but Congress can take his legislative agenda and toss it in the shredder. The courts can slow him down or stop him entirely on many actions he attempts.

          Loads of power. Loads of checks on that power.

          The Founders did a real good job of it!

        • Obama was able to use special magical executive orders that the courts won’t let the next administration undo. I wonder where that is in the Constitution? It’s imperative to have judges that respect the Constitution.

  10. They think we hear what the democrats say and actually believe them. That alone makes them stupid.
    Beto isn’t telling the truth he’s fantasing about the glorious campaign of civilian disarmament he envisions while bearing off.

  11. Repeat something often enough and it loses its shock value. Medicare for all wasn’t a talking point until it was, marriage equality, abortion rights, etc.

    Doesn’t matter which side of the fence you are on, if you bring something into the light at first it’s shocking but if you keep bringing it out, after a while it’s just meh.

    • “Repeat something often enough and it loses its shock value.”

      Damn straight.

      Example – “Racist!” Just a few years ago, that would raise an eyebrow, at the least.

      Today, the shock value is *gone*. That is going to *seriously* bite them in the ass in the not-distant future…

  12. “Trump and the Republican Party Owe ‘Beto’ O’Rourke a Debt of Gratitude”

    Yeah, his comment ‘Hell yes, we’re gonna take your AR-15.’ is akin to hrc’s infamous “basket full of deplorables” comment…the more derisive and divisive statements dem candidates make, the easier it will be to get DJT reelected…

    • Beto spilled the beans on all of them. Only mild criticism from one Dem and Beto doubles down. National registration & licensing from Spartacus and Kalama Zoo Harris will unleash the flying monkeys. Hysteria from The Atlantic than AR-15 owners want to kill elected officials in a total Democrat administration & Congress and sympathy for the cops who come knocking.

      History note: Spartacus isn’t the first. Lyndon Johnson wanted registration & licensing in the original GCA-68. He got just the pain in the @zz requirements we deal with to this day. Look up GCA-68 and LBJ’s remarks as he signed it into law; Johnson was in a towering rage that he didn’t get what he wanted.

      Federal Red Flag law allowing anyone to denounce anyone else which means no one can trust anyone and the new civil war is on, but it’s not opposing armies on the battlefield but everyone suspicious of the motives of every one else.

      Ever notice yourself glancing over both shoulders before saying something non-PC? It’s called the “German glance” and dates from about 1933.

      Thanks, Democrats.

  13. All this proves is that there shouldn’t be any form of hindrance to prevent a lawful US citizen from exercising their 2nd Amendment right. That’s right folks, just like walking down to the hardware store, plunk down your 💰 money, walk out, and pick up a brand new Glock, Ruger GP100, S&W 686, etc…Remember, murder is crime! It is already against the Law…..And Demo-Authoritarians DON’T represent Freedom, Liberty, or America!

  14. Butt-head beto has been saying his “Hell yeah, we’re going to take your AR/AK for weeks.
    His “Forced Confiscation” comment may be the first from a dem pres nominee but it’s not the first time total gun confiscation was stated (slip/hot mic) from senior members in the dem party. That has always be the end game plan.

  15. Alternatively, Beta may have given some of the other Dem candidates an opportunity yo look “reasonable” to voters in comparison.

    “Hey, I don’t want to take your guns like Beto. I just want common sense gun safety laws like universal background checks, red flag laws, and magazine capacity restrictions.”

    • Too late. Nobody is going to buy into any Democrat trying to back-pedal on Beto’s Blunder. Whatever they say now goes off into the ether. Only Beto will be remembered.

      The Dems did this to themselves. They made such a big deal about Beto almost beating Cruz, they put him up on a pedestal and the MSM made him a media darling. Now that he’s flipped his lid and threatened 100,000,000 people on a nationally televised event that he was invited to, there’s nowhere for the Dems to run and hide.

      It’s out there, and it’s going to stay out there.

  16. I suspect that any electoral chances Beto might have had, as a result of his latest “foot in mouth” outing have been significantly reduced.

  17. Well O’Rourke, thanks for finally exposing what all us paranoids have been saying for decades. It’s totally believable now with none of the other candidates disavowing it. After they come for you guns they will come for your money as we paranoids have been warning about with the socialist movement rising. So we will be stripped of our rights and pushed into servitude because we are unable to resist. History repeats itself, if any of the brain dead supporters of the dems would bother to crack open a history book they might just learn something.

  18. We already know that Whitey O’Dork Loves Mexicans More than Americans, has Photos dressed up like a Woman in the Past, is Probably a Closet Fag & Absolutely Will Require & Demand You Turn In Your Guns so I wish for Whitey O’Dork that he may Experience MS13 LOVE RIGHT TO THE HEAD – the one Upstairs.

  19. Plenty of incumbent democratic officials have said the same thing and the media keeps pushing the “no one wants to take your guns!” narrative- why would this latest fact change anything?

  20. It’s called a “Kinsley Gaffe”, when a politician accidentally tells the truth. The masks slip…

    — Beto-Box: Hell yes, we’re comign for your guns. (Much like a “mandatory buy-back” isn’t confiscation, “coming for your guns” isn’t “enfocement.”10’s of millions of users is a radical minotiry, 5 million members is a fringe organization, and 100’s of millions of actual guns is something weird.)

    — Kamala Extract: If congress doesn’t legislate what I want on guns in the first 100 days, I’m doing it by exec order anyway. (Fascist much?)

    — Hands-y Uncle Joe: Nobody needs more than a double-barrel shot gun. (Tell that to the officers who took down the Dallas whack-job; or the nice gentleman who secured that picnic earlier this year, assorted still living victims of home invasions, or Tucker Carlson (how big was the mob on his lawn, again?))

