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New Jersey’s legislators are currently working on ways to ensure that the woman in this video will never own a gun. Because obviously she doesn’t need one to defend herself against her larger, much more aggressive attacker. And the police were right there when she needed them, keeping her from being repeatedly punched in the face and dragged off while being choked. Or not.

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  1. That was a 2 minute PSA for Home Carry.

    “I just had to take it” – what a sad thing to hear coming from an adult. Now they are “hoping to get him off the street”. Meanwhile, the damage has already been done to that family and that little girl.

    • Our system is totally screwed. That person deserves a bullet in the head. IF (hah) he is caught, if he is convicted, will spend a small fraction of the sentence in jail. The bleeding hearts will talk rehab. What a joke.

      This is probably not the first home invasion by this guy. Will not be the last.

    • ‘Get him off the street’.

      Yeah. Where he will get a free attorney, an all expenses paid stay in a NJ ‘Criminal Training Academy’, where he will learn even more on how to be a thug.

      Someone should hack this onto Bloomberg’s site with the caption “What about THIS violence?”

      • She lived so she didn’t need a gun.


        We must follow Colorado’s lead and recall and/or defeat every stinking one of these disarmament bastards, everywhere.

  2. This absolutely enrages me. Talk about proving a point. The video should be shown on a repeating loop on as large a screen as possible at every stop along the No More Names bus tour. With signs that simply ask, “Is this what you want?”

    I hope they find that POS and that he resists violently. He is pollution in the global gene pool.

    • “The video should be shown on a repeating loop on as large a screen as possible at every stop along the No More Names bus tour. With signs that simply ask, “Is this what you want?”

      Sadly, most of the “no more names” supporters probably think the criminal has a “right to life”. Just give them what they want and they wont hur…oh. Yeah. That worked really well for this woman and her child.

    • TO: 505markf, et al
      RE: Enraged?

      This absolutely enrages me. — 505markf

      This doesn’t ‘enrage’ me. Rather it turns my heart to stone. And that’s a very dangerous place. There is no mercy in there, then. It’s ‘Weapons Free’.


      [This liberal society has no use or need for weapons—as its prophets have long proclaimed.

      Except that in this world are tigers. — T.R. Fehrenbach, This Kind of War (paraphrased)]

      P.S. Fehrenbach was talking about international war. Well….obviously war can take place in ones own home in this society.

      There is no such thing as ‘limited war’ at the household level…..

      • P.P.S. Out of curiosity….

        ….does anyone REALLY think that this woman could have stopped her attacker with a .22LR pistol?

        • P.P.P.S. I’m reminded of that line in Blazing Saddles….

          ….as Sheriff Bart reaches for his pistol belt, the Waco Kid [Gene Wilder] says…..

          ….No. No. No. Don’t shoot him [Mongo]. That will just make him angry.

          This guy looks like he could be a New Jersey version of Mongo.

        • To: Chuck
          RE: The Obvious

          Chance to stop the attack with a .22LR: Debatable.
          Chance to stop the attack while unarmed: Zero.


        • TO: NickS
          RE: Debatable?

          Chance to stop the attack with a .22LR: Debatable. — NickS

          Hardly. All a .22LR would do with this guy….even with a good head shot, would Ps him off. Unless she was good enough to hit him in an eye and it got through that thick skull to his brain.


          [.45 cal, because it’s just silly to have to shoot someone twice.]

        • Sure, one .22LR (or 10) in the face/neck and he is done. Nice thing about a .22 is that it is lots easier to control and use especially if the person is smaller and isn’t trained for recoil of a larger caliber. My wife’s .22Mag NA Black Widow with Gold Dot ammo would also burn off his eyebrows and blind him if his eyes were open when it went off.

          Point is a .22 anything is better than “taking it”.

        • Yeah. .22 would have just made him mad. He’d probably have just beat…

          …er, nevermind.

          At least with holes in him, his primary concern would have changed from “I need to beat the f*** outta this b**** and take her stuff” to “I need to get to an ER”.

