Gun Review: Taurus G2C 9mm Pistol
courtesy mfr
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Gun Review: Taurus G2C 9mm Pistol
courtesy mfr

There’s nothing wrong with cheap and cheerful, which is exactly what this Taurus G2C review is about. The G2C is an inexpensive handgun, to be sure, but don’t write it off too hastily. It actually has a lot more to offer than you’d think.

Taurus renamed the PT111 Millennium G2 as the G2C (for “compact”), then dumped the PT709 Slim and created a single-stack variant of the G2 dubbed the G2S, for “slim.” For those wondering, the name is the only thing that’s different.

Some might accuse Taurus of crossing PT111 G2 out and writing G2C in crayon, and that’s exactly what happened. But then again, who cares? This isn’t a pistol you buy because of what’s written on the slide; you buy it because (let’s face it) of what’s written on the price tag.

And how.

The G2C is a lightweight subcompact double-stack pistol, offering 12+1 capacity in a svelte and slight package years before the SIG P365 came on the market. The frame is black polymer, with textured panels on the front, rear and sides of the grip, with thumb relief divots on the grip and finger indexing divots on the frame above the trigger guard.

The slide can be had in matte black or matte stainless. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the gun I tested at the rental range, so you’ll just have to make do with stock images. You can say mean things about that in the comments if you like, but my feelings will only be hurt if said comments are a paraphrase or parody of Rush lyrics. Otherwise, they will be disregarded, so I hope you’ve dined on honeydew and drunk the milk of paradise.

Gun Review: Taurus G2C 9mm Pistol
The gun formerly known as the Taurus PT111 G2 (courtesy mfr)

This gun actually has more features than you’d expect for the price. The magazine catch is reversible if desired, and there’s a Picatinny rail for mounting an accessory. The rear sights are adjustable and the front sight is a fixed post. This is a conventional three white dots set-up. The sights are bigger than you’d expect for such a small gun, though not oversized, and easily acquired.The top of the slide (forward of the ejection port) is melted, with a loaded chamber indicator atop said slide.

Gun Review: Taurus G2C 9mm Pistol
courtesy mfr

The gun has a party piece in that it has second-strike capability, rare in striker-fired pistols. Taurus bills it as DA/SA, but it isn’t like actual double-action striker pistols such as the Walther P99 or Canik TP9. Those guns have something like an 8- to 10-lb DA pull if the trigger is de-cocked; the Taurus does not. Single-action, if you want to call it that, offers no resistance but smooth take-up until it stacks and breaks at the end of the trigger stroke, at about 5 lbs. The double-action trigger pull stroke feels like about 6 lbs from front to back.

Reset is not the most audible nor tactile, but isn’t bad. While it’s far from a great trigger, it’s plenty usable and also barely any “worse” than many other striker pistol triggers. I’d rate it about equal to the bangswitch on base model XD and most factory Glock pistols, which I have always found to be lackluster.

Gun Review: Taurus G2C 9mm Pistol
courtesy mfr

The G2C has a tabbed trigger, much like other striker guns, and also comes with a manual safety on the left side of its polymer frame. That’s in addition to the usual trigger safety. The magazine release and slide release are on the left side, and there are two takedown tabs much like many other striker pistols.

What about shooting this thing?

The Taurus G2C is obviously quite light, but the recoil impulse is softer than you’d expect. Loaded, it balances well in the hand and isn’t too snappy, about on par with an M&P Shield.

A small confession: I haven’t been to the range for a while, mostly due to the holidays and other demands on my time. (Being a grown-up sucks, and I would recommend anyone avoid it if at all possible.) As shooting is a perishable skill, I was not incredibly accurate. By the end of my range session, I had progressed from completely hopeless to minute of 6-inch plate at 10 yards.

Gun Review: Taurus G2C 9mm Pistol
Credit: Me! Good lord that was some lousy shooting. I got cute trying to print some groups on the head and the small square and tragedy obviously ensued. I don’t claim to be an IPSC grandmaster or anything anyhow.

