taurus g2c keep tinkering trigger upgrade
Image by John Boch
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Taurus USA has no love for me, and I no love for them. However, their uber-affordable G2c pistol is a very good value for a handgun, especially with a price of under $200 if you shop around. What’s more, with a $30 trigger upgrade from Keep Tinkering, the G2c becomes a terrific performer for its price point.

I had a chance to shoot one last weekend. Two of them, actually. One of our GSL Defense Training team brought a pair that he’d given the trigger upgrades from Keep Tinkering.

“Here, try this and tell me what you think,” he said to me, while handing me the first G2c with the slide locked open and a loaded magazine. I looked at the gun and saw the Taurus logo and the G2c on the slide. What he didn’t know was that I came about this -><- close to buying a pair for my twin boys a couple of months ago.  Locally, a shop had them on sale for $179 each and I’ve shot a couple that came through earlier classes and liked the experience.

So I tried the first one. I turned the first 12-round magazine into a ragged hole at about five yards. Then I added to the same hole with a second magazine, except for one round I cranked off when I lost my concentration. Clearly the gun won’t shoot itself into a single hole, but if you do your part, it performs very, very well.

My fellow instructor then handed me a second G2c with some fiber-optic aftermarket sights. Yeah, he hasn’t had as many boating accidents as I have had.

With the same aftermarket trigger on a different G2c, I got the same results on a different piece of paper. Forty-eight rounds. Forty-seven of them in a ragged hole at 5 yards. All for about $200 including the aftermarket trigger. Two bills!

The inexpensive trigger upgrade makes the trigger break at about 3.5 pounds, give or take, and while it lacks the crispness of a 1911 (what doesn’t?), it pulls very smoothly once one takes up the minimal slack. The reset is nice, as you’d expect. In short, it performs very nicely. As good or better than some $100 upgrades I’ve shot.

What’s not to like?

Taurus G2c 9mm pistol
Taurus USA

For the price point, the stock Taurus G2c is already on a short list of the best inexpensive self-defense 9mm guns out there. With the Keep Tinkering triggers, they’re hands-down the best super-affordable concealable gun out there that I’ve encountered. And I’ve shot more than my share.

To Taurus’ credit, even with the stock triggers, the G2c guns represent, in my mind at least, a big improvement for Taurus over the harsh triggers so common five or ten years ago in their production semi-autos.

So, not only does the Taurus G2c not suck (four stars from Sam Hoober), but with the Keep Tinkering trigger upgrade, it’s a truly stellar performer. I’ll even suggest its handling and performance reminded me of the couple hundred rounds I fired in a SIG P365 some time back. Yeah, that good, albeit minus the tritium sights.

Fair disclosure: I received no goods, services or good old cash money from any of the aforementioned companies.

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  1. How come Keep Tinkering can do a great trigger upgrade for $30 bucks and other brands triggers are so much more?

      • Keep telling yourself that.

        Its all about the money.

        Nobody’s going to spend $100 on a trigger upgrade for a $200 gun.

        So they drop the price to a point where the numbers work.

        Have you ever actually looked at a $300 Geissele trigger? Its very nicely done, but its 3 little parts. If it costs them $20 to make that trigger, I’d be surprised.

        • The number of parts is irrelevant. Go start a machine shop, buy an edm machine and a cdc mill, then put your time and resources into r&d and let me know the costs when you build something to a standard used by military and law enforcement.

          If you want to trust your life to a company with the word “tinker” in their name, go right ahead. I’ll gladly spend the extra money on a product that’s been proven with hard use in literal warzones.

          It’s your life to lead, but buying a product that you’ll put in a device you trust your life to because it’s cheap doesn’t seem wise in the long run.

          • R&D by another name could very well be tinker. Yes the ability to machine parts with precision takes an investment to be sure. I don’t think anyone is arguing that point. Personally I don’t think that it’s necessary to sell a trigger for $280 to pay for that investment, especially after the investment is paid for. This is coming someone that has 4 Geissele Hi-Speed National Match triggers. That’s why I said $280 because that’s what the Hi-Speed National Match trigger sells for. Do I like them? Yep absolutely, otherwise I wouldn’t have almost $1000 worth of them. Are they a great trigger? Yep same answer. Do I think they are overpriced? Without a doubt. Will I buy another one? Unless something better comes along, yep I certainly will.

        • These are professionally made by a company that specializes in small parts runs of nylon composite, similar to the material the gun frame and original trigger are made from.

          I am not going to say they will never break under any circumstances, because everything has a failure rate, but they are VERY durable, and if you ever have any issues with one, just shoot me an email at [email protected] I will gladly help you out, I stand behind my products.

      • It would be more accurate to call it a trigger shoe, but yes, it is only the trigger itself. However for the PT111 G2/G2C/G2S the trigger is the whole kit, you dont need anything else.

