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 Tierra Caliente (courtesy

This winter, self-defense groups sprang up in Mexico. The illegally armed uprising arose in reaction to drug cartel murder and mayhem, crimes committed with the full cooperation and collusion of local and state police and federal troops. When the self-defense groups replaced local law enforcement (such as it wasn’t), the federal government played kissy-face with the revolutionaries. The federales took-out a few [spare] bad guys and then “requested” that the “vigilantes” disarm. As we reported, the citizen militia told them to pound sand. And now the “fun” begins, so that narco-terror may proceed as normal. Make the jump for a report in Tierra Caliente . . .

Morelia, Michoacán—According to police reports, on April 5th around 22:00 hours, elements of the Navy made the arrest of 13 civilians in the municipality of Múgica which prompted the mobilization of residents of the community, who rang the bells alerting the rest of the population of a tense situation.

People identified as self-defense members of the municipality of Nueva Italia carried out roadblocks on access roads to the county seat; this is because the Mexican Army and the Navy are initiating an operation to disarm the self-defense movement.

So far there are reports that elements of the federal security and army have withdrawn from the municipality of Nueva Italia amid the threat of a confrontation with the population.

The roadblocks are reported on Cuatro Caminos, La Estación and on the exit to Nuevo Conróndiro, where it is also indicated that access and presence of the media has been denied and the entrance of any vehicle, increasing the number of self-defense members at the points where the barricades are at.

According to reports, during the blockades, various members of the self-defense groups have said that their communities will never again be held hostage by criminals, murderers, kidnappers, and extortionists. They denounced the complicity of the authorities with organized crime groups; so that the organized crime groups can take control of the communities again.

Social media announced that on Sunday April 6, federal authorities will attempt to disarm the rest of the self-defense groups of the municipalities of Múgica, Apatzingán and Parácuaro, the self-defense movement will call on the people to demonstrate in defense of the self-defense groups, which could provoke a confrontation because the self-defense groups will refuse to disarm.

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  1. To the barricades! Stand tall and dare them to advance. At this point you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    • Though I wish there was some way we could help them, the reality of the situation is that they will have to do this themselves. It hurts, but VIVA LA LIBERTAD, Mexicanos!

  2. Viva la Revolucion!

    Stand strong, People of Mexico. We’re rooting for you. Oh, and be sure to relieve the dead drug thugs of Mr. Holder’s guns, will you?

  3. The only time the Mexican govt has checked me and my wife for guns driving down is immediately after the news broke about these grupos autodefensas.

    The Mexican govt has had 8 years to stop any guns coming from the US and only starts checking when common people need them.

    Pena nieto has had his pictures taken multiple times with known narcos.

    I drove to Guatemala in 2011 and was checked 2 times. after this news they check 2 times before arriving to San Luis potosi .


    • Mexico needs a Supreme Court that enforces their constitutional right (it’s in there…) to keep and bear arms, and needs to invalidate statutes and regulations conformity with which effectively denies the right.

      Peña Nieto and his pals just couldn’t take the heat as the cartels stopped paying. The entire provincial government is screaming “what happened to the money?”

      I am so proud of these men in the towns and villages. We should force the Mexican government to permit outside observers to each of these villages. Pres. Obama should be pushing for that, hard. He won’t, though, because what we are seeing is exactly the meaning of the 2nd amendment. Extreme corruption is not a signal to jump on the gravy train. It is a signal to fight back until the corruption is stopped.

      • “We”, as in our no-different version of the same useless organization that is trying to disarm Mexicans to make them more pliable and easier to bend over and rape, should do no such thing.

        The only thing “We” should do, is stop making up and enforcing laws preventing Mexicans, that one way or another makes it to the US, from buying whatever darned kit they fancy for themselves. Be those Mexicans “Narcos”, “Terrorists”, government military/paramilitaries, or just regular Joses trying to keep themselves safe and living some semblance of a free existence.

        Guns everywhere, for everyone, for any reason whatsoever, works. Here, in Mexico, in Somalia, Afghanistan, wherever. Because decent people outnumber scumbags everywhere you go. No ragtag bunch of “Narcos”, or “Terrorists”, “Tax collectors” nor “Gun controllers”” will last long against a citizenry that finally figures out they really don’t need any of them.

