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Press release: 

SMYRNA, GA – September 7, 2011 GLOCK Inc. announces that it is voluntarily exchanging the recoil spring assembly (RSA) on its new Gen4 pistols shipped since August, 2009, to ensure each pistol’s performance meets the company’s demanding standards. With several variations of the RSA in the market today, GLOCK’s goal with this voluntary exchange is to standardize the RSA to gain the best possible performance in each pistol . . .

GLOCK’s product development team has modified various elements of the RSA. The new RSA compensates for all design modifications made to the Gen4 and allows the pistols to function up to GLOCK’s rigid quality standards and reliability goals.

Consumers should note that Gen4 G26 and G27 models will not require a modified recoil spring.

“We are moving proactively and quickly to standardize this part of the pistol. This is a voluntary exchange specifically for the new Gen4 models,” said Gary Fletcher Vice President GLOCK Inc. “We have developed a program for consumers to send in their existing recoil spring assemblies and receive new ones at no cost.”

The replacement of the Gen4 pistol RSA can be performed as part of the regular field-strip process; consumers do not need to take the Gen4 pistol to an armorer.  Consumer’s wishing to participate in the exchange program are urged to call 1-877-745-8523 to order their new recoil spring.

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  1. I’ve heard talk of the new Glocks having reliability issues possibly related to the recoil spring assembly, but I pay no attention to Glocks so I wouldn’t know myself.

    If so, I guess this is confirmation?

    • That was a big breath of hot and useless air….those are the kind of comments your Mom told you about! Think before you speak(write)and save all of us some time ‘eh?
      “Better to be silent and thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt” good quote-it applies here. Have FUN…..o23fish
      *need more wheels…

  2. “to ensure each pistol’s performance meets the company’s demanding standards. With several variations of the RSA in the market today, GLOCK’s goal with this voluntary exchange is to standardize the RSA to gain the best possible performance in each pistol . . .”

    demanding standards, eh? They must not be very demanding if these soon to be replaced parts got out the door to begin with. Sucky that the bogus parts got sent out in the first place, but pretty well handled on the back end. No having to send the gun in, no paperwork boondoggles, etc.

  3. Shit…..My wife and I have an obscene number of Gen4 models. (We haven’t had a single issue with any of them – Does anyone know what the issue is/was?)

  4. Perfection being reperfected!

    It’s well documented throughout the Interwebz – failures to extract were the most common, iirc. has a number of posts on it since that is their 2011 Endurance Test gun.

    Some guns were plagued with issues. Some had some minor break-in issues that went away. Others had zero issues. Luck of the draw sort of thing, I suppose.

    • I visit 4 websites on a regular basis. This is the only weapon related one…

      I’ve heard of FTF & FTE — but I thought it was an issue with limp wrist. I reload some very light loads for her and she’s had zero issues.

      I’m sort of upset about this.

      • There have been multiple recoil spring assembly iterations to address these problems with *some* Gen 4 9mm guns. To my knowledge GLOCK has never actually admitted anything was amiss. This exchange program is as close as we’ll probably get.

        imho, if you have done due diligence and function tested your Glocks to your satisfaction with your SD ammo, I wouldn’t be apprehensive about relying upon that brace of Gen 4’s.

        After all, nothing made by man is perfect. Despite what marketing slogans and monikers would have us believe.

      • You shouldn’t be. They are sending you the part to make it right…No?

        Also – you better not tell them that your reloads are light. No gun manufacturer likes reloads for some reason. (I loaded 20,000 last year)

  5. I sure hope they simply send out new springs with a postage paid return envelope for the return of the customer’s existing spring.

    Otherwise, how does a pistol without a recoil spring meet their “demanding standards” if the customer is supposed to send in the spring and wait for a return (i.e. disarm herself)?

    • They do, in fact, send you a new spring along with a postage paid return envelope to send the old one back.

  6. Interesting. I’ve heard of and read about problems people were having with the early Gen4 models. However, the Gen4 G19 that I tested and then bought (and whose recoil spring assembly you’ll find in the pic above) has been nothing but reliable.

  7. The early Glock Gen4 problems I’ve heard about were because the .40 and 9mm seemed to use the same spring so the 9 could have problems on weaker loads, aside from that I hadn’t heard of many problems with the Gen4s. Maybe it’s like the “upgrade” in the early 90’s where they were supposed to replace all the internals with more corrosion resistant parts, or something like that?

    • Glock had been around for 3 decades…If that is the impression you had “perfection” then you haven’t been keeping up with them. Otherwise there would be no reason to go past gen 1

      Yes I know – it was a joke.

  8. I’ll bet that Robert’s happy that he bought that beautiful new Wilson instead of a Glock. You could buy 4 or 5 Glocks for the price of one Wilson, but you only need one gun at a time. The guys at the range loved your Wilson RF. They were bragging about how it’s one of the best pistols they ever shot when I was there.

  9. I don’t own a Gen 4 Glock. I do own a few Gen 2 and Gen 3 models. And I’ve changed the recoil spring/guide rod assemblies on all of them to the ones made by Wolff. I simply do not like the captured spring assemblies Glock uses.