          My guess is, as soon as she started shooting, regardless of caliber, he’d probably have looked for an easier house. Of all the gun self defense videos I’ve seen (even the recent LeBron James Shoe video) even armed perps run when fired upon. Someone find me one where the perp runs toward gunfire, if I’m wrong, especially when they are unarmed. This was a power trip for this guy, and a gun, regardless of caliber, would change that.

          Either way, I’d take my chances, even with .22, rather than go through what she did.

        • “Hardly. All a .22LR would do with this guy….even with a good head shot, would Ps him off.”


          1) You’re wrong. I live in an area with “mobile butchers,” who will come to your property and dispatch an animal for you and then butcher it in a mobile butcher shop trailer and give you the meat. Well, most of them dispatch cows with a .22 LR to the head. If it can go through a cow’s skull, it can go through a man’s skull. Plenty of people die on the business end of a .22 each year. And, as you know, the mere presentation of a firearm is enough to stop the vast majority of encounters. There’s a very solid chance that if she just pulled out a gun the guy would have turned tail and ran out of there as fast as he could.

          2) You’re the one who brought up .22, asking if anyone really thought she could have stopped her attacker with one. Why does she have to have a .22? She could have any pistol caliber under the sun, or she could have an AR. Who knows. She could choose whatever the heck she wanted.

        • TO: JMS
          RE: .22LR vs. Mongo

          You’re wrong. I live in an area with “mobile butchers,” who will come to your property and dispatch an animal for you and then butcher it in a mobile butcher shop trailer and give you the meat. Well, most of them dispatch cows with a .22 LR to the head. — JMS

          A ‘cow’ is not a ‘Mongo’.

          I’d like to see you try to put a .22LR shot in Mongo’s ear while he’s ripping your head off before he shiites down your neck.


          [The Truth will out….there are a LOT of ‘stupid’—ignorant and proud of it—people in the world….and YOU, in my personal and professional opinion….are just so much ‘dead meat’, waiting for the ‘butchers’ to invade your own home.]

          P.S. These ‘butchers’, when they invade your home, will come in like so many Reavers…..

        • Absolutely. A 22lr hitting the right vital organs will take down any man. Personally, I will not risk my life with a rim fire round, and I choose to have a bit more certainty than what a 22lr brings to the table. I guess the real question is this: What is the best firearm in a gun fight? The answer is the firearm you have with you. Going further, the best firearm is also the firearm you can effectively wield.

        • TO: UnapologeticallyAmerican
          RE: Yeah….Right….

          Sure, one .22LR (or 10) in the face/neck and he is done. — UnapologeticallyAmerican

          You and JMS.


          [A reproof entereth more into a wise man than an hundred stripes into a fool. — Proverbs]

          P.S. Every fool digs his own grave…..

        • Maybe not one shot but the following 7 or 9, ya I think it would have some effect. If that doesn’t float your boat, then it’s time to bump up to the 9, Millimeter that is.

        • Take a plastic bottle, fill it with water. Now, take a 22 pistol and shoot the bottle with a hollow point. Take a look at the back of the bottle. How many of those would you like in you?

        • Sure, maybe one or two .22lr might not stop him, but you forget the bonus to its small size: you can fill a mag like a bb gun. Why stop at a few shots? Dump 25 22lr in the torso of anyone and their day will take a severe turn downward. Likely about 6 feet downward.

      • Indeed. Staying frosty increases gun control, as in hitting what you are aiming at, repeatedly and with a catchy tempo. Stay frosty, Chuck.

    • The video should be shown on a repeating loop on as large a screen as possible at every stop along the No More Names bus tour. With signs that simply ask, “Is this what you want?” — 505markf

      We could DO THAT….with iPads! And amplified speaker systems…..

      • I like it! Though I was thinking perhaps a bit more of a Clockwork Orange type of event, where we pin their eyelids open so they cannot fail to watch the screen. My wife is right -I am too Neanderthal. But I can live with that.

        Seriously, though, you can hook an iPad into any number of inexpensive display projectors – these have gotten much more portable and can be rented many places. Could show it on a white sheet hanging in the shade.