        For the G3, you also need a G2C style trigger spring as the stock G3 spring is incompatible with my triggers. I am working on getting a bulk supply of high quality G2C style trigger springs to make affordable trigger+spring kits for the G3.

    • The problem I’m having with the keep tinkering trigger is a dead trigger I installed 2 of these triggers on both of my g2c and now it will only fire 2 or 3 rounds before I get a dead trigger

  2. Taurus was suspect for a long time.

    The G2c has gotten nothing but good press.

    The trigger was/is bad on the standard G2c. Did not know about the Keep Tinkering trigger OR the brand. Will be a recommendation from now on.

    • the stock trigger is not bad. There’s a lot of slack, but it breaks crisply with less stacking than a glock and the reset is very short.
      It’s very different for a striker fired pistol, but it’s not bad. It;s more like a DA/SA. If you compare it to a 92 or a decent revolver, then yeah, it’s a bad trigger. But compared to virtually all other striker pistols, it’s just different.

  3. Yeah I’ve heard about that trigger. Gotta’ a g2 no “c”. Always goes bang. Mebbe I’ll get this trigger(how hard is it to install?).

  4. How will a trigger upgrade look in court if you have to defend yourself after a defensive shooting? Keep it factory, especially if you live in a communist state.

    • How will it look in court?

      Depends on if you’re clueless on how to articulate things, or if you can articulate.

      “Mr. Boch, we see that you’ve changed out the factory trigger to a hair-trigger, ready to take someone’s life with just a tiny bit of pressure… You really are a reckless, trigger-happy shooter, aren’t you?”

      “Mr. Dipshit Prosecutor: I improved the factory trigger with a lighter trigger to minimize the risk to innocent bystanders from errant shots should I ever need to use deadly force to protect innocent life from death or great body injury at the hands of someone like the now-deceased attacker in this case.

      “Furthermore, by giving me increased precision with which I fire my shots means I need to shoot the bad guy fewer times to achieve a cessation of the violent, criminal behavior of the perp in this case. In so many words, I had to shoot him fewer times to get him to stop attacking the innocent person, making the use of deadly force less damaging to him. The fact that he died is entirely upon him. I called 9-1-1 as soon as I could safely do so after the attack had ended.”

      • Let’s see how your scenario plays out in court when you’re shitting your pants looking at hard time for defending yourself.


        • Shooting someone even in self defense bears weight regardless of what has been done to the firearm. As long as the safeties haven’t been disabled in any way like it has already been articulated everything else can be explained convincingly. The real question is once in the situation how badly do you want to keep your ass out of a jam? The answer to that question is how you will proceed.

      • It may be Dipshit Prosecutor, but he/she/they have the power of the entire State at their disposal just ready to pound your character and everything that makes you..you. 4 or 5 prosecution expert witnesses that will testify as to your mental and ethical thought processes. And if the State really wants to make an example out of you it will be relentless. How much is Zimmerman in debt after trial? How many expert witnesses did it take to refute the State’s witnesses?

        So ….Why give the prosecution even one inch over a modified firearm? Why set yourself up for possible failure because you think a trigger sucks? Heck, I carry a G19 and the trigger most assuredly sucks, came from the factory like that. lol.

        • How about this, the little doodle safety thing in the trigger breaks. You look for a replacement, and lo and behold! For a small amount of money($30?) you fix the trigger and in the process also improve the trigger. Take that Mr. Prosecutor!

        • We have a winner. Any replaced part can be called a repair easily. Now lets look at the criminal record of thge dead guy.

    • It amazes me how much misinformation reins in the internet age. A dumbass says something. A bunch of dumbasses hear it and repeat it as though it is a facet of reality. And the more the bs is repeated and people hear it, the more it must be true. The overwhelming majority of people modify thier firearms in some capacity. I have literally never heard of a scenario where someone was charged for defending themselves with a legally modified gun and it be obvious or apparent in anyway that had it been factory, they wouldn’t have been charged. It’s just a dumb thought some guy had on the internet a few years ago. “If I modify my trigger and shoot someone legally in defense of my self….doesn’t that make me look like I wanted to shoot someone?” ….but theirs the law…..and the law doesn’t say anything about how heavy or light your trigger should be in a defensive shooting. If you want to let the miniscule potential of having a super liberal gun hating prosecutor in your even more less likely to occur defensive shooting, and the potential that he might voice arbitrary opinions regarding your legal aftermarket parts and how thier presence on your firearm is somehow relevant to the legality of the shooting prevent you from having the best pistol you can….or even just having something you want on your gun…well that’s just sad. But to each his own. you however, going to an article specifically about improving the factory trigger on a g2c by using an aftermarket trigger, and going to the comments section, finding people talking about the article and discussing aftermarket triggers and bless them with your genius. ” You idiots. Don’t you know that having an aftermarket trigger makes you look bad in court and you’ll get charged? How do I know this? Some guy said so on another forum. God your all so dumb and I’m smart for limiting my own ability to undertake legal actions because some guy said it would look some type of way in court.”……..yup…..we’re all so stupid.

