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Attack victim Stuttgart (courtesy reports that “Police in the German city of Cologne have admitted they ‘could not cope’ with the sheer number of coordinated sexual assaults and robberies taking place on New Year’s Eve, according to an internal police report. The report has come after a week of shock and outrage in Germany over the scale of the attacks, which also took place on a smaller scale in other cities.” Let’s put a number on that, shall we . . .

More than 120 women reported being attacked or sexually assaulted in Cologne, including instances of rape.

According to witnesses, the violence on New Year’s Eve was coordinated, and may have involved as many as 1,000 men, mostly of Arab or African origin.

Again, this is hardly a local problem. The victim in the photo above lives in Stuttgart. Anyway, for the sake of argument, set aside the religious affiliation or national background of the criminals involved. What’s important here: even in the face of large-scale “coordinated” sexual assault, large swathes of the German people reckon it’s the cops’ responsibility to keep them safe.

Alexandra Eul, a journalist for the German feminist magazine Emma, which is based in Cologne, says that many victims feel angry at the failure of the police to protect victims in the station.

“Police didn’t even recognise that women were being sexually abused. People in Cologne and the rest of Germany are really shocked — the phrase you hear is ‘this is a new quality of crime.’” . . .

Cologne police chief Wolfgang Albers today defended the performance of his force, arguing that “”we were well prepared.”

However, police also admitted that an earlier official description of the atmosphere in Cologne on New Year’s Eve as “relaxed” was inappropriate.

You want inappropriate? Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker reacted to the news with some suggestions for women to help them “avoid rape.”

What’s really inappropriate: law-abiding Germans are disarmed against criminals, terrorist and crazies. This from a Jew whose grandparents were murdered by the Nazis and father barely survived his time as a slave laborer in a Nazi labor camp.

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  1. Wow, it’s the Mongolian age all over again. Invade, rape the women and all the children will be half Mongolian. I hope European’s mindset changes quickly regarding armed self defense.

    • reports that I hear, they are a changing. Even in sweden they are demanding an end to their extremely dumb immigration refugee law that basically says “come and we will take care of you.” A town in Norway has paid immigrants to leave and they saw a huge drop in their violent crime rate. Europe is waking up and the Paris and NYE attacks has shocked them into wishing they were non-slave state americans.

    • Unfortunately, the EU is just trying again to put enormous restrictions on gun ownership. Just to counter terrorism……………
      I’m a gun enthusiast and a very safe gun owner at that, but it looks like those like me are the problem. Not the crazy muslims who are invading and attacking us in every possible way. I, like most Europeans, wouldn’t have anything against muslims, but when every single day you see, hear and read that they are assaulting people just because they think they can (being difended by liberal morons), then you start getting a bit itchy!
      A few days ago 6 adult arab males have kidnapped about a dozen Italian youngsters and put a gun at their heads asking if they believed in God or in allah, and shooting in the air.
      Now they are being looked for, but it’s quite telling of what is going on in Europa Felix.
      Thanks to Mrs. Merkel and those like her!
      I’m armed and quite accurate with my guns, but if I decided to defend my family, myself or my propriety against anyone, but I bet especially against these “brothers” from islam, I’m sure I’d get behind bars and the key would be lost.
      I hope something will show I’m wrong, but I bet the worst still has to come!!!

      • Hopefully all this stuff is a real “wake up” call for all the formerly communist Central and Eastern European countries (Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Bulgaria, etc. etc. etc.). The British, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, etc. governments are run by lunatics. Don’t follow their madness. Don’t listen to Angela Merkel and crew.

        It is probably too late for Western Europe, but Eastern Europe can still prevent its own demise. They don’t have the massive numbers of immigrants yet. Their own cultures are relatively intact, and they also still have some love for their own cultures.

        The sad thing for them is that they have tied themselves to the fools in the west, via the European Union. The Eastern Europeans also have to worry about Putin in Russia. They are caught in a bad spot. Between a rock and a hard place.

    • Who advocate for an ever-growing, suffocating government, predictably want all privately-owned guns first “registered,” than confiscated, leaving their former owners defenseless in the presence of armed criminals. After all, “The more crime you have, the more government you need!” Once again, with no individual responsibility nor individual initiative allowed, all become completely dependent upon the government for personal protection, of course an impossible task.

      These open border scum bags on both sides of the Atlantic do not deserve even a gas chamber, just bullet to the forehead or to be burned at the stake.

      They want to replace the populations of Western nations with agreeable slaves? Well that is treason and we all know the price of treason now dont we?