  3. “Excuse me, I need to grab my shotgun and fire two shots in the air. Wait right there a sec…”

    • Maybe this event with change their mind. And the minds of their neighbors and friends and relations.

      • It still wouldn’t have helped. Isn’t it required that your guns must be stored locked and unloaded in NJ? “Oh, excuse me, just wait right there in the entry while I walk upstairs, open the safe, get a gun out, open another safe, get ammo out, then load the gun and come back down”.

        • It’s against NJ law to leave a loaded firearm within easy access to a minor.

          NJ law, however, does not prohibit home carry.

  4. The money being spent on that security system would be much better spent on a Glock and a German Shepherd.

  5. I had the discussion about home invasions with a gun-banner, and was simply told that home invasions are so rare that they aren’t a valid argument for owning a gun.

    Funny that.. The FBI uniform crime statistics for 2011 report that there are 6,646 break-ins every day. Every single one of these has the potential to be classified as a home invasion if the occupants are at home.

    How could anyone possibly argue that home invasions are “rare”, when they are significantly more common than the lethal use of a rifle – which the gun banners argue are a huge problem and are in so much in a bunch to ban, simply based on statistics of roughly 350 killed by rifles per year – versus 6,646 “rare” burglaries occuring every single day.

    • As I’m very fond of pointing out, personal security preparations aren’t about the odds, they are about the consequences of being unprepared to handle an emergency if it arrives at your doorstep.

        • Smoke detectors and 5-10 pound ABC fire extinguishers on EVERY FLOOR. With a 10-pounder on the floor with the kitchen or any other high temp operations, e.g., a kiln, candle-making or welding equipment.

        • Likewise – 5-10 lb ABC extinguishers on every floor and one in kitchen, utility area, and garage.

          There is no harm in being prepared – no matter how unlikely the event is.

  6. Phone rings: “Hello, this is security. We see you are being beaten by a large black man. We’ve called the cops and popped some popcorn. Thank you for being a home security customer.”

    • I used to work for an alarm company, and you are close. No popcorn. A good alarm company is hard pressed to get the police rolling in less than five minutes, and that is when everything aligns just right. With an average alarm company, well, you wasted your money. Alarm companies will say that you are 17 times less likely to be burglarized if you have an alarm system. The real statistic is that you are 17 times less likely to be burglarized if you have a sign from an alarm company in your yard. Oh, for the total cost of ownership of a good alarm system, you can shop for a 1911 from Wilson Combat and still have money left over.

  7. This is so depressing, that occurred in the town where I was raised. While parts of the town are upper middle class (young professionals starting families) sections of the town have multi-million dollar mansions that are home to some of the richest people in the country. It has always been a low crime town, couple burglaries now and then. Cops are typical suburban cops – they do traffic stuff, underage drinking, occasional drug bust (rich kid dealing weed or coke), some low level domestic violence. This will shock people of this town and numerous other just like it.

  8. Well that was hard to watch. Words are inadequate in situations like this one. Suffice it to say I hope they catch that guy.

  9. TO: All
    RE: THIS….

    ….needs to go viral on YouTube.


    [The Truth will out….hopefully before too many more people suffer such attacks….or MUCH, MUCH WORSE…..]

    P.S. This isn’t about merely catching this perp….it’s about preparing others to defend themselves and their families against other such monsters.

  10. I’m sorry, Ma’am, that the people of your state are hell-bent on taking away your ability to defend yourself. I wish you the best.

  11. Nick,

    Would you mind linking your sources in the future? I like proceeding on to the originators after reading commentary posts.


    • Ditto.

      I want the reffering url for spreading a bit easier.

      That’s how things go viral.

  12. “It was like an out of body experience” is that the total sum of this husband and father’s emotional response ? Is there no rage ? Wait, sheep are incapable of rage or anger or for that matter any meaningful emotion. As for the assailant, two to the chest, one to the head.

    • Rapists and thugs fight by a code of ethics… if you are unarmed or wear glasses, they will not attack you. Didn’t you know that?

