Ian David Long California Bar Dancehall Shooting Thousand Oaks
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As multiple media outlets are reporting, last night’s shooting at a Thousand Oaks, California dance hall that resulted in 12 dead (plus the shooter, who killed himself) and more wounded was carried out by a 28-year-old Marine veteran who reportedly used a .45 caliber GLOCK 21 pistol with “extended magazines.”

From KTLA:

A man suspected of using a handgun to kill 12 people Wednesday night at a Thousand Oaks bar has been identified as Ian David Long.


The 28-year-old United States Marine Corps veteran, who lived in Newbury Park, was identified by Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean during a news conference Thursday morning.

The shooter had obviously planned his attack. He dressing in black gear and wore a mask, then threw smoke grenades in the bar to increase confusion as he opened fire.

The gun used by Long was a .45 caliber Glock 21 designed to hold 10 rounds plus one in the chamber. The weapon had been modified to hold extra rounds, but it was unclear how many were in the gun at the time of the shooting, Dean said.

As if that makes a difference. Local media are reporting that a “mental health team” had paid the shooter a visit at his home in April.

Dean said it was possible that Long had been suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, although that had not been confirmed. “He obviously had some sort of issues,” Dean said.

This from USA Today:

Local authorities said it had contact with Long over the years. He was the victim of a battery at a local Thousand Oaks bar, was involved in two traffic accidents and deputies were called to his home in Newbury Park in 2018 due to a domestic dispute, where he was “somewhat irate and acting irrationally,” said Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean.

However, after mental health professionals looked at Long, they decided not to pull him in for further observation, Dean said.

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        • They already passed a bunch recently.

          I think they used to have an exemption for military and police, then they got rid of the military exemption and restricted police from reselling stuff. They didn’t like young military men coming back from a shitty situation having certain guns and mags.

        • Oh, they have plenty of ideas already, and they all come under the heading of stronger federal gun laws. ALL of he California Democrats are on board. IN fact, DiFi has already chimed in with the “river of steel” argument that it is not California’s gun laws that need strengthening but the lax laws in other states….despite the lack of any evidence that the Glock was purchased illegally.

        • Except, they already had this idea. After Sandy Hook, California Senator Feinstein wanted to explore adding PTSD vets to the prohibited possessor list. I guess even a stopped clock can be right occasionally.

    • In this instance, those Evil extended magazines could merely have been STANDARD magazines for LE and ‘free state’ use that hold 13 horrendous rounds instead of the much safer ten.
      You see, the difference between 10+1 and 13+1 in a mass shooting is in direct correlation with the difference between ‘seat back reclined’ and ‘seat back upright’ in terms of surviving a high-speed flaming airplane crash. That 1.7″ is the margin between dying a horrible flaming death and your miraculous survival unscathed.

    • Well I do believe that there was an article here a few days ago regarding how terrible the “red flag’ laws were that disarmed people with restraining orders approved by a judge. If that mental health team came in a few weeks before and stripped him of his firearms would you be supporting it? Who makes the call to remove weapons? A doctor? A judge?

      What should they have done in the first place? Commit him to an institution against his will?

      • exactly. this is a tough situation. no easy answer or we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

        I have no idea what it will take to deter these type of people. i really don’t think it possible. like i’ve said before Charles Whitman killed SEVENTEEN people with a bolt action rifle and a shotgun. and he is quoted as saying he thought his brain should be studied and that something was wrong with him.

        • And the brain tumor was not sufficient to cause Whitman’s behavior. Read up on it. Whitman was just a fucking asshole.
          Stop making excuses for these people.

        • Seems to me it is like throwing gas on a fire! These people are already pissed off and forcing them to do things—–well figure it out. Talk about pushing people over the edge! I don’t have the answers, but seems to me the left’s laws only delays the actions of the bad men/women…………

      • Shock and intimidation. You’re suddenly confronted by a non human looking creature and you hesitate. Which is when he shoots you.

        Same reason he used the smoke grenades. Confuse and disorient the victims.

