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When a gun sucks so hard it blows, TTAG tells you so, straight up. When a gun exceeds expectations and impresses us as a thing of beauty, precision and craftsmanship, we sing its praises. To wit: we adored the Henry Big Boy .44 Magnum rifle. But I did experience one small problem: the rear sight ramp kept sliding loose under the rifle’s surprisingly stout recoil. I emailed Henry Repeating Arms Co. on August 25th to ask about a repair, using the ‘Contact Us‘ page on Henry’s website, and I told them what was wrong with the rifle . . .

Henry emailed me back right away. They told me that the replacement Marbles rear sight would be on its way, no questions asked. They were as good as their word: the replacement was postmarked four days later, and it showed up in my mailbox yesterday. It’s on the gun. No more slip sliding away. Problem solved.

To paraphrase Vince Lombardi, customer service isn’t everything. It’s the only thing. What’s the bet Henry’s looking into a long-term solution to the rear sight ramp problem, to reduce its parts replacement and mailing costs and increase customer satisfaction? And what’s the bet that Henry customers are the company’s best (and least expensive) salesmen?

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  1. Henry’s service is the best. I have a .22 lever I’ve had forever. It never loaded hollow point well, so I just quit shooting HPs. Recently I was given 3 500 count boxes of .22 HPs so I got motivated to fix it. I discovered a problem with the plastic carrier inside the rifle. It needed a new carrier. My rifle is an older one, about 10 years . A lot of those guns had plastic carriers, barrel bands, and front sights. I had been disappointed in that for years,. One email and a phone call got me exactly what I needed. And the phone call was to report that I had fixed my issue and no longer needed the parts. All the plastic parts were replaced in steel at no charge on a 10 year old rifle. Had the package in 2 days.

    Then 1 day later I received a 2nd set of parts. I guess because I communicated with 2 people I got 2 orders shipped. It was a fluke, I’m sure, but it did feel like they were just beating down the door to get me what I needed.

    I’ll definitely get another Henry, this time in .17 cal.

  2. I bought a Henry Big Boy rifle in .44 magnum this year and had no such problem with the sight, so hopefully it was an isolated issue for you. Henry makes some beautiful guns, right here in the USA, and for not a heck of a lot.

  3. I don’t own one and I’ve never fired one but the Henry rifles I’ve fondled were extremely fondle-worthy. I hear nothing but good about them and the company.

    My only reservation is the way they load. I’d prefer to stay as far as possible from the business end of a gun I’m using (except when cleaning, of course; but that’s cleaning and maintenance, not normal usage).

    Still, it’s on the list.

  4. If you’re interested in a Henry, you owe it to yourself to borrow one and try it before you say never.

    I didn’t like the tube-loading at first, but it didn’t turn out to be as bad as I thought. Topping off a partially loaded magazine is an absolute no-go, but filling up an empty tube is only slightly slower (and is actually more comfortable) than using a Marlin or Winchester loading gate.

    I love lever guns, but I don’t like unloading live rounds from ANY of them (except maybe a box-fed BLR) because I don’t like cycling them through the action. With the Henry, you can tilt the receiver sideways and drop the live rounds out the ejection port *without* having to actually chamber them.

  5. Have 2 Henry’s and both are great! I had a question about the LOP being a little long on the Carbine w/ large loop lever for my girlfriend to operate. The owner of Henry emailed me directly and promised to ship the “youth” sized butt stock free of charge! When I opened the box it contained the new stock, a Henry coffee mug, a Henry Thinsulate knit hat and some Henry decals for the safe door. I am H4L now thanks to Anthony Imperato and his great company Henry Repeating Arms. The absolute best customer appreciation in the industry.

  6. I have a .22 lever gun from Henry. About a week after I bought it, I leaned it up against a tree to fix my target and it fell over, landing in some dirt and gravel. The painted metal receiver got nicked and scratched up really bad. I called Henry to order (and pay for) a new receiver. The man who answered on the first ring was very nice and helpful, and when he found out what had happened he mailed a brand new receiver to me at no charge. It arrived about 4 days later. I am impressed.

  7. I bought a golden boy HMR. 17 and love it, except it’s too nice to really use it the way I want to. Do you make a light weight polamer stock for the Henry Golden boy HMR.17? I want to keep the wooden stock in new condition but I varment hunt wtih it so I would like a polamer stock if I could get one. thanks ~ Jp

  8. My Big Boy 44 Mag has the same issue, your article has encouraged me to contact Henry and see about a fix.

    Thanks Chris,


  9. I sent my rifle to you by UPS on Thursday 10/23 2014. I just checked the ups tracking # to see where the package is and it keeps coming up as an invalid tracking #. I want to know if my rifle is at your shop.The tracking # is 1z8v9f999093381600

  10. Today, I purchased my first Henry, an H010 45-70. I have many other fine firearms, including Remington, Winchester, Taurus, Ruger, Marlin, Mossberg and others. The fit and finish of this Henry is the best of them all. The lever is butter smooth and the trigger breaks clean ( about 4 lbs. ), with hardly any overtravel. You make a heck of a rifle and I can’t wait to shoot it next week. At less than $800.00, it was a steal. Thank you. Keep doing what you do best!


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