I would say this gun is capable of better accuracy than its compact size would suggest, though perhaps not surgical precision. It’s definitely accurate enough for a carry gun.

I ran 115-grain Blazer FMJ brass and American Eagle Syntech 115-grain hardball through the G2C 9mm, with no failures to feed or eject so I don’t have any doubts about its reliability. It’s not rated for use with +P ammunition, though I doubt a limited diet would stress it too badly.

People might sneer because of the name on the slide, but is there any reason to? I’m not fully convinced there is.

A M&P Shield will probably cost about $100 more than the G2C in most stores. A compact to subcompact GLOCK 9mm (26, 43) is about $200 more than the Taurus. In terms of comfort, accuracy and how they feel to shoot, are those pistols worth the premium over the Taurus? Having shot a few Shields and a few GLOCKs…I’m not completely convinced they are.

Specifications: Taurus G2C 9mm

Chambering: 9x19mm
Capacity: 12+1
Barrel length: 3.25 inches
Overall length: 6.25 inches
Overall height: 5 inches
Overall width: 1.25 inches
Unloaded weight: 21.15 ounces
MSRP: $316…but expect to pay more like $250 or less

Ratings (out of five stars)

Accuracy * * * 1/2
Admittedly, my shooting was TERRIBLE, but by the end of my range session, it was obvious that it’s more accurate than the price tag would suggest.

Reliability * * * 1/2
150 rounds with no failures to feed or eject. Arguably not a real test of reliability, but it ran without a hitch.

Ergonomics * * * 1/2
Better than you’d think, but not outstanding. That said, it gives you a fuller grip than other pistols of the same size such as the Glock 26 and Shield with flush-fit magazines.

Customize This *
You can get aftermarket sights for it and that’s about it. Some replacement parts (springs and a steel guide rod) can be had through Lakeland LLC, but outside of that, it’s OEM or nothing.

Aesthetics * * 1/2
Name me a good-looking black plastic pistol. Go ahead; I’ll wait. It’s not ugly, but it’s not overly attractive either. Then again, the thing about poly striker guns is they’re workhorses first and foremost, so something tells me that’s not what buyers are concerned with.

Overall * * * *
I know that sounds crazy, but give me a second here. On the gun itself, I’d give it three stars. It isn’t spectacular, but it’s reasonably accurate and easy enough to shoot. Aftermarket support is pitiful.  But relative to the price point, it’s more comfortable to hold and shoot than it should be. It’s also more accurate than it should be. The trigger is on par with other semi-automatics that have more allegedly respectable names and price tags that are double (or more) than the G2C’s. If I absolutely had to buy a gun for less than $300, there’s a very good chance this is the one I come home with.


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  1. “Some might accuse Taurus of crossing PT111 G2 out and writing G2C in crayon, and that’s exactly what happened. But then again, who cares?”

    Everyone should care. The PT111 is covered under taurus’s lifetime warranty. The G2C is not. That’s why they renamed it.

    • Taurus has since changed this. Below is pulled straight from the Taurus website.

      The following Taurus handguns, previously covered under a one-year warranty, will now be covered under a Limited Lifetime Warranty:
      Taurus® G2c, G2s, TH series, Taurus TX22, 1911 Commander, 1911 Officer, Taurus Spectrum®, Raging Hunter®, 856, and 692 revolvers.

      Original purchasers of a Taurus firearm covered by a one-year warranty will be pleased to learn their firearm will be covered under this new Limited Lifetime Warranty.

      All legacy firearms covered under the original lifetime warranty will remain covered by that warranty.

      • That sounds like Taurus – solid customer service. I’ve owned 2 Tauruses: a 22, and a 357 – both had life-time warranties, and both were solidly built & reliable.
        And here’s a story about their customer service. A friend pf mone bought a used PT92, which someone had put crappy tritium sights on. The slide cracked (like many did in those days), and he sent it back. They called, and asked if he wanted factory sights back on it, and he said he did. They sent it back with PT99 sights, and paid shipping both ways.

