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Clint Smith’s video rant (below) is magnificent. I put it right up there with George C. Scott’s epic recreation of General Patton’s speech to his troops. “You’re gonna die anyway, someday, all of ya” the gravel-voiced gun guru reminds us. “Ain’t a son of a bitch here who’s gonna get off this planet alive. Okay. I’m not going to die on my knees. F*ck that. Okay. And . . .

“I’m not going to die like those guys in the orange suits on the beach shot in the back of the head. F*ck that. Jump up kick somebody in the balls headbutt the motherf*cker break his nose do something.”

Mr. Smith’s never-say-die, grow-a-pair, go-out-fighting (with a gun) speech is a breath of fresh-air, unpolluted by political correctness. Well, the bit about pedophile goat f*ckers might be a little over-the-top, but still, nice one.

As for the anti-bugout gun diatribe that ends Mr. Smith’s “raw” footage, again, fair enough. But it’s also true that most American men (and women) don’t have Clint Smith’s perspective on life. More’s the pity.

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    • He once said a long time ago, “carrying a gun is not supposed to be comfortable, it’s supposed to be comforting”.

  1. Pedophile goat f*ckers. Islamists. 100% accurate, fact based assessment. Also: high rate of extremely low IQ and mental illness due to massive amounts of inbreeding generation over generation. See also: Pedophile goat f*ckers. Deny it if you like, doesn’t make it incorrect.

    • Quite right, Mina. Only Americans who don’t want to know this maintain otherwise. Mohammedanism is one of the darkest, most hateful, and disingenuous creeds ever foisted on patient humanity.

  2. That’s a great mindset to be in…But the human brain doesn’t work like that. When you see those guys lined up on their knees and somebody walking down the line shooting them in the back of the head, you always think “Man, how can they just sit there?” First off, they have probably rehearsed that 100 times already. Theyve taken them out there lined them up and put guns to their head a million times already without killing anyone. The video YOU see is the one where they actually do it. The reality of it is, nobody (sane) WANTS to die. So your brain will tell you that if you fight back, run away, headbutt somebody, etc. There is a 100% chance they’re going to kill you. But if you do what they tell you and go along with it, maybe, just maybe, they’ll let you go. And you’ll keep telling yourself that all the way up until a bullet goes thru the back of your head. And thats just the way it goes. Good sentiment, totally unrealistic

    • No, fight back the first time! Sheesh, don’t be a sheeple. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out the propaganda they use….and if people start dying next to you, fight back!

      • I mean ideally yeah, you get to go out in a pile of hot brass. But there are situations, like when you’re responsible for other people’s lives, that being taken captive is the right move.

        Yeah, its cool to sit here and say “fight back” in those situations. But I swear to you, humans aren’t wired like that. You will convince yourself that if you follow instructions and do what your told, they won’t shoot you. Even after they shoot the guy right next to you. Do you think they just get lucky with those execution videos and only make videos with the “sheep”? If you think it’s super easy to get around the propaganda I would challenge you to place yourself in that situation (simulated, obviously) with a professional and see how easily you get mind f*cked

      • I reeeeeeeeeeeeally don’t think it’s fair to just say, “fight back the first time,” unless you know exactly what the circumstances of their capture was.

        Also- a lot of times, the victims in the orange jumpsuits are pumped full of heroin, to the point where they feel nothing and don’t even know, let alone care, what’s going on around them.

    • Bingo.That’s not even bringing in the drugging and torture involved.

      We all want to believe we’re the action hero. No one wants to go out like a punk. Just like a lot of Germans in WWII who didn’t say anything about the camps probably wouldn’t have imagined ignoring something like that… until it happened.

      We’re all humans. The trick is to try and stop the situation from developing to the point where you’re wondering if this will be the time they actually shoot you in the head or not.

      • I don’t think WWII is a valid comparison

        According to a French produced documentary series on the Einsatzgruppen the German people, conditioned by propaganda and a long running streak of antisemitism, the camps were shockingly widely known and supported by the public.