    • It depends if you (A) lightened the trigger significantly and (B) are claiming an inadvertent discharge.

      If you can show that someone was a threat and that you fired deliberately it doesn’t matter, legally, if your trigger is aftermarket. Now, you may suggest that prosecutors sometimes don’t care about such legal issues and will poison the jury anyway. To that I would say two things; first, unless you put some fancy looking skeletonized red trigger on there that says “Mcgee’s killer trigger” or you lighten it so much that it actually IS a hair trigger, no one is going to know. The second thing is, what happens when you accidentally miss your target with the crappy trigger you were holding onto because you were afraid of what might happen if you had to use it with a good (aftermarket) trigger? Not only might you die but you might hit someone else. If a prosecutor was willing to make hay of you changing out a trigger what do you think he’ll do to you if your bullets are bouncing around the neighborhood because you couldn’t get them on target?

  5. I’ll trust Sam Hoobers reviews when he learns that AK receivers are not forged, or that a longer barrel doesn’t result in improved accuracy.

    • Uh….I would say generally a longer barrel DOES improve accuracy….. Are you smoking crack or something?

      • It improves range. It doesn’t improve accuracy. This has been demonstrated on numerous occasions. A longer barrel will often be less accurate due to the effects of barrel harmonics at longer barrel lengths.

        • @White Devil:
          Other things being equal, a longer barrel CAN improve accuracy by increasing (iron) sight radius, which CAN facilitate a more accurate aim.

    • A longer barrel with iron sights does increase accuracy. For anyone that really shoots for accuracy knows this. There are forged AK receivers. Lastly I can’t believe anyone would bring up AK’s and longer barrel accuracy in the same discussion.

      • You didn’t really just say that did you? There are no forged AK receivers. AK receivers come in two flavors. Milled or stamped. They can be forged, then milled, but that is not the same as simply forging. Anyone who shoots or has studied AKs knows this. A longer barrel, in and of itself, doesn’t increase accuracy. What you are referring to is an extension of the sight radius. I wasn’t making a comparison between AKs and long barrels.

        • Having a machining background, I can’t think of one thing that isn’t machined after been forged. Even a forged AR is machined afterwards. I didn’t say you made a comparison. I said you brought up the two things in the same discussion. What you are really talking about is stiffness or rigidity for a given length and diameter of a barrel. That being a short fat barrel will be more rigid than a longer barrel of the same diameter. Which you also didn’t state initially. This isn’t always true since I have seen a number of 26″-30″ barreled rifles that shoot really damn well (well under 1/2″). More times than not this comes from people that can’t shoot as well as others can. That’s not talking, that’s experience from actually shooting all manner of firearms.

        • You’re experience in machining doesn’t negate the fact that there are no forged AK receivers. They are either stamped or milled. That is not up for discussion. Also, you may not have said I was comparing barrel length and the AK platforms accuracy, but you attempted to make a link between the two when there was none. Saying, “I can’t believe someone would bring up AK accuracy and long barrel length in the same discussion,” as though they were related. They were not. Good job. I didn’t need to bring up the stiffness or rigidity of a barrel as my previous statement holds, without reference to the former. A longer barrel is not necessarily more accurate than a shorter barrel, and are often less accurate. All things being equal, a longer barrel is not more accurate. There are 12 inch barrels that can produce 1/2 MOA groups. What’s your point? Are we really going to measure dick size by comparing how much you supposedly shoot and how much you think I shoot?

          • Nope I’ll just take it that mines bigger. I’m not a fag so I don’t want to see yours and I don’t really care if you are a fag but I’m not going to show you mine. I said well under 1/2″ not just 1/2″. I didn’t assume anything and I don’t regurgitate anecdotal crap about this is absolutely more accurate than that and blah, blah, blah. Lastly a forged AR is milled there hi-speed. Stop grasping at straws.

        • You just regurgitated anecdotal crap when you said that because you see 24-26 inch barrels produce groups under 1/2 MOA, that somehow conclusively proves that longer barrels are more accurate than shorter barrels. There are extremely accurate barrels that are nearing 30 inches. Apparently in your mind, because those specific barrels are accurate, that means shorter barrels are less accurate. I didn’t say some longer barrels are not accurate. I specifically said that longer barrels are not more accurate than shorter barrels. That is all. Because you see some long barrels with great accuracy doesn’t invalidate the previous premise. We’re talking about AK receives, not AR receivers. Next, you’ll probably tell me that there are stamped AR receivers.

