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Jonathan tailors his carry compliment depending on where he’s going and what he’ll be doing. As he writes, “I still consider myself a novice in the EDC community. Pictured are the basic items I definitely do NOT leave the house without, especially if I’m just making a few quick stops. However, I do have a more detailed EDC set up that I carry when I will be out of the house for extended periods of time or will be traveling to unfamiliar areas.”

You too?

Everyday Carry Pocket Dump EDC

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  1. My EDC varies in where I plan on going. The holster I use is the Alien Gear ShapeShift Modular Holster System, so I can change out the holster setup easily.

    • My EDC varies based on the size of my pants pockets. I usually pocket carry my 642 revolver, but sometimes downgrade to my LCP or P3AT if the snubby seems too big. Occasionally, I’ll pocket carry my P11 if I want more firepower.

      Lazy, I know.😀

    • Generally speaking, pick an item and stick with it. If you feel the need to down-size, keep enough reloads to match the capacity of its full-size brother/sister.

      1) The item
      2) Total load(s) min\45
      3) enough mags\speed loaders to accommodate Bullet #2.
      4) Ignition/trunk Key to my buggy.
      5) Plastic to pay for $h*T above $20.00
      6) $10-$15.00 cash
      7) Maybe, I said ‘maybe’ a cell-phone.

      • 2) Total load(s) min\45
        3) enough mags\speed loaders to accommodate Bullet #2.

        Are you saying a minimum of 45 rounds, there? I’m not understanding the notation of “min\45”. Lots of sub-compacts have only 6- or 7-round magazines. You aren’t suggesting carrying around six or seven spare magazines are you?

        • Yes, 45 rounds minimum = close to a full-size with 2-extra mags topped off.
          1) Trouble/attacks do not run on a schedule.
          2) Have enough equipment to deal with multiple actors.
          3) Malfunctions with mags are all too common; spare\back-up.
          4) My crystal- ball is cracked; unable to see the future.

  2. Hat, bandana or two, at least 1 extra magazine, Monadnock de-jammer, magnetic compass and some maps, light leather gloves, heavy duty surgical gloves, anti-dust mask, ear plugs, goggles, tourniquet (with instructions) in case someone has to apply it to you, surgical rubber tubing, generic OtC pain killers, pepto, Imodium, sealed pack of wet wipes, Lifestraw water filter, Naglene water bottle, metal water bottle (for boiling), water purification tablets, silcox key, duct tape, 550 para cord. Multi tool and needle nose Vice Grips pliers, back-up flashlight, loose change and some folding green, nothing bigger than fives and singles. Figure how much you think you need and double in. Spread it around, some in your gear, in your clothes and on your person. You’ll quickly find out what else you need when you’re frantically looking for IT, the sun is going down and you can’t find IT. This, along with your faith will keep you alive. Two is one and one is none, thank you, Mr. Smith. 30

  3. What kind of pistol is that? It looks like the result of a gang bang between a Springfield, a Taurus, and a Walther.

  4. My EDC gear changes many times each week. Sometimes a Shield 9 in an Alien gear rig or a Ruger P89 in an alien gear rig. Sometimes the Ruger is in a shoulder rig. Been known to use a New York reload combo on occasion. 2 spare mags for each handgun. Always carry Tac Light and at least 1 knife If I’m going to be in the hinky parts of town. I’ll load up the Scorpion 9 in an old violin case with a couple spare clips just for good measure. Better to be over prepared and not need it…Than believe you’ll never need it until you do and then it’s to late. Regret and death are terrible things. Regret will be the last thing you think about just before you or some one you love dies. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  5. Cloudbuster, happy to be of service. You see, Darkman gets it. Something tells me you’ve seen the elephant. Whatever, you sure aren’t a keyboard commando. Aim small, hit small. 30

    • Aim small miss small is fine. As words go. I prefer the 2+1 technique. 2 center mass+1 in the head. Just don’t forget the effectiveness of a hit to the pelvic girdle for sheer knock down power. And Yes I’ve seen the Elephant…Keep Your Powder Dry.

  6. I almost always carry a full size Smith and Wesson M&P40 semi-auto pistol with at least one spare magazine and often two spare magazines.

    Maybe 10 to 20 days a year I have a work task that involves significant exertion (requires wearing minimal clothing where it is impossible to conceal a full sized handgun) in a public environment where discretion is necessary. On those days, I carry a sub-compact Ruger LCP semi-auto pistol in a pocket holster with two spare magazines in the other pocket.

    When I am not involved in such work tasks, I carry the full size semi-auto for the maximum ability (such as it is with a handgun) to stop a terrorist or spree-killer at distance. When I am involved such work tasks, I carry the sub-compact semi-auto pistol as a last-ditch method to stop attackers at contact distance.


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