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We won’t bother you with the specifics, but suffice it to say that, for his wretched excesses, bigotry, and bile, TTAG has officially banned Jimbo from further comments within our happy little TTAG family. Typically, when we have banned commenters in the past (to be fair, that’s only two times), we’ve done a little research on our offenders, and provided TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia with some details about them. There wasn’t much to go on in Jimbo’s case. In fact, we were unable to find out much about him at all, save the fact that he hails from the Land Down Under. Without an actual photograph, we were at a loss as to how to illustrate Jimbo’s fall from grace. Then our crack team of Photoshop experts went to work, creating this composite sketch of what we suspect Jimbo might actually look like. (Note his bringing a knife to a gun fight. Or site. Classic fail.)

So apologies to Paul Hogan and Bozo the Clown (the clown nose is also oddly appropriate, as they observe “Red Nose Day” down in the land of Oz, as a way to publicize SIDS), but we had to do what we had to do. The “Banned for Life” count now stands at 3. Here’s hoping we don’t have any more volunteers to join the TTAG history team any time soon.

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  1. I always wondered about him. His gravatar pic reminded me of a white supremacist flag I had seen on some intel report when I worked for the SO. His (now deleted) comments solidified my suspicions. Glad he’s gone.

  2. Absolutely crazy! I woke up late and blurry from a combination of a sleeping pill, morphine from an atmospheric-induced migraine and special anti inflammatories from my fracture site swelling up. In short, I was and am still very groggy. (To the positive side, I did have awesome dreams of my fantasy M1 carbine in .458 SOCOM!) Any who, I really thought I was dreaming the filthy ramblings I saw before me. I am no prude-I uniquely can cuss like a Marine, Sailor, Soldier and a biker. But the string of comments was so rambling, paranoid and interlaced with the filth of anti Semitism, basically just like a meth-induced ramblings of a white separatist nazi. I frankly expected it, sooner or later, after I first realized his icon had a nazi salute and a white power flag. I suppose he had to do meth, just like his hero, hitler, had his personal dr. inject him with meth. I recall reading how the storm troopers and the kamikazes were given heavy doses in the war that should have ended all this type of evil and despicable type of mentality. I feel there is nothing left to say but here’s to TTAG, for making this one less venue for scum like jimbo to spout his filth.

    • Cujo,
      Are you feeling better? I trust the medications are helping you out. We’ll say a prayer. My wife suffers from migraines so I can understand in an indirect way.

      I missed the miscreants ramblings, thankfully. You do what you gotta’ do to control the site.

      • Thanks. The weather wants to rain here, and it’s extremely hot-it makes my eye socket swell where the fracture is, giving me unholy migraines-even on the steady morphine. Normal day to day is ok, just headaches. We’ll make it, just need the rain and balance to the atmosphere. I’m raring to go to the range and to video some good stuff. I still think it is Al Gore operating a weather machine-because he is really an android created by a vengeful Jimmy Carter!

  3. Brad, You are gettin’ to be quite the ban artist. I remember I thought you were a little quick off the starting blocks with the first one, and not just ’cause he’s my co-blogger.

    Anyway, I’m sure you know what you’re doing. Don’t let that power go to your head. With each new one you ban you come closer to that tipping over point.

    • Mikey:

      No worries. We don’t wanna ban anybody. But if you saw what this guy wrote, you’d have banned him from your own site. We appreciate different points of view here at TTAG. (The place would get pretty boring pretty quick if we didn’t.) So feel free to comment, critique, criticize, and cajole all you want. Just keep it clean, and try to avoid personal attacks. Everybody does that, and we can have a lively site that keeps things Napalm-free.

    • “Brad, You are gettin’ to be quite the ban artist. I remember I thought you were a little quick off the starting blocks with the first one, and not just ’cause he’s my co-blogger. ”

      Past actions should have given him a preemptive ban. Either way, glad he’s gone.

  4. I must have missed the ramblings…. Did y’all just generally delete his comments even before he was banned?

      • So no stare decisis to guide our own wanders through the minefield of the comments section? I’ll have to keep the Obnoxious Meter set at 5, then, until further notice….:D

        • If you search “Jimbo” on the blog you might still be able to see one thing he wrote that may have been leading up to what got him banned… The general “theme” of his thinking is pretty clear… Also his avatar is some dude holding a white power flag and doing a nazi salute…


  5. i don’t even want to know what this guy was writing to be rightfully deserve this hosing, but if Cujo is right, I’m glad i never saw them or i might of gotten myself banned from attacking his HH nonsense.

  6. It was pretty awful. Imagine any seriously paranoid, anti-semitic, government-controlling-your-mind rant. Then add in enough invective to make a Master Chief PO blush. Just to finish off the fruitcake, toss in personal attacks against the writers and commenters and you will have what it was like.

  7. I have no sympathy for bigots. Even less for bigot conspiracy theorists. When you run across an example of one (which seems to me to be an anomaly thankfully) it really illustrates how much common ground the majority of the people on the so-called “right” and “left” actually have. Let’s not forget that.


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