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Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (MDA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, the “kindler gentler” anti-gun organization formed after Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns failed to generate positive PR. In other words, MDA is Bloomberg’s third attempt to convince Americans to support civilian disarmament. If you judge Moms by its mainstream media coverage, it’s been third time lucky for the billionaire ballistic bully boy. And yet . . .


MDA is a clearly an Astroturf organization. Its “members” are non-dues paying social media warriors; a real world MDA rally usually consists of a few dozen participants. Compare that with an NRA or other gun rights rally, where hundreds, sometimes thousands of dues-paying members assemble to assert their gun rights. Without the NRA or deep-pocketed media mogul buying them identical T-shirts or subsidizing their travel expenses.

And so today is Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense “Day of Action” – wherein MDA “members” will rally on Capitol Hill – promises to be another in a long line of damp squibs – that garners plenty o’ mainstream media attention. Thanks, in part, to the org’s new public face, Andy Parker. The father of murdered journalist Alison will wave the bloody shirt for MDA’s #WhateverItTakes DC rally, one of an unknown number of #WhateverItTakes rallies “around the country.”

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 9.45.56 AM

As TTAG previously pointed out, the #WhateverItTakes campaign is a new and ominous meme. It projects both increasing desperation and unalloyed fanaticism, a willingness to operate outside the law. In an article on the MDA-lovin’ Huffington Post, MDA founder Shannon Watts revealed the psychology underlying the antis’ increasingly ineffective efforts.

I think I speak for many American moms and dads when I say the unceasing gun violence this summer has left me angry and scared. Every day, I shed tears because I’m worried about the safety of my children. My husband, John, tells me the gun violence prevention work I do clouds my judgment — that we’re safe and our five children will be okay.

Shannon’s kids live in a lily-white, crime-free Indianapolis suburb. No one in the pro-gun camp is voicing a promise of potential violence. [NOTE: the NRA’s famous “from my cold dead hands” vow is a defensive posture.] While there’s nothing stopping Ms. Watts from purchasing a firearm for self-defense, or re-tasking her armed bodyguards to protect her progeny, relatively speaking, her kids are safe. Her mental stability, not so much.

Which brings us back to Mr. Parker, a former TV actor and failed Virginia anti-gun politician.

(courtesy Everytown for Gun Safety)

Parker’s high-profile efforts to promote gun control laws – which wouldn’t have saved his beloved daughter – will create what Margaret Thatcher called “the oxygen of publicity.” But they will not move the needle on gun control. The schadenfreude that forms the foundation of his tragically reinvigorated anti-gun crusade, the idea that “this could be you,” guarantees that Americans will continue to take up arms in their own defense – as they have in record numbers in response to “the unceasing gun violence this summer.” Again, here’s Ms. Watts:

What I know all too well from my work with Moms is that we’re all just one degree of separation from a gun violence tragedy. None of us are truly safe given our culture of guns for anyone, anywhere, anytime — no questions asked. Andy Parker knows that now, as do all of the heroic survivors I work with every day.

See how that works? Watts, Parker, Bloomberg, Ladd Everett and the rest of the anti-gunners depend on the same fear that drives the NRA, GOA and other gun rights groups. The key difference: Americans are self-reliant. Yes, the so-called “dependency culture” is alive and well – enabled by both Democrats and Republicans. But the public knows in its bones that NRA Veep Wayne LaPierre is right: the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.


It could be the police. But then again, maybe not. In terms of Alison Parker’s horrific end, ipso facto when it comes to protecting their own life, the lives of loved ones and the lives of other innocent life, tens of millions of Americans understand that “whatever it takes” means armed self-defense.

[Please click here (on TTAG’s server) to download and print the Everytown for Gun Safety poster, snap a selfie with the poster with your thoughts (guns welcome!) and send  it to [email protected]. Click here for our Facebook photo gallery of pro-gun pics.]

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  1. They need some “action.”

    Their “I hate people’s rights” campaign is meeting a lot of resistance. It would be more rewarding if they focused on the concept of responsibility and justice. Kind of like how it is not just to hold people responsible for the actions of others. Nobody is interested in their slave polices.