    — Spartacus: Gonna do for gun violence in the whole country what he did for Newark.

    — Fauxohontis: At least has ancesteral experience: more than 1/1024th of her ancestry was employed running out the indians … using guns.

    — Comrade Bennie: Has yet to prospose we all have the same guns, secured and issued by the Ministry of The Militia. I’m certain he’ll get there. He’s proposed federal ministry issuing what you need for every other thing that’s caught his attention.

    — etc.

    • None of this should come as a surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention.

      Nancy Pelosi told us all back in 1995 that she wanted to ban private possession of all firearms, and would have done it if she’d had the votes. She said as much, in an interview on 60 Minutes.

      And she was only repeating what had been a nonnegotiable plank of the Democratic Party platform going back to 1968, that the problem with America is that we’re too free, and the solution is to disarm us so that we can be state property like the peasants are in so many countries they admire, like North Korea and Stalinist Russia, whose blessings and prosperity they are just burning up with revolutionary zeal to bring us.

  21. The only reason Beto said it is because the democrats are starting to believe that their mob of pansies and rainbow bunnies and lumbersexuals are now a majority and as such he thought it would boost their popularity.

    • Mock them at your peril. Crazy Hillary came within a few thousand votes in a few key districts of taking the White House three years ago.

      The “rainbow bunnies and lumbersexuals” are a minority, but they’ve also got fifty or sixty million illegal aliens registered to vote that straight Democrat ticket, for Aztlan and El Guelfare. Add all the dead people in Chicago, Detroit, and Boston. Add 13% of the population that will vote the straight Democrat ticket forever to keep those sweet, sweet gibsmedats coming and express the hatred of Whitey that they take in with their mothers’ milk. Add millions of H1Bs brought in as cheap foreign scab labor for IT who were allowed to get citizenship and then begin chain migration of their families–who are all from literal Third World cesspits where the very idea of firearms ownership, or limited government, or liberty, is as incomprehensible as not using the streets and alleys as open-air outhouses. Add millions of “refugees” from every dysfunctional warlike low-trust, low-IQ society on the planet the Democrats bring in, the more worthless, violent, and destructive the better, also signed up for food stamps and surreptitiously slipped a voter registration form at the welfare office by their winking social workers. All these paper Americans vote. They may not do it legally, but they vote, and their votes count as much as yours does. And they may all hate each other, but they hate us more. Much, much more. And all of this is planned, and all of this is directed, by people like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg who hate you even more than the invading army of foreign colonists they’ve brought in to replace you does. They’ve and others been working on this plan in the shadows for most of a century and they’re so, so close. They don’t think they have to hide it any more.

      They want your guns because they have to disarm you before they can put you and your kids on cattle cars. Look at Rhodesia and South Africa to see the future they’ve got planned for you. Trump drives them insane because he wasn’t supposed to win the election and wasn’t supposed to get in the way. They’d be showing off lampshades made from your kids’ skin by now if it weren’t for Trump and those meddling Deplorables, who dared to speak their minds and to organize and vote.

  22. Interesting; I had wondered how the Dems were going to handle the conundrum they’d created for themselves. This might actually work if people are clueless enough; keep reading.

    Okay, so the Dems have had to out-radical each other all year in pursuit of donors, to the point they’ve become just a wee bit *too* publicly honest & open about their intentions, to the point that DNC leadership clearly recognizes it will cause them big trouble in the general election. They are sounding the horn for the party to select a candidate & rally around them, and cease all this radical talk so it may be forgotten by the election –we’d all been wondering when that signal would be given, it sounds like this debate may have been the marker.

    So how to ‘run to the middle’ in time for the general election like they always do, given how utterly bat-shit insane they’ve been acting this go around (even Biden is a frothing-mouthed parody of his own political career up to this point)? Scape goat sacrifice. Beto has chosen to become the symbol for the radical anti-gun left, it seems, so his painfully inevitable departure from the race can (and will) be portrayed as the party ‘rejecting’ his stances, without them actually rejecting anything in fact (because obviously O’Rourke is only stating bluntly their official platform).

    We can’t let the other candidates off the hook for what they’d been saying up to now, simply because O’Rourke was more obnoxious about it, and is no longer in the race. Because that’s exactly how they will spin this. “Oh, I don’t really believe in mass confiscations, that was that Beto guy’s deal, and he doesn’t speak for all of us, that’s why he didn’t win the nomination; I believe in common sense solutions like buy-backs and red flag laws.” –In truth, nothing in Beto’s statements has been or will be repudiated by the DNC, or even other candidates in all likelihood. Bob has sort-of/not-really walked back his statement, by saying door-kickers won’t be needed to take AR15s because they will be surrendered peacefully…but again, neither he nor anyone else is walking back the goal of large-scale armed robbery under penalty of law/death.

    Expect a similar approach for at least several other failed candidates before they drop out; they’ll stake out a radical image on some issue or other, so the real winner can later portray himself as a moderate because he won instead of the ‘wild’ guy. Not so much a ‘run to the middle’ as all the losers agreeing to veer left so hard it *looks* like the lead candidate is moderating. Keep track of telling quotes/gaffs/etc to bludgeon liberal supporters with for the remainder of the campaign, and make sure to mention that whoever ends up with the nomination never repudiated these kinds of indefensible positions.

  23. Don’t just focus on Beta’s comment, make sure you all point out the “thunderous applause” that he received from the core Democrat base that was in that auditorium.

    • “How does one buy back something that they never owned?”

      The English language (at least, the American English language) is the most malleable of languages. The words mean what we say they mean, when we use them. “Buyback” is a sloppy term as used regarding removing firearms from the public. However, like that famous four letter word with only context specific meaning, the intent, the action, the result are all wrapped-up in a single phrase. Not all that different from “Everyone knows…”.


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