      • Either your comment about +P ammo is inaccurate or Taurus is itching for a lawsuit. Page 24 of the G2C manual says is os ok.

        “Only fire SAAMI rated Plus P (“+P”) ammunition in Taurus® models designated by Taurus for +P use as
        below. ”
        “All firearms chambered in 9mm Luger.”

    • Joe K. Since the 2 yr mark from 11-10-18 approximately a thousand rounds with different types of 9 mm ammo,with no problem whatsoever. The only complaint I have is the black matted finish rubbing off signs of wear and in my opinion .Taurus should put a more durable finish like Smith & Wesson. The end results I stripped the old finish off and polished the stainless steel. In my personal opinion it looks a lot better. The factory sites have been replaced by TruGlo optic fibers along with a compact laser. my personal opinion theTaurus g2c will stand up against other 9 mm’s 😊

    • It’s not that it melted, he’s referring to the bevel on the top of the slide forward of the ejection port.

    • Slide not mag dump approved? Yeah I wondered at that verbiage as well, a melted side seems to be a problem. Maybe a typo? Or do they mean it is super curvy design, all “melts together” but I would think the Taurus Curve would get the melted description. Maybe deeply beveled would be a better term?

  2. G2c has several small differences, stippling in the grip pads, taurus emblem changed, no Hillary hole in the g2c, different trigger group, differences in the way the slide meets the frame, second strike capabilities, blah blah blah, but it’s not the pt111, it’s a different model with a lot of the same parts and looks.

  3. I bought a Taurus 605, despite all the internet wisdom saying that Taurus is trash. I have to be honest, I’ve been completely satisfied with it. Accurate and totally reliable! Also, I lost my crane screw and Taurus service was excellent (again, dispute the gun-store/internet experts on the subject). Sent me two replacements free of charge, after a 3 minute phone call.

    Taurus has really turned it around in recent years and I’m glad people are finally figuring it out!

    • Im glad youre having a good time. My rossi 357 blew up in may and i still have not received a replacement.

      • I am sick of people bashing Taurus. I own a 941 Taurus Revolver in.22 Mag and a 605, a 65, and a 66 in.357 Mag. I also own a Ruger SP101, a Ruger Blackhawk with a 6in.barrel and a Uberti Hombre in .45LC. My Taurus revolvers are just as reliable and accurate as the Rugers or the Uberti. I own a PT1911 and a g2c pistol. I have found them to be as good or better than my Glock 43. I have fired thousands of rounds in these weapons and like each one for its intended purpose, the defense of my family and my home. When I pull the trigger they go BANG. Nuff said. I will discuss my preference for Marlin Rifles another time.

  4. As mentioned by Me( not me) this is a different gun than the G2. I believe the “glock” trigger safety is one solid piece so it won’t break too. Also the “new” Gs is thicker than my perfect 709. Mainly the warranty sux NOW…however I’ve seen this for sale for 179.95 at Point Blank so it’d be a good backup. Honest Outlaw on YouTube called it one of the top guns of 2018(!). I’ve also seen lots of report’s of Ruger’s cheap guns failing(EC9s & Security 9) but the fanboys just say “Ruger will fix it”😏

    • I’ve never owned a Taurus before, but a friend owned a G2C, and liked it once we got it sighted in (an adjustible rear sight is useful). I couldn’t refuse when I saw one at Point Blank for $178.88 ($192 and change with tax).

      I don’t like striker fired guns, and find this trigger as bad as most, but it does have a fairly short reset. I used the 2nd strike capability once, and twice had the slide fail to lock back until I learned to get one of my thumbs down more from the slide lock button. Now in total, I’ve got about 350 rounds with no failures to feed or eject. So far, I would feel confident carrying it once I shoot another 200 rounds or so of various self-defense rounds.
      It’s not super accurate, but compares favorably with my Shield (which doesn’t fit my hand very well).