    • Of course everyone should carry guns. That being said, in this entire “scandal”, there was, per linked article, ONE case of ALLEGED rape. Considering the standards of “proof” required for what is being passed of as “rape” in our current progressive Dystopias, that makes this a complete and utter nonevent. Just tabloid fear mongering for dronedom.

      Still, regardless, everyone should always be packing guns.

      • “that makes this a complete and utter nonevent. Just tabloid fear mongering for dronedom.”

        So, it is your stated opinion that unless a woman is raped, an attack is a “nonevent” and discussing such attacks is “tabloid fear mongering?”

        Rape is not the minimum standard for assault or battery, both of which are crimes. I don’t care if all they did was gang around her and shout and call names; it’s still wrong and such behavior could well be very terrifying for a woman.

        • More than 500 cases of crime has been notified for this case in Cologne, among them at least few rapes. 40 % are some kind sexual offences. Having in mind that rapes commited by strangers are relatively uncommon it is not a situation that can be easily dismissed. I read first hand accounts (fellow Polish citizen being in Cologne at the time) who confirmed the general overview.

  2. Just see that you don’t blame the refugees, you racist. They’re fleeing a war and just blowing off some steam and coping with a new country and culture to assimilate.

    • I know this is probably passe, but if my country was as f’d as Syria and Northern Iraq, I’d leave too…

      So… the question is how to allow the good and leave the bad? Eternal issue but the US has a solution and it’s called the second ammendment. Screen out as much bad as you can. Then let everyone go about their business, and if the second ammendment is adhered to, it will get sorted one way or another.

      For clarification, I’m not saying bring them to the US for free… they have to come in the front door like every other immigrant on the boat, e.g. pay their own way.

      • I believe it’s easy to tell the good from the bad. The good will stay and fight, kill, and die to protect their families and their country. The bad will be trying to get free stuff and invade defenseless nations to rape and plunder. So, just refuse entry to anyone who wants to enter.

        • The good men are generally the ones accompanied by women and children. The ones who leave their wives, sisters, mothers, and children behind are the ones to be most concerned about. If I ever had to become a refugee, I’d be damn sure to make certain that my wife gets out either with me or ahead of me.

          Why is this massive multitude of “refugees” so predominantly comprised of men without women or children? I see 3 possibilities.

          1. Economic immigrants – This is probably what most of these folks are. They aren’t terrorists, or refugees. They are economic immigrants – who may or may not be criminals, and/or extremists. Life in Western Europe is a whole lot easier and more pleasant than it is in the Middle East.

          2. Cowards – They are refugees who fled, while leaving their women and children behind.

          3. Invaders/Terrorists/Jihadists

          There are likely some in each category.

        • The good men are generally the ones accompanied by women and children. The ones who leave their wives, sisters, mothers, and children behind are the ones to be most concerned about.
          Good litmus test as only a POS would leave the Wife and kids to ISIS.

        • Clive, that’s an excellent point.

          I know two sisters that fled Germany during the halcyon days of the Iron Curtain. They were quite young at the time, and their parents got them out. I don’t know about the Mom, but I’m pretty sure the Dad never did get out.

          It’s the kind of story straight out of a movie. They were asleep, awakened in the middle of the night, told to grab only what they could carry and “it’s time to go.”

          With that, they left their home (and at least one of their parents) and began what was a very dangerous, and stressful, trip that ended in the US.

          THAT’S how “Refugees” behave. The parents got the children out to relative safety first.

          Incidentally, our community has a fair population of Burmese refugees, and the stories are similar. We see a lot of children, Moms with children and intact families. We don’t see large swaths of single men. The stories these children can tell are horrendous, and would make most American progressive absolutely apoplectic. These people have seen horror and escaped it.

      • If my country gets as f’d as Syria and Northern Iraq, I’ll have been buried with my rifle, shot out barrel and all.

    • What race is “refugee” anyway? For that matter, what race is “Muslim” or “islam”? I hope you were being facetious or sarcastic. These are young, ‘fighting age’ men with a moral code that reads “Women are inferior dogs”

      • “…as many as 1,000 men, mostly of Arab or African origin.” Hence the discussion of race overall. Also, I believe this is meant to proactively counter many liberal/progressive responses that would decry racism as some form of deflection rather than addressing the issue at hand.

    • Ironically, if they’d be referring to the American version of “Yankees”, then they’d for the most part be wrong.

    • If Germany is not going to, then the Germans will have to do it themselves. Americans always assumed that the burden of self-defense was on the individual.

  3. Nobody should be shocked this is happening. It’s just a shame that there’s nothing the disarmed populace in the EU can do nothing to stop it.

