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Over at an unknown commentator spotted a few problems with the TIME report on forthcoming US-made AK-47. Here’s his run down . . .

F-ups and fantastical nonsense @ 0:04
– the gun pictured is not an AK
– the sound effect is one of an automatic weapon being fired; the AKs to be made available to civilians will not be automatic.

Fallacy @ 0:17
– the gun pictured is being “bump-fired” to give the illusion that it is an automatic rifle, which it is not.

F up? @ 0:23
– no receiver cover. Why? So we can all be exposed to the horror that goes on internally?

Fantastical nonsense @ 0:25
– dramatic, stupid ass gun sound effect added.

F up @ 0:45
– again, not an AK.

Fantastical nonsense @ 1:18
– “…the AK-47 has been at the heart of chaos.” Want to know what’s been more at the heart of chaos than the AK? Man’s heart.

F up @ 1:36
– another gun that’s not an AK.

Did he miss anything?

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    • He achieved the rank of Lt. General, and it is therefore appropriate to refer to him as General Kalashnikov.

      • That may be, but, it was SERGEANT Kalashnikov that invented the rifle. The video inferred that he was a general when he invented it.

  1. Time really needs to hire a firearms expert to help them with these things so they at least make a little bit of sense. I’m available for the low low price of 150K/year, or 15K per production.

  2. Just one more item: A much bigger symbol of unrest and closer to the heart of chaos is the US Dollar. Perhaps the progressive morons would like to eliminate it? Oh, wait a minute, they are trying to eliminate it, from most people, that is, and only leave it to themselves, because they deserve it!

  3. GUY: what can we do to give this video less credibility?
    OTHER GUY: how about the sound of an automatic rifle firing when clearly one round is being ejected?
    GUY: perfect…
    OTHER GUY: do we have to only show the guns we’re talking about?
    GUY: no, we can pepper in some other scary looking guns. they’re all AK-enough, right?
    OTHER GUY: can we blame human violence on the gun itself somewhere in the video?
    GUY: i don’t know why we wouldn’t.

    • @00:45 “The only manufacturer in the world.” Oh really?

      Also, they keep saying AK-47, while I guess they mean AK, AK-series or AKM. But that’s too much for even most gun nuts to get right. 😛

      • THAT bothered you? Really? They show AKM, AKMS, AK-74, etc. but throughout the video they directly say AK while showing an AR platform, UMP platform, MP5 platform and FAL platform. The AK platform is nothing if not clearly recognizable: most anyone, gun rights advocate or not, could pick an AK out of a lineup easily enough. You might be able to throw them off with an AEK or Vz.58 thrown in the mix though.

        You have to wonder if this will actually make a fair weather gun control advocate think twice when they see what is clearly not an AK being touted as one. Maybe they’ll realize if Time can’t so much as bother as even fact checking the image they’re showing on one of the most recognizable rifles in history then they might be wrong about other things as well… maybe.

  4. Since when do we believe that the anti-gun media tells the truth? Of course they were going to make stuff up because the people that is their target audience would not know the difference. Depending on the narrative they are trying to present, the anti-gun media has no problems telling lies — they wear it as badge of honor — to them telling a lie IS factual reporting. Look at what 60 minutes did to Audi and the faked unintended acceleration and it took over a decade to get their reputation back.

    It is obvious that telling the truth would not fit their agenda, so the old media did what they do best, lie

    • The primary purpose of this video was to try to propagate the lie that full-automatic AK47’s are going to be built by the score in the US and sold to anybody who has a few hundred dollars. A 100% total load of bullsheet.

      It’s moments like this that you recognize the near-total bias of the media to the far left. If the NRA would have put out something as totally wrong as this in the opposite direction it would be front page and evening TV news for days if not weeks.

      If the NRA-ILA was fleet of foot they would produce a 5 minute takedown of this piece of garbage and try to demonstrate how the media lies. They can trim it up into little 15 & 30 second spots for various web ads for a series on “How the media lied to you today”. Oh well…I’ll keep dreaming.

      I imagine that we’ll see some home-brew dissections of the trash. Also this would be a great segment for Noir.

    • Never mind that Century has been making a decent American made AK-47 clone for a number of years now. Milled receiver, with an American Flag etched into it even! The latest models even have a chrome-lined barrel. The sights are better than the original as well.

      • Actually Century has never used chrome in the Green Mountain barrels they use. Only recently have they even bothered to add barrel lining in the form of nitriding.

        Apart from the new V2 that looks promising Century has never made a decent AK. There are many videos of their guns blowing up, falling apart, and generally being unreliable that the imports never had a problem with.

        • Not according to their 2014 catalog and the example I saw fof sale locally…chrome lined. The Cali legal 2015 version is marketed as chrome lined as well. Not sure on the other version, but no mention of nitriding.

        • My cheap WASRs work fine, my friends C39 works fine, I know dozens of people with century AKs, no explosions. I guess those wouldn’t make good internet hyperbole.
          TheWASRs are chrome lined too.