        Now, I would really, really hope Mexican Americans, who often also happen to live in neighborhoods more criminal than the average progressive TV star; take note, grow up and follow suit. That might be just what is needed to shake up, and start to recivilize, California. For far too long, the largely Mexican descended Hispanic community here, have mindlessly rubber stamped any old drivel, simply because the particular member of the oppression that serves as a mouthpiece for it, happen to have a (D) after his name. Perhaps this display of decency, integrity, ability and basic humanity by their kinsmen down south fighting the good fight, may change their mind. One can at least hope.

      • Their constitutional right isn’t much of one:
        Article 10: The inhabitants of the United Mexican States have the right keep to arms in their homes, for security and legitimate defense, with the exception of those prohibited by federal law and those reserved for the exclusive use of the Army, Navy, Air Force and National Guard. Federal law will determine the cases, conditions, requirements, and places in which the carrying of arms will be authorized to the inhabitants.

        From Wikipedia (the world’s most authoritative source on other nations’ political systems):
        Reformed Article 10 limited citizens’ constitutional right to keeping arms in their homes only. Additionally, carrying firearms outside the home (in public) was no longer a right but a privilege federal law would regulate and authorize on a case-by-case basis. With this reform came the Federal Law of Firearms and Explosives which limited civilians’ legal access to a few small-caliber guns while reserving most types and calibers to military and police.

        • Yea mexican congress changed their constitution after the gov’t massacred people at a college in, I believe, ’68. Among the many changes was stripping people of their rights to bear arms.

          Makes sense, kill unarmed people, then realize they are mad, then make most guns illegal, and make carrying any gun highly illegal……

    • I am extremely proud of these villagers and townpeople. They are demonstrating for those with weak imaginations and narrow historical training exactly why a 2nd amendment is so important, what Judge Kozinski called “a doomsday provision,” one which seems excessive up until the day citizens realize that their government has become utterly corrupt or tyrannical. It really does happen, and we are not exempt just because we have, some us, a higher scientific or legal eduction.

      Peña Nieto is now desparate as each new town going autodefensa has cut the potential for the cashflow to continue to his regional political underlings. President Obama should immediately demand that non-governmental outside observers be allowed into Mexico and into the villages and towns who are protecting themselves.

      Let Peña Nieto shut down the cartels first. Then there can be talk about how to undo the travesty of legislation that has neutered the Mexican Constitution.

      • Excuse the double post. The first time I posted I received a “code error” screen, so I thought the send had failed. Apparently it did not fail.

    • So they can babble to them about “reasonable restrictions” on gun ownership? And “enforcing” the quadrillion unconstitutional gun laws the oppressors have already managed to sneak past our asleep at the wheel ancestry?

      What the Mexicans need; is more bigger better guns! And more bigger better ammo. And the Ghost of Zapata to reawaken in all of them.

  4. No real mention of this on the state controlled media. More IMPACT on America than Ukraine. Good luck to the Mexican people. I wish I could help.

  5. This is going to turn bloody and it will do so fast.

    I wonder how long it will be before a full-on revolution takes place.

    How long before the army is sick of shelling its own people.

    How long before they depose their government.

    What will replace it and how much corruption will be in place then.

    I don’t see either side backing down at this point.

  6. Wow… To the grabbers, I think this is where we all point south and say “Told ya so!” Time comes to register, I’m getting rid of all my guns. “Wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more.”

  7. I don’t want to detract from their struggle (and God bless them..), but is there anyone here who thinks that this could never happen here?

    • Eventually it will happen here as well. Things can’t just keep going more and more to hell forever. At some point, even the most well indoctrinated progtard will realize he is being used as cannon fodder and nothing else. The only thing that remains constant, is that in any organization with a ladder to climb to reach the top, like a government, those that will go the furthest in furthering their own advancement, will rise to the top. Meaning, “our” leaders, will inevitably, always and everywhere not only be scumbags, but the single greatest and most self centered scumbags of any available. So it’s not like things are just suddenly going to turn out better, because some saint is going to land in the White House.

      It will take a long time here, though. in the 90s alone, with Ruby Ridge, Waco, the Freemen standoff, Republic of Texas etc., etc; there were enough flashpoints for the self proclaimed “my cold, dead hand”ers to have come out of the woodwork; if their spiel was any more than just vain posturing. Then there was the mass kidnapping of hundreds of Mormon children by the State of Texas; despite that state being home to more chest thumping “gun toting freedom fighters” than pretty much any.

