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And water is wet, I know. But The Trace’s article What It Sounds Like When a Family Learns Their 7-Year-Old Is Dead From a Gunshot [working video at link] sets a new standard in bloody shirt waving for gun control. Just in case you didn’t make that connection, the subhead tells the tale: “It’s really just … something you shouldn’t have to hear.” As we’re talking about a negligent discharge by an unsupervised kid, true! It is something you shouldn’t have to hear. Something that responsible gun owners who teach their children gun safety, don’t hear. A point that The Trace will never make. Because guns.

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  1. Yep, same propaganda. They scream that this must stop, but yet, they refuse to allow Eddie the Eagle programs and other gun safety courses in schools. This tells me that the leftists in our society willingly use the lives of kids to push a political agenda and ultimately their vision of tyranny under their rule.

    • They don’t want this to stop. This type of violence legitimizes their call for more government intervention, social programs, and endless security. It is a beautiful narrative when you think about it. Any change for the better while guns are still in circulation is purely circumstantial while any change after strict gun control is put in place simply has to be because of the new legislation they stuffed down our throats. When you control the media the truth is what you say it is.

  2. Sorta like the silence on the first flights after 911. Calm nervousness, individually profiling every face in the cabin and the thought if citizens on four planes had guns, thousands would be alive today.

    Oh sorry, got lost in a thought. What about the silence of a properly stored gun, either on your hip or locked from curiosity of a 7 year old.

  3. Bloomberg (who funds The Trace) is a virtual pimp who funds distribution of diseased ideas and perverse propaganda.

  4. 10 year old brings home loaded gun and leaves it around for little brother to play with?

    Gun is no doubt stolen. Laws have already been broken. Enforce existing laws.

    Parents let a 10 year old bring random stuff in from who knows where? Parents leave 7 year old alone to play in a room where they don’t know what’s around and what the child may get into?

    Yea, we have a loophole here, but it’s not lack of gun control laws.

    • Thats what I was thinking. Its already illegal for a ten year old to possess a firearm much less carry one around. Could this simply be ignorance on the part of the ten year old? Sure. But this isn’t gun ownership at fault here because the child did not legally acquire the firearm. IT would be like blaming the legal selling and consumption of alcohol for the death of a 15 year old.

  5. “What It Sounds Like When a Family Learns Their 7-Year-Old Is Dead From a Gunshot “

    The same as it sounds when a family learns their 7 year old is dead from any other cause?

    I’ve been there. I’ve seen people react when they were told their child…from infant up to teens…had died. It is not something to exploit for a political lie that somehow it’s “worse” if the cause happened to be a gunshot.

    The trace continues to sink to new lows of classlessness.

    • “The trace continues to sink to new lows of classlessness.”

      As far as they are concerned, *everything* is fair game for them. They are in that battle for the win, no matter how long it takes or how many casualties it costs…

  6. Hmmmm. The Trace leaves no comment section either. How convenient for suppressing dissent.

    • One of the many reasons I will never click on a link to their site – and I wish TTAG would stop publishing them. Don’t give them the traffic when it’s clear they have no interest in listening – only in indoctrination.

      • We must know the enemy’s strategy and tactics, to better develop an effective counter-strategy.

        And look at it this way, they pay someone for each and every click…

  7. does it sound any different from families whose 7 year old smashed his head on a sidewalk, or got hit by a car, or drowned in the lake?

    Is this anything but a bald, shameless appeal to emotion?

    • Well stated.

      Unfortunately, horrible things sometimes happen and there is nothing that we can do about it. A drug addict or psycho could leave LSD laced “candy” along a sidewalk and a child could find it, consume it, and die … among who knows how many other untold, unforeseeable, and uncontrollable possibilities.

      It is impossible to supervise every single action of our children 24/7 when they are no longer toddlers. And the only reason that we can keep babies and toddlers safe 24/7 is because we can lock them in a crib or room. Needless to say, it would be highly detrimental to our childrens’ development if we locked them in cribs or rooms when they are no longer toddlers. At some point, it is healthy for them to be the tiniest bit independent and explore. All we can do is try our best to make them aware of potential dangers and try to keep those dangers away. Sadly, in spite of our heroic efforts, those dangers sometimes find their way into our lives, with tragic results.

      • “Unfortunately, horrible things sometimes happen and there is nothing that we can do about it. “

        It is interesting to me that rare and isolated instances like this story get SO MUCH attention, yet far more dangerous-to-children stuff gets completely ignored.