        Before the Einsatzgruppen and SS really went to work towns of people made a sport of using pipes, bats and other objects to beat Jews to death in public squares all across occupied lands and even in Germany. Men gathered up Jews and those accused of being Jews while women and children came out and watched the “festivities”.

        Across Europe they beat tens of thousands to death before the Germans decided it wasn’t efficient enough.

        • Of course the Jews were persecuted throughout Europe. Christianity in the Middle Ages set the stage with it’s flirtation with accusations of “Blood Libel” and every good church goer knew that the Jews killed Christ.
          Even Martin Luther wrote in 1543 “On the Jews and their Lies” just in case his audience was unclear on the Jewish question.

          I’m not familiar with the French made documentary or the level of objectivity regarding bad behaving Germans. I wonder how it would compare to a documentary made in Vietnam or Algeria concerning French imperialism ? Just wondering.

          Regarding civilian complicity during the actual tenure of the NAZIS, I recall an article that I read in Scientific American Mind where the captured Nazi Hermann Goering was repeatedly interviewed by an American psychologist who eventually asked Goering why he was such a “yes” man in his relationship with Hitler.
          He replied something to the effect that “no” men have an extremely short life expectancy.

          If the German population were as knowledgeable of the death camps and Hitler’s utter ruthlessness ( which I am not disputing ) then I could only assume that they were equally aware that to speak out against them guaranteed they would get to experience the death camps on a much more personal basis.
          The Gestapo, SD existed to crush all opposition against the Third Reich and no one, even Hitler’s inner circle, was beyond their reach.

        • Hah! My college roommate 50 years ago brought up the Jews killing Christ, I pointed out that Christ was a jew, there weren’t any Christian churches. Duh.

  3. I love his comments about back up guns usually being smaller. I see that 99.9% of the time and always the same excuse; it’s just my back up. Well, if you have gone through the ammo in your primary gun and the ammo in your back up magazine, you don’t need a .380 as a back up, you need a howitzer!

    • Clint is hard core and thinks hard core. Good for him, and good for saying it in no uncertain terms, however…

      For most people the chances that they will EVER be in a situation where they will even need one gun, much less a brace of matched 1911’s, are extremely small. Choosing carefully where you live, where you travel, who you associate with reduces those chances even more. Stupid people, stupid places, doing stupid things.

      What’s more, given those realities, for the average person if their carry gun is not comfortable they will not carry it at all, much less carry a brace of them and spare mags. We do not go out the door expecting extended firefights everyday. Most gunfights, statistically, are three seconds and three shots, as has been reported here and elsewhere.

      I agree with much of what Clint has to say about be willing, and able, to fight when the situation demands, but demanding that everyone who carries should be tooled up for prolonged combat encounters on a daily basis is a recipe for most people not bothering at all.

      I live in a low risk area and a low risk lifestyle, but I know sometimes bad things can happen anyway so I carry a Ruger SR9c with the compact (10 round) mag, plus one in the pipe. On occasions where I am going to unfamiliar places I will add the mag carrier with two mags and another 34 rounds and I hope to Hell I never get in a situation where I’ll need any portion of that! My BUG is a Ruger LC9s, 6+1. I seldom carry the back-up, the SR9c is REALLY reliable and the chances I’ll ever need it or that it will not function if I do are slim. Even so, the controls on the two pistols are nearly identical and I know the SR9c tends to shoot high left and the LC9s tends to shoot low right. Don’t know why and the off-set isn’t enough to make a huge difference on Center Mass shots, so I just deal with it.

      In Las Vegas, in the summer, carrying two full-size (even SR9 instead of the SR9c) pistols everywhere would be ridiculous, and unnecessary. Everyone has to be able to assess their own local risk factors and tool up accordingly. There may come a day when you wish you had more guns and more ammo, but life is not without risks but you cannot live in a low risk environment while walking around fully tooled-up for maximum combat, people will talk.

      • Most gunfights, statistically, are three seconds and three shots, as has been reported here and elsewhere.

        I’ll try to be gentle here and it’s my only quibble with your post since opinions are opinions and no one really gives a fuck about mine.