      • How about Inter Ordnance (I.O. Inc.)? They are newer to the game, I believe, but their AK clones use all American parts sourced from local businesses whenever possible. I have only handled them at gun shows, but between that and online reviews, everything points to their products being very well made and reliable. Looks like the evil Kalashnikov U.S. empire got beaten to the punch in breaching our shores to corrupt society and destroy our way of life…

  5. I sincerely doubt any of those Aks shown in examples of various armed conflicts were made in the United States…

  6. Kalashnikov was the only AK producer in the world? Don’t tell that to the poles, romanians, bulgarians, americans, egyptians…

    They should get a clue before making these videos so that they don’t make themselves look like fools.

    • The Chinese AK’s are the most numerous variant in existence. More of them than the Soviets put out. Heck even tiny East Germany made more than the Soviets and they no longer exist.

    • If you’re a seasoned AK collector, you’ll notice that just about every major nationality of AK production was represented in this video, yet no mention of anything except for Russia. Ridiculous.

      I particularly liked the clip at :13 where third pins can be clearly seen – i.e. full-auto rifles. I see mainly Bulgarian and Hungarian rifles in this spot, and almost none of them are likely to be in the US.

    • They did mention reliability: “It’s easy to use, it’s cheap to make, and it’s reliable.” That’s about all they got right.

      • The “easy to use” part got me! After all, 7.62x39mm has more noticeable recoil than an AR. According to Joe Biden, AR’s are difficult. My stock Bulgarian AK’s sights are less efficient than stock AR sights, and the wood stock doesn’t absorb recoil as well as my Vltor EMOD. These things are beasts! Definitely not easy to use. A double barrel shotgun is WAY more controllable. After all, Biden said so . . .

        • They may not be easy on the shooter, but like all Russian weapons, they were designed to be operated and maintained by illiterate, uneducated peasant conscripts. So in that sense, they’re pretty easy to use.

          • Sorry. I’m going to have to put a sarcasm warning out again. I find my AK very easy to use. I was just playing off of Biden . . .

            Basically, if he says the AR is difficult to use, these must be a bear!

  7. “Fake But true.”
    When has the MSM ever allowed facts to get in the way of an agenda?
    60 minutes couldn’t make a Chevy pickup gas tank explode so they added some “assistance.”
    They couldn’t make a Suzuki Samari flip over so they gave it some assistance.
    The ATF couldn’t make a a guy’s semi-automatic rifle fire more than once so they kept effing with the ammo until they got the evidence they wanted.
    The ends justify the means in all things libtard.

  8. Typical inaccurate, biased, overwrought Time garbage. Anybody who still reads Time is used to it I expect.

  9. Hey, You’re not an AK.
    I’m sorta the like an AK. I’m dark, I have a stock and a barrel and I fire a bullet. So say my name! SAY MY NAME!!

  10. Well at least they didn’t mention ghost gun or the shoulder thingy that goes up…or maybe they did as I’m not getting the video on the computer.

    • Sorry, but press releases and reviews like that are not reliable. This is especially true when a manufacturer has the information directly on their website. Manufacturers are going to show a bias and just put out whatever they want to. You’re post is so “nutty!” It’s like saying that Ruger is now in the polymer striker-fired pistol business! Everybody knows that is total nonsense. You are WRONG! Just look at the Time report! Such silliness . . . 😛

    • Oh yeah, Ive seen those.

      Does anyone send these takedowns to the actual author/editor?

      I wonder what their response would be? Good enough for ‘McNews’?

      Or is this one those front page lie, last page retraction deals?

  11. Russia being the only country in the world making the AK? Maybe in the most technical legal way as they likely have the copyright to the term but AKs are made all over the world.

  12. Thank you Time for the best marketing this company could only dream about… and I hope the company profits well from it! Most importantly, i hope they sell them for under $500-600 with better quality than Krebs or Arsenal. I can dream right?

  13. Referring to an AKM VARIANT SEMI-AUTO SPORTER as an AK-47 or as an assault rifle., yeeeeeesh. The AKM VARIANT SEMI-AUTO SPORTER is widely available at most fun stores to the public with the stipulation that they be law abiding citizens. The AK-47 is what many non state actors, i.e. terrorists, and third world countries militaries use. The AKM VARIANT SEMI-AUTO SPORTER is a semi-auto only firearm based on the Kalashnikov method of operation and design. The AK-47 is a select fire capable, capable of semi and fully automatic fire, firearm. Referring to a modernized semi-auto only variant of a original, fully automatic firearm as an ‘assault rifle’ is intellectually lazy and deceitful. Assault rifle: capable of semi-automatic and fully-automatic operation. Semi-automatic sporter: rifle capably of only semi-automatic operation. It’s the method of operation that denotes the designation, not it’s aesthetics.

    • AK47= milled receiver AK produced from 1949 to the mid 60’s. American civilian variants being Arsenal SLR-101/SAM series, Century C39’s, DDI milled AK’s as a few examples

      AKM= stamped receiver AK built from 1959 to the 1980’s. American civilian variants include the WASR-10, N-PAP ( Serbian copy), Arsenal SLR-107, and other stamped AK’s.

      So to put it bluntly AK-47’s are not exclusively military-only variants when there are civilian versions available here and AKM is not a civilian-only model seeing as how this version of the AK is the most widely available and produced variant on the planet even more so than the AK-47.

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  15. Remember when Time called both Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin “Man of the Year”? We should remind them of that.

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