      I’ve had guns I liked more, but not for anywhere near this price

      • Accuracy is in the eye of the beholder (SHOOTER) always has been – unless you strap this gun to a fixed system (test for accuracy) which can qualify accuracy then please do not speak of accuracy.
        Old School is my name and expert has been my rating for 40 + years on the range and the battlefield. I can put your eye out at 50 yards every day. Mark Sends

        • Accuracy refers to closeness of the measurements to a specific value, while precision refers to the closeness of the measurements to each other. it is a description of systematic errors, a measure of statistical bias; low accuracy causes a difference between a result and a “true” value. ISO calls this trueness.

          Precision is a description of random errors, a measure of statistical variability. So if you bolt the gun down and shoot it you are measuring precision, because you are eliminating the systematic errors and statistical bias that determine accuracy. Precision = theoretical best the gun can do. Accuracy = how precise a gun is, WITH human systematic errors applied (Different shooter’s abilities). Words have specific meanings and matter. So once you add a human to a gun you are measuring accuracy. If mounted – precision is what you are measuring. And then we could talk about consistency of cartridge loads effecting precision….but I digress.

    • Oh come on. What exactly “sucks” about this pistol?

      If I wanted a compact double-stack pistol in 9mm, I would almost certainly buy this model. And at a sale price of $180 as a commenter stated above, I would probably buy two of them!

      I have purchased several Taurus firearms and every one of them worked/works flawlessly.

      We are living in the golden age of firearms. You can get some decent firearms for incredibly low prices — especially when you factor in inflation!

      • Never used a semi auto Taurus. But all their revolvers that I’ve used and owned, all .38s and .357s, have been solid.

      • I gave my daughter a Millenium Pro. a predecessor to the G2, She never had any problems with it.

        • I had a Taurus PT140 Millenium Pro. I shot well over 1,400 rounds through it. I only experienced two jams and both were with cheap reloaded range ammunition. It ran all factory ammunition flawlessly.

          The only reason I sold it was because I wanted a larger pistol with a longer barrel and a 15-round magazine. The person who purchased it from me was pleased as punch and had no complaints whatsoever.

        • “I’m sure it’s because it isn’t a Glock”

          Nope, Yepnope. It can’t fire a single dam creedmoor without jamming!

      • it suuuucks because they don’t sell well, probably because one of the ninnies supposed to be selling them tells everyone ‘it suuuucks’ without having any other reason.

    • Bullshit! I my son, my brother-in-law and I have all purchased theses guns. They work fine. and are easy to shoot. Stop slamming Taurus when you obviously have never fired one. If you worked for me I would fire your ass for not knowing how to sell a great little firearm.

    • The worst gun I ever bought was the Sig Sauer P250 due to its sh*tty trigger system. It injured my finger because the trigger wouldn’t break until it was pinned against the grip and the major muzzle rise torqued my finger like a biker twisting the throttle on his Harley.

      For the price of the P250, I’ve bought both the Taurus PT111 and PT709 that have better triggers and are more comfortable than the “modular” Sig POS. Reliability-wise, the only issue I had with either gun was replacing the recoil spring in the PT111 after a visual inspection. At that point, I had fired about 3,500 rounds through it and on disassembly, I noticed that edge of the recoil spring had jumped over the retaining flange although this condition didn’t hinder the action of the slide.

      I called Taurus on a Thursday morning requesting a replacement spring and on Friday, there was a new recoil spring sitting in my mailbox. So, it’s hard to complain about their customer service when you get a next-day response like that.

      The only thing I don’t like about these guns is the built-in trigger locking mechanism which I never use. However, you can feel the trigger encountering a very slight bump when pulling it back which is due to that mechanism. The new guns removed it, IIRC. Some people don’t like the DA/SA trigger in SA mode because of the long trigger travel but I happen to like it because it gives the user a margin of safety before the trigger releases the striker. I also find the reset to be short and tactile enough for quick, follow-up shots. It likes the heavier 147-grain rounds in all varieties EXCEPT Federal HST hollow points that have excessively-wide openings that catch on the feed ramps of both guns. The recoil on the Slim PT709 is not that much more than its compact brother, the PT111.

