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Ilhan Omar Anti-Semite
courtesy CBS News

Rebukes of members of Congress come very few and far between. So when the House Democrat leadership called out freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar (D, Minnesota) for her anti-Semitic remarks yesterday, it made newsOmar soon apologized, sort of. Yet in her “apology” she made sure to complain about the NRA’s constitutional right to lobby for its members’ interests.

The new Congresswoman from Minneapolis has a demonstrated track record of anti-Semitism. This latest slur follows another a couple of weeks earlier. And the Congresswoman seems quite proud of it judging by her tweet: “Listening and learning, but standing strong.”

The attacks on the NRA’s lobbying efforts is par for the Democrat course.

…I reaffirm the problematic role of lobbyists in our politics, whether it be AIPAC, the NRA or the fossil fuel industry.

In a surprise to exactly no one, she thinks as much of Americans’ gun rights as she does of Jews. Her website’s page on gun control begins with this fairy tale:

More Americans have been killed with guns in the United States than have died in all our wars combined.

And it only goes downhill from there.

  • Individuals with guns injure more than 100,000 per year and kill more than 30,000 a year through homicides, suicides, and accidental deaths
  • Gun violence costs our economy at least $229 billion every year, including $8.6 billion in direct expenses such as for emergency and medical care.
  • Nearly two-thirds of Americans support a ban on the sale of assault weapons as well as high-capacity magazines or clips that can hold 10, 30, 50, or 100 bullets at a time

If “gun violence” costs the US $229 billion each year, then gun ownership must save many times that. After all, good guys with guns thwart between 1.1 and 2 million crimes each year in defensive gun uses. Those DGUs save countless lives and untold amounts of emergency and medical care.

This is the first I’ve heard of two-thirds of Americans supporting a ban on magazines that hold 10 rounds. But Congresswoman Omar doesn’t cite her sources.

But what do you expect from a woman dogged by persistent claims that she married her brother in order to commit immigration fraud? And (alleged) student loan fraud.

Once more, we have a gun-hating radical using the deaths of criminals and suicides to justify her attempts to disarm America’s good guys. Of course, she does this from behind the armed security at the U.S. Capitol.

Meanwhile, America’s Jews, in particular, should embrace their gun rights – especially as insurance against anti-Semites. We’ve seen what happens in a nation where Jews lost their right to own firearms and no one wants that repeated.

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  1. These rising star dems are a riot. The real tragedy is for every “it’s the joos!” and train ride across the Atlantic there are tens of thousands of screaming NPC’s shouting agreement. Seeing all the supporting “yeah, what about that Israel lobby?” tweets from the left should be a wake up call for all those “progressive” Jewish people out there.

    The left wants badly to eat somebody: the rich, white people, straight people, Christians, gun owners, free speech proponents and now Jews. We’ve gone so far that only blood will satisfy them.

    • The “Progressive” Jews are the ones importing Islamist rapists, murderers, and terrorists in order to destabilize Western nations. They figure they’ll escape the new caliphate’s troops when they come for them.

      • In this case it’s the Lutherans who are to thank for dumping the Somalis in Minnesota. They found there was government graft to be had importing third world savages who loathe our culture into America’s heartland and embraced it with a passion. Dumping the human garbage of the world in American towns and cities has become lucrative enterprise funded by the tax payers of this country. Frankly, if I were looking to destroy a nation from within I don’t think I could come up with a better method.

        • I would like to thank the Libertarians, Liberals, and the Left who ALL support open borders. They totally support this woman and her family coming here. Also special acknowledgement to atheists and homosexuals who also support open borders.

          All of them want to prove they are not bigots, by importing dark skinned bigots. In their mind they want a racial balance of bigots in this country.

        • I read comments so similar to these on almost every conservative web site and, surprisingly, the people don’t seem to be the same. The passion, anger and disgust supported by citations from reliable sources seem to be the same. So I am wondering…

          …when do be organize? We must not wait too long because we want a chance to change what will appear to be a historical moment when our country’s course will appear to change. Because it will be a hard pill for us to swallow, we should have political guidance and support, and a direction and not be herded into the trains . Or, alternatively, if we wait too long we will be Europanized so quickly we won’t know what hit us. The Globalists in the UN just issued international restrictions on guns, etc. They have obviously planned our demise. The Globalists are hard at work to to convince the government that our guns are dangerous and should be confiscated. We must be organized to protect our Constitution and Bill of Rights etc. before the Dems can carry us off in the RR cars.