    • There is plenty and already the resistance is forming. Europeans will be fighting for their nations and cultures.

      Europe is at war. The people are waking up to it and will fight for their way of life. Their leaders know it but are too afraid of being called racist to act.

      • I’d sure like to agree with you, but I think they’re too far gone to fight this invasion off. These societies have relied on their governments for their every need for so long now, I’m not sure they would know how to fight back. Sure, there are a few individuals/groups that are willing to take a stand, but I don’t know about the population in general.

        • The world is overpopulated. If a few million are murdered in the course of learning to defend themselves, just consider it to be the world seeking balance, or some such New Age BS.

      • Yep. Max Bracken makes an excellent analysis of this in his essay on his website,

        He says that the there is a three front war between the international socialists(our ever loving progressives), the fundamentalist muslims and the traditional cultures of various western countries; in our case, our traditional American culture of personal freedom.

        He basically speaks of how the international socialists are instigating the invasion of the Muslims to complete the destruction of the last vestiges of individual cultural identities of the different states in Europe begun under “multi-culturalism”.

        This is the process the international socialists(progressives) have attempted, with somewhat less success, here in America.

        One of the clearest pictures of what we are facing I have ever read.

  4. Immigration is rape culture. When you are actively importing it you are inviting this to happen. People do not become “civilized” via the dirt they happen to be standing on.

    Repatriate them now while you still have an option, or kill them later. It has always been so.

    • Immigration is rape culture. When you are actively importing it you are inviting this to happen. People do not become “civilized” via the dirt they happen to be standing on.

      Wow. Wow! That is really profound. I like it. It is a much more succinct and impactful way of stating that people in the (choose your favorite savage region of the world) have to clean up their own mess rather than fleeing from it.

      • Yup, It’s called Magic Dirt Theory, the progressive assumption that if someone just moves to a new location (eg: muslims to Germany/Sweden, bad schools to good, inner-city to ‘burbs) they’ll suddenly change and be better people. One of the best examples is given by Vox Day (link).

    • Interesting opinion from a country that had anti-miscegeneation laws on the books when you could already go to a rock concert

      • Interesting typical illogical comment from a collectivist Progressive that can’t separate the opinion of an individual from codified laws of The Almighty State.

  5. This really sounds like a coordinated terrorist strike By radical Muslims Especially if they were black and Arabic looking. Four and a half years over in the sandbox leads me to this conclusion.Remember Mogadishu?

    • It absolutely was an attack by Muslims, but I guess I’m a racist for saying this truth. The Islamic culture they came from is misogynistic. Yes, not all of them are like this, but it is rooted in their religion.

    • Not only does this sound like a coordinated terrorist strike, it highlights why we need to be armed: it clearly demonstrates how a community can go from tranquil to horrific literally in one evening.

      And that is why we promote the Second Amendment.

      • This is terrorism as clearly as the Charlie Hebdo or Bataclan attacks.

        Terrorism is more than gunfire and suicide bombs, and this is it.

        • This is very important to understand, and I sometimes wonder how many people here ‘get it.’

          The terrorists are constantly evolving their tactics. What they “want” and how they try to ‘get it’ is not a static thing.

          Yet, the American way, especially in law enforcement and other government solutions, seems to always be chasing the last tactic or technique. Shoot, we are STILL worrying over box cutters on airplanes, even though that was essentially a one-off.

          That’s one advantage the terrorists have, and it’s in our culture. We seem to have a very, very hard time thinking forward…being generally vigilant and generally aware.

          With each attack, every one says what they would do if that happens near them…only that same style attack doesn’t usually happen again anywhere.

          It’s even so bad as to be “that wasn’t be terrorism, it was an office Christmas party.” Sometimes we only see what we are EXPECTING to see. If you go in the woods looking for whole deer, it’s likely you will never see one.

          If we go through our days only looking for clues of attacks that fit a certain preconceived idea of what an attack “will” look like, we won’t see it unfolding until it is too late.

          That adapt; they change. They surprise. We seem locked into obsession with last week’s news.

  6. The question here really should be who or what is behind the mass immigration policies of the west? Who benefits from dissolving previously white, European heritage societies?

      • Yeah, it’s telling how pointing out the truth and asking the hard questions these days is so politically incorrect. All by design of course, to discourage people from discussing what is actually happening and what the real causes are.

      • International Socialists….globalists, white show boys, corporatism, prestitutues….just seems another term to avoid actually identifying any real entity.