    • That bit got me too. As if there’s some sense of honor among these guys that makes them seek out households where they’re likely to get killed?

      Of course he cared. He cared a lot about getting what he wanted, and about preserving his own life in the process. That’s why he chose an unarmed female half his size to be his victim.

      • HALF!!?!????!!?!?

        More like a quarter his size. He was tossing her about like she was a pre-teen.

        This was the epitome of ‘Shock and Awe’. And she and her children got it right in their face in the ‘safety’ of their own home.

    • I rather imagine he cared very much she was unarmed. Maybe he’ll write an appreciative letter to his state representative.

      • TO: DaveL, et al.
        RE: Letters of Appreciation

        Maybe he’ll write an appreciative letter to his state representative. — DaveL

        Why don’t we ALL write such letters?

        Who has the name and address of his and her state reps? Please provide such for the New Jersey Speaker of the House and President of the Senate. And let US not leave out their good Governor Christie.


        [Liberals in the open….FIRE FOR EFFECT!]

    • Its lucky she was unarmed. Had she been armed the situation could have been a lot worse. A man down on his luck trying to turn his life around could have been seriously injured or killed.

  13. After watching this one for someone who sometimes would home carry…those days are over. Even though I would most of the time have a gun nearby now it will be with me all the time.

  14. Wow!…just Wow!…that guy sure was in a rage. Even if she had been armed, I wonder if she could have stopped him, or just made him angrier and deciding to kill her, unless she got a perfect kill-shot before he could get to hand contact range with her?
    I’d still prefer to have a gun and take my chances, but that kind of ferocious, berserk assault would be hard to fend off in any event.

      • Would you cut the crap, dude? Nobody came here to argue about caliber sizes except for you.

        • To be presented with a large, highly motivated and apparently enraged attacker, suddenly and at close range is the stuff of nightmares. It’s the sort of thing that even the capable and dedicated prepare for with a sense of dread. This is where physical and mental fitness, gun accessibility, handling, capacity and caliber meet the essential nexus at which a failure of one link in the chain might mean serious injury or death. If the question was “Would I take this brute on with a 6 shot .22lr?” the answer is yes, and empty the pistol even if the last few shots were in the air with him controlling my wrist because I don’t want to cede a loaded weapon to my attacker. One wonders if the shock of the firing and the realization of having received multiple GSWs would put him off his rampage, one wonders less with hard calibers but fights with whatever is at hand. With nothing at all with which to fight and at such mismatched physical attributes perhaps the only answer is to submit and hope for the best, though this also often results in death.
          I’ve come to understand that my motivation to carry, to train, to test the next best thing in ammunition, to lock the door behind me, to always arrive armed to answer the door, to sleep with a weapon by my side and to sweat on it, curse its weight and leave my shirt on in the worst heat is that if beset by such a brute I don’t ever want the only decision left to me to be hoping for the best.
          I have learned, variously, to utilize situational awareness, my body, my attacker’s momentum, the vulnerabilities of his anatomy, basic impact weapons, folding knives and ultimately the gun in order to never be in such a situation where ‘taking it’ is the only thing left. I have no illusions, there are plenty of men who can accept or overwhelm my response with all the foregoing except the last. It is, in the end, the gun that means I’ll never have to ‘take it’. I may be killed but I’ll never have to submit.

    • You do a disservice to 2nd amendment supporters everywhere.

      I agree that the thug in the video should have been on the receiving end of a DGU. This poor woman was most likely in fear of her life and would have had every right to kill the attacker in self defense. It would have been a better end of the story. My wish now is that he get caught, sentenced and convicted; or that the next targeted victim ends his miserable existence before he can do harm.

      However, your subtext reference that suggests lynching (oak tree and oil) is a broad-brush and outdated stereotype that does not apply to rational, lawful gun owners. It reminds folks of a time when people were murdered without trial and at knee-jerk accusations. Such implications have no place in rational debate.

      I imagine that you’re either a liberal shill (here to paint gun owners in a negative light), don’t understand the racist history of lynching, or you consider the right to a trial an unnecessary encombrance to your own urges.

