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The 2016 Texas Firearms Festival — October 14th through the 16th — is the world’s biggest and best shoot, shop and buy event. You pay one price to shoot firearms from over 40 different gun makers — ammo included! Manufacturers like FN, SIG SAUER, STI, Remington, Kel-Tec, F1, Henry Repeating Arms, Wilson Combat, Blaser and dozens more. Sample Austin’s finest food truck cuisine and shop at a retail village with a wide range of gun gear and gifts. This year, Best of the West Shooting Sports has added four — count ’em four! — new shooting bays. And you know what that means . . .

more guns! Firearms you can try and buy right then and there (at BIG discounts). Or just shoot them all! Click here to buy your 2016 Texas Firearms Festival tickets before the price goes up on June 1. But wait there’s more! You have heard about the VIP Full-Auto Friday, right?

As a VIP ticket holder, you get exclusive trigger time on well over two dozen of the latest and greatest machine and sub-machine guns from big name gunmakers. Yes, you have to buy your own SinterFire frangible ammo. But the price is right and you get full mags, as many as you want, and we’ll have a Minigun. Talk about the ultimate giggle switch!

More than 90 percent of last year’s Texas Firearms Festival ticket buyers told us they’ll be back for the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival. If that’s you, welcome back! If you haven’t been to the Texas Firearms Festival: this is it! Your chance to shoot more than 40 different firearms in a safe, family-friendly environment. Click here to buy your tickets now, before the prices go up.

Meanwhile, a quick word to our out-of-state friends.

Austin is a world-class destination: the Live Music Capitol of the World. It’s a gorgeous city with superb restaurants and plenty of attractions for the kids. Austin Bergstrom is an easy-in, easy-out airport with direct flights to and from major cities in both the U.S. and abroad. If you’re a gun guy or gal who needs a break from the every day routine, a Texas Firearms Festival vacation is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll never forget. Save money and book your trip now!

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  1. That sounds like a hell of a good time. That thumb gives it two thumbs up.

    Maybe they’ll do something like it here in Seattle-HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!

    • Maybe somewhere else in WA way from Seattle? As a former Vancouverite, I would guarantee you’d get a lot of Canucks coming down if full-auto is on the table.

  2. How much walking once inside? I might go, but have knee surgery scheduled for this summer. The site said ‘substantial’ distances between exhibits. I am curious what that means…

    • Having attended last year, there is a lot of walking and standing in line. Comfy shoes are a must and seating is hard to find.

      • We take wait times very seriously; the more guns ticket buyers shoot, the happier they are. Our job is to make people happy. Safely.

        We had line monitors reporting on wait times throughout the Festival, which were never more than 20 minutes for the most popular bays. (Some bays are more popular than others, if only because they’re the first ones people see. We recommend starting at the bottom of the range and working your way up.)

        With five more bays, it’s going to be even less of a problem. And we’ve listened and added more seating in the food truck area. (Note: VIP ticket holders get an hour of VIP-only range time, FastPass access to the font of any line and their own lunch tent.)

        That said, thank you for your patience and patronage. Contact me at [email protected] and we’ll help you avoid that problem this year . . .

  3. “and we’ll have a Minigun. Talk about the ultimate giggle switch!”

    Can anyone give a rough estimate on the ammo cost per second on that bad boy?

    Wondering how many seconds I can afford…

    • If rate of fire is cranked to 2000 rpm, that’s about 34 rounds per second, if at 6000 rounds per min 100 per second. If bulk ammo price of $300/500 I would say 5 seconds if you skipped the car payment, 10 seconds if you skipped the rent/mortgage.

  4. Dangit, I’m going to a training course by Mas Ayoob that weekend. Why do you have to do this to me?

    • This has been announced a long time, I got tickets in January or February, bought airline tickets and paid for rental car/hotel, last month. Just gotta get a go pro and save for some ammo for Friday. I might buy a geekpro clone and save another $75 for gun food, and plan on skipping some food myself for additional purchases!

  5. I saved several hundred dollars by flying into DFW (Dallas) airport from Detroit.

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