        • Yep, I’m sure everyone allied against Western civilization is exactly the same and has the same motivation: they have evil blood! OoooOOooo! They’re cursed with evil blood in their veins, I tell ya! I can’t measure it in any way, but I know they have it! It causes problems to have folks with evil blood in their veins around! There’s no cure, murder ’em all!

          Please stab yourself with Occam’s razor repeatedly.

        • Yep, I’m sure everyone allied against Western civilization is exactly the same and has the same motivation: they have evil blood!
          I usually am more concerned about evil and toxic culture in their head.

  7. Take a map that shows the routes of invasion the barbaric hordes took when they invaded Rome, then look at a map of showing the routes of the recent invasion of Muslim hordes. Not exactly similar, but disturbing enough.

  8. The mayor suggested. Keeping strangers at arms length To stick within your own group,

    -To ask bystanders for help,

    -To intervene as a witness, and

    -To inform the police if you are the victim of such an assault.

    WTF…. Not fight, run, bite, carry a stick. At least he didn’t say pee yourself or try to enjoy it.

  9. This is what happens to a populous that drinks the Democratic Socialist Kool-Aide and places its safety in the State who cannot protect them and is busily welcoming threats to Public Safety while denying the basic rights of all people.
    Perhaps this is a new Islamic Terrorist tactic, since the German Authorities are claiming these are planned and co-ordinated.

  10. I mean they estimated thousand men over multiple towns I could see this in one town with the mob theory. But not over multiple towns miles and miles away from each other happening all simultaneously, That’s a coordinated strike after that’s on a much bigger bigger scale And since that was all assault and sexual assault That tells me that they wanted to leave the women allowed to tell the story to create the fear that’s what terrorism is it’s a fear creator that lives off of it And expands on it.

  11. Funny how Governments, forget too mention Islamic law and the lack of rights for women! This is What letting these misguided souls into you country does as they live under a different moral code than us! You cannot expect them to conform like sheep to new laws’!
    funny the uber Fem-Nazi’s are not squealing like scalded bovine’s calling for relief by the execution of everyone associated with Shira Law.
    first bless them with pig blood so they can’t go to heaven

  12. The police Are only responsible To serve and protect the community as a whole not as individuals if you ask any law enforcement officer Why didn’t you do something when this man was shot Simply going to tell you there’s no way for every person in the town city they live in to be protected by an officer at 24 hours a day 7 days a week. That is your personal responsibility as a citizen in this country to defend yourself and have the right to defend yourself by the second amendment to keep and bear arms. End of story.

    • I see your point, but you seem to be assuming that the only thing preventing this is The State (in the form of cops).

      This is a false assumption. There are other folks in society that would stand to prevent widespread victimization of women (or any population group).

      Don’t assume everything “good” and every civilizing force comes from The Thin Blue Line. That’s Statist thinking.

  13. The more I read the details about Cologne, the less sure I am about the DGU outcome for an armed defender, even prepared one, against a gang of 10-20 men in the nightly street at a shorter distance. That’s me what-if thinking, in case I couldn’t get into some bottlenecked defendable position quickly, especially with someone to protect.

    Another question would be if there were many armed defenders. In that case there would be war if the onslaught occured, but maybe there would be no onslaught at all. One way or another, the Germans are now up the certain creek without a paddle, and I am afraid that there’s also no boat. And we’re bordering with them.

    • Let’s run some numbers. 120 victims, if 10% were armed with 5 shot revolvers. If half were able to shoot half their shots effectively that would be that would still be 15 wounded or dead bad guys. Education with lead therapy will change some minds or at least the bad guys tactics!

    • Mintmar,

      We have said before on this forum that firearms are not magic talismans. They do not guarantee that we will prevail over attacks without suffering any harm.

      If 20 men suddenly rush me or my family, I don’t believe I would be able to shoot and promptly incapacitate all 20 of them. What I would do is shoot as many as possible before they physically incapacitated me. Having said that, I am hopeful that my immediate response with gunfire would tend to stop most attacks immediately and they would never get to the point of physically incapacitating me. After all, which of the 20 attackers want to absorb bullets and have a 25% chance of dying? Not too many.

      That was the absolute worst case scenario. If other “good” people were armed, that increases the disincentive factor. For example my spouse is armed and would be shooting at the mob of 20 attackers as well. Between the two of us, there is a really good chance that we deliver gunshot wounds to at least 10 of the 20 attackers. And if another bystander was armed, observed the rush, and intervened, that would make for a really bad day for the attackers.

      • These are not brave men we are looking at here, they are opportunistic, r-selected, pack criminals. Smart money says even a large group scatters like rats at the first shots.

        but yeah, no guarantees with that or anything else in life.