          I know it seems too soon to contemplate our own enclaves like the Dems have created in their Sanctuary cities. We need many places where we, too, can develop our organization, the rules of the society we create, etc. it is too easy to turn off the internet and isolate us, so we must begin the trip, once more, quite honestly, to independence.

    • She’s just another moron making moronic statements. Never understood the whole antisemitic thing. They are surrounded on three sides by our enemies with their back to the sea. And they’ve won every war. Without us sending a single troop to Israel. Oh, there is no Z.O.G. Those that think there is are as stupid as Omar. After all, Jesus was a Jew. Judge people individually.

  2. The modern democrat party are THE domestic enemies our Founders warned us about. Sadly (😢) the literal genocide of these terrorists, in DEFENSE of our Constitutional Republic, is both unavoidable and entirely and unequivocally justifiable. And these filthy, subhuman, Liberal Terrorists™️ will have no one else to blame but themselves.

  3. I hate our laws that allow foreigners with hostile attitudes to American way of life to come here and then become rulers over us. Something wrong with this system.

        • NO, they don’t rule over us. They are elected legislators and they govern with our consent. They can be sent to Washington and they can be dumped the next election cycle. Recalled if they really piss us off.

        • @huntmaster:

          In theory, all of that is true. In practice, for a large number of districts (mine included), it’s effectively a choice between a barely tolerable a-hole and someone even worse.

        • California’s Global-Socialists have enacted laws that have made it all but impossible for any party other than the Democratic Party to take the majority. Representative government does not exist in California anymore. It sucks that this is happening in our lifetime…that We The People may have to rise up against these Global-Socialists to retake our Constitutional Republic. Let’s just hope we can turn this around before it gets that bad.

  4. Here is excerpt from her apology:
    BLAH, BLAH, BLAH…Some of my best friends are Jewish…BLAH, BLAH, BLAH….
    Chuck, Nancy, did i do right?

    • Amen in America we believe in GOD and his son JESUS Christ and if that offends anyone who is here in our country then maybe it’s time you get because we don’t want you here anyways. This is America we love our Constitution and the laws it has. We will not tolerate this corrupt government to try and take our rights to bear arms from us. So I urge all that work in our government to stop trying to take our guns and our rights. And start standing up to the OATH you swore to uphold. That is the Constitution of the United States Of America so for those in government start doing you F*#kin’ job and kick these foreigners out of our government they are not Americans they are terrorests.

    • You’re thinking the exact same thing I am.

      Somewhere, a ficus plant is wondering what it did to deserve her attention…

  5. This is why Islam is inherently incompatible with America. The 1st amendment protects RELIGIONS, not genocidal cults.

    • +1

      But if you can have pro-choice Catholics you can certainly have freedom loving Muslims. Of course, they’ll be the first ones to get beheaded when there’s finally enough Muslims in this country to start the revolution.

      • I remember one ISIS tied businessman in Albany would smuggle cigarettes from the south and sold them with fake NY tax stamps, got caught by trying to sell a stinger to an FBI undercover. Oh and the (forget which durka organization) training camp out in the Catskills for insurgents but yes religion of peace don’t be so islamaphobic/racist/privileged. Is it bad I just hope NH or WY is still nice when I near retirement?

  6. She should be removed from Congress and sent back to Somalia as it appears her citizenship is questionable. She would find out very quickly what her Al Shabaab homies do to an attractive woman with an uncontrolled mouth and no gun to protect herself. It’s worse than pitiful that she does not understand this.

    • Or ISIS (Islamic State in Somalia, it’s a thing).

      Take a line East to West and draw it at the Southern border of Egypt and then do the same with the Northern boarder of Mozambique. Various Jihadist organizations control an awful lot of what falls between those lines as well as some areas outside them.

