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By now you’re probably familiar with Joe Nocera’s intern-compiled, half-assed daily list of crimes and accidents involving firearms featured by the Gray Lady. After a sotto voce “tsk, tsk” over the number of gun sold in Maryland in the run-up to the go-live date for their new civilian disarmament laws (which Nocera didn’t even write), yesterday’s Gun Report was otherwise more of the usual context-free fare. Except, of course, for the above photo which they selected as an illustration . . .

It’s an obvious, naked play to the biases and stereotypes of the Times’ upper west side core readership. “See, this is what we’re up against,” some un-named editor is saying without saying it. “Racist, cousin-humping rednecks own guns, and thank God we have laws against that kind of thing here in the civilized city that never sleeps. Rest easy, New Yorkers, in the knowledge that easy firearms ownership won’t happen here…not as long as we’re on the ramparts, standing ideological guard.”

Evidently, nuance and subtlety at the Times have gone the same way as their stock price. Or is it a cause-and-effect relationship?

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  1. Jeez, they couldn’t even PhotoShop an Evil Black Rifle into the Kluxer’s hands? That’s pretty cheap-ass yellow journalism, but the cash-strapped NYT probably can’t afford anything better.

    • Hah, to the masses it is a scary black “assault rifle” … why do you think they showed the photo in black-and-white? Because in color their readership would see a rifle with a small, brown, wooden stock and it would not be anywhere near as visually stunning/disturbing.

      Besides, all the readers need to see is that long, scary “high capacity” banana “clip” to know what that photo depicts.

    • I wrote him a letter:

      Mr. Nocera,

      your use of a Klansman to depict the face of “gun owners” in this county is beyond disgusting.

      You are fucking retarded.

      I don’t mean that in the sense of when teenagers use the term “gay” to depict something that is not homosexual in any sense, I mean you have an intelligent quotient that really qualifies you for government subsidized housing.

      I am genuinely shocked that you have been able to maintain a career in the highly dynamic field of online journalism without putting peanut butter into your computer’s CD-ROM drive (Its the thing in the front that opens).


    • The ironic part of that is the person pictured is about 99.999% A registered, voting Democrat… as all Klansmen were/ and still are

    • That’s precisely what they’re saying. You can’t throw a rock without hitting a leftist calling Noir an uncle Tom.

      …actually, let’s go throw rocks then.

      • I get similar comments from a leftist here at work . . . . .he doesn’t like I tell him he harbors racial animus against minorities based upon his comments. 🙂

    • The Times looks a bit silly implying someone is a House Negro when that person owns the house, and the Times is only writing with the hope that he will by their News Shine one more day. “Please.”

    • You,Colion,and me too, friend.

      These people REALLY don’t like the historical context of gun control.

    • Wait wait wait just hold it…. Colion Noir and Dirk Diggler are black??? I couldve sworn Colion looked like Mark Wahlberg and that Dirk was his fat white gay side kick in boogie nights /sarc

  2. Ironic seeing how that picture is of a gun-grabber headed out to make sure Blacks don’t own guns. Maybe it’s meant as a self portrait of the author?

    • Yep, you must be referring to that little talked about piece of history. You know, the one about how the Democrat Party created the KKK.

  3. But remember conservatives are the one’s lacking in civility. I for one cannot see any way that people like those at the NY Times would ever let us coexist. Their hate is just to strong, and it can’t stay contained for long.

    • Yes. And remember, just because someone is a Marxist weasel doesn’t mean they can’t shoot.

      • That would be true in much of the “developing” world, but in the US – fortunately – most Marxist weasels of all genders tend to lift their skirts and squeal if they even see an eeeevil firearm.

  4. Hey, New York Times editor, why don’t you Google “Deacons for Defense and Justice” real quick. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

    • If Gov Brown signs SB 374, 1Carbines will be defined as assault weapons that can neither be bought or sold within the borders of California effective January 1. So I may just have to find enough samolians to buy one before year’s end. IN fact, I was perusing Gun Broker for just that reason last night–and the prices seem all over the map. Not knowing the history of the various manufacturers (except the modern reproductions), it is pretty hard to tell what a fair price for a good weapon really is.

      • That’s a damn shame, its a classic and well made firearm. Iv only seen $1000+ and the newer M3 Scout goes even into the 2g’s.
        Hell even if you find a Carbine for cheap, good luck finding .30 ammo for less then $20 a box.

  5. “Assault rifle weapon of war”

    Thank god the man in the white robe took it off the streets.

  6. Damn fine looking M1 Carbine! I’ve seen pictures of Ruger 10/22 conversions that look pretty nice. Since I’ll never own the real thing I’m thinking about it.

    • Seems to me that a Ruger Mini style rifle chambered in .357 would be a very handy little gun, much like the M1 carbine only with a current cartridge offering. Good for whitetail in the brush and home defense.

      • I don’t know if they’ve improved their quality control/manufacturing processes or not, but a couple years back when I was looking for an M1 Carbine, those Auto-Ordnance repros had a reputation as real clunkers.

        • Still do–seems to be pretty hit or miss, even with Kahr’s “modern manufacturing facility” in Worchester, Ma. Seems like a 150-300 round break in is needed, and/or some good detailing, plus high quality mags to get a good result. Prices range from around $600 to $800. There is some parts interchangeability with originals, but not completey.

        • I know the Auto Ordnance days were not known for overall quality, but since Kahr picked up the Auto Ord brand the quality is supposed to be quite good.

          I’ve only fingered a Kahr/Auto Ord M1 Carbine at the local Cabela’s — couldn’t justify the expense at the time, but it all seemed to fit together very nicely. It’s on the list of things I want…eventually. If it wasn’t for those pesky bills and debts…

      • If you have the cash try Fulton Armory. Big bucks but about as sweet a .30 Carbine as you’ll find.