        • Or more accurately, as I understand r/K Selection Theory anyway, they herd.

          Swarm implies insectoid collectivism, which I guess could apply here as well. But, it’s my understanding the r/K Selection refers more to “higher” levels in an ecosystem…mostly see it applied to mammals in the articles I’ve read on the subject.

      • Most of us guys have been led into bad situations by our dicks, pardon my clarity, but try to imagine heading for some fine young thing with a magnificent hard-on, screaming and screeching about religious insanity, then watching the guy in front of you as his head explodes with a deafening BOOM! Quick, now, how hard is your dick, after that? You don’t have to kill them all to kill the party atmosphere, the great celebration of worshipping allah, the pride of punishing nonbelievers, whatever.

    • Most likely, the scum will scatter when the first shots start ringing out. You generally don’t have to shoot every member of a mob. When someone uses deadly force against one member of a mob, the mob usually dissipates.

  14. The Mayor of Cologne is a woman, which makes her comments worse. Basically “It was your fault” I live in Stuttgart and the German press has been working OT to cover this up. German elites went immediately to the “we can’ blame all migrants” etc. etc

    I am an American living in Stuttgart and I am a hunter and own guns but not allowed to carry my handguns, even most cops are not allowed to carry off duty. Pretty much any type of armed (not just firearms) self-defense is verboten.

    Europe today is the product of 70+ years of US Defense welfare.When a nation can’t, won’t or doesn’t need to know how to defend itself this trickles down to the populace.

    Cologne and Stuttgart are merely a glimpse of the future Germany imported for itself. Sad.

    • That horrible mayor was stabbed by a guy who opposed her immigration policies.

      I don’t ever condone physical attacks on law abiding people, but she did deserve it. It’s her fault that women now can’t go to their own city’s cathedral and national landmark without being sexually assaulted. Many of those girls will be traumatized for years by what was done to them, but that Hell-mayor is more worried about the rapists.

    • You’re right. That said, the article is somewhat misleading with the “disarmed populace” title. I live in Stuttgart and hunt as well.

  15. According to the reports I read, a small group of men would surround the women and abuse them. This took place inside of the large crowds that were gathered for the celebration. It’s foolhardy or intentionally dishonest for Germans to blame the police for not being able to spot this. How do you spot ten people doing something wrong in a crowd of thousands? Unless the officer is right there, they won’t see anything.

    So yes, it’s time for people in Europe to start taking responsibility for their own safety. The police can’t be everywhere.

    • “It’s foolhardy or intentionally dishonest for Germans to blame the police for not being able to spot this.”

      I’m not sure if you misunderstand the origin of the “blame” here or not… it’s not a practical matter of the police seeing or not seeing the bad guys.

      The problem is the expectation that the police should protect them rather than them protecting themselves. The problem is the lack of responsibility for their own lives.

      The problem is they are human beings who have given up agency and allowed themselves to be mere chattel.

      • No, I understood it. Like I said, it’s foolhardy to blame the police for this. It’s not rational to expect the police to be able to uncover every criminal plot and stop it before it happens. Or even to be there when it happens and stop it before something bad happens to good people. As I also said, it’s time for the people of Europe to take responsibility for their own safety.

    • That sounds remarkably similar to what happened to CBS reporter Lara Logan, although she had to travel all the way to Cairo for her Islamic humiliation, instead of a “civilized” European city.

        • Difference being she was in their world, not ours, and Logan really did ask for it.

          If you’re a decent looking Euro woman, you simply don’t walk around in Muslim culture with your tits sticking out of a t-shirt and a tight pair of blue jeans. These are not civilized human beings. She had been warned many times by her handlers and even her cameramen. In fact, there were a lot of folks in the biz who wouldn’t get near her – she was a liability waiting to happen.

          I seldom blame the victim, but in that case she always used her ‘assets’ to her advantage, never really understanding that there are very real consequences to those actions in primitive cultures.

  16. You mean to tell me people bred and raised in Middle Eastern and African third world hell holes, which have an actual rape culture, not the pretend one which feminist say western societies have, are not acclimating to western societal values… The hell you say.

      • yup. 1 out of 4 women have been raped in Sweden. And they are starting to get really really upset about it. They started petitioning the Government already to change their policies and threatening to revolt over it.

    • Sweden will fall first, I’m guessing, even before Germany. They have been leaders in the rush to commit suicide by opening their borders to hostile colonists. I know a few Swedes. Even the one most besotted by the leftist kool aid is beginning to understand his folly despite the best efforts of the Swedish/EU government and their praetorian media. His awakening came when his pregnant wife was unable to get treatment because the local hospital had been given over to welfare colonists. Too little, too late I fear.

