Glock Fanboy Makes His Case

Lots of shooters think striker fired pistols are “new” and “next generation” when in reality it’s an old technology. Some of the earliest semi-automatic handguns used strikers vs. the traditional hammer for cartridge ignition. Take the FN Browning 1900 as an example. The FN 1900 was the first commercially successful auto-loading pistol and it featured […]

Respect Mil-Spec, But Keep it Real

Every group has a vocal cadre that demand compliance to their closely held beliefs as defined by their collective. In the AR-15 realm we have the mil-spec junkies.  These folks have their short list of approved manufacturers and the moment a new company dares to come into existence they pounce to question every minute detail […]

Tim Harmsen’s NRA Show Recap

[HTML1] Our main military man schmoozes with reps from Les Baer, Windham Weaponry, Action Target, Project Appleseed, Smith & Wesson (Shield’s up), FNH USA, Vortex Optics and Colt. Video courtesy

Say Hello to the Norinco 213 (9mm)

The Russian Tokarev was a military service pistol produced in Russia, Yugoslavia, Romania, Poland, North Korea, Egypt and China. The Tokarev typically chambers the powerful 7.62x25mm bottleneck cartridge. The Chinese made a unique variant chambered in 9mm—the Norinco 213— for the civilian market. The State Factory 66-manufactured all-steel 213 is nearly identical to the Russian TT-33 Tokarev […]