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Robert Farago

Send your “This is My Rifle” statement photo to [email protected] with the word RIFLE (all caps) in the subject bar. Let us know if you want us to use your name, a screen nic or remain anonymous. Click here for our Facebook page TIMR album.

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    • Hard to tell with the sheet of paper smack dab in the way.

      When framing your portraits, move the paper off the firearm! Why do you think TPOTG look at these photos? 😀

  1. Way to go RF! I bet various USG agencies and gun-grabber organizations are printing out RF’s image above on their color printers.

  2. So I guess it’s a race to which of us jarheads will be the first to come in with the creed? Sadly, it’s a race I am going to loose… Stupid day job. Great idea though Mr. Farago.

  3. I don’t own it yet, but I have an eye on a lever action 30-30. And if I can get it before this series end, I will send in a picture with the following text:

    This is my rifle. It isn’t semi-automatic. It doesn’t have a 30 round magazine. It cannot be rapidly reloaded. It doesn’t have a bayonet lug, a barrel shroud, or a shoulder thing that goes up. You might not be comming after my rifle. But I stand with owners of AR-15s, because if you’ll outlaw theirs, you’ll outlaw mine next.

  4. I love the zoolander look 🙂 I love the idea behind this, it gives me an idea of what I want to buy down the line once the furor dies down…

  5. gee you look tough with your big gun, and your outdated 2nd amendment, someone ought to explain to you that amendment means in fact, alteration or change to, or add to, its not written in stone like the bible you probably believe as well and worst it was written by an Englishmen as was the whole constitution, the fact they had elected to be ex- Englishman doesn’t really wash somehow does it ?

    I think we need a another amendment more suited to modern times and written by a true born American, cotton candy blue berry pie eating real American and not some bunch of ancient ex brits with their limey English accents like Jefferson and Adams and that tall useless figure head Washington who never won a battle on his own, fought as an officer in the British army and even started the French and Indian war , not to mention Madison and Hamilton who were both pro-British and Adams book saying that the English had the best system of government in the world and that the new USA should copy it .

    You people are worshipping Brits what’s the matter with you , the second amendment was a British joke and a goodbye kiss from London, hoping we would all kill ourselves
    Those F,,,,,ing Brits lol

        • Anybody using “lol” is likely in their teens or twenties. With all your “textbook” facts presented, I suspect you are freshly indoctrinated via some liberal professor at a liberal college.

          Let me ask you this:

          Why don’t you try and take it from him yourself, John?

    • Mr. Walsh, you lost my respect as soon as you started the ad hominem attacks. You are correct in that amend means to change. What you are implying is that the Constitution may be changed and this is so obvious that you needn’t throw it out there. We, the people who frequent this site are, for the most part, more versed in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights than average Americans.

      The Constitution has been amended 27 times is the past 214 years. But when you examine that closely, the first 10 amendments truly were not changes but rather clarification of what the founders or drafters meant by “life, LIBERTY, and the pursuit of happiness”. Further, the 21st Amendment cancelled out the 18th and 22nd, 23rd, and 25th Amendment were, again clarifications. As I look at it, the Constitution has truly only been ‘changed’ 11 times since inception of the Bill of Rights and never has one of the first 10 been modified.

      Some the above is fact and some is my opinion, but well reasoned arguments nonetheless. Perhaps you can indulge us in the same courtesy?

      • well apart from my glib joke which was clearly to lighten what is a very serious issue , I have no doubt that many on your site know American history and that is why I placed the joke in the context in which it was framed .

        However I cannot quite reconciled myself that such intelligent people could in the light of their nation having more serious gun related murders in one city than most whole nations do in a 12 month period could possible take seriously a man holding a rifle with a bit of paper stating a marine training code mantra, which of course was designed for soldiers in combat situations and not for a trip round the local Wal-Mart or to frighten teenagers that have wandered on to your lawn.

        If such a picture was published in England from where you have no doubt assessed I am originally from ,after the worst massacre of infants so far the world has seen in peace time western world and in a nation which for better or for worst is still regarded as the leader of that world the outcry would have been visceral.

        I don’t think ( or maybe Americans are so far up their own superior arse) that they don’t care what the rest of the world see , but even if that is the case I wouldn’t imagine a young mother of one of those victims , being impressed by such a spectacle of a man who obviously grew up watching too many cowboy movies .