  17. This didn’t only happen in Germany. There were similar attacks in other European countries the same night.

    This is a huge violation of the citizen-government contract and terribly disturbing. I’m watching this very closely, and thankful again that I live in a free state in the USA. My son wants to study in Europe, and even though he’s not female, I’m considering discouraging him from going.

    One thing for sure is this will goose gun and ammo sales.

  18. Perhaps NATO should consider a massive airdrop of small arms and ammo to areas outside of the major cities in Germany, France, Belgium and Sweden to allow the populace to defend itself.

    • Or not. NATO in practice means the US.

      The Proggies here keep telling us how great Europe is and how bad we are. Well, let’s let their little Utopian experiment play out. Should be instructive.

      I’m all for helping others, but at the same time, we have to recognize we have our own problems here…much the same problem, really. Watching in real time how the Proggie solutions work/don’t work MIGHT help focus more Americans’ attention on some simple truths of life.

      • I agree completely. These countries/peoples are our friends, historically, despite their refusal to take responsibility for their own defense. For that reason, we should stand ready to sell them (at retail, for cash) all the weaponry they need to put down the murderous terrorist revolution which is clearly coming. Our blood? Our treasure? I don’t think so, this time you LEARN the lesson.

    • I like it. NATO could drop small, inexpensive single-shot handguns chambered in .45 ACP made from inexpensive sheet metal and able to hold two cartridges in the handle. We could call them Liberator pistols. Oh, wait …

  19. Amazing. Here a politician would be strung up for suggesting a woman could lessen her risk of assault by not getting blackout drunk solo at a dive bar in an unfamiliar part of the city.

    Over there the “liberals” tell them rape is the cost of feminist liberation so you better burka up.

  20. A politician or citizen raised in the culture of democracy CANNOT apply their thought process to a Middle East culture that hates democracy and views women as property. To wish or demand Mulism men respect western culture is futile.

    • Well, it’s not really futile, if the penalty for noncompliance is death by decapitation before the week is out. But anything less, they do not even understand, much less respect.

    • Democracy is mob rule, literally. Why do people endlessly repeat the word as if it’s some sort of Utopian arrangement? Even the framers of this country knew this, and tried to prevent the US from becoming a mob ruled state, or a democracy.

  21. If my daughter was raped I’d be looking to kill Angela Merkel, and then whoever (specifically) did it.

    In THAT order.

  22. No deterrence so it’s open season on women. In the US, a woman would be within her rights to stop a sexual assault with a gun.

    • Feminism and multiculturalism are 2 prongs on the same communist same fork, both being used to destabilize western family and society.

  23. This is what happens when politicians elect a new people to atone for their imposed collective guilt from 70 years ago.

  24. Cologne’s new Mayor was previously Director of Cologne’s Department of Social Welfare and Integration. That’s Bureaucrat-ese for “head of the city’s office that throws open the flood gates to refugees, lavishes government benefits upon them, and refuses to demand any sort of assimilation.” You reap (or in this case, get raped by) what you sow.

    Her stance is massively popular in Germany, too, even up to the Chancellor’s level. Many Germans reportedly turn out at train stations to celebrate and welcome the arrival of the invaders, er, I mean, refugees. Europe hasn’t seen this kind of misplaced hospitality since Vienna in 1938.

  25. The more important question is where were the German men? Even in deep blue disarmed New York City there would have been men to come to the rescue.

    • There were accounts of men attempting to intervene and subsequently getting their a$$es kicked.

      Which was probably a blessing in disguise for them. Had they done the a$$ kicking, they would have likely been arrested for hate crimes.

      • There is some hope. If by getting their assed kicked they helped kept the women safe they did their job. You don’t have to win a fight to meet your objectives.

  26. You know, what is crazy is that if any conservative, male or female, said anything close to what the ultra-liberal, presumably “feminist” mayor is saying, they would be run out of town on a rail (perhaps literally, certainly figuratively) for “victim blaming”. Liberalism truly is a mental disease.

  27. Why would anyone ever need a high-capacity magazine, an assault weapon, more than 12, 10, 7, 5 rounds?

    Oh, wait…


  28. I didn’t watch, but must assume these events were front and centrt at the Obama / CNN gun control town hall last knight. I expect the picture above figured prominantly; the motivation for Obama’s much-reported tears.

    The pic of him weeping should be run side by side with the injured woman above.

