DSArms New I Series SA58 FAL 7.62×51 Rifles and Pistols

DSArms New I Series SA58 FAL 7.62x51 Rifles and Pistols

courtesy mfr

The venerable FN FAL battle rifle has been used all over the world going back more than half a century. It’s unofficially known as The Right Arm of the Free World as it was employed by western powers during the cold war, with many believing the 7.62-chambered FAL was the direct counter to the ComBloc’s Kalashnikov.

DS Arms has been making popular FAL-platform rifles for years now and in the run-up to SHOT, they’ve just announced and expansion of their line with the new I Series SA58 FALs in rifle, carbine, SBR and pistol configurations. Here’s their press release:

Introducing the NEW DSA SA58 I Series of FAL rifles and pistols

The I Series is DSArms latest development to the very successful FAL Battle Rifle platform. Combining the historical framework, reliability & true ruggedness of the FAL design with modern ergonomics and customizability, the I Series is a modernized powerhouse in the 7.62×51 mm world.

DSArms New I Series SA58 FAL 7.62x51 Rifles and Pistols

courtesy mfr

Available in multiple barrel lengths, the I Series offers simple takedown and cleaning with the modularity of our SA58 M-LOK handguard. All I Series models (except the I.B.P. Improved Battle Pistol) come standard with our side-folding B.R.S. – Battle Rifle Stock.

DSArms New I Series SA58 FAL 7.62x51 Rifles and Pistols

courtesy mfr

18″ Rifle —> https://bit.ly/2UZBzEF
16″ Carbine —> https://bit.ly/2RfmShS
11″ SBR (New OSW) —> https://bit.ly/2Sd24Vn
11″ Pistol —> https://bit.ly/2Vqph8w
8″ Pistol —> https://bit.ly/2PQHGHG

DSArms New I Series SA58 FAL 7.62x51 Rifles and Pistols

courtesy mfr



  1. avatar Aaron Walker says:

    Unfortunately, According to State DemoCommies and some GOP RINOs in charge of my “Socialist Utopian Eastern Bloc Authoritarian Police-State ” have determined for the residents that these items are NOT for those in a “Free State–snicker.” Bit a “weapon of war and a choice of mass shooters, criminals, and gang members” that THEY themselves give SANCTUARY too…And I’m trying NOT to “WRONG-THINK”…So I DON’T receive a “Red Flag/Red Ball.”

  2. avatar Ronald Hunter says:

    I love my FAL. I used to have 3 and now only one. I put a vortex strike fire on it with a blow mount so I can co witness. Not terribly accurate but I will take you out at 200 yards or less and keep your head down at longer ranges. I have tried to buy British Trilux scope but haven’t got one yet.

    1. avatar Mike. says:

      Those British optical sights used in the 70s, 80s and still in the 90s were good for the time, a bit dated now.

      Nice Rifles/pistols, but a bit heavy and expensive.
      Lets see more .22 pistols with a brace, how about the old TEC9/22 with a brace

  3. avatar Pmac says:

    Doomed to failure.
    1. It’s not an AR platform.
    2. Not 6.5 Creedmoore.
    Seriously. Lot of history with the FAL. Wish I still had one. Almost did a few years ago. Slipped through my fingers. God have mercy on the ears of those shooting with less than 16″ bbl. Of course, 6.5 in an 11″ bbl probably has better ballistics than 7.62X51 in a bbl of any length.

    1. avatar Calvin says:

      Doesn’t even take Glock mags

      1. avatar New Continental Army says:

        Right. Needs more rails, like an AR. Also, needs a charging handle, like an AR. A forward assist like the one on an AR would be perferable too. Plus obviously taking AR mags. And also a more modern AR like stock.

        1. avatar Marcus says:

          Is everyone being sarcastic here as this platform is way better then the AR as a battle rifle and being more like an AR is not really a great thing in this case?

    2. avatar Nigel the expat says:

      Hmmm. Surely some bright person has done a 6.5CM conversion.

      6.5 CreedFAL ? MoorFAL? FALMoor?

      1. avatar Robert Harper says:

        No, but I have a FAL in .50 Beowulf and the recoil is VERY light. The problem is the FA’s tilt bolt, which isn’t great for super accuracy, though Imbel of Brasil makes a FAL in 5.56 with a rotary bolt. So maybe with a little luck, Brasil’s new President, and their need for money could bring Imbel to the US.

      2. avatar Thom Kuss says:

        We will have a 6.5 Creed version at Shot Show this year!

  4. avatar Mark N. says:

    7.72 x 51? Is that a .303 British?