        The 2nd amendment as you should know was designed in England by Englishman during and just after the so called glorious revolution of 1689 when James 2nd was kicked by parliament off the throne for being unconstitutional ( in your terms) as he was arming Catholics in order to covertly suppress protestants, he was replaced by William of orange from Holland and was installed by parliament as king of England on the pretext and condition that he would recognise parliament as the supreme authority in the kingdom .
        In other words the 2nd amendment is directly related to English Common law for the protection of the individual against tyranny from either internal or external sources.
        Below is an example of the wording of the wording of the English Bills of rights dealing with this subject as follows: (the text is in old English)

        Bills of Rights 1689 Westminster London England

        “Whereas the late King James the Second by the Assistance of diverse evill Councellors Judges and Ministers imployed by him did endeavour to subvert and extirpate the Protestant Religion and the Lawes and Liberties of this Kingdome (list of grievances including) … by causing severall good Subjects being Protestants to be disarmed at the same time when Papists were both Armed and Employed contrary to Law, (Recital regarding the change of monarch) … thereupon the said Lords Spiritual and Temporall and Commons pursuant to their respective Letters and Elections being now assembled in a full and free Representative of this Nation taking into their most serious Consideration the best meanes for attaining the Ends aforesaid Doe in the first place (as their Ancestors in like Case have usually done) for the Vindicating and Asserting their ancient Rights and Liberties, Declare (list of rights including) … That the Subjects which are Protestants may have Arms for their Defence suitable to their Conditions and as allowed by Law.[14]”

        End of quote!

        At the time of the American revolution the English colonists rightly or wrongly ( depending which version of history you believe) this point of order was considered valid by the founding fathers as being valid in the case of their present deliberations with the mother country.

        Since then however the world has grown up and we don’t all live in wooden small holdings and their attendant farm houses waiting for the bad guys in America
        And in England we no longer all live in county villages miles apart from each other with nasty highwaymen and thieves around every tree.

        The wild west is no longer wild and dickens version of Britain has gone forever long ago , my point being that there is no longer any reason for a civilised nation to sport guns for any other purpose than to threaten or frighten people or worse , if all the gun shop owners , who I suspect are really behind the power of the NRA along with a lot of questionable people whose obsession with guns is a little more than self-protection ( big gun little .ick) decided tomorrow that selling harry potter films was more profitable than selling items of equipment for the sole purpose of blowing your fellow American off the face of the planet, I suspect that the problem would be solved in a month.

        So there you have it ,joke or no joke , you are following , inciting and protecting an ancient British common law policy for protecting protesting against Catholics

        In conclusion I am sorry that I have lost your respect but then I never really knew I had it in the first place?

        Happy shooting

        • Ok, let’s forget the wild west for a moment and think oppressive governments. In the 1800’s there were the Hapsburgs, the Tsars, The French Monarchs, The Spainish Empire and probably a few more. The 1900’s saw; the Ottoman Empire, The Nazi’s, the Soviet Union, The Khomer Rouge, The massacre of the Tutsies, and The Bosnian Genocide. In the 2000’s who knows? Darfur already had a genocide. The point of the second amendment isn’t to prevent the Wild West gunfights from occurring( which in reality are more Hollywood storytelling than anything save OK Corall) it’s to prevent oppressive governments from massacring their people. I wouldn’t take that lightly seeing as the US has already fought a war over slavery, denied women’s rights to vote, currently denies many gays rights, imprisoned the Jappanese, falsey accused people of communism( which although I dissagree with communists is no reason to abuse someone), and even had a genocide of our own in the Phillipeans. You can act like the world is all pretty now, but I don’t see a single reason to believe that it has changed all that much.

    • This troll who is slandering our British friends is from the UK himself. He is probably seeing if he can get someone to agree with his British-bashing so he can then point a finger back at us and prove some point about Americans being hateful.

      • Not at all

        It was so obviously a joke I even put LOL at the end of it

        hmmmm ha troll do I look like I have one eye and a body like a Californian benefits scrounger?

        • Most of the gun murder in this country is a byproduct of other crime. We have more gang related and organized crime than the UK because we have the population and population density to support illegal markets. We have more people, and most importantly more large metropolitian areas where these markets can thrive. We do not have a gun problem, we have a consumer demand problem combined with laws that require the demand to be filled by illegal markets where the only tools to resolve competiton and conflict are violence and fear.

          In spite of this our murder rates have been decreasing for 20 years and the UK murder rates have been increasing. We have lower violent crime rates outside of gang related crime because our people have the right to defend themselves from criminal threats.