    • Watts, at least, doesn’t feel a damn thing, except the warm satisfaction of a fat paycheck. This is a PR gig for her, one of many PR gigs she has had.

  2. #whateverittakes …unless it takes being responsible for your own safety, or owning/carrying a gun, or self-reflection, or not being part of the problem, or applying logic in place of emotion, or doing something more than using a hashtag and taking a selfie.

    • Ha! Absolutely what I just was about to type. If it truly was whatever it took, than defending yourself from armed criminals, or taking responsibility for being safe with a tool should be on the list.

  3. A couple of days ago I actually looked into the hashtag on Twitter and Facebook.
    Seems about 90% sports related, 5% MDA and 5% random.

  4. That kid in the third picture looks like he wants to be anywhere but there! I can just hear his nagging mother harping on him to “just sit still, dammit, mommy needs a nice one!”
    Also, Parker looks like a scary, totalitarian Art Garfunkle impersonator in that pic.

  5. Looks like the Lefties are trying to gin up gun and ammo sales again, I am beginning to think they have invested in an array of gun companies and want to boost sales to boost stock prices. They will then do their profit taking in the Spring of 2017.

  6. I work one block from the capitol. As of 12:30 there are exactly zero “protesters” that I can see. Maybe they are on the other side of the building, but as of yet, zilch.

  7. But, but, but, what action is Congress not listening too? What do you want them to do? Are you asking them to dismember the Constitution? You do realize what you ask?

    Congress is doing something, they are protecting the Rights of the People from those who don’t respect it.

  8. Hijack their hashtag. Take photos of firearms-related things and post to Instagram & Twitter with the caption containing the phrase #whateverittakes …

  9. Like Shannon’s first marriage, another failure.

    Wonder if Bloomy will change his tune now that ISIS has identified him and warren buffet, bull gates, and other reslly rich dudes as targets for assassination? Or maybe he thinks his bald headed guards will be able to stop an attack without good guys with guns nearby (ie, Texas).

    Oh well. I am in DC now. No Shannon sighting. Damn

  10. “Every day, I shed tears because I’m worried about the safety of my children.”

    Virtually impossible to boo hoo everyday about safety of your children. More likely knocking back a few drinks cause the kids wear you out on a daily basis.

  11. “My husband, John, tells me the gun violence prevention work I do clouds my judgment”
    -the Hysterical Mother

    What judgment? Seriously, Hysterical Mothers Demanding Attention has become synonymous with failure under the Hysterical Mother’s leadership. If not for Shannon’s Sugar Daddy’s cash and media connections she would be sitting in a dark smokey bar with her cat loving minion muttering into her glass.

  12. “…we’re all just one degree of separation from a gun violence tragedy.” Agreed. Especially concerning workplace violence, like what got the reporters killed. I spent money, got a CCW permit, lessons and handguns for just this reason.

  13. Wait a damn minute here. “..the same fear that drives the NRA, GOA and other gun rights groups. “?

    My gun ownership and preparedness are not fear based. Instead they are prudent precautions. I am not afraid my house will catch fire, but I still carry insurance.

    The opposition already paints us as a bunch of paranoid loosers. Let’s not fuel that fire.

  14. “Every day, I shed tears because I’m worried about the safety of my children. My husband, John, tells me the gun violence prevention work I do clouds my judgment — that we’re safe and our five children will be okay.”

    Any bets on how long before he gets fed up with her crap and leaves her?

  15. They are ignoring you because you are the minority of America. And just like a liberal gun grabber to use their “indoctrinated” child as their face of oposition. If he is sad when people aren’t safe he will forever be sad regardless the amount of gun control.

  16. I am tired of the fact that all because a woman can open her legs, accept the genetic material of a man, not exercise her “choice” to abort it, that I must have my Constitutional rights infringed upon, pay taxes to educate her crumb crunchers and most likely pay for the welfare services provided to their families.

    Getting knocked up doesn’t make you special or power to deny me my rights. Stop using your children as pawns.

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