    One caption: at least she didn’t shoot anybody.

    Another: Hint: he ain’t crying for her.

    Another: How’s that workin out for them?

    Last: Yes, President Obama, we do weep for victims.

  29. Anyone who read the history of Islam’s previous invasions into Europe predicted this. Muslims haven’t changed in 1400 years, and they show no signs of changing anytime soon.

    For our female readers, allow me to clue you in on some of the salient differences between western law and sharia law on the subject of rape:

    1. If you’re a Muslim female, your testimony is worth only half of what a man’s is in court. This means that if someone attacks you, you need at least one other female witness who agrees with you to counter the testimony of your attacker, or you need a male witness.

    Now you understand why women won’t go anywhere in the Islamic world alone, even if they’re dressed head-to-toe in a burka.

    2. If you are a married woman and make an accusation of rape against a man, and your case doesn’t win, you might be charged with adultery and, in some countries, stoned to death. In others, you will merely be locked up for a couple of years. If you are an unmarried woman who fails to make a rape case, then if you’re in one of the more “traditional” Islamic countries, you will probably suffer death at the hands of your own male family members “to preserve the family’s honor.”

    3. If you are a non-Muslim female and are raped, you need at least four male witnesses to prove your case.

    Hence, Muslims see non-Muslim women as easy prey in their twisted minds. Non-Muslim women are without much recourse in their legal system.

    Now, want to see how codified the treatment of non-Muslim women is? Here’s an echo of the far-back past in ISIS’s “sex slave fatwa” of about a year ago:

    Some of that stuff is literally out of Islamic code set forth 1400 years ago.

    And campus harridans want to babble about a “rape culture.” Well, that fatwa there’s a rape culture, straight-up.

    Anyone who has studied the history of the Muslim conquests into Europe knows what happened in those days. Large numbers of young women and girls were kidnapped and taken to the middle east for their sex slave trade. Not a couple here and there. 10’s and 10’s of thousands. Boys were taken as conscripts into their armies, and the Muslims raped them too.

    One day, when enough people start reading some actual history of how Muslims comported themselves in the past (right up to the Armenian genocide only 100 years ago, which had horrible widespread sexual depredation upon Armenian women and girls), once you read enough Islamic history that hasn’t been filtered through modern PC filters, you will see that until the 1990’s, we had been living in only a temporary abatement of a monstrosity that has bedeviled the world for over 1,000 years. Not just Europeans, either. Ask non-Muslim folks from India about Muslims in an unguarded moment. They’ve been dealing with this longer than we have, more continuously than Europeans have.

    We Americans have just enjoyed a temporary reprieve in the time the US has been a nation, that’s all. Vacation’s over, folks.

    • Sometimes I feel as though my walking across the college graduation stage in the mid 1990s was like catching the last chopper out of Saigon in ’75.

      It’s as though I was among the last wave of students to have been taught the facts of history, such as the history of Islam or the Armenian genocide, the ideas behind them, and the critical thinking skills to help me understand them.

      Today, we have Yale undergrads gleefully signing petitions to abolish the First Amendment, which among other things, protects one’s right to petition the government for redress of grievances. No way these kids are being taught much of value. We’re churning out overeducated idiots.

      • “We’re churning out uneducated idiots.”


        The problem is, we are telling them they were “educated.” Four years in college and nothing of substance soaked through the party-haze, yet call it a “degree,” give a “diploma” and of course charge near six figures for it as well.

        The whole thing (“education”) has become a sham. But, it’s worse than that, really. The programming begins much earlier than college. There’s a reason Marx and Engels mentioned “public education” in Chapter 2.

      • It’s as though I was among the last wave of students to have been taught the facts of history, such as the history of Islam or the Armenian genocide, the ideas behind them, and the critical thinking skills to help me understand them.
        No, academia has been brain washing gullible students for many decades now.

        • There are still pockets of intellectual resistance deep behind enemy lines in academia. Believe it.

          Careful, or you’ll come across as an old “In my day…..” fogey.

  30. Just ask the former city of Nanking about rape gangs. They’re familiar with the concept. Do you see China taking in hordes of Muslims?

    • Pay attention-there are Muslims with knives in China. Sorry about Deutchland. Get your shite together. The muslim in chief HERE won’t even utter “Islamic”-but he’ll weep on cue…Europe you’re on your own.

    • Germans have no need to look at the Japanese invasion of China to know about rape gangs.

      Germans experienced it first hand by the hoards of the Red Army.