        • The same reason he was known as “doorkicker03” on shadow spear forums. In todays volunteer military many people join out of the lack of direction and life coping skills that goes hand in hand with having an overly immersed inner fantasy life that blurs reality. That’s always been the case, but it seems to be especially these days. The military really is full of people that just can’t seem to cope with normal life, but most of them were already that way coming in, service just exacerbated it . “Patriotism” really is a very tertiary motive for joining the military these days. In a high intensity war with a near peer nation, we would be in big trouble. Although I think there is ample reason to speculate that a draft would actually improve the quality of the military these days.

  1. If you value your gun rights stay away from the docs office. PTSD, anxiety, depression, and any other number of diagnosis that they will place upon you will be their ticket to taking away your gun rights. The main reason all records are going electronic and huge databases are being created by your government. They track you, attack you and stack you, in line with the sheep people!

    • Some of us docs carry in the office, are NRA members and enjoy taking to patients who enjoy shooting and protecting our sacred 2A rights.

      • I don’t think the problem is necessarily you, but what might be done with any diagnosis that is in your medical record. We are only one law away from government allowing themselves access to things that are covered under HIPPA right now. So even though your doctor is just documenting any issues they will be mined out and reported to the proper authority potentially.

        • Thanks to the progressive votes bought by a handful of fascist billionaires, anyone who wants to buy a semiautomatic rifle in Washington state now has to waive HIPAA privacy rights so the government can mine their entire medical history and spy on all your future medical records.

          Every time some nutbar goes off, the powers that be punish all the people who didn’t do it. And it’s all about power.

          They’re Brave New Worlding us to distract everyone from the 1984-style power grab that’s going on.

      • I’m surprised your licensing boards do not contain language preventing Dr.s from carrying while practicing.

      • That’s great, Doc, but would you report one of your gun-owning patients that you had just figured out was pretty close to the edge, exhibiting signs of paranoia or schizophrenia or making threats to family or strangers, or would you leave well enough alone out of fear that your patient might loose his right to possess firearms?
        Worse, if you developed those symptoms, or perhaps became dependent upon prescription drugs, would you ‘heal thyself’ and keep it quiet, or seek professional help, knowing that if you did so you might also lose your 2nd Amendment rights temporarily or permanently?
        What is the ‘right’ answer?
        Don’t ask me. I don’t have one.

        • It is possible, there have been people with such a strong sense of moral duty. I knew someone very well who was also doctor and a competitive medal winning sharpshooter. When his health started deteriorating, he started having a series strokes. Being a physician, he realized that his mental health had deteriorated as a result, so he called his son to take all of his firearms and to distribute them to family members he had planned to bequeath them to in his will.

      • Not to worry Doc, You’ll be on THEIR lists too. As another type of hazardous person, able to think for himself, refusing to conform with societies “norms”…. Oh yeah, they’ll have your number too.

    • I see. . . I think. Perhaps you could clarify.
      If you know that you’re batshit crazy, or someone close to you tells you that you just might be batshit crazy (with good reason), and you either own guns now that you can use for a mass killing if you really need to commit one but don’t want to risk them being confiscated, or you might some day want to buy a suitable firearm or three for a mass killing if you decide that one is a great idea, then the LAST thing that you want to do is seek medical help.
      If that makes perfect sense to you, then by all means do NOT seek medical attention. ‘They’ will definitely either take everything from you more dangerous than a tennis ball, or will prohibit you from obtaining same.

    • did you even read the article????

      he had multiple visits FROM POLICE AND MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS…did you somehow miss that he DID NOT have his guns taken???????

      • I’m sorry, the blizzard of question marks obliterated any point you were trying to make.

        If you read back oh, three comments, you see someone saying that if one wishes to keep or obtain firearms, one should not seek medical help because ‘they’ might report you. Now, YOU and your question marks are ‘splaining to me that ‘they’ didn’t take THIS guy’s guns. . . because, just maybe he was never adjudicated mentally ill, and hadn’t yet bought his G21 so there WAS nothing to confiscate, and after all of this bought his pistol quite legally.
        Why? I don’t NEED you to ‘splain it to me, no matter how many question marks you tack on.
        But, THANK you anyway. Period.

