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The anti-gun rights forces against whom we work on a daily basis — think the hoplophobic harridans at Moms Demand Action and brain-dead, know-nothing politicians whose dearest wish is to remake America in the image of our more sophisticated European betters — love to use euphemisms to hide what it is they’re really doing.

They can’t call it “gun control” because that smacks of a net reduction of freedom and doesn’t poll well. Instead, they use weasel words like “gun reform” or, our favorite, “gun safety,” to mask their campaigns.

Yet actual safety has nothing whatsoever to do with what it is they really want. They’re not out in flyover country (or anywhere else) promoting safe gun ownership, preaching The Four Rules, or teaching children what they should do if they come across an unsecured firearm.

And the mind-numbed millennial whiz kids who run our increasingly slanted social media platforms wouldn’t know a firearm from a firewall. All they know is, if it has anything to do with guns, they don’t want any part of it.

The Wall Street Journal documented some of this last week. In an article titled, Gun Safety Devices Get Caught in Online Advertising Bans, the WSJ described how makers of gun locks and other safety devices can’t get past social media’s blanket prohibitions on all things ballistic.

The WSJ’s Zusha Elinson notes the trouble gun lock maker Zore (read our review of their gun lock here) has had in trying to promote their gun safety products.

Digital marketing giants including Facebook Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google often reject marketing from companies like Zore, the maker of a high-tech, quick-release gun lock, due to policies intended to forbid ads for the firearms themselves, manufacturers of the devices say.

“It really blocked all the ways we wanted to get people,” said Eytan Morgenstern, Zore’s director of communications. “We’re selling to gun owners and they have to understand why it works.”

These companies are getting “swept up in the general prohibition on advertising firearms,” said Chuck Rossi, a former engineering director at Facebook.

“All of them are eligible for ads, but it’s a constant battle to get their ads through,” he said.

Apparently the geniuses who run Google and Facebook can’t manage to distinguish between an actual firearm and a device designed to secure one.

Now a maker of accessories for gun safes is having similar problems. Illinois-based Gun Storage Solutions makes products designed to make your gun safe more efficient and useable. That should encourage gun owners to keep (all) their firearms stored securely in a locked container when not in use, right? That would be something anyone would want to encourage, right?

Gun Storage Solutions doesn’t make guns, ammunition or anything else that might frighten a fragile millennial’s sensibilities. So you’d think the company would be able to advertise their products via the big book of faces. You’d be wrong.

Gun Storage Solutions has issued this press release . . .

Bloomington, IL – Gun Storage Solutions, manufacturer of gun safe accessories, has been shut down from advertising on Facebook.

Gun Storage Solutions manufactures products that aid in the safe storage of firearms within a gun safe. Their products Rifle Rods and Handgun Hangers will store a growing gun collection efficiently and safely within a small, secure space where the real estate is in high demand.

“The status of our advertising account with Facebook has been hit and miss for years because of confusion with whether or not we violate their policy on guns.” says Katie Stephey, Gun Storage Solutions VP of Marketing. “Ultimately our account has been blocked without further opportunity to appeal for our ads.”

It is no surprise that a privately owned company like Facebook has a strict policy against advertising the sale or use of firearms. However, Facebook is now discriminating against companies that provide products to help safely and securely store firearms.

With a mission to safely store firearms in a locked safe, out of the hands of criminals and curious children, why take away an advertising outlet from Gun Storage Solutions?

Gun Storage Solutions, and other companies that create products that work to preserve our civil right to bear arms, are all being swept up in this ban. Facebook is not the only culprit. Other large corporations give the illusion that they are doing what is necessary to fight gun violence. However, their answer is to undermine the Second Amendment by including manufacturers that increase the safety and security of gun ownership.

Gun Storage Solutions creates products that move us forward in retaining both our civil right to bear arms and to do so safely and responsibly. This advertising ban on gun safety products must end.

About Gun Storage Solutions

The mission of Gun Storage Solutions is to help gun owners develop a safe, usable, maximized storage space for your gun collection. Since 2008, this family owned and operated business has been making gun storage products for gun safes and display stands for gun retailers. Their products are made in Illinois and that is also where the family operates their business. Gun Storage Solutions is an American dream come to life.

This is a problem with which we can relate. TTAG and other firearms content publishers have had to deal with similar restrictions for years.

We don’t sell guns, gear, or anything else here. We just write about gun-related topics and review products. All of which is completely beyond the pale for young Master Zuckerberg and his multifarious minions. In their world view, that constitutes promoting the sale of firearms.

That’s why they throttle back distribution of our content on their platform to our 400,000+ followers and prohibit us from paying to promote it. Oh, and our tweets are also “shadow banned” on Twitter.

Such is life in the “progressive”-owned social media jungle.

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    • Google ‘VPN’, Tom.

      There are free ones available for when you are in a ‘blocked’ place like Home De(s)pot…

      • For the next time you’re waiting on a tool rental and want to kill some time watching some girl rent her throat out to a large tool.

      • Using a “free” VPNs is basically volunteering to have your online activity tracked in detail, it is not ‘private’ in any meaningful sense.

        If you’re not the customer, you’re the product.

      • Free VPN’s are pretty risky. Go with a paid one such as NordVPN. I am typing this at work using my VPN and have the ability to access gun sites without restriction (via a Chrome extension). I was unable to do this prior to getting a VPN.

      • Same thing happened to me when I was at the hospital waiting for hours while my wife was having surgery. I tried to access Kimber Talk and gunbroker while using their WiFi and they blocked me!, So I un-tethered from their network and used my unlimited data plan to access those sites. Mind you, this won’t work if you are deep into their radiation/MRI floor, those machines will interfere with the signal (well the one at our hospital is 3 floors underground, which is also a killer for cell signal). Anywhere else in the hospital was fine, I had great signal..