    • WHAT!! IDK what your smoking but stop, the TAURUS PT111/G2 has been one of the best selling guns in america, since 2017 its been in the top 5 and at times its # 1 or 2 in sales at a specific store. so maybe you work a boutique gun store where wilson combat,ed browns,zev,and all those other 3 to 4K $ guns are sold or just a crappy salesperson? TOP SELLING GUNS since 2017 RUGER LCPII, TAURUS G2,SIG P365,S&W M&P 2,0. any ruger,any smith and wesson, the sig 365, Taurus pt111/G2, glock 43 have been the best selling handguns in america for 3 years running. go too youtube and just type best selling handgun for any of the years i mentioned and i promise the taurus is in there. good luck with the sales career its not for everyone.

      • I’m from South America (excuse my French) Taurus pistols are in the hand of the Police and Military Police of the country with more shooting in a city in 1 month that in the entire United States in one year!
        To all the internet commandos, and “experts “ I can assure you that those weapons works and help some of my friends every day fighting the crime, real crime, not a shoplifter or a junky looking for 10 dollars to get high.
        Again sorry for my poor lenguaje and be safe !!!

    • Yes I’ll take all of them if you’re giving them away. Although i think you’re lying about it.

    • My wife and daughter both own Spectrums and neither have had any problems.
      I presently own a PT101 that I bought used in 1998. I now own 6 taurus guns (all semis except for my Judge) but couldn’t tell you about their service department as all have worked without problems. Just ordered a G2C.
      I seriously doubt it will give me any trouble.
      Maybe they’re overpriced in your store as they can be bought online for less than $200.

  5. My dear wife got me one for Christmas because I wanted a compact for deeper conceal in certain situations. I like it a lot. It feels good and shoots great.

  6. i was pleasantly surprised by how well the Millennium shot. even though its small and light, its nowhere near as painful, or at all really, as the PF9.

  7. I like my G2 a lot, but there is a REASON that it has a manual safety on the left side. Like the PT709, the G2 IS SINGLE ACTION: FULLY COCKED WHEN RACKED! That is why the trigger pull is soft; that trigger pull is LONG as a safety feature for people who don’t read the manual. These guns are only double action for the second-strike capability, if the round fails to fire. Once it does fire it goes back to SINGLE ACTION……………………………elsullo

  8. Sam. Adulting caught up with me, also. Had not been to the range in a while. Got my new g19 to its first range session today. The gun did as well as I expected. Myself, on the other hand……..

  9. I have an FFL and have worked with Taurus now on 2 separate cases regarding PT111 warranty repairs. Frankly I thought they did a very good job of handling things with us.

    The first was a friend who sent it in and didn’t hear anything after a few months and was unable to find out anything. He asked if I knew anyone. I didn’t but sent an email in to them That got someone on the phone with my friend in under 2 hours. They were working on replacing his firearm and were awaiting stock. They sent him a brand new G2C right about when they said they would.

    The second was a customer who brought in his gun to send back as apparently he was told we are an authorized dealer for repairs (imagine my surprise – LOL). I contacted Taurus with his case number. They sent me a prepaid shipping label to return it. I received email confirmation that it was received and was told it would be 3-4 months to repair. We received it back this week and returned it to the customer.

    In both cases, I felt that Taurus did a very good job of supporting their customers. At our FFL we have sold/transferred quite a fair number of them in the last year and none have come back yet. My very first firearm was a Taurus .38 spl back in college. I purchased an ultralight one recently out of nostalgia and I couldn’t be happier with it. Nice little gun for a low cost.

  10. I would like to see TTAG do an evaluation on the Bersa BP9CC. I have two and they work just fine and are very accurate with the only problem being that they need to be cleaned more often because of the outside finish is more prone to rust then a Glock finish is.

  11. “Reliability * * * 1/2
    150 rounds with no failures to feed or eject. Arguably not a real test of reliability, but it ran without a hitch.”