        This statement simply is not true. TTAG has fisked this statement and found no evidence that the 3x3x3 rule has any application for civilian self-defense situations. None. so the idea that TTAG has reported this isn’t true. In fact, what TTAG has reported is that as far as JWT is concerned he’s found no data to back up this claim and is skeptical of it.

        Tha statement on 3x3x3 comes from an extrapolation of a small sample of LEO only incidents. As such, the 3×3 or 3x3x3 rule for DGU’s is effectively an internet myth because it cannot be supported by evidence AND there’s a huge difference between a LEO who is trying to arrest someone, which requires closing distance with them and a regular civilian DGU.

        On top of that there are other sources out there that report that “untrained” (I don’t know exactly what that means and they generally don’t provide quality statistics) civilians in DGU circumstances tend to fire until they run out of ammo. Given that most people carry a gun with a capacity of at least five rounds both the 3×3 and this statement cannot be true at the same time.

        Now, I’m not saying that the idea of people firing til the gun is dry is factually correct either because, as I’ve said, the people making such a claim don’t provide much in the way of data to back it up either.

        However, anecdotal as it may be, if we examine half an hour’s or so worth of DGU videos on YouTube we find that the number of incidents where the gunfight involves three or less shots is actually pretty close to zero. Once shots are fired the BG either runs away or runs away shooting and generally in the latter case the BG fires more than three rounds. Often the GG is firing blindly over a counter or something and, again, fires more than three rounds. In fact the number of videos I can find where the GG fires LESS than three rounds generally mean the BG is dead or dying on the floor after the first or second shot and that the BG is alone. Again, anecdotal, but in such videos the lone BG is not rare but is also not common. I’d say it’s about 60/40 from what I’ve seen lone vs multiple.

        Again, this is anecdotal and not scientific but the fact that out of half an hour’s worth of DGU videos nearly none are three rounds or less would seem to suggest that “three shots” as an average is probably incorrect simply because if it were correct 1,2 and 3 shot DGU’s should theoretically be more prevalent in the sample. However, I should note that the sample really isn’t very random because the presence of CCTV cameras generally mean it’s an attempted armed robbery of a store rather than, say, a street mugging.

        It’s also worth noting that while the DGU generally starts at close distance that distance generally gets larger very rapidly because someone (or multiple people in some cases) is/are running away. Again, generally speaking, the gunfight is not over at this point. Instead both parties (or more than two) continue to shoot at each other until 1) one group has at least one member incapacitated or 2) the BG’s have boogied from the scene.

        Again, my evidence is all anecdotal but, to be frank, that’s better than the opposing argument in favor of 3x3x3 which has no evidence to back it up whatsoever.

  4. In other words, don’t be a typical American who thinks they have to be comfortable while carrying a gun! And as someone who has always carried a full size gun concealed, in CALIFORNIA, the cops don’t give a sh$t if it occasionally shows a bit and 99.9% of the people have no clue. Pro-tip-don’t dress like a slacker, wear decent, “business casual” or better clothes and most people will assume you are a cop or a good guy….

      • ehh, its not as bad as they make out to be, true, the A/C is always broken but there is no alcohol in heaven and the Friday night cage fights between Hitler and Stalin are epic.

        • “Behold the rain which descends from heaven upon our vineyards; there it enters the roots of the vines, to be changed into wine; a constant proof that God loves us, and loves to see us happy.” — Benjamin Franklin

          I’m with Ben. There’s definitely alcohol in heaven.

  5. This is the kind of attitude we need when fighting all despots and terrorist. The big dog never negotiates with the pups about who sits on the porch. No more time outs…No more talking. Straighten up or get F#$KED Up. I’m getting to be an old man and I’ll go. Got my own arsenal just need the go sign and transportation I’ve lived a good life and can’t think of a better way to go out than kicking some punk ass. Unless America steps up soon the battle will be fought on the enemies terms. Then it will be to late. If this generation of snowflakes is all we have to protect America then we’ve already lost. Ask yourself in all honesty what am I willing to do? What choice would I make? Die on my knees or die fighting.

