Kimber EVO SP K6s DASA New 2019
courtesy Kimber
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Kimber announced a number of additions to their line for 2019, two of the most noteworthy being a striker-fired subcompact and a full-size exposed hammer revolver.

The EVO SP pistol is . . .

Designed to be the ultimate choice in concealed carry pistols, EVO SP was tailored by Kimber engineers to be the best shooting and most well equipped compact metal framed pistol on the market. Not only was EVO SP machined to the tightest allowable tolerances it was also put through multiple iterations of hands-on human factors testing to ensure the best possible user experience before finalizing the design.

Standout features include an innovative grip system that eliminates hardware on thegrip surface, a magazine release that can be configured for right or left-handed shooters, a striker indicator that allows for both a visual and physical confirmation the striker is cocked, disassembly with no trigger press, ledged tritium night sights for single hand manipulations and a sight picture no matter the light conditions, and a 6-7lb trigger with crisp reset. EVO SP is the ideal choice for shooters that demand a feature packed, compact size striker-fired firearm matched with all metal construction.

MSRP for the EVO SP starts at $856.

Their new K6s DASA .357 revolver . . .

The K6s DASA features a knurled hammer spur and is available in 2- and 3-inch barrels. TLE finish is now available in the K6s platform and Crimson Trace Lasergrips models are now available in the DC and CDP finishes.

Both models will MSRPs of $970.

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    • I don’t care, that revolver makes my pants fit funny. Maybe if I remove my wallet it’ll get better.

      • Dont worry. Your wallet will be MUCH slimmer if you buy one. Seriously though, I love 3″ revolvers. But you’d think that such an innovative and hi-tech as Kimber could at least have added another chamber, maybe 2?

        • Oh, btw, I don’t think I would even ask to see it outside of the showcase. I dont like the way it looks. Sorry, first impressions……

        • Kimber did add an extra chamber. The K6 series is only a tiny bit wider across the cylinder than J-frame, which only holds five rounds.

  1. It looks nice.

    But ” an innovative grip system that eliminates hardware on thegrip surface”

    Ha. I guess they never saw the old Gen 3 Smith and Wessons from the late 80s.

  2. Best worst headline ever! Kimber Announces New Striker-Fired Subcompact, DA/SA Revolver… Striker fired revolver? That is also da/sa? Neato! I see the comma is being used to split two product announcements but it looks like it is just a list of features for one. Made me smile and click.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing. I was staring at the header image for awhile trying to figure out where the revolving part was before I continued and realized what was going on lol.

    • Same here. I was going to point out that the gun in the picture is not a revolver.
      I think somebody meant Kimber Announces New Striker-Fired Subcompact, and DA/SA Revolver.

      Sometime it can hard to English.

  3. …and how many rounds does their “ultimate subcompact” hold? Calibers available? Inquiring minds want to know!

    • I can’t tell if it is single or double stack. Does it take glock mags? Doesn’t look like a 1911 9mm, maybe a new mag?

    • Yes, what caliber is it available in?
      If it’s not available in 6.5 Creedmoor, then it can’t be the “ultimate choice in concealed carry pistols,” because everyone knows the ultimate caliber is 6.5 Creedmoor.

      • It says 9mm right on the barrel, inside the ejection port, for the semi auto. I found another site listing them as having 7rd mags. But all the official marketing neglects to mention round count, weird. I guess they figure if you are a current Kimber fan then 7rds is already standard.

  4. The pistol looks really nice. But Kimber doesn’t have a flawless track record and $856 is double the MSRP for most of its competitors. Also, the fact they keep saying “metal framed” instead of steel implies to me it’s likely aluminum. Not worth the cost.

    • What is wrong with an aluminum framed pistol? They’ve been making aluminum framed 1911s for years, as have other manufacturers, and this is only a 9 mm.

      • I carry an Aluminum framed Dan Wesson ECO 9mm 1911. The weight reduction is nice, and the recoil is still manageable.

      • Nothing is inherently wrong with aluminum. But it does have a lower service life than steel, not that most people will ever shoot enough for it to matter anyway. My point was mostly that the price isn’t worth the design and materials. And in such a small pistol, I doubt steel would add much weight.

        • Can’t really say, although my 4″ aluminum framed Kimber is “only” 27 oz., which is a lot less when compared to 5″ full sized gun in steel weighing in at 38 oz. The 1911-based Micro 9 in aluminum comes in less than 16 oz. I would guess that a steel frame would add 6-8 oz or so.

