Thompson/Center Arms, the Performance Center T/CR22 rimfire rifles
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Thompson/Center Arms, the Performance Center T/CR22 rimfire rifles
courtesy mfr

Thompson/Center’s T/CR22 rimfire rifle is an impressive rival to the dominant Ruger 10/22. See our review of the T/CR22 here. We really loved the features-for-the-dollar the T/CR22 offers. Given the rifle’s extensive compatibility with 10/22 mods and aftermarket parts, you had to know that Thompson/Center would be expanding the line.

Now American Outdoor has turned the Performance Center people loose on the .22LR T/CR22 and they’ve come up with two new models featuring heavy fluted barrels and Hogue thumbhole stocks. Here’s their press release…

Performance Center® Expands Rimfire Offering with New Performance Center T/CR22® Rifles

Performance Center T/CR22 rimfire rifle line to include specialty stocks, heavy barrels

SPRINGFIELD, Mass., (January 2, 2019) – Performance Center announced today that it has expanded its rifle line with the addition of two new .22LR rimfire rifles.  The new Performance Center T/CR22 rifles feature ergonomic Hogue® Overmolded® and Laminated thumbhole stocks as well as precision rifled heavy contour barrels.  Co-developed by Performance Center and Thompson/Center Arms, the Performance Center T/CR22 rimfire rifles will operate using the reliable T/CR22 semi-automatic rifle action and ten round rotary magazine, while maintaining compatibility with most aftermarket 10/22® parts and accessories.

Tony Miele, General Manager of the Performance Center, said, “For the second time in 2018, the Performance Center has partnered with Thompson/Center to develop the Performance Center T/CR22, a new, cutting-edge rimfire offering.  Building upon the success of the Thompson/Center T/CR22 rifle, we have designed and developed this specialized rifle for competitive shooting and small-game hunting, engineered to deliver the supreme accuracy and ergonomics that Performance Center is known for.”

The Performance Center T/CR22 is offered in two configurations: a Hogue® Overmolded® Thumbhole synthetic stock and an Altamont® Laminated Thumbhole stock. The rifles feature a light, crisp trigger pull, button-rifled heavy contour barrel, and a threaded muzzle that allows for the use of a suppressor or other muzzle device.

Additional Performance Center T/CR22 Features include:

  • Available with Hogue® Overmolded® Thumbhole stock or Altamont® Laminated Thumbhole stock
  • Last shot bolt hold open when using factory magazine
  • Easy-to-use push button safety
  • Oversized bolt handle for easy manipulation
  • Fully machined 6061 aluminum receiver
  • Fully machined stainless steel bolt
  • Heavy contour stainless steel 20” fluted barrel, 1:15” twist rate
  • Optics-ready with built-in picatinny rail

Chambered in .22LR, the new Performance Center T/CR22 rifle ships with one 10-round detachable rotary magazine andincludes Thompson/Center’s limited lifetime warranty.  The new Performance Center T/CR22 rifle with Hogue®Overmolded® stock will carry an MSRP of $497, while the Altamont® Laminated Thumbhole version will carry an MSRP of $616.

To learn more about the new Performance Center T/CR22 rifle, please click here.  To stay up to date on all of the latestnews and events, follow Performance Center on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About Smith & Wesson®

Smith & Wesson Corp. is a provider of quality firearms for personal protection, target shooting and hunting in the global consumer and professional markets. Smith & Wesson is world famous for its handguns and long guns sold under the Smith & Wesson®, Performance Center®, M&P®, Thompson/Center Arms™, and Gemtech® brands.  Through its Manufacturing Services Division, Smith & Wesson Corp. also provides forging, machining, and precision plastic injection molding services to a wide variety of consumer goods companies. For more information on Smith & Wesson, call (800) 331-0852 or log on to

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  1. What’s going on with all this Performance Center stuff? What happened to the days when firearms manufacturers built ALL their weapons to the highest standard that they could.

    • Custom shops have been around for quite sometime. Colt even did made to order Single Action Army’s for the likes of Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp.

      S&W merely extends the more popular wants as custom shop options at a higher cost due to certain features (If only they would do a modern Model 29 or 629 without that godawful “safety” feature). Nothing wrong with their regular offerings, as most don’t want to pay a premium for a trigger with a tad better break at .5-1lbs less or porting on a pistol that will never be used for competition. Others like Jerry Miculek would sooner do his own trigger work and mods to a stock firearm. Some people however, would rather spend the extra money for the added/refined features.

      If one wants the “finest”, then Freedom Arms and Nighthawk Customs can be had at a premium. However, even they have varying degrees of features available for a corresponding price. Each to their own.

  2. When your fake background deletes the trigger on your press release glory shot, you should probably find another line of work.

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