      Africa is going to become a serious problem in this regard and do so really rather soon as these groups solidify and coalesce to control a huge part of that continent.

      • Divide and conquer. Play on the divisions. Sunni vs Shia, Arabs vs Turks vs Asians, Wahabbies vs everyone else.

        And also play on their hypocrisy. Given the supposed reverence for the prophet, who wasn’t even dead when his closest followers started arguing among themselves over his final revelation and succession, the House of Saud had the Prophet’s house destroyed to install a car park and turned the Prophet’s daughter’s house into a public toilet.

        The area around the Kabbalah, the holiest site in Islam, looks like a combination of Las Vegas and Disneyland that is under construction.

  7. If she is pushing “othering” Jews and those who wish to posses firearms to defend themselves with, then perhaps instead of being Moslem, she really worships Satan. Disarm the good people so that the evil ones do not have to worry about consequences for their actions.

        • This reminds me of the tune that ditty goes to. That reminds me of a far dirtier ditty that goes to a similar tune.

          Altered slightly it becomes rather blasphemous in Islam.

          Floating down the river on the back of a door/
          Just me, Mohammed and a two dollar whore… eh, serge probably knows there this is going.

  8. The NRA supports our Second Amendment. Not sure what fossil fuel industry has to do with it being lumped in there. I agree she should go back to her sh*thole country if she does not like our Constitution and Bill of Rights that she swore to uphold as part of her oath of office,

    • Heck- after her little anti-NRA rant I’d think you, Grn Mt Boy and some others around here would be sending her campaign money.

  9. And, you ignorant dink, abortions take 800,000+ per year. Of course, without firearms Muslims might have an easier time trying to Mohammedize the world.

  10. I think she needs to read the data on deaths rates in the USA before she spots out misinformation. But, misinformation is the game they play.

  11. Only sick crazy jihads would elect Ilhan Omar to Congress… to become potus to make the USA their Caliphate through open borders and billions of muslims swarming in…. and Congress/Potus becoming 51-100% believers of the Quran…..

    We either wise up or get taken over little by little 1 piece @ a time.

    We will all be disarmed and commit to Allah or get executed. But, what the hell.. we will all die cuz people r to lazy to read.

    Quran (2:244) – “Then fight in the cause of Allah, and know that Allah Heareth and knoweth all things.”

    Quran (3:56) – “As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help.”

    Quran (3:151) – “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah.

    Quran (8:39) – “And fight with them until there is no more fitna (disorder, unbelief) and religion is all for Allah”

    So peaceful……………………

  12. “Her website’s page on gun control begins with this fairy tale: More Americans have been killed with guns in the United States than have died in all our wars combined.”

    Works if you forget about the Civil War. I guess those were Americans killed with guns in the United States… except they weren’t united.

  13. Man she’s full of hate…do you suppose she was mulitated back in Somalia?!? Hating on jooz and the NRA. YIKES😋😩😏

        • Yeah- you’d think their guys would just shut off their menstral cycles. (BTW- those don’t run on fossil fuel…)

          And who in the hell would want to “earn” 72 virgins, especially if you had to live with them??? Someone on the rag to deal with all the time. And then comes menopause x 72…

        • My translation of all that is that it was never mentioned that in 1000 years, all 72 will still be virgins, each demanding attention 24 hours a day. At a volume of 10X. And that each martyr will receive the *same* 72 virgins, will be kept in cages for the virgins’ entertainment.

  14. This virulent anti-Semite became a U.S. citizen and was elected to Congress without ever learning the Constitution or becoming inculcated in American culture and history. That is the real shame.

  15. We offered her people sanctuary and safety from the horrors of their native lands and she repays us by disrespecting our country and insulting our allies. And she wants to take apart our constitution.
    Think about this next time we rescue cultures incompatible with ours.

        • Working for me. Check to be sure- there are now 3 boxes to check. Plus you can opt to have the thread save your info so you don’t have to re-enter it.

          A real improvement, Dan. Thanks!

        • I’ll bite.

          Sumbitch, it works! The key is clicking that box to save your entries, then you get edit, as well. And I’m not seeing a time limit tho there must be one.

