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Although I started a website called The Truth About Cars, I am not autodidactic. I mean, it’s not like I watch a movie or TV show involving gunplay and shout “trigger discipline!” OK, I do, until Sam tells me to STFU. And sometimes after that as well. But I’m sticking to my guns on this one: Top Shot ought to offer a lot more in the way of insight into the shooting arts. Last night’s episode—challenging contestants to hit a 1000-yard target with a Barrett .50 in a 40 mph wind—was mildly entertaining. But non-gun people had no idea what skills were required to make the shot. Which made the contest seem kinda pointless. It was a teachable moment squandered for what? Survivor-like bitchiness. Shame. Nice tats though. [Tiger Valley training video above. $450 for a 3-Day course gets you trigger time on the Barrett.]

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  1. Wait, you mean I can’t just go out and make headshots at 1000 yds? I feel lied to by Top Shot, Call of Duty and Tom Berenger.

    Seriously though, education on the skill needed to make that shot or any highly skilled gun related task should be par for the course on any gun related show. It’s what separates fact from fiction and hopefully keeps people from getting their knowledge from playing team deathmatch on Black Ops.

  2. So how much does some time cost on a range like this?

    P.S. My buddy actually said, “I’m a legend of a sniper on Black Ops. So I must be able to do this for real. Right?” Took him to the range with a lowly 10/22 and taught him that it isn’t easy at all. Guess who my new range buddy is…he’s totally addicted now.

  3. “But non-gun people had no idea what skills were required to make the shot. Which made the contest seem kinda pointless.”

    ha my thoughts exactly. What was up with decision of who “won” shot the fastest not the most accurate? The air force sniper dude got it in ONE shot, and he lost. I am a top shot fan but their scoring criteria is ridiculous sometimes. It was amazing last night that Jay quit being a knucklehead actually listened to somebody who knew more than him practicing for the elimination round and……lost. That guy was easily the most irritating person on the show this year., he would not listen to the shooting coaches in practice, then complain about the quality of instruction. That dude is so full of himself for some random reason. The first time I saw him shoot a handgun, i burst out laughing.

    they need to GET RID of the survivor guy, he is so obnoxious, if i was not interested in seeing the guns they use and the challenges i would not watch it, that guy sucks big time.

  4. I can’t stand george’s cocky ass… but it was justified when he was on the barrett. Damn, son – even if you weren’t the fastest, you won as far as I’m concerned.

  5. The show is messed from the start based on the losing team gets the upperhand at all times. Not to mention that the so called best shots on there (the ones who think they are and have everyone else duped) get to sit out because of the losing teams pick sessions. I mean seriously. What is the point of the losing team getting such an advantage? Is it really so bad a thing that the losing team keep losing and eventually not exist at all? I mean that is what it is, right? It is a shooting competition isn’t it? Needless to say we have it set to record and when my wife now says, “Top Shot is there.” The reply is, “So?” This season took a major assdive.

  6. Top Shot, where they shoot like warriors and fight like little girls. Due to insomnia, I watched the entire episode when, damn, I could have just stared at the wall. There’s an hour I can never have back.

  7. I don’t know who drives me more insane, George or Jay. Guess it doesn’t matter since one of ’em is gone now, but they’re both arrogant @$$es. At least George can back up his talk but this old Marine finds it tiring. Reminds me of far too many Air Force SP-types I met, who for some reason felt like they had to talk a lot smack to impress us lowly jarheads. Don’t want to offend any USAF vets but that was my experience.

    And I don’t get his problem with the Navy guy, other than he doesn’t run his suck as much as the others. Hike up your skirts and get on the firing line.

  8. I watched the first season. It was ok. Watched the first episode of this season and that was enough for me. Shooting vids on Youtube are more entertaining than that show.

  9. i swear if they bring back the stupid axes and blowguns next season im gonna lose it. seriously nobody give a crap about those weapons. Why not have like a ww2 weapon showdown or something? that would be awesome a mp40 vs Thompson, stg44 vs bar, m1 & mosin nagant vs kar98 & Arisaka. Why not add selective fire into the mix instead of solely semi auto?What about different physical environments as well? i bet if they added snow it would really add a challenge.

  10. I noticed that this article was on my Zite (iPad news aggregator) page today. That’s pretty cool that your blog is going more mainstream.

  11. The show lost me when they were shooting an AR-15 (I think it was an AR) at plates at what appeared to be pistol range. Of course, guys still missed at that range, but still..

    Anyway, most people seem to think owning a gun=ability to hit target.

    I’m good with my 1911. I’m not fast, but I’m consistent.

    I’m getting better with my .308. I’m able to get three straight hits on a steel target at 550 yards shooting slightly uphill.

    I basically started from zero (Hadn’t been shooting in 20 years until I took it up recently) and have worked diligently to get better. And it’s taken me the better part of a year to get to where I am. I don’t have the resources to constantly practice.

  12. People, what’s with all the negativity? For all its flaws, this show is one of the best vehicles we have to demystify the ‘gun’ and proof that not all shooters are nut jobs.
    Think of all the teenagers watching this and discovering that guns are not scary but fun. They’re going to be the ones fighting for your 2nd amendment rights when we’ve fired our final shot.


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