      • “he had multiple visits FROM POLICE AND MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS…”
        One where he was the victim, and a couple of traffic accidents. Hardly any reason to think he was unstable.
        One as a result of a DV call, where it was determined he was not at fault.
        The mental health team was called in because he was acting as anyone who is pissed could act. The team determined he was not a risk to himself or anyone else.
        All of these are things that could (and do) happen to any of us. Attempting to say they amounted to enough to make someone a PP just isn’t warranted.
        And, so far, I’ve not seem anyone come up with an actual motive for the killing that isn’t pure speculation.
        So drop the act.

      • Little Horn: Those are the exact actions I would expect from a government that wants another incident to bolster their attempts to twist the narrative to their own purposes. Has a certain symmetry to it. “We looked at him but the current laws wouldn’t LET us do anything about his guns…..”. “We NEED stronger more aggressive policing to allow us to deal with this type of problem.” I can already HEAR them… Oh… nevermind, just the tinnitus acting up…. LOL But you know that’s going to be the gist of it. Along with needing access to everyone’s medical records, which only works with “single-payer” (government controlled) health care. NO ACCESS to private Docs, period. Meanwhile we are involved in one fracas after another all over the world which brings home thousands of vets every year and dumps them back into society without adequate time to adjust OR get treated for the decompression issues common to getting back to “the world”. It’s a “grande plan” with LOTS of moving parts.

    • Except that many people who go without treatment are the ones that explode and go ballistic. Go to the doc and complain about Trump and say nothing about guns. At all. People need to calm down and quit calling psych meds “mass murder pills”. It’s horsecrap.

  2. This guy probably was an unwitting subject of another Military/ MK Ultra mind control experiment via the “Deep State…” Didn’t the Naval Yard shooter claim the “government” was bombarding him with ” Bozo-Rays.” I mean , he claimed that the shadow .gov was “ELF’ing ” him and altering his perceptions…Who knows..This sounds like another “funky red flag event.”

    • The Navy Yard guy was a classic schizophrenic. He even called the police to arrest the figments of his imagination. When the police showed up and saw no one to arrest, they left. In a country with a properly functioning mental health infrastructure, the cops would have hauled him away to be involuntarily committed and that shooting would have never happened.

    • The anti-gunners thank you for your crazy talk, with these wacko beliefs it’s easy to see why they don’t think you need to have firearms in your possession. Sadly, I agree with them.

      Belief without evidence is irrational, firearms plus irrationality equals disaster.

      • So you’re saying EVERY BELIEVER, who has no evidence is a fruitcake? You will have to lock up EVERY Muslim, Jew, and Hindu, not to mention Christians and thousands of “other sects” worldwide to accomplish your stated goal. Easier to lock up those who “live in constant fear” and let the rest of us get on with living our lives. Life does NOT happen without turmoil. Allow me to defend myself, as well as everyone else and “the crazies” won’t last long. Had the shooter faced a bar full of armed people I doubt the result would have been the same. Maybe better, maybe worse, maybe he would have abstained because he would NOT have been abused in another bar days before…. Always easy to second guess and so damned hard to get it right the first time.

  3. I heard on the news that pistol rounds are much slower than rifle rounds. So, I don’t see why these people didn’t dodge the bullets, they had a lot more time than if it was a rifle.

    Isn’t this like the 2nd or 3rd time a military guy in California went on a shooting spree in the last couple of years? Maybe living in California as former military isn’t the best place for you due to all the anti America BS the Cali government and people offer. Being surrounded by blue instead of red, white and blue, could make someone see red. It is right after the elections… He could have been triggered by the results.

    • You may be onto something. When you’re surrounded by people that hate everything you stand for, coupled with the fact that your family just left you and you’re living with your mom, especially after serving your nation, it’s gonna mess with your head even more. Why he chose to shoot up a country bar (with people sympathetic to his cause) is beyond me though. It’s not like a country bar is full of blue-hairs and SJWs.

      • I have no clue why this particular guy did what he did. All I know is it’s the day after the election results, which could be a possible trigger for him.

        The other military guys who committed shootings had issues with the government.

