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Next Post is as anti-gun as f*ck. So I was more than a little shocked — shocked I tell you! — when I encountered I shot a gun and I liked it: A first-timer’s trip to the range. The only anti-gun bit: the reporter’s assertion (twice) that “guns are dangerous.” Which is, let’s face it, true. The comments underneath the post are all supportive, as well. Except for a few, like “you must  know that more guns equal more death” and “Gun ranges should be outlawed. They provide and encourage a distasteful behavior and contribute to the gun violence plaguing this country.” Despite this article, history tells us that sides with the killjoys.

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    • They exist, therefore I must have one if I wish to avoid a gross disparity of power with those who would do me harm.

    • I hope the reporter didn’t drive to the gun range. I hear motor vehicles are dangerous, unless operated by professionals. Did they “Uber” in?

      Hopefully, the reporter does not engage in any other high risk activity…ever.


      • It looks like the reporter might have eaten a few fatty meals here and there.
        Heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and other health issues related to poor diet are among the biggest killers in America. All of them dwarf homicides with a firearm.

        • Especially since her story didn’t seem to me to be particularly anti.

          From a reporter in NJ, it was surprisingly balanced…

  1. I like that she called it a sport. I think it is easier to change somebody’s view point when you introduce the competition side of shooting (putting holes in paper) opposed to starting off talking about self defense (putting holes in people) or hunting (putting holes in Bambi, Thumper, or any other fuzzy cartoon character).

  2. The GIANT smile that appeared on her face immediately after that first shot told the whole story.

    Bring a newbie to the range today!

    • Indeed.

      I have not watched the video, but her smile on the captured shot is just beautiful.

      Now she has to deal with her own cognitive dissonance. I believe she’ll get past that and arrive “there” soon.

      You just can’t fake that kind of joy.

    • Exactly! Shooting is fun. The more people who shoot, the more secure our rights will be. Also, people fear the unknown. Once they become familiar with firearms, they are not nearly as likely to fall for the lies of the totalitarian “grabbers”.

    • That’s the sweet taste of freedom right there, NJ. Better than pork roll.

      I never hesitate to share all of my fun times shooting with friends in places like Chicago, MD, CA, NJ and Mass. Usually with a reminder that I had a blast doing stuff that they can’t, because guns are too scary for their politicians to trust them to follow 4 simple rules. That and I tell them shooting is just like bowling, only faster.

      Don’t tolerate gun fear and paranoia. Lots of things in life are dangerous, but managing that danger and overcoming it is, without exception, a very rewarding experience.

  3. Guns are a lot less dangerous than hostile diversity and migration, which probably supports. Take away guns, and the Huns will (continue to) kill, rape, and beat us with whatever they can their hands on.

  4. Yeah babe, that’s what I’m talking about…getting your giggle on, and those outside the target holes, wrist action babe, we can work on that.

  5. Ummm… yeah a controlled explosion 2 feet from your face IS dangerous. And fun. And “sporting”. THIS is key. Get em’ to the range. If they enjoy their visit so much the better. You’ll never get all the weenies but you will covert a few…

  6. Guns in and of themselves are NOT dangerous. Takes someone manipulating a firearm for it to go bang. Otherwise, mine are broken or malfunctioning, as they sit quietly in my holster or vault. Damn……

  7. These “I hate guns but I like the range” scenarios are all the same.
    Anti reluctantly goes to firing range in a half-assed attempt to appear fair, balanced and less than totally ignorant.
    Anti gets caught smiling.
    Anti concludes “I see the appeal but guns should be left to a range and locked up at said range and always used under strict supervision and never carried around or kept in a home.”

    Unless you’re one of the beautiful people of course. Of which “journalists” just happen to be as defined by journalists.

    Anti’s make a great living calling people stupid, ignorant, poor, paranoid, etc…. I wish I was liberal enough to be lauded for mockery and rampant intolerance of huge classes of people.

    • It’s a first step on a path that leads to contradicting a BUNCH of dogmatically held beliefs.

      Give ’em credit for taking that step, some faith that the walk along the path continues and patience for that process to play out.

      They weren’t made “anti-gunners” overnight.

  8. That look on her face in the headline photo is why we, in spite of all the people out their looking to take our rights away, are winning and will continue to win.

    Heck I still smile like a big idiot when I get to shoot a new gun.

  9. She’s an ammosexual, now.

    Welcome! Your decoder ring and “gun lube” *wink, wink* are in the mail.