      • Speak for yourself. I have no problem with a rope and oak tree. The evidence is on the video. BTW, hangings have been around a lot longer and in other parts of the world rather than just your recent American racial time period frame of reference. Not everything has to do with whites hating blacks.

        • You ever hear of the Hangin’ Judge? Judge Parker? Skin pigmentation had little to do with his executions of outlaws, even if they turned out to be rogue marshals who found it paid better to be the bad guy.

      • Or perhaps he thinks in cowboy terms and thinks large men who viciously beat small women in front of their children should be hanged. There was nothing racial in his comment. The racial component was inserted inside your head.

      • I am against the death penalty, perhaps because of the cost and possible errors. But for someone like this, if you have good photo evidence, a tree and a rope sound just about right.

        • I wouldn’t scar a perfectly good tree limb over this piece-of-sh!t monster. Just take him behind the courthouse and invoice his family for the cost of a blindfold and a .30-06 cartridge.

  15. Someone needs to find where this guy lives and every couple of days go in there and beat his a$$. Do that for a couple of weeks or so and then maybe call the cops. He is obviously a chicken $hit, beating on a woman who isnt even defending herself. Willing to bet if she pointed any kind of weapon, even a 22 he would run away like a little girl.

  16. I can’t even bring myself to watch this video because I’m from NJ and I know exactly how this plays out every single time. The sheeple, and there are many, believe that violent criminals can always be fixed and have the right to not be executed or locked in a cell for life upon their conviction. While I do believe every criminal deserves his/her day in court, I can promise you these kinds of people are only hollow shells of what we consider to be rational humans. They can’t be trusted with so much as a sewing needle. You can rehabilitate someone who breaks in and steals your stuff. You can not rehabilitate someone who breaks in and consciously chooses to physically assault you and your family.

  17. The FNS-9 Contest Entry from Cory G and this video contains all the salient points for the inevitable question of “why do you want a firearm?”

    I’m 6’2″, 240lbs and don’t think I could survive an attack like that without some sort of help. That’s why when I work at home, the 870 is out of the safe and within easy reach.

  18. This is exactly why the Bloombergs of the world would keep you helpless. Not to stop crime. Not to walk on your rights after you can’t shoot back. Because they know that you’ll vote in the nanny state with open arms if the alternative is diversity beating and raping the s–t out of you.

    This is the same reason there’s no culture too vulgar or criminal history too severe to be put up in subsidized housing across the street from you. Your peril is their job security.

  19. More and more I’m seeing the advantage of home carry. My kid is grown though. What are some good solutions for people who have toddlers with them, like this poor woman in the video? Safes all over the house? Retention holsters?

    • Juliesa, even though I’m a revolver fan when my kids were small I kept a semi auto with a loaded mag and empty chamber. I also normally had a shotgun with empty chamber handy as backup.

      Is it easier to chamber a round or get your fully loaded gun from a safe?

    • Wear it in a good holster made for the gun and teach your children well. if you can teach your kids not to put their hands onto a hot stove, you can teach them about guns.

      • this. a good retention holster that’s designed to prevent others from pulling your firearm and educating your children not to touch will be enough.

      • I have kept arms around children of all ages. Within my family there is a level of training amongst the children such that it’s never an issue with any child over 5. Below that age it’s holster the weapon or put it in an inaccessible place. I don’t advocate it, but it’s my experience that children much under 5 are unable to defeat the mainspring of an automatic pistol, meaning an unchambered pistol is basically a safe pistol. I’ve found that under 3 they cannot retract the slide of my 1911 (23lbs) even with instruction to attempt it pinning the pistol with their feet and using both hands and body momentum to retract the slide. Again, not recommended as a safety policy, but an unchambered pistol that is in any holster isn’t going to be fired by a toddler who grabs it from the holster. As for the owner, the Israeli method seems to work for them, and is clearly faster than retrieving a chambered gun from another location.