        • There is another aspect to this that we tend not to talk about, and that is the simple reality of taking large masses of very young men and women from society at large, and training them to kill with efficiency and skill.
          At the same time our military is training our young adults to be efficient killers and go against the natural instinct that human beings possess to NOT kill other humans, there is little thought given to ‘what happens next’ when they return home.
          After every war this country has participated in, whether ‘righteous’ or ignoble, violence has increased for a considerable time once the war was over.
          All was not ‘peace and love’ after the Revolution.
          The post-Civil War era was one of the most violent in our history.
          The 1920s were pretty nasty times, too, following World War I and the largest mass killings so far in world history.
          WWII? Same thing.
          Vietnam? History repeated itself.
          Now, we have the 17-year-long Great Middle Eastern War and its prologue, Desert Storm, and hundreds of thousands of young people have been trained in war but not in ‘peace.’ Some of those young people had their own private set of demons before they left; Those demons don’t get driven away by the horrors of war, they just get stronger.
          Out of those hundreds of thousands, there are obviously going to be just a few (but just enough) that never should have gone, that never should’ve been trained, but will bring that training and their underlying psychoses home with them.
          Yesterday was one of those times.

        • Most veterans even a former marine infantryman like this guy are not anymore an efficient killer than anyone else. They are trained in certain specific and highly perishable skills most of which can only be performed or maintained under very specific circumstances with the help of a giant bureaucratic organization like the military. This notion that veterans are “leathal” or highly trained is laughable non-sense and it’s a big part of the problem. It’s part of the fantasy mythos that draws unstable people to the military only to be further alienated when they get there and realize it’s mostly bullshit, boredom and abuse. And oh yeah, drinking.

      • “Why he chose to shoot up a country bar (with people sympathetic to his cause) is beyond me though.”
        The bar was hosting a night specifically for college kids. In California.
        Hardly an audience that would be sympathetic to any cause he might have as an ex-Marine.
        Liking to line dance doesn’t make you a patriot.
        Having said, as far as I know, the motive has yet to be determined.

  4. Yep, one of the talking heads as usual went on about gunsense, gotta do something and without taking a breath admitted that nothing they want in the way of gun control would have stopped this shooting, because the gun was purchased legally. When you cannot provide truly helpful mental health care you don’t have a chance to slow down the bloodbath. Thus the catch-22 though, the obvious reaction to the movement to take guns away from anyone seeking help with what is statistically likely to be a short term problem, depression, life altering event, etc. will be that those of us that value our right to defend ourselves and our families will refuse to seek help and in fact force ourselves not to speak to any friend or relative about what may be bothering us for fear of unconstitutional confiscation. It’s happening in many states even now.

    • Definitely intentional on the part of the government. They don’t want former military to have guns. They’re very afraid of what they might do to the corrupt government. There has been a bunch of former military guys shooting government workers. The government wants to sedate them and take their weapons.

      It sucks because a lot of the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans need mental help. They don’t like to talk to their family for various reasons. The government isn’t very helpful. They can’t trust the doctors. Everyone wants to turn them into drug addicts instead of dealing with the issue. Right now all they really have is each other.

  5. The only picture of this guy is a boot pic with a mustard stain ribbon?

    Also, I’ve made it a priority that if I want anything gun related, it has to be acquired in the next two years. The president that comes after trump will likely be as anti-gun, militant left wing as they get.

  6. Just another stick of wood for the anti-gun community to throw on their fire. The crazies are killing the law abiding gun owners.

  7. This is an indictment of PTSD determinations. He had a combat deployment in 2010-2011 to Afghanistan when things were quiet and did not get diagnosed with PTSD until after he had an emergency intervention for a domestic incident where he tore apart walls in his house.
    PTSD was used to keep his DV arrest off record which would have disqualified him from buying a gun.
    Most PTSD diagnoses long after the fact are people looking for a “get out of jail free card”.

    • Dang, I’ll let the Marines that were in the Battle of Sangin know that it was a quiet period. You know, only about a 100 killed, a few hundred injured. Real snooze fest there.