  6. The knowledge gleamed from this man is invaluable. His take on almost everything is spot on. All of the “raw Clint” youtube content is pure gold. He is one of the last true American warrior / instructors. He’s forgotten more than most of us know.

  7. Tough talk and that is what it is. If I wre allowed to carry, it would be my P64 with 3 extra mags. It does the job, it is accurate and it fits in my pocket in a pocket holster. I don’t have a brick hang on my belt, that gets in the way.
    As far as my dress, I wore office clothes when I worked in an office. Loose jeans and tee shirts allow movement without having to spend lots o’ bucks on special tactical dress pants and shirts.
    If I were in a war zone, different rules apply.

    • Middle aged? Do you have computers in your nursing home, or are you the body that Jack LaLane’s ghost inhabits?

      But yeah. A not-very-bright 13 year old, or at least, one who has zero public speaking skills.


      The scary part is that someone is paying him to impart his “wisdom”.

  8. With the cancer of political correctness that just gets worse and worse (back in the 90s I thought it was bad, and that was 20 years ago), I love hearing some politically incorrect words for a change.

    All this nauseating political correctness from the left is why people voted for Trump in 2016.

    Anyway, his diatribe was hilarious and very true. I’d rather die on my feet than on my knees any day of the week.

  9. This is exactly what three Americans and one british man did on a train in I think Belgium two years ago. Empty handed they said “F” you to this guy with his AK-47, 200 rounds of ammo and 6 grenades. They beat the crap out of the bad guy.

    This kind of attitude is what beats the anti-rights creeps. You don’t have to curse. You just have to double down and get in their face if you have to. Diane Loesch is like this but doesn’t curse.

    • As I recall from an interview, and I’m sure it will be accurately depicted in Clint Eastwood’s movie of the event, the men tackled, and wrestled with the guy and one of them who knew a little Brazilian Jui-Jitsu got him in a bare-naked choke and put him to sleep. Unfortunately he released to soon and the man was taken into custody.

      Interesting, however, I have heard nothing of the fate of this terrorist since that time.

  10. Billy Goat Gruff does not need a BUG and fears not for his virtue. He can run faster than any slow poke, eight year old human on the planet.

  11. Ya know, I don’t especially care for the packaging but I really like the present inside. I like the guy’s attitude, I just don’t care for the way he delivers the message. You don’t have to be so foul-mouthed in order to be tough and to share a tough attitude. I can see adding a little saltiness to drive home the point, but Clint’s a bit over the top here. Most of the folks I run into with mouths like that turn out to be all show and no go. I’m more of a Teddy Roosevelt fan: “walk softly and carry a big stick.”

    That objection being registered, I wish more of our society had Clint’s outlook about meeting evil deeds with all the force and resistance you can muster. Guns, fists, rocks and sticks…use whatever you’ve got to fight the good fight without hesitation. If you don’t take it do ’em, they’re gonna bring it to you.

    • THANK YOU!
      You can be politically incorrect and civil, just as easily as being politically correct and someone I would never introduce to my family.

  12. I liked the “Ain’t a son of a bitch here who’s gonna get off this planet alive. I’m not going to die on my knees.” But as he went on it got less and less memorable, not even close to Patton’s eloquent profanity. That said, I really like that guy.

  13. Those of you who think that “if you do what they tell you and go along with it, maybe, just maybe, they’ll let you go” should be mindful of the fact that on 9-11-01 the terrorists assured the passengers on the planes which hit the Twin Towers and the Pentagon that no harm would come to them. Not only did they die, but thousands more died with them. Only when some of the passengers on United Flight 93 realized that the hijackers were going to use the aircraft as a flying bomb did they fight back. Yes, they all died – but because of their heroism nobody else died with them.

  14. “when you put your hand, in a pile of goo…that WAS your friends FACE….you’ll know what to do”
    not everyone can do it. thats just the way it is.

  15. Sorry (okay), but (okay) I (okay) was (okay) unable (okay) to (okay) sit (okay) through (okay) that (okay) entire (okay) video (okay).


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