          • You clearly don’t read or understand the written language well. I said 26″-30″ inch barrels not 24″-26″. Show me a short barreled anything that can shoot 1/2″ not just at a 100 yards but at 200 and 300 yards. Accuracy is absolutely not linear. The same accuracy at 100 yards can be held at distance to a certain point. Yes eventually things start to open up. That is usually not from inherent accuracy of the rifle. Anything that is FORGED is MILLED (MACHINED) afterwards. Did you get it that time? Even billet receivers are milled (machined). Do I need to explain the differences between forged and billet too? I was using the AR forged receiver as an example by comparison. You assume an awful lot too. You probably still want to see my dick as well.

          • “Below 1/2 MOA.”

            MOA= 1.047″
            1/2 MOA=0.5235″


            See the difference? I say 1/2″ and you counter with 1/2 MOA. They are not interchangeable because they are not the same. Want to talk milliradians and how that unit of measurement differs next?

        • 26-30 inch barrels are not inherently more accurate than shorter barrels. Happy now. Notice how I also remarked about the great accuracy of some 30 inch barrels. You are confusing accuracy with range. There are plenty of very short barrels with exceptional accuracy. Below 1/2 MOA. Once again, I said that there are some forged AK receivers that are then milled. Therefore, the AK receiver comes in two variants, milled after having been forged, and stamped. That doesn’t mean my previous statement of the AK only being available in milled or stamped versions incorrect. You forge an AK receiver and then mill it to its final form. THAT MEANS IT IS MILLED TO ITS FINAL FORM. That’s how AK receivers have been classified from the beginning. I said there are no forged-only receivers. You have to mill the receiver after it is forged. It wouldn’t be finished if it was only forged. That was what I was saying. No forged receivers. They are milled or stamped. If it was forged-only, it wouldn’t be a finished receiver. I didn’t say that I wanted to see your dick. If that’s what you got out of my previous statement, while simultaneously claiming me of ineptitude at reading comprehension, then there is no further purpose to this conversation.

          • Un-fucking-believable! There is nothing that is forged and not machined only except for maybe the most crude knife. Anything that is forged is then milled (machined) afterwards for whatever tolerance of precision is to be obtained. Stop grasping at straws by mincing words. Like I said forged equals milled and you want to argue. You’re absolutely right there’s no point to this conversation. You want to try to take back what you said after being educated. “AK receivers are not forged” quoted from your original comment. Now you want to half assed agree a forged receiver is a milled receiver. I also knew that a milled receiver isn’t necessarily a forged receiver (hence billet receivers). How about forged pistons for an engine, do you think they aren’t milled (machined) after being forged? Now maybe my machining background does happen to show useful. Hope you learned something. Although I’m sure your reply will speak volumes to the contrary.

        • Also, you’re arguing against arguments I didn’t present. I didn’t say that the accuracy that one has at 100 yards will be the same one has at 200 yards. I said longer barreled weapons will not be inherently more accurate than shorter barreled weapons. This implies that they often have the same accuracy at whatever distance they are compared, until that distance is increased to the point where the short barreled weapon doesn’t have the same range as the longer barreled weapon. Put a 12 inch barrel up to a 30 inch barrel up within a reasonable range for the 12 inches and they will have extremely similar accuracy.

          • Mincing words, grasping at straws again. Give me a link to a YouTube video that shows a 12″ barrel rifle shooting UNDER a 1/2″ at 100 yards since that is hopefully the standard you are referring to. Yes I understand you didn’t make that clear either.

  6. It’s junk…. And if that’s all you can afford then save your money and buy a decent knife….

    • I don’t have experience with this Taurus but I do have with others. I have $3,500-4,000 rifle setups and I wouldn’t financially shame someone for buying a gun in the price range they can afford. The greater more important thing than what they can afford is once they but a gun they are a gun owner and now a member of the cause. You should really keep that in mind before making such shameful statements.

      • Lol this dude has dreams of being a knife fighter. Based on personal experience and every review i’ve read the g2c is a solid firearm. Much rather defend myself with a g2c than a knife

      • No One, you are right, that is how the Saturday Night Special slippery slope started and how the recent confiscation scheme is headed. Gun control is for those who cannot afford a)(originally) top tier firearms, b)(now in 2019) to hire someone to handle theirs so they can keep their fingers clean of CLP and other nasties.

      • Surely you must know by now that there are literally hords of know it alls that just can’t wait for the opportunity to bellyache about “those lousy Tarus pistols” and how they’d rather defend themselves with a hammer. I’ve always figured them for butthurt purchasers of an overpriced Sign before they clandestinely fired a Tarus and hated the fact they could have bought 2 pistols from them for the price of one they are fanboys of. Nothing like shitting on someone else’s purchase when dissatisfied with the one they made.