    What would it take to actually get the 5 stars here then? Being able to fire 200 rounds with no failures to feed or eject when only loading it with 150 rounds? It doesn’t make sense to only give 3.5 here when there were no issues.

    • I don’t think any gun can or should get 5 stars. Doing so is saying it’s perfect as far as reliability goes, and I dont think any gun exists thst is. 4.5 sounds like the right rating if it didn’t fail after a good number of rounds.

      • the whole point of having a scale of any sort is that it’s possible to archive top and bottom of the scale. The scale being 5, if 5 cannot be achieved, the rating is invalid. As the writer mentions, it’s arguably not a good test. Then what would be a good test?

        The purpose is not perfection, but we rate based on comparisons with other guns. Ratings serve to give us this comparison. If the sample size is too small, as mentioned, that’s one thing, but if the gun performs at the top of everything else it’s compared to, it should get the highest marks.

    • 150 rounds? I shoot that in under an hour at the range. That’s 3 boxes of ammo. Not a particularly large hurdle. In fact, if I had even one malfunction in 150 rounds I’d be tempted to give a pistol 0/5. Using 150 as a reliability test reeks of those people who buy a gun, shoot it once, throw it in a drawer, and then race about how great a firearm it was.

      I don’t mean to come off as a snob, but I shoot at least 200 rounds per week (and consider myself a mediocre shooter) so 150 rounds proves almost nothing.

      • I think that’s why he put in the disclaimer. I just thought between the disclaimer and the mediocre rating, it just got too strange.

      • I’ve seen jam o matics that can’t finsib one mag much less 150. That said it seems light for a review. At least 500 with 1000 being the standard.

        I’ve only owned one Taurus. The 709. It’s my wife’s gun. I maybe have 300 rounds through it, as it’s not a fun fire arm to shoot by any measure. It’s only had problems with amp that also jammed in two of my other guns so I think I just got a bad box of 100.

        I’ve heard bad reviews of many of the striker fired Taurus guns. The 709 and the G2 have not been badly reviewed. Also the second gen 24/7 seamed like a really good gun, I might buy one if cheap enough.

        The military requires a gun to go 2000 mean rounds before stoppage and 10k between failures. Of course this is with ONE type of ammo and I’m sure they inspect the ammo prior to testing. So
        If a gun makes it through 1000 rounds without fail I feel pretty good.

  12. This is a pretty good gun for anyone thinking of buying it. I do shoot mine slightly to the right on occasion because there is a bit of a snap sometimes right at the end of the trigger pull (something to do with the lever safety in the trigger getting stuck for a microsecond, doesn’t happen every time) but at 15 yards it’s still within a 6 inch circle so no complaints for the price:)

    Anyone doesn’t want theirs let me know and we can work out a deal:)

  13. Bud’s has it for around $200 and my local range sells it on sale for $199. I think $249 when not on sale. I’ve had it for awhile and have had no problems at all

  14. Shot over 700 rounds and totally reliable, including three or four kinds of HPs. Would buy again for $189.00. Good truck gun.

    Bring back “edit” button.

  15. I don’t like 9mm, and I don’t like plastic, but If it’s anything like my youngest son’s 24/7 , not a bad deal for the price

  16. I have a G2 , bought a second for my son and a buddy at work has one too, all 3 have functioned flawlessly for over 2 years and probably about 1000 rounds between them, can’t be beat for the money, about the only thing you can get cheaper is a high point and they don’t even come close in quality, reliability or looks. I own 2 other taurus guns a 454 raging bull and a pt99, never had a problem with either of them

    • Now don’t bash High Points, They are made in Ohio USA and work great. They may be ugly and heavy But I didn’t want a sexy gun because all the lip stick and bondo aint what makes them work. I also like Taurus, I have a revolver that belonged to my Papaw, I took him to buy it 40 years ago and it still looks like it did back then. Not everyone can afford 1000 bucks for a gun.

