What’s that? You say your thumb’s sore from popping rounds into your AR magazines? Is that what’s getting you down, Bunky? Three Point Innovations‘ new Box-to-Mag loader comes out in October with pre-orders in September. Looks pretty easy to use from here.


  1. It only works if the rounds are already sorted and lined up nose-first. That would never work with com-bloc ammo, which is always packaged with the rounds pointing up-down-up-down. Bummer.

  2. Dan, look at the LULA loader. It works very well and isn’t so ginormus or awkward as this thing.

  3. Looking forward to the day that I can afford enough ammo to make this thing worthwhile.

    P.S. Is anyone else having trouble with your keystrokes lagging behind while typing a response here in the comment box?


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