        • As far as pistols go, all I own currently is S&W, 4 semiautomatics and 2 revolvers. However I’ve owned Sig, FN, Glock (quite a few Glocks), Ruger, Auto Ordnance, Taurus, Kahr, and others. Some I liked and some I didn’t. Some I got rid of because I wanted something different and others because I didn’t like them. Had a Sig P229 that I liked but traded it because I wanted something different. I had a Glock 36 that I traded because the damn thing was so loud without hearing protection on there was no way I was going to carry it. Nope I’ve owned too many different types of firearms for the holier-than-thou crap. A gun I really would like to have back is a a S&W 1006 10mm. That’s a good gun in my opinion.

    • I am guessing you have never held one or shot one. I am not saying that Taurus is perfect by ANY means, they dont have the best customer service and their quality control is hit or miss. But everything has a failure rate and no company is perfect 100% of the time.

      That being said, the first time I picked up a PT111 G2 and held it, it was love at first grip. They are light weight, super thin for a double stack, and they feel like you could hold onto it through blizzard. The only thing I did not like about it was the trigger.

      Would I tell my gun illiterate mother or little sister to get one and use it as their only means of defense without seeing it in person first? Probably not. Would I buy them one, take it to the range, make sure it functioned correctly then give it to them? Without question.

      • KT, couldn’t agree more! I have four HK’s, ALL outstanding pistols, ALL very reliable and very accurate (now). However, my VP9 out-of-the-box had every other round either a stovepipe or FTF… fast forward to now, I was able to surmise that the recoil assembly is a shared assembly between the VP9 and the VP40. This doesn’t sound like a big deal; however, the assembly is rated at 14+ lbs and with 115gr loads that’s a bit heavy. I’ve since changed out the RA to an 11 lb which has been flawless. My point here is that HK being the quality firearm manufacturer that they are, it would seem that they understand that the RA may not be compatible with every users load preference as well as the possibility of issues such as this.

        I purchased the pseudo-backstrap trigger for my G2C and WOW did it make this little pistol R&R. Lost the 2nd strike ability (who cares) and it’s now SAO (perfect). From a decent shooting sub $200 pistol to an incredible shooting SAO $230 pistol. That’s pretty damn good in my book. Have never had an issue with this little pistol either. Changed out some internals as well; striker guide and recoil assembly. 1K rounds with NO issues!!! After a little work on my VP9, I can now say the same for it; THAT should not be the case on a pistol costing 5 times as much! My P30; HK45C; and USP40 on the other hand have NEVER had issues! BTW, great trigger, and thanks 🙂

        • Correction on my last post; recoil assembly was 22 lbs, now 18 lbs. 🙂
          My P30 trigger spring went from 14 to 11.

        • Most things I get I tweak or customize at least a little, either to work better in general or to work better specifically for me, and it sounds like you are the same way.

          I really like my Tristar P120 (Canik), it is a great gun for me. I paid $400 for it then I bought a new trigger, reach reduction kit, disconnector, springs, shaved the stock hammer hooks, polished the internals, then reworked the frame around the beaver tail and under the trigger guard to fit my hand better and refinished the frame. Now it works perfectly for me, although it is a very heavy gun and does not work well for concealed carry.

          I really like my PT111 G2, it is a great gun for me. I paid $190 for it then polished the internals, and put in a Pseudo Backstrap trigger and trigger spring. Now it works perfectly for me and is a great carry option.

          I like them both, I dont plan on getting rid of either, but in my case it is hard not to see the Taurus as a better deal.

    • I wonder the same thing. Looks to me like the install just discards the factory trigger safety which certainly raises some questions. Apparently this is about the only product this company makes from the looks of the website and pretty sparse on info including no FAQ section.

      • Boch needs to smack it with a mallet.

        At $169, the G2C is pretty attractive.

        But Taurus does not have a great reputation. I hope this is a better gun with better reliability.

        Their customer service also stinks in my experience.

        Maybe they will be better. Anyone know what they will make in Bainbridge, GA?

      • I started off making these because I bought a PT111 G2 and I wanted a different trigger, but at the time no one made one, so I made one for myself. I posted a couple Youtube videos and got a lot of response back from people asking me to make them, so I did.

        The website FAQ is on my to do list.

    • The short answer to this is my triggers are drop safe. 

      The longer answer is there are basically two forms of drop safety depending on which direction you drop a gun. 

      The original style of drop safety test was done with the gun pointed some variety of muzzle down or sideways, where the striker/firing pin could slam into a round when the gun hit the ground with enough force to ignite a round without the trigger action ever being released. The answer to this type of drop safety is having a striker block, which these gun have and which works exactly the same with my trigger or the factory trigger. 