  10. Reminds me of Liberals Shoot Guns for the First Time…it was interesting to watch because it demonstrates that there is hope to change people’s way of thinking, if not all at once than at least gradually and positively.

  11. This may be the key to winning the Left over! They are all about the axiom “If it feels good, do it!”. That is the only argument to make. If it feels good to dress like a woman today and use the ladies room; to marry your dog; to blame the victims of heinous crimes…Just do it cuz it makes you feel GOOD! No longer do we speak of rights from God, self-defense, militia definitions. NO!!! It just feels good. And it does, doesn’t it? T-shirts? Hell yes. “I shoot guns cuz it FEELS GOOD!” “Feelin’ good! Shootin’ guns!”

  12. Shooting is fun, in it’s many forms. However, the lifestyle choice only sunk in after getting my CHL and carrying everyday.

    Liberation, freedom, responsibility, self-reliance. You can’t put a price on those feelings. And as with any sport or skill, these feelings are only enhanced with further training and mindset.

    That’s what antis don’t comprehend at all because they refuse to exprience or learn anything beyond their hoplophobia and preconceived notions driven by media misinformation.

    It’s not a power trip or penis enhancer. It’s added responsibility.

    In my opinion, gun ownership is just a symbol of maturity and independence. You are no longer nursing off the govt teet or restricted by it’s inefficiencies.

    • Agree. My sister in law (ivy grad) always used to pull out the Freudian (sp?) penis stuff. Onetime when she was giving me the whole line. I said, really, and pulled out my Keltec .32, which is really, really, tiny, and put on the table. My bro is a pretty cool dude and started laughing. Sister in law – hot, but it is amazing how someone who went an elite university can barely figure out how to put gas in her car. She hasn’t talked to me in 2 years, although our kids hang out, and still do holidays and whatnot.

      Anyway, I tend to like skinny chicks, but that girl doing the story made me smile. Something about a gal with a gun. It is almost like backwards conservatives like myself like strong woman. And, you know, not want to keep them locked up in the kitchen, which, strangely enough, is how my liberated sister and law lives and is really happy about it.

      Almost as if they say one thing but want to the other.

  13. Always great seeing the smiles on a first-timer’s face. I remember bringing my sister out to the range last year, good times had by all.

  14. “Guns are dangerous, but I know how to use one.” Because you rented and shot a .22… right…..

    Well, as Lao Tzu said, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Got to look to the bright side.

  15. As we become “more civilized” and get away from things that our grand (or great grand) parents had to do, we lose people.

    You have the people who see a slaughter of a cow or chicken for the first time and its “OMG! How can we do this?” but they had no problem going to buy that neatly wrapped package of beef or chicken from the grocery store the day before.

    They lost sight of the usefulness of guns being used in protection whether its from snakes, predators or rodents/varmints. They’re not used to having them around their house and now they fear what they don’t know.

    There are a lot of things that WE (people of the gun) take for granted in our knowledge and I’ve seen some posts here and other places that almost condemn or condescend to new gun users. Train! Train! Train!

    Get those “civilized” non-gun people to the range. Educate them. Teach them safety and techniques. Once they are more comfortable with guns, the fears go away.

    We have too many among our ranks who are too stupid, cocky, untrained, careless or some combination of those to be holding guns unsupervised. The ceilings at the local indoor ranges tell those stories.

    Idiots like these need to start over just like the newbies with safety training and learning RESPECT for what guns can do.

    Not blowing out ceiling tiles and yucking it up like drunken college students.(Yes this happened. Yes, the were told to GTFO by the range folks. And the range owners made sure they CLEARED their weapons an left)

  16. The most disgusting part of this entire story is that this bitch, and she IS a “bitch”, has been writing anti-gun pieces for the Red Star Liar (Star ledger) N.J.’s premier yellow sheet for years. This broad has NEVER failed to demonize and vilify owners of firearms in any of her scriblings which again proves the “dishonesty” of the media in general.

    Remember with Moslems prowling our communities seeking to kill us only Donald J. Trump has promised to sign “National Concealed Carry” into law if/when it reaches his Oval Office desk. Best Ted Cruz who championed INCREASED Moslem immigration to the USA stay in the senate and redeem himself by sheperding a “National Concealed Carry” Bill through both Houses of Congress.

  17. So she went to the big scary gun range and even fired a magic death ray and nothing happened. Welcome to reality.


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