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Sam from American Defense Manufacturing gave us a booth tour — video above — of some new products at SHOT Show 2015. I’ve played with a lot of ambi AR-15 lowers in the past few months, but there are only a couple out there that actually have a bolt catch on the right side. Bolt release, sure, but not bolt catch. The ADM piece serves both functions, and it even does it more easily and smoothly than any other I’ve tinkered with in the recent past. ADM is likely best known for optics mounts, so this foray into matched billet uppers and lowers is a big step that it looks like they’re taking seriously. Sam showed us a new optics mount for small red dots like the RMR as well. . .


Push down to release the bolt. This was smooth and easy to do.


Push up to lock the bolt back manually.DSC02069

30 or 45 degree offset sight mounts for left or right sides. ADM makes mounts for most popular, small reflex sights such as the RMR, DeltaPoint, FastFire, etc…DSC02070

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  1. Speaking as a southpaw, there just isn’t a need for this…

    With the exception of the safety all the standard AR controls are very easy to operate left handed.

        • Just watch out for the hot potatoes. 🙂
          When I did my two qualifying shoots in the AF on right handed M16’s I got used to brass flying across my face pretty quickly.
          Same thing later on shooting a right handed Rem 1100 at the hook and bullet skeet range on Bitburg AB.
          I’ll save up and either build a left handed or pay extra to have one built for me.
          In the mean time I’ll shoot my M&P15-22 and my wife’s M&P15 Sport with glasses on of course.

      • Pop the mag release with my support hand, push the bolt release with my firing hand the same way a right handed user would hit the mag release.

        Left handers have a better view of the bolt carrier and ejection port to more quickly assess malfunctions as well.

    • That bolt control is to make the rifle fully accessible for right-handed people. The bolt controls already exist on the left side, so presumably they just use an ambi safety selector and an ambi magazine release on the left side.

  2. Am I missing something? Does “ambi” here mean something other than ambidextrous? Because I didn’t see an ambidextrous rifle there.
    “Fully ambidextrous” to me would mean all controls on the right side are left side as well.
    I’ll forgive not being able to switch the eject side.
    When I want a left handed rifle I’ll have to build one or have a gunsmith build one for me.

    • Be fair, here, the article is about the lower. If I were a lefty, I’d be far more interested in a left handed upper. Is there such a thing? If not, why don’t we get together and make lots of money?

      • What he said.
        There is an article on here regarding building a lefty AR.
        When that time comes, I’m thinking .308 instead of 223/5.56. Already have a M&P15-22. Wife has a 5.56 M&P15 Sport.
        Then she can try and shoot my lefty gun to see what it is like for me to shoot a right handed 🙂

      • I’m a lefty and I couldn’t give 2 licks about which side the brass comes out. Unless it’s a bulpup I’ve been dealing with it for 30 years I think I can go another 30. The safety and mag release are a different story though. I am building an AR right now and I have already ordered a BAD lever, ambi mag release, and ambi safety. I’ll probably put a raptor charging handle on it as well. Making an AR fully ambi adds about $200 to the price.

        • I have my SBR built on a Seekins Precision billet lower. The left hand bolt release is an awesome feature. The issue I ran into is the Troy ambi mag release will not function due to the extra thickness of the lower. I had to order a Norgon ambi unit. Other than that, I am very happy with this build.

      • Yes, this isn’t a “left handed” AR, it’s an ambidextrous controls AR. All controls are on both sides of the lower and fully functional on both sides. On the upper, the charging handle is “ambi” in that a pull on either side unlocks it…

      • There *are* left-handed uppers and I have 2, being of the sinister sort. However, along with a lefty upper you also have to acquire a lefty BCG and a lefty bolt, ’cause you now have to have the brass flung out the left side of the gun. You’ll also need a modified bolt catch/release as your dust cover will not open fully on a standard bolt catch/release lever.

        While I like them (and they freak out righty shooters) I will not build any more. I’d rather have a fully ambi lower and a righty upper with a good shell deflector. That way I can get standard bolts/BCGs, etc. Match it with a Raptor charging handle and you’re good to go.

  3. You would think if someone did a demo of an ambi rifle, they would demo it left handed, or both.

    Anyway, agree with above that this isn’t needed. My right thumb gets to the mag release button just before my fingers wrap the mag. The whole thing comes out very smoothly. That same thumb can hit the tip of a BAD lever when the new mag is inserted.

  4. The only down side to being a south paw is all the gas in your nose constantly. Its the only thing that slows me down.

    • I have this issue, double so when running suppressed. Going with an Adams Arms piston upper helped immensely. In the end, I switched platforms to the Tavor.

  5. Somebody at american defense liked the GDI logo from Command & Conquer. How about a Nod rifle with red and black camo next? that would be pretty.

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