      And since then, the indoctrination institutions have had another decade or two, to ply their trade. So, while eventually everywhere will get to enjoy their Mogadishu in the 90s moment, despite perhaps playing host to more loudmouths than anywhere, I expect Americans to be one of the last peoples to actually do something more relevant than make up ever more elaborate excuses for why bending over yet another time, is the “appropriate” course of action.

      For now, thank goodness for the border jumpers! May they follow in the footsteps of their kinsmen down south!

      • “…the mass kidnapping of hundreds of Mormon children by the State of Texas…”

        425 children, if I recall — but they weren’t Mormon. They were a fundamentalist polygamous sect that used early Mormon theology as their jumping-off point. Real Mormons haven’t practiced polygamy since about the 1890s (if memory serves).

        Still, point taken.

        I followed that atrocity pretty closely, and it was an eye-opener. The Texas state gov. dismantled an entire community, separating families at gunpoint, and hardly anybody seemed to care. The government functionaries just followed orders, while most of the public commentary amounted to “well, those people deserved it, they’re weird.”

        At some point we might also be weird enough to “deserve” it. What happens then?

        • “We” are already weird enough not to be trusted to own and carry militarily relevant guns. And not just by loony lefties. But by a seeming majority of so called 2A supporters as well.

          The FLDS are most definitely Mormon. The organized church founded by early Mormons, have changed it’s stand on certain practices. Just like the Catholic Church did back in the day (and still does). But they are not the only arbiter of what is Mormonism, any more than Rome is wrt Christianity.

    • I believe it’s more likely than not. In fact, I’d rather that happen here than tyranny go completely unchecked. Hopefully, we will restore our constitutional republic. If not then I prefer armed struggle over quiet servitude.

  8. Heres to the good guys winning! Theyd better, for their families waiting at home, inside the barricades.

  9. Sad but inevitable. Here’s hoping the chips fall out quickly and as least painful as possible for the good citizens of Mexico.

  10. Looks like the Michoacán “autodefensas” showed up the Mexican government by finding the key capo, and guiding the armed forces to get him- more here:

    I remember driving from San Jose Del Cabo (on the southern point of Baja) north to San Diego once a few years ago. In contrast to other trips where at most we passed a couple road blocks this time there were twelve (12).

    Manned by a different law enforcement agency or military branch unit at each – I got the distinct impression is wasn’t about checking us sun-burned gringos for contraband, per se, but about protecting turf…

  11. I don’t know how much closer this can get. It will happen here. Perhaps we can learn from our neighbors. I wish you well.

  12. On January 29, 2014, reported that common sense had prevailed in Mexico: the Mexican government had agreed to recognize the civilian defense forces as legitimate, provided they agreed to certain harmless concessions.

    One of those concessions was that “the autodefensas must register their weapons.” In exchange, “the National Public Security System or the Department of National Defence is obligated to provide them with the necessary tools for communication, transportation and operation.”

    Two months and a week later, the Mexican armed forces are dismantling the autodefensas. It’s almost like registration led to confiscation, isn’t it?

  13. Standing around out there with their hands in their pockets..Might as well be a home depot parking lot.

    • I think it would unnecessarily antagonize people we should hope will prevail vs the narcotraficantes and their pets.

  14. Unfortunately for Mexico, if they somehow overthrew the govt the overall situation if the people wouldn’t improve. if they somehow were able to remove the numerous cartels smuggling drugs through Mexico and in general causing havoc, the cartels would just come back. In fact the Mexican people would probably have an easier chance of overthrowing the government than kicking out the cartel, however they would also run into the problem of who would staff the new govt. it’s Mexico everyone knows somebody or knows somebody who knows somebody with ties to the cartel.

    • You misunderstand the concept of “cartel.” All the “cartel” people want to do is provide a product that some people want. When the government makes war on that product, they have, at the stroke of a pen, declared a whole class of people de facto criminals, even though they have harmed no one. This also gives the government another boogeyman they can claim they’re protecting the people from. When you say, “the cartels would just come back,” do you mean in the same way that the bootleggers “came back” after Prohibition was repealed? [note – that’s sarcasm. After prohibition was repealed the whole problem vanished. The suppliers opened liquor stores.] The dealers will just go on dealing, the users will use, and nobody will get hurt. Druggies would rather just sit at home than go out and cause trouble anyway.

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