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Target stands are a pain in the ass, especially when you’re talking steel targets. They’re heavy, bulky and have a tendency to get all shot up. And when they inevitably do, replacing them is a further annoyance. So when Kevin Brittingham handed me one of these new target stands from The Last Stand, I was intrigued. I’ll have to try it out for a while before passing final judgement, but a stand you can make out of spare rebar and some small plastic bits sounds perfect for either a set-and-forget arrangement or a portable target systems. Make the jump for their presser . . .

The Last Stand LLC is proud to introduce an innovative and unique product to simplify the many demands of target shooting enthusiasts.

Recognizing the need for a versatile, adjustable, compact and economical target supporting platform, the Last Stand is the culmination of nearly two years of product development and testing.

The Lasy Stand-6550

Molded from a bullet resistant material, The Last Stand combines six, user supplied, ½ inch by five foot rebar rods to form a free standing, completely adjustable and stable platform to support a variety of target preferences. From paper to steel, The Last Stand is the target suspension system that shooters have been waiting for.

The Last Stand design allows the user to have a stable, correctly oriented target platform on level, sloped, side hill, rocky and irregular surfaces. The Last Stand adapts to your needs and expands your options.

Several accessories are in development to accompany The Last Stand and will be announced at a later date.

The Last Stand is available for $39.99 online at

Additional information and videos can be seen at our website and on Facebook at

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  1. Is rebar available at Home Depot and the like? I’ve never looked and I don’t have any laying around my one bedroom.

  2. Good idea, but I’m pretty sure I could weld some washers onto the rebar for less than $40.

    The puppies made me lol too.

    • While welding rebar and washers would definitely be cheaper, the problem I’ve run into when welding rebar for target stands is that the joints are always quite brittle. One hit from any good sized caliber can quite easily bust a weld joint. Otherwise rebar works great, so I guess these pieces solve that problem.

      They are darn expensive though…

  3. Might wanna specify that 1/2″ rebar is usually called #4 rebar. It’s not a big thing, but you go into a box store asking for 1/2″ you might get some blank stares.

    • I doubt that will be the problem. More likely 2/3 of the employees at the “big bos” won’t know what rebar is or where to find it.

    • Having worked with, and around re-bar most of my life, bring a roll of steel wire and bulldog pliers. Even then, success will come with much aggravation. Re-bar does not work well unless it’s tied to lots of other re-bar, preferably, within a linear grid. Tied re-bar by itself has near zero structural stability. Only through welding or a specifically designed connector can you make a securely fastened, non-linear structure from re-bar. Without the accompanying concrete, re-bar in any size, has very limited structural use. 5′ is about the limit for #4 re-bar. I point this out because your comment is crudely dismissive of the 2 years they spent designing and developing their product. Creation(from nothing) is an act of sheer will….and lots of money that has no guarantee of coming back. That unassuming piece of plastic is industrial art.
      CAD/CAM and CNC machine tools have brought down the price of mold making, but this machining still costs thousands of dollars to produce. You should be amazed, and little more grateful that somebody spent 2 years of their life, and wads of money on multiple failures, just to attempt to produce a good or service that makes a part of your life easier or more enjoyable. Zip ties? I anxiously await the life-hack video of your zip tie and #4 re-bar, metal target hanger.

  4. So it’s $40 and you have to supply your own rebar? Seems a little pricey for two small chunks of plastic (that will likely fail pretty spectacularly if hit by a stray round).

    • Thats what I thought too – the gong frames at my range look like swiss cheese. I can only imagine what will happen to this poor “bullet resistant material” plastic the thing is made out of.

      At least if you just zip-tie the rebar together, its so small the chances of hitting it are nil.

      That, and its not $40.

  5. Sweet! Love this idea. Perfect for me to drag out into the woods for shooting… often a challenge to find appropriate spots for my steel & paper targets and this is simple, clean, adaptable, and affordable. I dig.

  6. I bought this product to replace the wood saw horses I was using to hang a 30 lb AR 500 steel target. I ordered it on Saturday, received it on Monday (with a hand written Thank You from Greg on the envelope) and picked up the rebar today at Lowe’s. I was a little considered the 30 lb target would be a too heavy but with the rebar seated about 6 inches into the stand frames they are very solid and support the target nicely.

    With respect to the product and the price, I am glad to support someone who has come up with a very simple but very ingenious product and is building the business one satisfied customer at a time.

  7. I purchased a set for myself after seeing one at my local club, owned by a fellow member. I still have two AR500 plates/stands by another company, Arntzen Targets, which use a folding Tripod design. They’re great but with uneven ground and a heavy recoil hit, I’ve had them topple over – rare, but it does happen.

    Set up

    I acquired 3 10 foot units of #4 Rebar. Using a hacksaw, I cut 2 of them in half. I should have used the cutting blade on my Dremel 4400 which was much easier to cut. By the third unit, my hacksaw was nearly dull. So I used my Dremel. Then, I beveled the ends with my Dremel to take off the sharp edges.


    I really like this stand. For the first time out, my friend and I hit it with 9mm, 357 magnum and 45 ACP. It was quite stable for a 50 yard shot using two 12″ AR500 plates. It was a two person evolution to set up for the sake of time and weight but two trips would have been adequate with one person.

    I used a Carbiner to hang the targets by the chains. Those are the weakest link for me, right now. However, I’d say this is a great option for people who need to hang AR500 steel targets of various sizes. The 5 foot length is really only practical for a truck or SUV to transport. My rebar was coated in rust. I’ll likely spray paint the rebar just so I don’t have a lot of rust staining my hands and the vehicle.

  8. Check Lowes. I’m sure Home Depot has it, also. 5 ft units are not a precut size. They come in smaller sizes, 48″, 72″ and 120″. I had to cut and bevel mine. Bevelling helps fit the ends through the target. Otherwise the sharp edges can hurt you or likely not fit through the stand slots very well.

    Even with beveled edges, passing the rebar through the horizontal slots was met with a touch of resistance the first time.

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