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If Black Friday was any indication, ’tis the season for passing on the love of the outdoors this Holiday Season – there’s no better place to shop for the ones you love than Gander Mountain. A Holiday gift is the perfect way to get a new shooter safely and successfully started into shooting sports. You can give a gift of a training class to someone that will use those skills learned for the rest of their lives.

Plus Gander Mountain’s stores have experts in every area to help shoppers who need advise on where to go to get the best outdoor experience. They can offer gift recommendations, as well as advice on where to hunt, where to shoot, and what classes to take. They are here to help you grow the community of outdoor lovers, hunters and fishermen and can help you share your desire to conserve and protect our wildlife and natural spaces.

Don’t forget that after the presents are open, Gander Mountain offers thousands of hours of free seminars designed to help beginners get off on the right foot classes such as ‘Hunter Safety’ and ‘Gun Cleaning Safety.’ These classes will help grow the community of outdoor enthusiasts and ensure everyone is responsibly trained. Make a commitment this holiday season to make 2017 a year where you engage new folks to the love of the outdoors. 


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  1. This is the sort of thing that I will click/read to support TTaG.

    This simple post does not take 20 seconds to load nor does it cause my computer become unusable while it is open.

  2. Sure, let me hop on their site, along side Cabelas and Bass Pro, spend 2x as much on the same gifts, and then regret having wasted time doing so.

  3. I have one near me. Good store lots of stuff. Firearms are very expensive there though and they usually won’t come down at all. Better than basspro though

  4. I buy hunting clothes and boots from Gander, but their gun, ammo, and accessorie prices are ridiculous.

  5. Gander Mountain has a price matching policy where they match plus 10% of the difference, so if there is $100 differen, they take $110 off.

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