    1. avatar RCC says:

      Bad press release or editing as .303 is 7.7 by 56 mm.

      I still carried original FAL by choice in the 80’s instead of M16a1. Was not worried about people but there were some HUGE crocodiles where we were patrolling.

      1. avatar Pmac says:

        Always like to hear from a guy that was on the ground as opposed to one sitting in a recliner regurgitating something from the magazine he’s reading.

      2. avatar Southern Cross says:

        Was that Shoalwater Bay?

        1. avatar RCC says:

          Cape York, Arnhem Land, Kimberley’s and Malaysia over the years. Have been to Shoalwater but it’s not as bad as other places.

      3. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:


  5. avatar Enuf says:

    Big dollars. My credit card says “GO FOR IT!”, but my ability to pay off my credit card says “OH HELL NO!”.

    So guess it ain’t gonna’ happen.

  6. avatar Grant. says:

    I’m getting one of these (the old 11″ pistol with the folder brace and pic handguard) in a few days. Got it straight from DSA for 1500, they price matched with Atlantic Firearms. Going to put a Trij. MRO with an ADM low mount, and a JP flash hider. Just waiting on the gun, I’ve already got all the rest. Hopefully it’ll be awesome! 🙂

    1. avatar Pmac says:

      An 11″ .308? Your kidding right? You ever shot a shot short barreled high intensity rifle cartridge from a rifle with a bbl with less than 16.” You probably won’t be wearing earplugs if it’s the real thing. It’s really loud. Muzzle brake? Even louder. Like a stun grenade. Except it’s right there in front of your face.

      1. avatar Thom Kuss says:

        The 11″ isn’t terrible… These are and have been deployed to many urban combat settings. Even the 8″ is manageable with hearing protection

  7. avatar Anonymous says:

    I’ll pass on this. The sheer girth of the fireball that would emanate from this pistol rifle would just be too much for me. It’s like a combination of getting your face burned while being slapped at the same time.

    1. avatar Nigel the expat says:

      Adding insult to injury by setting bad guys on fire at CQB distances 🙂

  8. avatar sound awake says:

    ive shot them
    i owned one once
    nothing negative to say about the basic platform
    i feel that a .308 with an 8 or 11 inch barrel is only slightly less counterintuitive than a 9 mm with a 16 inch barrel
    that is to say that either combination is considerably less than ideal a match for the barrel length vs the cartridge
    i personally wouldnt go any longer than 10 inches in a 9mm or shorter than 16 inches in a .308
    just me

    1. avatar Pmac says:

      Sound Awake. A voice of reason in the wilderness. Shot thousands of rounds of 9mm through MP-5s, UZIs, MP-40s, you name it. Shot thousands of rounds though the G-3, L1-A1 and many other rifles chambered for the 7.62 NATO. As well as .556 through almost everything you can name. 16-18″ is about right for rifles, 10″ for squirt guns and 4-5″ for pistolas.

  9. avatar JD says:

    Used to have a fal just recently sold it. Was a nice one too, but it’s only a 2-3 moa weapon. If I’m gonna lug around a 13 pound rifle, it’s going to be an MOA gun, max. Just like the 1911, yes the fal can still kill, but it really isn’t a relevant weapon anymore. In this day and age there are much better options.

  10. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    dsa has been flogging this for a few decades.
    once upon a time they imported p210’s.
    they hawk their cheesy ar stuff in the third world.
    and they still won’t lend anything to ttag for review. unless that’s changed.

    1. avatar Thom J Kuss says:

      We’d love to have TTAG review one of our rifles/pistols.


  11. avatar PeterK says:

    I really do want a FAL. These look rad.

  12. avatar bryan1980 says:

    Have always liked the FAL platform, but there’s reasons the free world moved to the AR platform, most of which have already been mentioned. And trying to shoot 7.62×51 out of an 11″ barrel?! I’ll pass on that one, but will love watching videos of other people trying to shoot it!

    1. avatar Thom Kuss says:

      Check out the review on YouTube by Garand Thumb. They demoed an 11″ OSW pistol recently. The 11″ has become my personal favorite however definitely not for ranged applications. The sheer force and stopping power it has is very impressive.

  13. avatar bontai joe says:

    I loved my FN FAL when I had it back in the very early 1990’s. Only owned it for a little over a year. I sold it for about what I paid for it to generate $$$$ towards a house down payment. Mine wasn’t particularly accurate, but I could hold 3-4 inch groups with open sights at 100 yards off the bench. It ate any ammo I decided to feed it. I still miss it after all these years and I wish I could justify replacing it, just because it was a fun gun to shoot.

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