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At, we’re gun owners ourselves. That’s why we work every day to provide gun buyers like you a wide range of firearms and gear at great prices with the best service.

We offer a tremendous line of name brand and other quality guns with new shipments arriving daily. Our line of fine quality weapons includes brands like Beretta, Browning, Bushmaster, Colt, Remington, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield and many more.

GrabAGun offers an extensive inventory of accessories and parts for repair, as well as customizable firearms. Need ammo, magazines or a new optic for hunting season? We have you covered. You’ll also find scopes, rails, pistol grips, gun holsters, tactical shotgun accessories and much more. And if you’re looking for a bargain, don’t forget to check out our sale items too.


Thinking about upgrading your AR for the fall? Check out our extensive inventory of AR-15 and AR-10 guns and parts. We carry a full line-up of uppers and lowers to help you complete that build you’ve been working on or upgrade your current modern sporting rifle and make it everything you want it to be.


If you are looking for an item that isn’t on the website, please let us know. We will find it and get you a price. And we’ll do our best to beat any legitimate price you are quoted.

Our goal is to provide the product you want at a great price, in a timely manner, so you can keep doing what you love best, indoors or out, in the wild or on the shooting range.

Check us out at When you want quality that you can rely upon and service you can trust is the premier source for guns for sale online.

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  1. I bet Anthony Wiener is in the market for a first handgun. He’s only gonna need one round of ammo, though.

    • Nothing wrong with the logo to me. Looks like the rim of a car being burned out to failure. Or maybe I just woke up retarded this morning.

  2. In the DFW area, I can order, and arrange to pick up the gun at the store front. Saves on shipping. The pricing is pretty good, still haven’t bought, yet. There’s something about holding the gun I want in my hand, before I spend the money that stops me.

  3. Been to their storefront, though it’s a bit of a drive from Richardson. They do have the RDBs for sane prices, sub $1K for the basic 17.4″ black model, so when they get some in stock, I’ll be paying a visit.

  4. GAG is GTG. Started ordering from them beginning of 2015, and have ordered many guns and parts. No issues whatsoever, and it has become one of the sites I use to verify and/or purchase. $5.99 shipping on firearms and they have a ton of variants in stock. Pretty good wish list functionality with editable comments.

  5. I’ve used grab a gun as well as ky gun co and gunbroker. Nothing but good experiences. I do support my local gun stores, but if it something I can’t get locally, I go online.

    • It is getting harder to just spend money locally. I’m from SW Pa. When I was a kid, we had at least 10-12 gunstores around us. Probably all within 30 miles max. Now, we have 2. And one of them doesn’the deal much in Ars or Aks. I always try LGS first, but if the price is unrealistic, I go Web hunting. Have ant of you tried I found them the other day and they have a ton of stuff on their site with pretty decent prices.

      • I like to spend locally when I can find a decent deal. That said, the local shops want $100 more than I can get from a reputable online vendor and pay my $20 transfer fee, its not going to happen.

        Same with accessories and ammo. You want twice the price for the PMAG or $0.40 / round for plinker .223? Sorry.

        Got one good local shop and I shop with them a lot. And they are very cool when they know they cannot get something at a good price as they are also my FFL transfer dealer.

    • I’ve all but stopped buying local, I just can’t bring myself to part with $20-50 extra in sales taxes that go to the butthead’s in the state capital to funnel it into a slush fund that get themselves a new car. I’d rather pay for shipping and pay my LGS the transfer fee, so long as that fee is within reason. I just can’t accept a $50 transfer fee for a new gun on top of the shipping costs.

      Also, buying online is fine with me anyway as I have to wait 8 days to make sure the state can preform a background check (which is dumb as hell because if I passed a check two weeks ago, I should sure as hell pass one again) and the shipping time to get in may as well take a week anyway.

      It’s just the way it is and the way it’s going with the advent of the internet and I feel for the LGS in my area, but the state makes it unrealistic for me to buy direct from my LGS unless if it’s for something really cheap like a Hi Point or a Taurus.

  6. I have ordered from GrabAGun and supported my local gun store. It’s the same place, my office is about half a mile away from them.

    • Yes, I work within 10 minutes of the Grab a Gun office. Spent way too much money there. Order online…..go pick it up when it arrives. Way too easy to part with my money that way. the Daily Specials don’t help either.

  7. I’ve bought parts, small tools, and some magazines from them over the last several years. Pricing is competitive and delivery is prompt.

    Never had a problem with them, but I expect if I ever did, that they’d address it with the same professionalism with which they run the rest of their business.

    I do always want to stop by their store when I’m in the DFW area, but the timing or travel path never seem to work out. That’s not their fault, though.

  8. One of the wimpy stores that won’t ship ammo to Massachusetts, sorry this store doesn’t deserve my money. Even CMP ships massive spam cans for free to MA.

  9. I have bought a couple of guns from these guys.

    Price was very low (guessing some kind of promotional thing).

    Delivered to my FFL muy pronto.

  10. Good to hear about Grabagun. Coincidentally I went to a hole in the wall FFL(today) who specializes in transfers in Will co.,IL. My local gun sellers are ridiculous. Insane prices,Cook co. slush fund tax,ultra high county tax,ammo tax and awful layaway plans. And bad attitudes.Good to hear about Kygunco too.

  11. Great outfit. I just bought a Ruger 10/22 TD Mossy Oak stainless with flash hider for $279. It run $349 plus locally.

  12. I always see on Slickguns that is usually among the lowest prices and shipping, but their website needs an update. TTAG should be able to hook them up with a good web designer.

  13. Nice how TTAG managed to slip this advertisement in like it’s one of the regular blog posts with comments and everything.

    Real slick.

  14. Never again. Bought semi-fragile stuff from them and they shipped it in a padded envelope not a box like they should have.

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