This morning, TTAG’s Deal Desk received news of a sale on IMI Systems ammunition at Midway USA. How does 15% off plus free shipping on high-quality Israel Military Industries gun food sound? Head over to Midway USA for the details.


  1. I can’t speak for all calibers, but I know their 308 rounds were too weak to cycle the action on my new AR10. Check Midway’s reviews on their website if you don’t believe me..

  2. Is this the same company that makes the Independence brand XM193 ammo imported by Federal? I had good luck with it as practice ammo when I first got my AR. No dented cases, unlike a lot of the Federal stuff at Walmart, and it shot clean and was reliable. Based on recoil, it seemed to be a little ‘hotter’ than some other brands I tried. However, the LGS guys told me it was not good for long range shooting due to inconsistent velocity. I remember trying to check this out online and found a test of a bunch of brands of 5.56 ammo where the Independence did have the widest velocity spread of all the brands tested.This was a few years ago and I’m not sure if it is still an issue.


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