      The second type of drop safety that has seen more attention recently is the kind the Sig P320 made famous, where if you dropped a gun backwards with a trigger that has enough physical mass, a light enough action, and no trigger safety, the trigger could keep moving backwards after the gun hit the ground and release the action as if you had pulled the trigger. 

      Sig fixed this issue on the P320 by switching from heavy metal triggers, to metal triggers with less mass. My triggers are made of lightweight nylon polymer and all weigh right around 0.1OZ. As you might imagine, even not factoring in friction, or how the trigger is anchored on one side for the leverage point, a 0.1OZ trigger just cant generate the ~3-5lbs of force it takes to release the trigger action in one of these guns when dropped from a height that would not also completely destroy the gun, at which point all bets are off with drop safety. 

      I have personally verified this by dropping my PT111 G2 with my original SAO trigger backwards from a height of 4 feet onto concrete with a thin vynal coating 40+ times and did not once have the action release. I did record doing that, but I don’t have the kind of high end camera that can record slow motion well enough to see what is happening with the trigger, so I have never bothered posting it.

      • Show a close up of putting an empty 9mm brass case with a live primer installed into the chamber, and then record doing the drop testing. The primer alone will make a nice loud pop if fired but otherwise be as harmless as any gun firing a weak blank, so the testing will be reasonably safe. No need for an ultra expensive high speed camera and such, just a typical moderate quality video cam to slow down the action some, and let the simple quiet lack of noise from the primer never being ignited tell the rest of the story as the firearm is repeatedly dropped. Just food for thought in case making up a commercial like that should ever prove beneficial. 🙂

    • Ok friend, you buy it and I’ll shoot whatever you want me to shoot. Buy the ammunition and I’ll shoot it until you or your wallet gets tired.

  7. I have one, it has an annoying stiffness at the end that makes me pull my shots to the right, no matter how much I practice with it…. may give this trigger job a look see.

    Can I ask why 5 instead of 7 yards? Just curious

    • Sounds like you may be having an issue with the trigger face to backstrap distance, which is incredibly short on these guns. If you watch the hickok45 video on the guns he talkes about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MH3tJrK2ma4

      After the crummy stock trigger safety issue, and the shorter pull distance, the 3rd biggest reason people like my triggers is because they move the trigger face forward, and different models of my trigger move the face forward different amounts for a more custom feel. From shortest backstrap to trigger face distance > to the longest backstrap to trigger face distance, they go: Stock Trigger > Curve > Slight Curve = Standard > Straight > Pseudo Backstrap.

  8. G2C standard trigger:

    slaaaaaaaaack dragdragdragdraaaaaaaaag snaaaaP

    my best imitation. and their litle-r pistol is worse

    • I guess the three that I’ve bought are all exceptions to the rule.
      It’s got slack, that’s for sure, but so does every other DA/SA auto out there.
      To be clear, that’s what this is; a DA?SA auto. Technically a striker fired pistol, but shoots like a DA/SA.
      Long slack, short stack, crisp break, SHORT reset. Sorry yours stacks so bad…

  9. “Yeah, that good, albeit minus the tritium sights.”

    Low cost aftermarket parts make the value even better!

    Tritium night sights, fiber optic sights, stainless steel recoil rod and spring set, etc.:

    And there are even more goodies at the following link as well, including a stainless steel recoil rod/spring set with choice of 16 lb spring as per factory, or with a stiffer 18 lb recoil spring for “less perceived recoil” and good for those who insist on snappier +P loads.

    Note that you need to SELECT the 18 lb version as the web page defaults to the 16 lb spring otherwise. Only $33!:

    People love to change out everything on their Glocks until nothing factory is left and call that perfection. While you certainly can’t go that far with these, you CAN upgrade the most important parts on your sub-$200-ish G2C and do quite well. Not mentioning those aftermarket goodies certainly leaves out a lot of the low budget value story.

    Reloaders: The RMR 9mm 124 grain hollow point Multi Purpose Rounds need to be going 1100 fps or better _minimum_ for consistent full expansion (much like the famous 9mm Speer Gold Dots start getting inconsistent expansion at or below about 1050 fps or so, a problem that never happens in full sized duty handguns, but subcompact / micro guns with 3 inch barrels are another story), so if you are going to stock up on a thousand 124 grain HP 9mm RMR MPR’s for $99, and load them hot enough to keep them at or above that 1100 fps minimum out of that little 3.2″ barrel, you may want to visit the Galloway Precision link above for that 18 lb recoil rod / spring set for a whopping $33.