      When the Russians pushed into Germany, the Red Army partook in the local fair to put it as mildly as possible. It may have not been as particularly bural as in the Nanking invasion (ei, killing babies and rapping and killing children), but it was surely no better.

      • We always like to vilify Russians, but in this case they had good reason. Russia had been all but destroyed twice in 30 years by the same country, Germany. They were determined to fuck up that country so bad that it would be 100 years before they could be a threat again. That was the entire reason for East Germany, the Russians were not attempting to make it a success, they were determined to PREVENT success just as long as they could, and they managed 50 years, after which there is a lot of catchup required before they could be a threat once more. They seem to have been successful.

        • You’re saying the raping of German women and girls was justified?

          Would say the same is true for our women and girls at the hands of people in countries which America has occupied?

        • “We always like to vilify Russians”

          The Soviet Russians should always be vilified, and for good reason. Thanks to the progressive takeover of American education, I didn’t know jack about their own penchant for brutality until I cracked open a real history book on my own time. Say what you want about their beef with the Germans, I’ll split no hairs over that cauldron of blood, but their actions during the Baltic/Polish occupation of ’39 were outright genocide; murdering or deporting entire village populations to Siberia and then filling their homes with Russians. This policy was again repeated in immediate postwar Eastern Europe under the catchall excuse of mopping up “collaborators” that no one dared challenge, lest they be thrown in a ditch themselves with the real ones. Also, never forget Katyn.

          I respect the poor illiterate saps who were handed Mosins against their will, but Patton was right. Stalin and his political structure were “allies” in name only, and should have f*cked off to practice their collectivist tyranny inside their own borders. Instead, Eastern Europe was “liberated” (enslaved), and became such a wonderful place to live in that if you tried to depart, you’d be given an all-expenses paid trip to an unmarked grave courtesy of Mr. Kalashnikov. Bottom line, everywhere between Russia and West Germany would have been better off under the Marshall plan.

        • Oh boo hoo. I guess the Czar should have kept his nose out of the Balkans where it didn’t belong, you think?

          Perhaps Stalin should have found a better class of fascist, genocidal dictator to sign a non-aggression pact with in agreement to carve up Europe, huh?

          Oh well, live and learn.

      • He may be referring to the modern move to the left Germany has made in recent years.

        For example, fun fact: it is illegal to homeschool in Germany. Only The State can ‘educate’ young people.

        • You jogged my memory of a German family that was kicked out of this country and denied political refugee status because they wanted to home school and came here. Even home-schoolers here have to go through a government approved curriculum and process to my knowledge, so while homeschooling may mitigate some of the indoctrination/social engineering that goes with state “education”, it still follows closely the dumbed down curriculum.

        • You are probably referring to the Romeike family who sought asylum here.

          That case. Romeike v Holder, was a long, drawn-out ordeal, and if I recall correctly, did not end well. SCOTUS declined the case. I think there is a new bill, HR 1153 introduced in 2015, that would change the asylum laws to allow for cases like this.

          “Even home-schoolers here have to go through a government approved curriculum and process to my knowledge, so while homeschooling may mitigate some of the indoctrination/social engineering that goes with state “education”, it still follows closely the dumbed down curriculum.”

          No, not in all states. Some states do have government oversight of homeschool curricula, but many do not. Neither NC or SC, for example, require any such government input.

          If a family is considering homeschooling, studying the laws in various states is paramount. One might have to relocate to find a state with laws that mesh with family plans/goals.

          So, it is certainly possible to homeschool with total curriculum control, as we have here.

      • WWI followed instantly by WWII requires a lot of closing your eyes to ignore and be all sweetness and light, particularly if your family, your city, or your country paid a serious price for their unbridled evil, combined with a steadfast refusal to reform, down to deception and lies to hide the preparations to take over the world beginning IMMEDIATELY after the end of WWI, when the allies forgave and refused to punish those poor people. Millions upon millions dead, let’s just forgive and forget, huh? How leftist can you get?

        • Germany was one of the later countries to join in WWI. Versailles helped lead to WWII. Quite frankly some of Hitler’s earlier territorial demands may have had some justification. Hitler got a lot of support from many quarters ( Catholic Church) due to his opposition to Communism.Germany was headed towrds Communism or Nazism and neither were good. Hitler did get the German economy going due to heavy deficit spending on his industrial military complex. A lot of the crap that Hitler did, FDR did as well.
          I thought Hitler sucked, but so did Stalin and FDR.

        • I thought it was interesting that Siegfried Knappe stated in his book Soldat that there was a lot more anti Slav and anti Communist propaganda than anti Semitic propaganda in Nazi Germany.


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