  1. There is no cure for stupid. Even smart people can be stupid. If that’s too much of an oxymoron.

  2. Boycott Facebook and Google. They are nothing but massive time wasters.Both will collapse the next time democrats get control of Congress and trash the economy again, their respective revenue is 75% and 90% advertising.

    • Yeah, right.

      Both companies make the revenue they do because it’s effective advertising. It’s effective because of all the data they collect on users.

      If Dems crash the economy Facebook and Google will just start outright selling user data to those very same Democrats.

    • THIS.

      Best advice I can give anyone these days is: 1. Cancel cable; 2. Get the hell off Facebook.

  3. Well, if y’all didn’t have any guns any more, y’all wouldn’t need accessories in your safe to store them! No accessories, no room for more guns. See? Accessories promote gun sales! BAN THEM!!!

  4. Need I repeat myself that “gun control/civilian disarmament” has never been about
    making our streets or communities safer, preventing violent crime, or public safety.
    No…..this anti-gun “LBJ/KGB” style political deceit is simply “class warfare/people
    control” personified!

    Klamath Falls Herald and News: Thursday, January 17th, 2019/Letters To The Editor
    ‘Petty tyrants’ want to take our guns

    Responding to, “Bill would require permits to buy guns, limit ammo”: Tuesday, Jan. 15 Herald and News, naturally angered, but didn’t surprise me. I predicted the socialist, elitist, Bolshevik legislators in Salem would perpetrate their anti-gun “class warfare/people control” agenda against autonomous Oregon gun owners.

    Jeffrey R. Snyder’s “A Nation Of Cowards: The Public Interest Quarterly 1993 states it best under, The Unarmed Life: The private ownership of firearms is a rebuke to this Utopian (socialist ) zeal. To own firearms is to affirm that freedom and liberty are not gifts of the state.

    “It is to reserve final judgment about whether the state is encroaching on freedom and liberty, to stand ready to defend that statement with more than mere words, and to stand outside the state’s totalitarian reach.”

    Freedom in America (and Oregon) is more than an illusion. Is further proof required the socialist treasonous elite in Salem want us common citizens disarmed? It doesn’t matter if firearm is a matchlock or flintlock musket, a handgun, or AR-15 type rifle: these petty tyrants don’t want us to own any firearm, period!

    Class warfare? Absolutely! Two Ashland Daily Tidings commentaries of mine bears this out. They include: : “Anti-gun agenda is class warfare” (Friday, Jan. 9, 2009) and “The war on America’s gun owners” (Monday, Aug. 3, 2009), respectively. These remain archived via the Ashland Daily Tidings at http://www.daily

    Finally, “Gun Confiscation for Dummies: ‘Red Flag’ Laws Are Glorified SWAT-ing: Sunday, Jan. 13, 2019, at http://www.thetruthaboutguns. A YouTube video courtesy of a pro-Second Amendment woman attorney is likewise posted at this same site and is titled: “Paying (bribing) states to confiscate guns.”

    Write and urge your local state representative/senator to oppose Senate Bill 501.

    James A. Farmer
    Merrill, Oregon (Klamath County)

  5. “Apparently the geniuses who run Google and Facebook can’t manage to distinguish between an actual firearm and a device designed to secure one.”

    They want guns barred, and looking as dangerous as possible for their “Ban All The Things!” So getting rid of anything that makes guns easier, more precise, more controlled, etc. feeds their agenda.

    Perfectly consistent. Just like spouting correlations like “first-aid kit owners eleventy-seven % more likely to experience dangerous injuries.” Obviously, first-aid kits cause injuries. Or people who buy them are deplorable whack-job, wanna-be danger-clingers. Or, maybe prudent people exposed to injury risk get first-aid kits; hoping they don’t have to use them, but glad to have the tools if they do. Prudent people like farmers — it’s dangerous work. Constructions sites. Factory floors. Commercial kitchens. You know, places where people do things vs. talk in offices about things other people do.

  6. A recent despot in Germany wished to remove all guns from his “society” ; it did not work out for him and it will be less successful in The US! Any brain dead idiot that would foolishly try this maneuver in this country would be looking at the wrong end of countless firearms and pitchforks; you will find me easily, I’ll be in the front line, I’ll be the one with a double barrel Parker 12, a sidearm, and an NRA hat.

    • Not only will the demo’s still have their guns, what about the body guards? I say if they take our guns,
      they give up their body guards first. No one talks about the protection they have at our cost, but they
      do not want us to have any. Obama has more body guards than any President before him. Nancy
      Pelosi, Diane feinstein, Chuck Schumer, all of them have body guards, armed ones at that and all
      those people named have firearms. Are they going to give them up and get rid of their body guards, NO!
      We are the ones going to the gallows. Look at all the shootings we have had in the last year and where
      they are at. In areas of no resistance or armed opposition and look at L.A., Chicago, New York. Areas
      of the most gun control laws and they have the most violence. That shows that gun control laws do not work. But the real reason they want gun control is for just that, CONTROL! The dem’s or the left cannot
      have full control until we are disarmed, then it is too late. Look at history, Stalin, Hitler, and the list goes on.
      But as I said, once we are disarmed, it is too late, good by FREEDOM. J,D.

  7. I hear the Libertarians say this is a wonderful example of multi billion dollar private companies, practicing their freedom to not associate.

    Of course they are the only game in town. Does anyone still use MySpace?

  8. How does this compare with forcing a baker to make a cake for a gay couple?
    Just some food for thought….

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