    Between the rear sight which is adjustable for both windage and elevation, and the ability to tweak your load recipes to whatever your particular little handgun seems to like best while in your hands, you can do pretty darn well on surprisingly low budget. Still cheap enough when all is said and done not to break the bank as an accurate / dependable little truck gun and such. For those who turn up their noses at all things Taurus, Good! That helps to keep the prices nice and low for the rest of us more pragmatic types. 🙂

    As most of you almost certainly already know: Don’t be shy about changing out that recoil spring from time to time, like every perhaps 3000 rounds or something roughly like that. Do a search for “1911 frame cracks” and look at the images to see what can happen to even the mighty 1911’s when those recoil springs get worn out…! While one recoil rod / spring set would be good for many years for a lot of people, especially with a subcompact little carry gun, those of you who consume massive quantities of ammo might want to pick up several sets while you know you can still get em’ cheap.

  10. I had a Keep Tinkering’s psuedo backstrap SAO trigger installed two weeks ago, such a massive difference. I could do good work with the G2 stock and now it’s even better. Seriously give it a try. Now all that’s left to get is some lakeline llc upgraded fiber optic sights and this 200.00 pistol will be gtg. As a side note there is a guy making grip sleeves on eBay for use with the G2 and sig 229 mags or mecgars 18rnd 229 mags. Yes they work with no modifications.

    • I did the lakeline Recoil spring and stainless striker sleeve. Also added the fiber optic front sight and a nice little tru-glow red laser and have been real happy with the results for a EDC that is surprisingly accurate. Next will be the keep tinkering trigger to reduce some of the WAY EXCESSIVE take up to the trigger wall.

      I just race gunned out a Canik TP9 fxs with available aftermarket parts that made an already good trigger into a striker fired 1911! The trigger (Freedom Smith) made a big difference but it was the reduction of the striker – plunger springs that made the gun perfect.

      I’m a little surprised no one is selling these two components springs. Coupled with the KT trigger upgrade the little G2 could be a much better shooter!

      • The stock safety block lift spring is already pretty light weight, and the stock striker spring is often too light to dependably ignite even Federal primers when the gun is in DA mode. I am actually working on replacement striker springs that are heavier duty for people who want to convert the gun to full DA.

  11. To many people worry about triggers..been shooting for over 40 years and have never done a trigger job on any of the guns i own. Put a few hundred rounds through it and youll be a pro! Besides if your attacked the type of trigger isnt going to be an issue. Id worry more about practice on drawing skills. If the type of trigger you use makes ( you think) youre completely missing your target then you need more training period. Anybody still talking about Taurus quality is obviously stuck in the 1970’s ive owned a few of these in the last 20 years and have never had any issues with any of them

    • I will never understand people like you. “Don’t do something to make your gun better. I’ve been not doing that for thirty years and I’m fine.” …..improving your trigger does a world of good for ANYONE. It prevents all kinds of inherent mistakes and accuracy destroying quirks. And yes it can matter alot In a defensive shooting. Saying “people worry about triggers for no reason, I’ve been shooting for 30 years and I’m a good shot.” Is like saying, “I don’t know why anyone making twelve bucks an hour asks for a raise, I’ve been making twelve for thirty years and I’m making it.” Or ” I don’t get why people zero in pistol sights, I’ve never zeroed in any of my sights and I can hit stuff.” It’s kinda like ” I don’t know why anyone would want something to be better than it is if what it is is able to work.” If I’m a decent shot without a trigger upgrade….why would I want to upgrade and be a great shot? That’s dumb. I guess what I’m saying is too each his own….you don’t care about upgrading triggers and never have. Great. Alot of people do however like upgrading thier triggers. And you weighing in to tell them it’s dumb you’ve never upgraded any of your triggers and you’ve been shooting for thirty years. Is kinda like…..ohhh okay some random fucking dude on the internet has been shooting for thirty years and he thinks trigger upgrades are pointless so we should all stop using them. (Never mind the reeeeallly stupid part….which is if you’ve been shooting for thirty years and have never upgraded a single trigger cause it’s pointless and your a great shot….HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW IF ITS POINTLESS OR NOT IF YOUVE NEVER TRIED IT.) it exists, but I’ve never used it and I’m a good shot, so they must be pointless….or I’d be using it. Wtf.

  12. Obviously, $200 -300 is a good deal for a self defense firearm…Especially, when it’s going to get confiscated by the police after the self-defense incident. Probably never to be seen AGAIN… At least it wasn’t a $1000.+ $, S&W or a Sig-Sauer….

  13. Taurus guns work. They don’t cost a lot of money. But it seems many people with 6 or 7 gun safes think you must spend as much money as they do for a “good” gun. The revolver is not outdated. It will kill you dead. Now if you are facing 8 home invaders the revolver, is STILL A GREAT GUN. Because home invaders aren’t going to stick around when they are getting shot and shot at.

    It would certainly be much better if you had a 12 or 15 round capacity semi auto handgun. But maybe you can’t afford a bigger capacity gun?
    I own a ruger p89 with a 17 round capacity. And a 5 round Taurus judge. Plus other guns. I see no reason for anyone to spend $800 or more for a handgun.