    • I carry a Glock 19 at home with a Safariland ALS retention holster – and I highly recommend it. I know I could end up in a fight for it, but generally speaking, that gun is going nowhere without my permission. It’s still easy for me to draw.

      If I had a toddler I’d still feel entirely comfortable wearing it.

  20. Good lord, at least fight back. Go to the kitchen and get a knife, pan, bat, anything. There must be at least a knife and pan in the house and the kitchen was within sight. This isn’t an example of a disarmed populace, it’s an example of a retarded populace. A woman that is such a sheep she wouldn’t even think of defending herself with anything and a kid dumb enough to just sit there.

    As for the caliber wars above, because of what I mentioned no caliber would have helped, she wouldn’t have lifted a finger (or used it to pull the trigger) to do anything. Her husband must be her example, though, because even he doesn’t want to take action, he just wants someone to do “something”.

    • Hate to break it to you dude but most women and even men are down for the count from a single good punch from a guy that size. Frankly I’m amazed that she’s even alive.

      It looks like he walked right into the house and immediately started beating her. Did you notice a point at which she could’ve escaped, one which somehow made it past me as I viewed the video?

      • Home security isn’t JUST a firearm, reenforced doors, deadbolts, door frames, etc Slowing a would be invader down while you get your firearm or draw down are part of the solution.

        • “A kid dumb enough to just sit there”?

          Seriously Fred? The kid was 3. Are you out of your mind or did I misread your sentence?

      • By her own admission she just “took it”. She was not rendered unconscious by a single blow, she was not incapacitated as the video shows; she was repeatedly targeted and at multiple times the assailant walked away to return later. She sat there in fear because self-defense wasn’t even a consideration. There’s more to self-defense than having a gun in the house or on your person, but it all starts with attitude. That’s defense 101. In this case it was the attitude of a helpless victim and that’s what she was.

        If you would read carefully you’d see it’s a plain observation, no attempt to defend herself with multiple opportunities. I’m not saying she should have wrangled and hog-tied him with one arm, but size and power differences is why tools exist in the first place. That’s from the stance of defense, which is the premise of this article. Since subtlety is difficult for some, it doesn’t matter if NJ allows gun ownership if people have no interest in self-defense.

        3-year-olds know how to run. I was taught to run from bad people, as were/are my nieces and nephews since before they could talk.

        It’s a terrible event, sad some think I condone it, but it’s bad to see a lack of any survival instinct or education. Seems the wife was relying on a husband that wasn’t home, which isn’t a good strategy.

  21. Once again. Where do 100% of home invasions occur? If you’re not paranoid enough to home carry, you’re not paying attention.

  22. Damn it, I no longer can post of MAIG’s FB page. Everyone who has a FB page, smear that site.

  23. Time to get the FBI involved. This is a “Hate” crime..oh wait, the victim is not a minority.

    • No it can’t be a hate crime because we all know that the only racist in this country are white.

      If this was a white man beating a black woman it would be all over the place and the riots would be underway.

  24. I see that as a rabid animal that needs to be put down. That thing has no place in this society.

    • Exactly. Treat him as a dangerous animal that is out of control. Simply put him down.

  25. Saw this response on HuffPo:

    Diego Medina
    40 Fans
    7 minutes ago ( 3:21 PM)
    thats a point of view, if the woman would have a gun, there is two outcomes, in one the woman shoot (and kill) a man in front of her daughter and two, if she don’t succeed in killing him maybe the man takes the gun and now he is a killer. In any case who wears a gun in his own house?, there is no time sometime to go pick a gun and start shooting. Guns are not the solutions, but part of the problem. ”

    Fred is right…

    “This isn’t an example of a disarmed populace, it’s an example of a retarded populace.”

    I’m still trying to find the words or even coherent thoughts in response to such ignorance….

    • While my house is seeded with enough pistols that the odds of being tossed anywhere from which one cannot be accessed is low, I have worked out a good version of the ‘hawk and long knife’ technique adapted to a light pan or very heavy spatula and a sizable kitchen knife. My wife is certain that I’m quite mad, but not so certain that she hasn’t paid some attention to the utility of such common household items as weapons. There is something to be said for being willing to hurt your attacker, for if you’re not, no weapon will ever suffice, if you are, minor miracles are possible from the strangest items. The first and most potent weapon is the mind of a person who is willing to inflict violence on another.

