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Do you feel that? It’s hunting season again, as we head into the holidays. That means getting up before the crack of dawn to take that buck, bag a few ducks, or bring home a wild turkey for the Thanksgiving table. That also means passing on the joys and responsibilities of hunting to new shooters and the next generation. 


Beyond getting them outfitted with everything they need to join you out there and experience the hunt, it is an opportunity to teach them a respect for wildlife while appreciating the responsibilities of conservation and protection of our natural resources.


It is also a great time to pass on an understanding of the tremendous responsibility that comes with the rights we all enjoy. Every gun owner should be educated and proactive about gun safety and security and those values should be instilled in the next generation. Finding a resource like Gander Mountain is important to living this responsibility and passing it on to our kids.


In addition to a great selection of gear, they have experts in every store who share your love of the outdoors and stand ready to help you pass on the traditions of hunting and the shooting sports. Stop in to your local Gander Mountain and ask their experts for tips on gun safety, or find out if you live near a Gander Mountain Academy location by clicking here and consider taking a class with your kids. 



This is a time for giving thanks for all that we have, including our love of the outdoors, and the best way we can do that is to pass on the joys and responsibilities of hunting to new shooters and the next generation of shooting sports enthusiasts. 

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  1. Well said . I’v mentored a couple kids who’s parents didn’t hunt, of my two daughters one hunts ( an RN) , the other would like to but works 70 plus hours a week( CPA ) often out of town .

    She does have her NYS carry permit and a .38 though .

  2. Love the outdoors. Too bad venison doesn’t usually taste like beef, or I’d be a hunter. I would like to snipe some varmints at long distances though. I love watching the long range videos of coyotes and praire dogs getting blown up.

  3. I don’t hunt any more due to time constraints but I’m out the door by 5:30 every morning.

    I give thanks that it’s no longer 4:30 every morning to head to a dead end job doing 12 hour shifts for $17/hour with an hour to two hour commute on both ends.

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