        • Now, if it’ll just continue to send emails concerning “replies” to each thread. Ya wanna talk “incrementalism”? 🙂

  16. Despite her being a leftist retard, she is right about AIPAC. They do have WAY too much influence on our politics. They are an “Israel-first” organization, and the fact that they don’t register as a foreign agent is morally and ethically wrong. Pointing this out, which is what her initial comments did, is NOT anti-semitic.

    “Anti-semitism” today is just a scapegoat response by American Jews to be used against those who don’t serve Jewish interests.

    I almost gained some respect for her… and then she tried to sleaze her way out of it and brought up “muh-evil NRA/fossil fuels!”, which proves she’s not only an idiot, but a coward as well.

    • If one accepts the premises of an ignorant foreign ideology it’s reasonable to expect other ignorant and irrational ideas will be adopted, too. Also consider how Omar/Tlaib/AOC made it into office. It’s reasonable to expect those warped views are shared by many others because they obviously vote.
      Now imagine an alternative reality where those values and views are in the majority. The anti-Jewish commentary will only be the beginning manifestations of a problem we’ve dealt with before.

    • They certainly did not have “too much” influence between 2009 and 2017, Barack Osama was so anti-Semitic it was (is) ridiculous. Whenever Israel was attacked either politically or physically, he advised Israel to “be nice” and to “give your enemies whatever they want”, while praising the mongrels shooting rockets at them, or whatever.

      • Edit button was there, but resulted in “you don’t have permission … etc”

        This edit works, info was preloaded, all works good.

  17. Remember when the NRA HUNTERS were cool with “No one needs 30 rounds”?
    Now the Democrat Sharia ISIS Congresswoman wants to ban 10 rounds. Next will be their 4 round 300 Win Mag HUNTING Bolt-Action Rifles.
    Anything that makes it easier for her ISIS from Somalia to behead you.

    • The implication is that there are a lot of people in Minnesota who agree with her. It’s pretty scary stuff.

      • You can find where they’re located by simply looking at demographic data from a heat map of the 2016 Presidential Election.

  18. TTAG Excerpt:

    Meanwhile, America’s Jews, in particular, should embrace their gun rights – especially as insurance against anti-Semites. We’ve seen what happens in a nation where Jews lost their right to own firearms and no one wants that repeated.
    You mean like Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, California, etc…Places rated high on that Gilford gun control map…

  19. Wow. That comment was not anti-semitic at all. Yes there’s a Trope of Jews being accused of being money-hungry, that does not mean accusing someone of supporting Israel for profit is anti-Semitic…

  20. Great example of the classic political approach: redirect and deflect. Pretty transparent. I thought these freshman Dems would bring something new to the game? Guess not.

  21. Like all Muslim women the husband or man is calling the shots behind the scene’s! She does not stand for my Values nor any thing American she does not understand us nor like us but the F’ing Democrat’s like her especially Being Elliason ‘smain squeeze!

  22. I wonder if anti civil rights Jewish lawmakers will now forgive her because they are as anti gun civil rights as she is? It seems they can both agree on something.

    I don’t give, ANYONE, a pass when it comes to being a gun grabber.

  23. The Demoncrats are Bill of Rights trashing freedom haters. The are unfit to serve. They are violating the Second Amendment!

  24. Exactly what does this waste of skin have to do to escorted out of Congress, and our country? She hates everything and everyone not Muslim, and they’re giving her a soapbox. And please stop comparing all Jews to Schumer.

  25. Oh, that’s the solution….stab someone, (or shoot or be-head them), and then apologize for that action. RIGHT!!! I’m sorry for what I did, But I STILL FEEL THE SAME !!!….”.My attitude hasn’t changed. (I just made that apology for political expediency”…… Let us save ourselves from ourselves, quickly, before we all fall victim to our misdirected. obstructionist lawmakers who are satisfied in just collecting a paycheck.( Excuse me…there are a few exceptions). LET THEM BE INFLUENTIAL IN PASSING ALONG THE CONSTITUTION AS IT IT NOW WRITTEN.

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