          The symbol or method is not the problem, the incentive and motivation are. If you have a gear box and it is generating excess heat and noice, you don’t say “the problem is heat and noise” and try to abolish heat and noise, you open it up, look inside, understand the source, and redesign it so it doesn’t generate heat and noise in the first place. In other applications heat and noise may be a desired result.

        • Hi

          Really? the British, office of national statistics would not agree, the crime in the UK is increasing, from there perspective its actually decreasing and I did make the point that more murders are committed by guns in say Chicago ( which is probably a good example but with less population than the whole of Britain , which of course is more or less disproving your premise anyway on purely stats terms )

          I’m sorry but we all like to believe that we can support such arguments that we perceive to be dear to us, but the fact remains that in the whole of Britain there are less gun related murders than in one city in the United States, that alone is shocking enough.

          The rest of your argument well put as it is, can be confounded also:

          The population of Britain is at present 68 million people packed into a tiny island
          the population of the states is around 303 million in others words 4 times that figure spread throughout a vast country and yet the crime in Britain is not 4 times less its 38 times less .

          Taking into account that humans packed together in small places in large numbers would be more likely to be frustrated and claustrophobic you could probably knock off another 10% of that figure in Britain’s case

          The stats just do not add up and it’s clear to me anyway that it’s the easy availability of guns and ammo to all that is the cause of the problem

      • Let’s cut to the chase, John. How many Americans are you willing to have killed in the gun confiscation? Because that is the only way that people like you will ever get your imagined genie back in the bottle, so to speak. These are gun owners that today are peaceful and law abiding and would become felons overnight for not turning in their firearms. Again, John, how many law Americans are you willing to have killed, on both sides of the gun-grabbing war?

    • Nice job posing as an escapee from the Kos/DU asylum “John R Walsh” (not his real name). Or actually escaping for three touch-screen-thumbing minutes.

      Now go away, let your testicles descend, then grow up a few decades. Maybe then the adults here will want to interact with you.

      Just a note, “the bible” was not written in stone but originally on papyrus and parchment. The latter is what the Constitution was written on as well, with iron gall ink. At the point where you are willing to give up your First Amendment rights to use the Internet, and revert to quills and parchment, and give up electronic key sets and security apparatus along with your Fourth Amendment rights, then come back and maybe we can start to discuss you demanding to be the arbiter of appropriate 2A technology.

      That, or simply don’t adjust your meds without doctor’s supervision.

    • did you forget your meds this morning?

      jesus christ. i cannot help but watch the creepy nutters charge out of the wood work…it must be a morbid curiosity of mine…

  6. Nice rifle! I’m thinking the rifle is a “best last defense”, rather than a “last best defense”. A best defense is not the last, the best is whatever prevents you from having to use the last, like speaking out like this blog, voting with your dollar and with your feet.

  7. Man, that rifle is ugly. I would think that as successfull as this site is you could afford a decent looking rifle. Like a Mosin Nagant or at least a Lee Enfield.

    • A rifle is a tool. Tools IMHO have a purpose which transcends aesthetics. If they function well first and foremost they are beautiful things.

    • Lee Enfield a decent looking rifle? Gee whiz, jwm. Next I suppose you’ll be telling us that Rosie O’Donnell is a hot chick.

      Had a MN M1944 delivered a couple of weeks ago. It came with a laminate stock (a lot of m44s do). It actually is a nice looking piece, right up until the time it spits four feet of fire.

    • Perhaps it’s just the effect of the flash and the ambient lighting, but it’s weird how RF’s SCAR looks like it’s done in 3 different non-matching colors.

  8. Omgosh RF is HAWT! That’s gonna make me go reread the article on u in the Washington Post 😉 Great idea for the next version of I Am A Gun Owner.

  9. You should have posed with a OBR. LaRue is applying local AWBs to police/government forces, FN couldn’t give two shits about the rest of us.

  10. Love the rifle.

    On the tryanny thing, I can remember just a few months ago, all my friends of the more “progressive” persuasion were telling me we were paranoid, nobody was out to get our guns. I wish they’d quit proving us right all the time.

  11. The 2A is not about tyranny. Never was. The Whiskey Rebellion and George Washington proved it.

    That doesn’t mean that the RIGHT to bear arms is still not guaranteed… just think about not perpetuating a myth that only “the choir” believes.

    • Nice to see Adolf Obama joining in on the web sight as DaveR R for Russia right.Seems another anti gunner wants BIG Brother to run his life. Go slobber on Feinstine and get lost loser!

  12. Good to have you here Robert, lol. Nice rifle, 10 million more of those & the grabbing BS is a thing of the past, Randy


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