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“I have never heard of these Para-Ordnance guns before, but they sound even more terrifying than the glock and special 38 assault weapons we read so much about. Hopefully this isn’t the start of even more danger than those have already wreaked.” reader ProgressiveMemphian commenting on a story at about seized illegal guns.

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  1. This sounds so stupid, I can only assume it was posted by a troll. Maybe I have too much faith in humanity to not produce offspring this inept and stupid that has somehow survived long enough to have written that sentence.

    • Yep. “ProgressiveMemphian” is a troll. Trolls make outrageously stupid comments, knowing it will create a sh**storm, and they never return to defend their idiocy.

  2. I’ve found most people I encounter are stupid. I mean seriously stupid. Critical thinking and research need not apply. Just remember that next time you see what looks like a troll posting. It might be a troll, but there are plenty of stupid people in the world.

  3. In the comments section of the newspaper story a bunch of folks took the “scary Para-Ordnance” poster out behind the woodshed and schooled him a bit.

  4. I meet a lot of people whose only knowledge of firearms comes from the News Media and the TV Shows/Movies they see. The stupidity part begins with viewing these sources as providing valid information.
    Many are receptive to having the misinformation they have accepted corrected and are often grateful for it. Ignorance and “disinformation” sure sounds, looks and smells like stupidity. Some people willfully cling to their bad information and you cannot help them to “know better”. I have met fewer of the willfully stupid by far than those who are just misinformed.

  5. I think that Para prices are scary. Otherwise, it’s just a gun. Terrifying? Geez, where do they find these bozos?

  6. ProgressiveMemphian is a perfect example of why only people who are registered and properly trained should be allowed to reproduce.

    • There is a valid argument there. We can all quote the amendment that allows us to own guns, and we had to register for that in one way or another. I don’t remember a right to bear and keep kids. 🙂

      • It was in the Declaration of Independence but didn’t get mentioned in the Bill of Rights; had to wait for the 14th amendment.

        (One interpretation of “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”)

  7. That poster has 731 comments total, since Sept 2010. I scrolled through the first page full of his comments, and easily 90% or more are rabidly anti-gun. The remaining few concern global warming and his objections to voter ID laws.

    Someone else in the comments on this story referred to him as a “paid troll” and that may be true. His posts are startlingly consistent. I saw the phrase “glocks, special 38s and the other assault weapons” in at least a half dozen other posts.

  8. When you stare into the Para-Ordnance, the Para-Ordanace stares back into you.

    Maybe it would help the commenter be more comfortable if he knew Para-Ord was a Canadian company up until recently? I mean, Canadian…how much more comforting and non-threatening to a lefty soul can something “Canadian” be?

    Don’t tell them, of course, that the Canadian federal government is more conservative and more fiscally responsible than our own, or that their health care system is coming apart and they are considering reintroducing private health care just to unload the system, or that Canadians in wartime have the reputation of fighting like rabid badgers. That would be piercing the bubble a little to much.

  9. I just have to get this out of my system…Without extra gun smithing done to them Para’s suck. That is all.

  10. I live in Memphis and read the Commercial Appeal. The articles’ comment sections are often filled with gold like this (and worse, if you can believe it). They are a regular source of both entertainment and a feeling of hopelessness.

  11. I’m scared of owning a Para-Ord.

    I’ve heard a lot of stories on the Internets about their unreliability, and the fact that they don’t issue an express warranty makes me a bit suspicious.

  12. In tribute I will pack mt P-13 to church tonight, That would be my 13-round Para Ordinance 45….yes it is listed on my CA CCW…

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