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From the You have to give the gun credit for coming clean and saving the city the cost of the trial.

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  1. $2300 for a full auto machine gun? A bargain at twice the price!
    I hope Mr Uzar thinks 30 years in the slammer was worth the pidly amount of money he made.

  2. If only there was a law to ban that kind of thing,then the kids would be safe.

    Oh.There already is one.


    • It’s not a typo, it’s a joke. Read the headline again. Read the part before the comma as an independent clause. Whaddya get? “Stamford gun pleads guilty.”

      Well, if ya hafta explain a joke . . . .

  3. Today we’ve got a gun in the boycott article that “kills…all by itself.” Here we have one that pleads guilty. I want the one that does all the work and pleads not guilty, preferably with a nickel-boron finish, so I don’t even have to clean it.

  4. See. That’s why i like guns, they’re very responsible. The toaster would have tried to pin it on the waffle iron. They’re always arguing.


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