  7. The ironically, this is what a Democrat in favor of gun control looks like… The irony is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

    • Particularly if the subject were proven to be an off duty sheriff or cop. He certainly looks like the Hollywood portrayal of a racist southern cop.

  8. Dammit!! I wish the Times would stop takin pics of Joe Biden in his lingerie before he gets Obummer all hot n flustered.

  9. Too bad this isn’t the weekend photo caption contest…

    “The Skipper never could get the professor, the Howells, Mary Ann or Ginger to board ship again after he strung up Gilligan for joking about his funny Halloween costume.”

    • Yeah, they say small guys use big guns to over compensate for something, what’s that say about bigger guys with smaller guns? Although most anti gun types will have it spread all gun people are over compensating. I think the photo looks like a joke, look at the booger hook.

    • Yeah, but that was DIFFERENT …

      And let us not mention that one of the few people in NYC with a concealed carry permit was Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Sr., past-publisher of the NY Slimes! And I believe his son (Junior) also has one – to protect him from the violent pro-gun people who don’t like his calls for banning guns (at least those owned by the peasantry).

  10. That’s funny, i saw no Democrats in hoods at my IPSC league last wednesday and no one was carrying M1 carbines.

  11. Speaking of stereotypes, the only people I ever see with trigger discipline that bad are the smug Greenwich Village-types who read The Times.

  12. Hmm. Let’s see. Not white. Not male. Not old. Pretty solidly liberal when it comes to most social matters. I even drive a hybrid. Except I believe solidly in all of the BoR, and get this: I once had 6 rifles and 5 pistols that I lost in an amazing party barge accident on the Louisiana coast. Gotta love that southern hospitality.

    I’ll take an M1 though.

    Surprising thing is, most “gun people” have had no problem with me. Sure there’s a crotchety old gun shop owner here and there who scoffs but, that’ll happen at the grocery store from time to time, too.

    Anyways, I know a lot of folks here aren’t gonna be too warm to me because of a lot of my non-2A attributes BUT, I think it’s important for some of us to stand up and say “Uhm, nope?” as far as the stereotypes go.

    The 2A should not be an issue glued to one “side”. To do so is short sighted and idealistic on the part of those who think we can solve everything by laying down and taking it. There are bad people in the world; there always have been, and that isn’t changing any time soon. They won’t play by the rules, so it’s ludicrous to think that “the rules” will help you when someone who wants what you have shows up at your door with enough force to take it.

    • Michelle,
      You seem like a “liberal” who could be converted so I’ll challenge your thinking with the following:

      The thing with which Liberals are liberal, and with which Conservatives are conservative, is government violence against the citizenry.

      I hope that maybe the tendencies you describe as “solidly liberal” on the social side are in fact, Libertarian. Or if you truly are liberal (for instance, you have no problem solving problems such as income inequality by violently depriving some of their income and distributing it to others) maybe your Libertarian tendencies re: the 2A will inoculate you to a consistently Libertarian world view.

      • Replying from my phone so can’t go too deep but: I support anyone marrying or being in a relationship with who they want , if people want to put whatever in their bodies – let them (so long as they don’t, say, drive while high), then there’s the pro choice thing and I’m an atheist by “where my beliefs are at”, not by choice.

        There’s probably more. But no I do not want a nanny state, I don’t want to be monitored and I don’t believe elite politicians are “better than us” and should “rule”.

        Taxes, I think are necessary for a civil society and I don’t want to see people installing privatized toll booths or fire departments.

        Violent redistribution if wealth? Hell no , I don’t want the government interfering with my property either. If I’m not doing any harm its none of their business.

        I figure around here that’d be as left as it gets but “ban guns” doesn’t fit into any of the above either .

        So I dunno , you tell me, does that make me liberal or libertarian ? (Real question not rhetorical.)

        • You sound like a member of the LUTHA Party of Idaho – “Leave Us The Hell Alone”. Most of us members are pretty far out on the radical side of the libertarian attitude.

        • On phone too so I’ll go right for the bigguns. You sound like a Libertarian.

          Nice thing about freedom is room to disagree. Abortion is really a question of how you view the facts, not how you view the government. On abortion, I think a fetus is a person (and I should know, I was one). So, while I think the government should do very little, I think it should stop persons from being killed. If you don’t think a fetus is a person, then I can see why you’d think antiabortion laws tyrannical.

          On marriage and the gay, I agree, state has no business telling me how to live and who to love. However, I think the Libertarian solution is no state recognition of marriage. We are all equal before the law. I think gay marriage is an instance of one group using the power of the state to influence society and that is wrong

          Also, I encourage you to think about right and left. Those terms are meaningless unless you identify what each end of the spectrum means. For me, the power of the state is on the left; the freedom of the individual is on the right. Welcome to the right wing Michelle.

  13. So the black man ahead of me today buying a gun at Cabelas was a KKK member? Damn! Thats crazy!

  14. I’m surprised that they didn’t bring up some derogatory statement about My state Mississippi,because the MSM loves to belittle us.The Klan is almost gone now,the worst racists around now are the black panthers,but the MSM likes to keep racial tensions up.As for more gun control it,what the leftist s in DC are wanting will not help,they just want to disarm us so their takeover Will be easier.We need to ban mentally ill from being able to purchase sports cars.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  15. I’m no mathematician but considering there is a gun for every man, woman, and child in America, I think some of these gun grabbers are lying about their gun ownership.

    • Considering I had a Mosin back when I was an anti , and secretly wanted a p226 the whole time, yeah they are.

  16. I would like to powder the jaw of the libtard loser who used that picture to smear firearm owners. Libs LOVE to use the race card….from the bottom of the deck.

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