      • I just bought a Charter Arms BULLDOG XL 5 shot 45 COLT, stainless barrel an alum. Frame for $390.00. Weighs 22 oz. NICE pistol. Good Trigger in Da, excellent in Single,. that’s how I shoot anyway. IMO

  5. I don’t like the look of the backstrap on the semi-auto. It looks like it forces your hand down pretty low.

  6. WHAT?!? No MICROSTAMPED version for California? What is this world coming to! (Well, we may see the revolver.)

    Anyway, I wonder how this shoots compared to my Kahr. Although the announcement is kind of vague, it appears it starts at 7 pound pull then drops to 6 for single action? Or is the pull weight the same for both modes? Pretty little piece. I have to wonder, as others, what the rest of the stats are, such as dimensions, weight, capacity…you know, the meat and not just the jewelry.

  7. The revolver appears to be of the barrel liner variety, don’t like that……. So Dicks is going to sale smart guns and Kimber is making revolvers. Is that a sign of some kinda gun ban to happen. Like no more Semi-Auitos unless they’ve got smart technology?

    • Only in California. It’ll be a cold day in hell before that nonsense is tolerated in pro-gun red states.

      • But if New Jersey’s smart gun law is amended to remove the mandatory sales after 3 years provision, what do you bet they add microstamping…Just sayin.’

  8. This is what would happen if you went back in time, showed John Moses Browning a Glock 43 and told him to make one with the tools he had in his workshop!

  9. No mention if the gun has a full cock striker mechanism or the ubiquitous partially cocked striker system which results in a weak ignition system. Also a no manual safety means a “no buy” for me personally as I have too much experience with handguns to carry such an unsafe weapon.. I am under no illusion that I will always lead a charmed life with a weapon that is cocked and ready to fire with an accidental snag of the trigger and accidentally snag many of them surely do. Although I like metal framed guns most other people these days do not like them for a carry gun as they want the light weight and the no rust plastic frame. I can understand their choice and predict the Kimber gun will go over like a lead balloon. It really has nothing new to offer except more weight to uncomfortably carry around all day.

    • I have never had a misfire in my Kahr DAO partial cocking striker. It hits with authority. And although it doesn’t have a manual safety, the heavy and long trigger pull seems to solve the “Glock leg” issue. In fact, the striker doesn’t release until the trigger is depressed to within a fraction of an inch of the frame.

    • I don’t know anybody who has experience a higher rate of failure to fires with the “weak” ignition systems of partially cocked strikers. That sounds entirely like FUD put on the market by makers of hammer-fired guns.

  10. Huh… No semi auto caliber mention… So a SIG 238 or 938 competition? Meh. I’m not impressed by how my friends Kimbers perform.

  11. Hopefully they learned some valuable lessons from the Solo and they applied them rigorously to this Evo. Guess we’ll find out!

  12. Wonder why when pistols get smaller the price goes higher ? Less material involved and they are all CNC made.

  13. Tight tolerances seem undesirable in a CCW gun. Fine for a target pistol, but there’s too much lint and cruft to jam up the tight tolerances.

  14. So Kimber has made an aluminum-framed Kahr with a Glock trigger?

    I carry a Kahr, and own a few of them. I love them. They’re accurate and reliable. Small, light, easy to carry. But the trigger pull and reset could be shorter. As a matter of fact, Kahr teased a “Gen 2” model with a trigger that looks suspiciously like the Kimber.

    Kahr could have put this on the market three years ago. But they didn’t. And now here comes KIMBER.

  15. Great, an all metal striker gun that literally nobody wants and an overpriced revolver with an exposed backstrap, with no available aftermarket grips (just like the K6) that nobody wants.

    All made by a company that cannot produce a 1911 that will reliably function (or maybe that’s just 1911s in general?).

    • I am no Kimber fanboy, but my experience with their 1911s and revolver is very good. Buy and shoot what you like. Plenty of choices out there.

  16. I carry a K6s DAO. It is superb. Best DAO trigger I found, after comparing several guns. It was my first Kimber but likely not my last, now. I dislike polymer and aluminum in a wheel gun, because I prefer follow-up shots to light weight, and Kimber makes a real statement here.

    • to Old-School Wheelgunner:
      I’ve having a devil of a time finding the trigger weights on DA/SA revolvers. All anyone ever says is words like “smooth” or “crisp” or “heavy”. Give me numbers! I want to find the lightest triggers available in DA/SA in both stages. Can you measure your Kimbers and any other wheelguns you have (that are still in production), and give me something of a choice other than the LCR? I want to find choices for folks that are older, arthritic, timid, weak-handed, and a bit apprehensive. I do not consider it anodized or ceracoted PINK to be any advantage. I’ve been looking at 9mm, & .38 spl. I can’t find any friends here where I live to talk to about this question. And my smith died this past year. Can you help me? I live in east Texas.

  17. Love my Kimber 1911 pro two tone 9mm. I want both of these new guns.

    Ever tried the trigger on the K6S DA only? It’s great. I can only imagine how great it must be in single action.

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