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Japan is home to very-little-to-no concept of individuality. Personal ambition is only encouraged within a series of incredibly rigid frameworks: family, community, company, country. I don’t know if Japan’s astounding homogeneity is a result of this structure or its cause. Either way, it’s a relatively peaceful and certainly well-ordered society. Gun control advocates point to Japan as a model of “gun-free” security. They ignore the price the Japanese pay for this safety, even when confronted with their astounding “gun-free” suicide stats. Is America better off without a “gun-free” social net that constricts individual liberty? Yes. Yes it is.

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  1. I wonder if this product comes with they guys with the restraining rakes or if that’s sold separately? BTW, it’s very helpful that they bad guys in Japan all wear the same style of outfit and immediately fall to the ground if touched by string.

  2. Spider-man, Spider-man, doing things that a spider can…

    Seriously, this is Japan, why would you need a net gun when everyone carries a katana? I mean what the hell is the value of living in Japan if you can’t carry a sword?

    • Actually, you aren’t even allowed to own a sword at all in Japan. It is considered the same as a firearm, and it is written into their constitution. My Japanese professor in college had to smuggle a 17th century heirloom katana out of Japan to the United States because it would have been destroyed if discovered and the family imprisoned.

      • It’s my understanding that MacArthur pretty much wrote the Japanese constitution when he was the top dog there after the war.

        • MacArthur had a team of college students write it. When the diet didnt want to agree to it bombers flew over and an officer told them he liked their atomic sunshine. They then agreed to it and passed it off as thier own idea.

      • Owning a traditionally-made katana is legal if it’s registered. I studied a Japanese sword art, and the intermediate and advanced students carried katana (live blades) regularly. WWII-style mass-produced blades are illegal. The Japanese actually are very careful about protecting traditional swords, and I’ve never heard of one being destroyed since the end of the Occupation.

  3. Even that is probably illegal because it uses an explosive charge to fire the net. You need a license for an airsoft pistol in Japan.

  4. The Japanese come to San Francisco for the sex tourism and Las Vegas for the machine gun tourism. Coming to America they can let loose.

  5. It seems the ZF-1 is missing a few features. Like, the rocket launcher, arrow launcher, the always efficient flame thrower (my favorite), ice cube system, replay, and ,you know, the actual gun with 3000 round clip with burst from 3 to 300.

  6. Anyone else thinking stokhli stick?

    In real life, the only way this wouldn’t be lame is if the net was made of wire mesh and had the mother of all tasers attached to it. Actually, I think I’d pay to watch videos of product testing in that case.

  7. I think this thing is not completely useless. Someone figure out how to electrify the net and you’ve got a pretty cool weapon.

  8. All joking aside (and as someone who lived in Japan and speaks Japanese): I’ve always said that you could give every Japanese home a firearm and it would have almost no effect on their murder rate but would almost certainly increase the suicide rate. Japan is the safest country in the world not because they don’t have guns, but because of their culture — some things simply are not done. There was a time when that was true in this country as well (no mass shootings when I was growing up).

    I could go on and on about why Japan is the way it is, but I’ll end by saying that anyone who claims the Japanese lack “individuality” has never been to Japan. Yes, they follow society’s norms very stringently in some ways, but they also produce more “weird stuff” per capita than any other nation on Earth …. by far.

    • “I could go on and on about why Japan is the way it is, but I’ll end by saying that anyone who claims the Japanese lack “individuality” has never been to Japan.”

      Their car culture can put US car culture to shame. CosPlay (Costume Play) is huge, just walk around any big Japanese city and look at what their kids are wearing.

      They try their damnedest to stomp it out by adulthood, but individualism is very much alive in Nippon…

    • Watch the crooks start using them to steal and re-sell expensive drones.

      I bet code-stealing high-powered transmitters are available somewhere so those things can get hijacked in flight.


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