    • Most PTSD diagnosis by VA period are fraudulent. If you’re persistent, know the right phrases and willing to deal with some of the draw backs in the employability department, it’s a virtually guaranteed 100% rating. This whole PTSD narrative is just a way of avoiding having the public catch on that a lot of people who join the military were just fucked up to begin with, it’s why they joined, they had no where else to go. But no congressman is gonna get on TV and say that. Not to say PTSD doesn’t exist, but society acts like its lurking around every corner, that’s cause it’s a business.

    • I haven’t seen a report of any arrest. A diagnosis of PTSD wouldn’t keep such an arrest off his record, and even if a misdemeanor, it would make him a PP.
      Do you have a citation for such an arrest?

  8. And yet we never hear about who these guys are talking to (phone/social media/email) leading up to these events. I’m pretty much convinced that these shootings are the result of a government psychologist talking these guys into it via one of the methods above. Until I see their entire external communication history, I’m in tin foil hat territory, and this is the deepstate pushing gun control.

  9. Please stop showing pictures of and naming spree killers. You are giving them the notoriety they seek and encouraging future killers by showing them they will be famous if they do this. You can still take about them just call them “the killer” or “the Murder” and never show there pic. These people should not get fame they should get obscurity.

  10. RIP Sgt. Helus……you certainly did more to try to stop this guy than a few deputies did in a certain county in south Florida.

    • Oh yes. Seeing this douchebag’s picture is bound to spur one of the tens of people who frequent this stupid site to do something rash. The reality is half y’all can’t get from the sofa to the fridge without oxygen and a water stop.

      • It has been explained a few times here: Cops do not have a legal obligation to protect you at all cost. It has been ruled by the Supreme Court, they have NO CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY TO PROTECT.
        But I understand, there is some sort of unwritten rule on TTAG. There is always at least one know it all, internet warrior, sovereign citizen wannabe, I am still mad about that ticket….who feels obliged to share his/her knowledge, kindness, maturity, and common sense. Keep it up Skippy, you are doing good! A real internet hero.

  11. Every last person living in California and still managing to own an ARanything is probably breathing a huge sigh of relief. “Thank God he didn’t use an AR so they can go after somebody else for a fuckin’ change”

    • Gun owners in California don’t have sighs of relief. We just anticipate the next laws. The fact that a rifle wasn’t used doesn’t mean they won’t use this tragedy to go for anything semi auto. Either bullet buttons for handguns or mental checks for semi auto purchases is what I see coming.

    • “i would like to see a full blood scan results on this clown..CERTIFYED[sic] REPORT.”

      That’s part of the autopsy that’s required in such cases. So while it’s not necessary for you to see it, it will be done.

  12. I wonder how long it will take Weinberg/Murphy to decide NJ needs even more anti-gun laws to “protect” their residents?

  13. Wow spooky language, “Glock” designed to hold 10, had been “modified” like he had a machine shop in his basement. “It rubs the lotion on it’s skin”

  14. sorry for the innocent victims, but what can you expect from the n. pees-loosely, gun-free-zone state? law-abiding residents have the right to be defenseless targets, thanks to legislate-whores.

  15. What a coincidence this happened within 48 hours of a Maryland man being murdered in his home by police during a “Red Flag Raid ” aka “HE MIGHT BE CRAZY, SO TAKE HIS GUNS RAID.”

    It’s such a coincidence, you have to wonder if this event is just false flag fuel for the gun grabbers.

      • Read that story, they never said what happened that sunday to make the Aunt file for the order. Wondering if is was something simple like a political disagreement, (who ever heard of that?) Or maybe it was more can’t really tell, either way i bet she feels real good about herself now.

        • You do not get to have access to ALL the information. Maybe some of the info provided is protected from public record because it involves a minor, or a victim of domestic violence, or medical records, we do not know. They need to have legit reasons, if these criteria were not met it would be extremely easy for an attorney to figure it out and to question the legitimacy of the actions taken by law enforcement.

  16. Caliber wars time.
    So from what I have read so far, he shot 14 people including himself. 13 of them died. One was wounded. All the other injuries were caused by people trying to escape. Chose .45acp.

    • Except for the Liberty rounds, most .45ACP has *hard barrier* penetration measured in millimeters, not inches.

      You can generally block it with a trash can lid.