      Consider Lt Col. Dave Grossmans book “On Killing” as required reading.

    • “…..In any case who wears a gun in his own house?, there is no time sometime to go pick a gun and start shooting. Guns are not the solutions, but part of the problem. ” While I cannot speak for Diego Medina and the many other Huffpo idiots who agree with him-I can state that I wear a gun in my own house. When I get home from work I put my SR-9 (work pistol) in my gun cabinet and throw my SW 642 in its uncle mike into the right side pocket of whatever pants or shorts I am wearing and one of my folders into the left or rear pocket. One never knows when evil comes a knocking……or kicking the door in…….best to be ready in case today my home is one of the 6,646 potential homes to be victimized.

  26. Notice CNN never mentioned the right thing would have been for her to be armed.

    All they want AFTER the fact is to catch him… blah blah blah

    Typical lib-tard media response. Not mentioning ones RIGHT to self defense, especially in their own home. Oh no, that’s not a Right, codified in the Bill of Rights, upheld by the constitution.

    I hope these people wake up and decide to start acting in favor of their own self defense. Or MOVE!

  27. I thought that New York and New Jersey taught their women to vomit and “Poop” on themselves to prevent this sort of thing. She wasn’t listening when that part of the class was taught. BTW…. Kick in the door to my home when my wife is home alone and the only thing the Cops will be doing is looking for his dental records!!

    Probably won’t look good when she tries to explain how she ran out of ammo.

  28. Not in favor of “Get him off the street.” 100% in favor of “Put him in the ground.”

  29. Wow! How can any official speak out against armed self-defense after seeing this. This made me angry and sick to my stomach. I guess anti-gunners would claim if she would have been armed it would have been taking away from her and used against her.

  30. Did I hear right — she didn’t resist because she didn’t want to make him angry?

    What planet do these people come from?

    • She didn’t want him angry and attack her three year old. I think that’s a little different.

  31. Quick quip. Atleast he was polite enough to close the cabinet door on the entertainment center so she wouldn’t hit her head while getting the soul beat out of her.

    I mean, there’s that.

  32. I don’t feel bad for the victim. That may seem horrible to say, but when people choose the defenseless (not owning a gun) route…

    I’m over trying to get people to understand why they need a gun. They may figure it out after they get punched in the face a bunch of times by a robber in front of their children.

    It’s like when you warn people to stop eating junk food before they get sick. You tell them they are likely to get some illness but they eat it anyway. Years later they get cancer. You (as the person that warned them) don’t want to hear their (avoidable) sad story.

    Defenseless people seem arrogant about life. Like those people that stand at the corners of a rally course during the rally. They may even jump onto the road to get a nice picture of the car. Hell, why would they not bring the whole family to stand there as well? The kids will love it…

  33. All you dumb libtards (democrats) who voted for Barry and the boys this last election are partly to blame.
    Never, ever vote libtard (democrat) again.
    Libtards (democrats) love turning gang bangers into the white mans God. Maybe food stamps and a larger ‘Big Gov’ will protect us and quell their (blacks) justifiable rage. For the children.

  34. This is just sickening. My wife showed me this video this evening. She wants to start home carrying, and I agree. My Mossberg stays at arms reach when I’m home alone. Neither of us would accept the revolting idea of just ‘taking it’. Horrible.

  35. If Obama had a son, is this what he would look like?
    Guess I just made the NSA tracking.
    Does anyone know when the IRS will be contacting me now?

  36. I do not like guns that much and think we should have restrictions,but I will say this makes me think twice about some guns laws. I will honestly say I am not sure what to do,how far to go with restrictions, but she deserves to have a way to defend herself and her child. If she had accidentally screamed,and the child did too, that man might have KILLED that child with his punches. I hope when they find him, they use a gun on his manhood. What a useless animal. I hope that women comes out OK.

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