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The folks over at Tikka have been making amazing bolt action rifles for over a century now. Their manufacturing prowess has only improved over the years, but their price tag has generally remained out of the reach of the average shooter. Launching this year Tikka is producing a line of rifles called the T3X to address that specific issue, improving on their existing line while reducing the overall cost of the gun. That’s a one-two punch that should give the likes of Weatherby and Remington a run for their money, especially at an MSRP of roughly $600 . . .

In a “have it your way” kind of style, the T3X is available (RIGHT NOW!) in a number of different flavors. Whether you want a threaded barrel or a set of iron sights, the gun can be purchased in whatever configuration suits you best. While that’s all well and good the real interesting thing is all the little design changes that have gone to improve the gun.


Starting at the top, the Picatinny rail mount interface has been modified to better suit the heavier scopes available these days. Added screw holes and improved recoil lugs make sure that the rail section isn’t going anywhere.

Much of the intricate metal work has been removed from the receiver in order to keep machine time to a minimum, but even so the gun still looks amazing.


The ejection port has been widened to allow for easier ejection as well as easier loading for the single round versions of the gun. The idea is that a wider ejection port will allow the larger scope mounts to be added without interfering with the operation of the gun, which is a smart move. The bolt has also been changed — the throw angle has been increased slightly for better torque on extraction and to allow for some bigger magnum calibers down the road.


One final change I want to highlight is the grip. Instead of a “one size fits all” approach the folks at Tikka have gone for an interchangeable grip that can be altered to suit the shooter’s specific style. Available in two versions at launch — a slim “speed” version for hunting and a more squared off “precision” version for bench rest and long range shooting.

I like it. Naturally we’ve asked for one to review, so stand by for that.

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  1. I remember how Tikka T3 (with no X) was introduced, and was supposed to be a low-cost replacement for the Tikka M695. And now even that is not enough.

    BTW, does anyone remembers the Remington 712, the low-cost version of 710? That didn’t last long. I wonder what Tikka’s secret sauce is. Maybe they finally put a double stack magazine in this thing. Mauser brothers did it 114 years ago, it’s time to catch up.

  2. I have a leftie Sporter T3 in .308. Great trigger. Perfect balance. Accurate as all get-out and fits me better than any of my other long guns. This model looks like a keeper too.

  3. You guys with your pickled herring, Olvi beer and Tikkas. I’ll stick with beef jerky, Budweiser and a g-damn Remington 700.

      • Yeah, no thanks. I have had bad personal experience with 3 870’s (built 2008ish) with extraction issues-sent to Remington and not fixed, and a feckless left handed 700 in 270 that could not hold a zero despite 2 sets of scopes, rings and bases that has yet to make the trip. For now I am steering people towards Howa, Tikka, and Mossberg for reliable wares.

        Don’t get me wrong, if I find a weathered 870 or 700 I will snap it up, but nothing made in the last 10 years at least for me and my buddies.

    • I’ll take a cooper or kimber and a few others over a Tikka or a Remington any day. The old adage “you get what you pay for” is still true, especially when it comes to rifles and other firearms.

  4. I’ll bite, if they can get the price down on that CTR.

    I’ve got 2 T3s, 223 & 308, along with my cousin’s 260 they all shoot out lights and have never failed in any way. That steel 10 shot sure would be nice to have though!

  5. Looking in one of the Distributor catalogs, the prices on the T3X aren’t much cheaper than the Tikka T3. Infact the .308 CTR is 20.00 cheaper than the T3X version.

  6. Question for those with Tikka T3 experience: Aside from Sako, which rimfire rifles are closest to Tikka T3s in feel? I’d like to get one for low cost range shooting that will allow me to make the easiest transition over to a T3.

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