  10. An easier method would to take your Glock to a GSSF match. They’ll do the switch there and check out/clean your gun for free.

  11. Maybe I’m just lucky or something because I’ve never had a problem and I shoot some cheap and freaking low quality ammo in mine.

    Still going to get my spring, mind you. A free replacement is a free replacement.

    • Maybe I’m just lucky or something…

      This is Glock. You’re probably replacing a part that’s 99.996% reliable with one that’s 99.998% reliable. Or perhaps Glock noted a problem with a certain population/production line of RSAs and decided to replace them all.

      Glock’s aren’t for me. But they are great value, reliable firearms.

  12. The only thing I noticed on my G23 is that the part of the recoil spring that contacts the the barrel tends to ride up out of the U groove. I don’t know if this is a problem or not, but I don’t notice this on any of my other autos. You see it when you break down for cleaning.

  13. This is not new. I was at Glock armorers school a couple of months ago and the Glock instructors brought this problem up and discussed it with the class, mostly Law Enforcement. The fix for a while was replacing the RSA. The problem came up with a police agency that had been switched over to a bunch of Gen 4’s. Some of the problems showed up after lights were mounted on the guns.

  14. These captured, multi-stage RSAs have been a problem long before this particular recall. I’m a former G36 owner (compact, slim .45 ACP). I liquidated the weapon following a RSA failure and resultant bad news from Glock. On my pistol, the RSA’s outer spring “slipped its sleeve” and caused a major slide seizure. It took me quite some time to disassemble the weapon following the seizure and accompanying FTE. I contacted Glock and they immediately shipped 2 new RSAs to me with instructions to change the RSAs every 600 rounds. WHAT???!!! I found this to be VERY disconcerting news. My particular RSA failure occurred at roughly 300 rounds. Glock’s customer service was terrific, but good customer service couldn’t restore my trust in the weapon and overcome my lasting doubts as to the weapon’s reliability when I might need it most. My G36 went from a concealed carry piece to a home hideaway piece until it was sold shortly thereafter. That G36 was my first and last Glock.

  15. I’ve had a couple FTF issues in the last few hundred rounds I’ve put into my G17 since I bought it earlier this year, and that was WITH the “02” spring they claimed was working perfectly. I’m not trying to diss Glock in any way, but I did buy a Glock for the strict reliability they’re famous for. I’d by lying tif I said I wasn’t a little bit disappointed, but it seems as if they’re at least good on backing up their quality.

    Here’s hoping that they’re quick to ship out a new RSA so I can get back to shooting.

  16. I called this morning and should have the new recoil spring in 2-4 weeks. My Gen4 G-19 already came with the first replacement spring (0-4) and I haven’t had any problems. I wonder what happens if you neglect to send the current spring back to Glock? I would prefer to keep it and have the replacement as a back up.

    • That’s a really good question. Not sure what they would say if I asked them on the phone, but it’s not as if they would charge you for a defective part. I am thankful that they’re sending out new springs first, instead of letting you to go spring-less for a month.

  17. Well my Glock 27 which I have had since 2009 (gen 3) went belly up due to the recoil spring today. I am headed to the gunsmith in the morning. Breaks my heart. Glad I have my Kimber Covert II and my Crimson Trace Pro Carry II. Both my Kimbers have far surpassed the amount of rounds shot in my Glock. Don’t get me wrong I love my Glock.

  18. Hi Not happy that i had to find out that there was a Recall of my Gen 4 spring from some one else other than your company. Let me if you please how to get my part that i need to replace.

  19. Wah wah wah….gimme a break -I’ve put 500-600 through mine NO ISSUES …quit whining all you haters Glocks are GREAT pistols-some of these comments are from kooks just lookin to take a cheap shot. I have expensive pistols too…so what. They are a great pistol-period. You get your part send the old one back then put 20,000-30,000 rounds through it. My G-23 is set up as a .40 and .357sig-NOT 1 FTF or fte sooooo? Get over it please…..I’m goin shooting.S

  20. Glock did a great job handling this-it’s not that the spring would fail but they just made a better one to last longer. They should be praised not bashed. LOVE all my Glocks and if your not aware springs need to be replaced at certain round intervals anyway-it’s called gun maintainence.
    There are good aftermarket springs as well that don’t “set” but glock did a GREAT job with this.i love ALL my 1911/.45’s -high end , no need for model names ect but my Glocks are indispensable!! SW

  21. G26 Gen 4..
    Received this Glock 26 G4 New for Christmas 2015.
    1. Very hard to slide release was very hard to cycle. Two thumbs were required. Not great for tactical situation. Do I need to order a extended slide release ?
    2. Slide Lock mechanism & spring are substandard with rough edges that cause it to interfere with the slide Lock release…Should I order a extended slide lock?
    3. RSA Locked up slide. Took me hours to release, Is my G26 gen 4 on the recall list or should I order a new one?
    I bought this firearm for self defense. & Glock renowned reliability. what’s going on in Georgia..?

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