      • There were two separate incidents in New Orleans that involved perps being shot from very near in the HEAD with .45 ACP about a week apart and both lived. One perp was out stealing again the next week.

  17. So you’re telling me that the suspect;

    A. Got a hold of a weapon in a state with waiting periods and universal background checks

    B. Got a hold of a ‘high capacity magazine” in a state where magazines greater than 10 rounds are completely illegal.

    C. Was able to operate said firearm within the confines of a gun free establishment without resistance

    D. Was able to kill twelve people, including himself and an officer with said illegal weapons and accessories

    E. Was not given proper mental health care in a state with universal healthcare.

    Yet guns are the problem?

    • Need another gun law and bigger “No guns” signs.

      Interested in why the bar as his target. Random, grudge? Another Conservative themed event being hit.

      Suspect we’re going to see more of these.


      • I thought that was the problem. The “No Gun” signs were too small. And, they should have learned from the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). The signs should have been translated into the seven most statistically significant languages in the area (like the notices in my clinic). Eg., No Guns, Pas d’armes, Pa gen zam, Keine Waffen, Sin armas, తుపాకులు లేవు, 無槍

      • I do not have any “No Guns” signs, I mean the notices that I am required to give my patients. But, in light of the HIPAA violating anti gun physicians out there, I would not put it past one of them to post a sign, “No Guns, Pas d’armes, Pa gen zam, Keine Waffen, Sin armas, తుపాకులు లేవు, 無槍” ROFL 🙂

    • As a sign of his mental fitness. He was obviously not well since he used a Glock 21 instead of one of those black large capacity evil rifles with things that go up that all mass murderers since Attila the Hun prefer to use to commit a mass murder.

  18. Just out of curiosity…. Why does the type of gun matter? Or the brand?

    How many people were shot in Chicago last night and how come no one is talking about the brands used in those crimes?

    • +1

      I am waiting for the next episode of caliber wars. “What is the best handgun caliber for a mass shooting.”. /sarc

  19. Has it occurred to these media imbeciles that .45 is twice the diameter of .223/5.56 mm evil black rifle and four times the cross section area and has comparable penetration to inflict 4 times the wound volume?

  20. I will wait until all the facts are in to make my decisions about this event,
    Maybe California should just ban all former Marines. (snark)

  21. That’s going to come as rather a surprise to all of those Operators That Operated Operationally, and the engineers, the demolition folks, SEALs, Rangers, Special Forces, and the other folks who learned all sorts of useful yet nasty and dirty tricks that are useful in war zones but are also loads of fun at parties or, in a pinch, in bars.
    There is no ‘myth’ in the obvious fact that militaries have a tendency to want to train their infantry and other front-line troops into the mindset that ‘justified’ killing isn’t murder because, after all, a politician SAID so.
    After the first few deaths, or the first gory events, the lines can blur in those who never should’ve gone in the first place.

  22. What should concern most people is that these type of attacks, although vicious, are resulting in a relative low body count. What really concerns me is the type of person who would use not a gun, but bio or chemical weapons resulting in a real mass casualty incident. This year there was a guy in Seattle who worked at the SeaTac airport who went for a joyride in a medium size twin turboprop commuter aircraft and then crashed the plane into an uninhabited area. Just imagine if he flew it into a sports stadium during a game. That said, these types of crazy shootings will most likely continue, I blame millennials, not all but most. Why is it almost all the school shooters, nightclub shooters are millennials, (20’s years of age) that is concerning.


    Do NOT feed their craving for fame.


    Just stop.

  24. Seem’s like every time the media wants to broadcast a mass shooting event; they already have a plan set up to help prevent it from ever happening again. It’s almost like they had something to do with the shooting themselves, just so they have a new juicy story to increase ratings and persuade the public to give in to more gun laws. With all the deep dark secrets and corruption floating around in our Nation, sure makes it look like a good possibility; not to mention the multiple motives they have, to carry events like this out. Mainstream media needs to stop allowing themselves to be compromised and stop projecting their biased opinions on the public because it’s ultimately going to solidify them the title of being “The Enemy of the People”; the ones who keep following the same obvious patterns of biased behaviour.

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