    America is still the land of the free. You can spend as much money on guns as you want to. And I recommend you do.

    Remington guns have killed their owners. Remington has many more problems than Taurus does. But I don’t read too many articles criticizing Remington on TTAG.

    • edit
      I recommend you spend as much as you can afford on guns, ammo, and training. Preferably more on training.

  14. Do as you wish, its your gun and your rights. I’m happy with my trigger and Taurus overall it a excellent self protection weapon. A lot of you guys are arguing your legal rights, if you have a good self defence shoot you will be fine, your always going to worry being someone was killed or wounded and the police are intimidating but make no mistake if the law was followed in the shoot the trigger won’t matter very much.

  15. You will not find a better trigger. I own 3 keeptinkering triggers. Not only is the triggers good but also customer service is top notch and will guide you through any questions and or problems

  16. The gun might be nice, but if something breaks; Taurus sucks.

    I had a Taurus 605 that locked up before I could even take it to the range. Cylinder notches actually peened from light dry fire, and there was end shake present. It was actually worse than my 100 year old S&W pre model 10. (Might be wrong on the exact model, but the things old/a hand ejector)

    I had it for not even 5 days and sent it back to Taurus. They took 16 weeks just to unjam the cylinder. They did not address end shake or cylinder notch peening. They originally wanted to charge me $50 for shipping until I reminded them of their free shipping policy if it was in x amount of days purchased.

    The best part was they marred the knurling at the end of the ejector rod.

    I sold the dang thing at a loss. I can’t trust firearms mde by a company in a 3rd world country unless it’s an AK.

    The money you save isn’t worth it. After 30 days they expect you to pick up shipping. While Ruger/S&W send you a shipping label free of charge, have a better turn around time, and have bent over backwards for me.

  17. The accuracy of a missile expelled from a chamber through a barrel of any length is determined by that missile barring any environmental factors having influence upon the way,…the missile travels directly from the barrel as fast as it is possible given the powdered charge propelling it. If one chooses to shoot from the hip and forego use of sights the accuracy remains the same for the bullet. Only by knowing the accuracy of the bullet will the shooter then be able to apply that like rounds accuracy to his own advantage. Example. A 500 yard fairway with a tiny little cup to get the ball , golf ball into that tiny little cup has nothing to do with skill of the golfer it has only to do with the ball and its envirionment after it is powered into the air by a clubs stroke. People golf all their life and never get a hole in one while some taking lessons boast having done so. So it is for a missile sibjected to environmental factors. If it were accuracy dependent upon the shooter and that shooter could place the barrel in an exact position as it was for the round immediately preceding it there would never be a shotgroup only a hole that nemerous rounds have passed through….I hate to say it but …DUH!
    A place hitter in baseball…batters skill. A hole in one…completely independant of golfer skill.

    • Accuracy is only completely independent of the shooter if the shooter is taken out of the equation ie a ransom rest or other such device. With the shooter being in the equation the other side of the equal signs is 90% dependent on the shooters skill. Inherent accuracy of the gun means absolutely nothing if the shooter can’t execute it.

  18. Oh and I almost forgot, Taurus has come a long way in the production of firearms and it is safe to say that its g2 series are among the finest they ever produced and in spite of the “CHEAP” price produce firearms in this day and age comparable to the favored best in the world. Taurus is not all about the money.

    • I completely agree. I own several 911’s, a S&W 41 and several other precision firearms. I have a Taurus G2C with a Keeptinkering trigger. The firearm has never failed and is accurate for its intended purpose. It is not a Bullseye gun, but it WORKS.

  19. The trigger is the worst thing about my Taurus and I don’t know of any kits for a Millenium PRO; but in any case I’ve begun deciding that it’s better to pay a bit more to get a good trigger out of the box.

    • I only have 8 triggers, but 8 spring + trigger combo packs. The trigger in this article is a SAO Slight Curve.

  20. This is all so interesting. I advise all of you to take Massad Ayoob’s MAG 40 class, which explains in minute detail all of the ramifications of a lethal force encounter. Hell, lawyers take it for their required continuing education. He teaches from a 30 plus year career as a police captain, plus he is recognized as an expert witness in lethal force trials all over the world.

    There is something to be said about the legal ramifications of modifying any firearm, but I don’t think it applies in this case. I’ve ordered a trigger for my G2c, plus some other parts. I will have no qualms about carrying it daily.

  21. Armalaser TR23 – $96.00. Makes this $200 firearm much more friendly for self-defense use. I’m going to look at these triggers, thanks for the review!

  22. I took my G2 apart and filed down the catch end of the little trigger dongle, useless device that keeps you from pulling the trigger unless you are pulling the trigger, now the original trigger works great. A full 3 lb coffee can + some of brass fired from this gun, all relaods, with not a single problem except with an aftermarket magazine.

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