        I heard the other day about a study that was done with mice (or rats?) where the rodents were addicted to cocaine, then given a choice between sugar water and cocaine water. Something like 40 out of 43 in the study chose the sugar water, with the point being that the ‘rush’ from the sugar was sufficient to outweigh the cocaine rush AND need to feed the cocaine addiction.

        The marketing of very bad, non-nutritious “food” to children is said to be on purpose to get them ‘addicted’ to certain products/additives. I can believe that.

        But, try to “have a conversation” about that, and one often gets labeled some sort of anti-technology “nut.” Yet there’s no denying SOMETHING is going on with child nutrition in the last 2+ decades that is “not good.”

        On the other hand, everyone and their brother can trot out one or two family tragedies that have REAL CAUSES, sweep those causes under the rug and politicize the issue. It makes no sense.

        (No, I’m not saying that social utility and collectivist notions apply to what problems get attention…just pointing out an alarming disparity if “attention” if that makes sense).

  8. A 10 year-old child allegedly brings a loaded firearm into his/her home. A 7 year-old child handles that firearm and shoots someone (him/herself in this case).

    There are two root problems here:
    (1) Secure firearm storage fail.
    (2) Firearm handling fail.

    The solutions:
    (1) Educate adults and encourage them to store firearms securely.
    (2) Educate children to leave firearms alone if they find them.

    Item number (2) above requires age-effective education. Young children are notoriously incapable of grasping abstract concepts and require first hand experience to really learn something. This requires that children experience the “intensity” of firearms with their own senses to fully grasp the potential danger of irresponsible handling. Have a young child, without any hearing protection, hear one blast of a gunshot from a safe distance. (Have them close enough to fully appreciate the loudness without permanent hearing damage.) Have a young child place their hands on an adult’s hands and feel the recoil of a firearm. Have a young child see a hollowpoint bullet blow-up a water jug. Maybe one in a million young children who experience all that would still take it upon themselves to handle an unsecured firearm.

  9. Banning guns to stop ND deaths of children make about as much sense as banning children to stop ND deaths of children. The existence of either is not why we have what we have here.

    Root cause identification and critical thinking is so hard among the unthinking.

  10. Englewood. And S. Aberdeen. I’ve been there. Not a nice place. I don’t know where a 10 year old gets a gun but I DO know this kids parents are BAD parents(or just baby momma). And I get tired of being blamed for your bad choices and horrible parenting. Englewood needs MORE legal gun owners with CC. Not less. Maybe that’s asking too much. Ghetto gotta’ ghetto…

  11. Some people are irresponsible – so lets take guns away from everybody. This is the solution. lol. The lack of baby gates at stairs, pesticides in the home, detergents, antifreeze sitting around, gas cans, bbq lighter fluid – all that is ok and the responsibility of the parents, guns shouldn’t be. Ban it. lol.

  12. The headline could just as easily read, “what it sounds like when a family finds out their 7year old was murdered by a bunch of thugs who have had an army of people making excuses for them and deflecting blame for their actions for their entire lives”. it sounds cold hearted but a lot of these cases are people reaping what they have been sowing for generations.

  13. Dollars to doughnuts the 10 year old was paid by a gang member to hide the gun for a while. The 7 year old gets home and the 10 year old can’t resist showing it off. They do a little role playing using some of the fine young men they see on their street every evening as examples, and tragedy strikes. What do you think the guy in the “low slung jeans and backwards cap” is there for? To pay his respects to a kid he doesn’t give a damn about? More likely he wants to know where his gun is.

  14. Nobody should ever have to hear the sound of a six year old girl getting run over by the back wheels of a school bus….but i did when i was a kid way before the had attendants on the bus for the little kids.
    No one should ever have to hear the sounds of some kids mother scream because they found their child at the bottom of a pool….dead.
    Unattended…………i did, at our local childrens hospital.
    No one should ever have to listen to the sounds of a blocked trachea valve that a ten month old boy had because he was the victim of shaken baby syndrome….the moms boyfriend did it cause the kid was crying and he shut him up….for good.
    Too many tragedies to list that occur everyday.
    We just can’t stop terrible things from occurring despite the finest laws that intellectuals can pass.

  15. Ok, try to stay with me here. 10 year old gets a gun somehow, 7 year old dies. Parents had no idea. It’s a drug infested neighborhood and a single mother household sooo …the nra must be responsible somehow, right? Right. So, let’s just ignore the details and focus on literally traumatizing our viewers with crime scene footage. And get someone to bang out about 1000 words focusing on these people’s grief, but BY GOD forget to mention that if it was up to us the single mother would be in prison along with whoever the gun was stolen from. Ok, team, who are we?

    (all together) THE TRACE!

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