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Soon after midnight on July 6, a 47-year-old man attempted to break into a Richmond, California home. And then another home. He succeeded at breaking into the third home, which belongs to a neighbor describes as a “quiet, reserved close knit family.”

His burglar’s success, however, was short-lived: he smashed a window only to be shot “a few times” by the homeowner, according to police. When officers arrived, he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Well, when you can’t learn a lesson the easy way, you tend to learn it the hard way.

Police say it’s a clear-cut case of self defense and that the residents have been “extremely cooperative.”

Sgt. Lynette Park vouched for them as well, saying, “The family member had no other choice but to defend himself and his family by incapacitating the suspect by shooting him in the upper torso.”

Yet another story of a defensive gun use that saved innocent people from coming to harm. Nothing to see here…except the everyday reality to which the anti-gun propaganda parade is completely, willfully blind.

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  1. See. Even in CA we can defend ourselves. Richmond can be a rough town. In my experience the cops in places like Richmond and Stockton are thoroughly fed up with the bad guys.

    Stockton PD bailed me out of a bad situation and looked the other way at my lack of certain paperwork. Not the first time in CA I’ve been given a wink and a nudge by the cops.

    CA works in spite of the assh#les in the state capitol.

    • You’re right about most Kalifornia cops. It’s not the cops, it’s the politically appointed chiefs. In my 31 years as a So. Kalifornia LEO, I had to look far and wide to find a street officer or detective who was anti gun.

    • Most LEOs are decent people, if treated with respect. Not so many now as back in the day when I was shooting in the IPSC, but still quite a few. The older, the better. It’s the rookies fresh out of ‘school'(The single quotes are to signify the lack of education from most LE Academies today) that are to be watched out for.

    • jwm,

      CA works in spite of the assh#les in the state capitol.

      It really is utterly pathetic how often that principle occurs: our community and nation plowing forward IN SPITE OF government.

      • More proof of American Greatness. Other countries have died because of sub standard .gov. We thrive in spite of it.

        • I beg to differ. The folks in Kalifornia are not thriving, they’re suffering under the socialist government. They’re losing God given rights by the day. The conservative citizens have zero say in how the so called government is run. I was born and raised in California and I saw it go from a great state to an absolute shit hole. No those citizens are not thriving.

        • Marty. I meant America. And I do live in CA. And I’m doing very well, indeed. As are the folks I care about.

        • JWM, Yea, some folks living in Kalifornia are doing well financially. But now matter that, you have lost many rights, especially involving firearms. No one including you, can deny that. Now, not just firearms, but where you can purchase ammunition. You are paying more in state taxes than any other state. Your Gasoline taxes are out of control. You can’t even buy gasoline which is non ethanol. Maybe you can afford all these taxes, but the majority of the folks cannot. You are soon to go to water rationing, 55 gallons per day per person. All because your state refused to accept water, millions and millions of acre feet, from Oregon where this river water was flowing into the ocean all due to the tree huggers who said the new canal might affect some endangered frog, or whatever. Enjoy not being able to take a shower and do a load of laundry on the same day.

  2. His burglar’s success, however, was short-lived: he smashed a window only to be shot “a few times” by the homeowner

    Obviously, the homeowner was a trained ninja who studied extensively with the most expensive — oops, I mean the most capable — instructors, all of whom are former SEALs. Unfortunately, the homeowner didn’t shoot the home invader with a 6.5 Creedmoor, or the BG would have been completely disintegrated by a single shot even if it missed, which it never does.

  3. Hey, Ralph, what’s with the 6.5 Creedmore nonsense? It’s an excellent cartridge for long range shooting but NOT the equivalent of a 20 mm cannon HE round!!!

  4. Something’s not right. What burglar would break into a house at night? Pickpockets might use the cover of darkness, same with some thieves, but a nighttime home invasion means encountering the homeowner.

    • People breaking into your house in the middle of the night need to be met with gunfire. Those are the truly dangerous ones.

      • Too true. I was just worried he might be mentally defective and try to go for an insanity plea or some garbage. Don’t know why I cared, though.

      • Home burglaries in the evening are called “home invasions” and are occurring more and more often. According to the FBI crime stats, one occurs every 20 minutes. They are considered the most dangerous for the victims. This is really a robbery, as the suspect(s) are reasonably certain the home would be occupied and in most cases the suspects are armed. Nothing funny about this incident, they happen and way too often.

    • Something’s not right with that idiot burglar. Even among a group of generally stupid people, he seems to have been a little…special.

  5. I know it is a terrible thing to say but there should have only been one story to tell the cops.Now that home owner will have to look over his shoulder for the rest of his life.It happens that if the thug recovers and is then handicapped he could come back and sue the home owner.If it can happen anywhere it would be i CA.

    • There was a case in Kalifornis several decades ago where a burglar broke into a house and was subdued by the owners dog. The ass hole was convicted and sentenced to prison. While in prison, he sued and collected from the home owner because he was bitten by their dog.


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