  17. I have a PT-111 G2 in my carry rotation (actually have 2, since I found the second one on sale for $189). Never had an issue with either of them and I have certified both for carry. One has about 1000 rounds thru it and the other has about 2500. Not a single issue. But I keep hearing Taurus makes junk!

      • it is still also compatible with Canik TP9 mags.

        I keep 12 round mag in the gun and carry 2 20 round Canik Mags as spares. I Believe the Canik Mags are still made by Mec-Gar. I know I have never had an issue with them.

  18. Have a PT111 and a G2C, with about 800 rounds through each, using all sorts of ammo. Not one…not one…issue with either gun. Spent less than $400 altogether for the two. What more can you ask? Luv ’em, luv ’em, luv ’em.


    • Too many awesome pistols out there at a great price to even look at, let alone give the nod to, Taurus.

    • Ruger is my go to brand; 100% American down to the raw materials. Don’t forget Rugged & Reliable. My one experience when a gun needed to go Ruger was a total of 10 days,counting shipping time both ways & prepaid shipping. A magazine problem & the wrong grips on a revovler were handled over the phone, parts in hand in 3 days. Know people who waited 6 months for service from Taurus. I recently took a chance on a Heritage .22 revovlver (Taurus owned) & like it so far. Bought from Davidson’s because of their lifetime warranty that replaces the gun if it can not be fixed. Mostly for use with shot shells, but has been a fun plinker that is accurate (6.5″ barrel). Thought I might buy the new Spectrum, but hated the size/shape of the trigger guard & the horrible hard, gritty trigger pull; got another LCP instead.

      • Mossberg is a very American company who is also family owned. They now make handgun to compete with the shield and smaller rugers.

        I am a Ruger fan. Love 10/22, mk4, and all their revolvers. Also love their bolt rifles. Not super in love with their semi autos.

  20. I realize the reviewer may be strapped for time. Yet to perform a reasonable review he should have at least read the instruction sheet that comes with the firearm. In it he will learn that the G2c is rated for +P ammo. Taurus does not recognize +P+ ammo And rates anything above SAMMI pressures as +P. The G2c IS rated for +P ammo. – Obbie

    • I came here to say the same thing. All Taurus 9mm luger handguns are rated for +P. I’ve shot probably 500+ rounds and at least a full box of +P through my PT111 G2 with only one issue where the gun wouldn’t go into battery. I believe it was an issue with the range ammo since it fed an entire box afterwards. Good gun.

  21. The Taurus Lifetime Warranty doesn’t mean much. By the time you pay for shipping and insurance, you may be able to just pay a local gunsmith to fix it. Or, just add a little money for another brand up front.

    This was the case with my Taurus Model 66 357 that would lock up after a cylinder or two. I sent it to Taurus. Received it a few weeks later…with the barrel canted to about the 1 o’clock position. Their solution, I assume, was to unscrew the barrel a little. I took the Taurus to my local gunsmith. For $40, he fixed my problem. This is less than shipping and insurance to send it to Taurus. I, immediately, traded it to him on a Smith Model 60. Told him he could have it for the repair cost. Being a good guy, he gave me more.

    I can forgive a production gun having issues. It happens. However, when a Taurus gunsmith puts his hands and eyes on a returned gun, I’d expect better.
    I will never buy another Taurus for that reason. I don’t care how good the price is.

  22. I personally have one and it’s been flawless. The trigger is weird, but not bad; feels pretty much like a Glock trigger, once you take up the slack. The reset on mine is plenty perceptible to produce quick follow up shots. I liked mine so much it has become a favored 21st bday gift and all of those have also been flawless. I know 3 other people who have had the same experience. This is a fine pistol. Plus, it’s less than half the cost of a G19 and only 3 rounds down. It’s WAY smaller, in reality, it is very easy to conceal. As far as Taurus’ new warranty is concerned, that is also now the same as Glock. I have a 19X that I really like as well to compare it by. I alternate between the 2 on carry, depending on how tight my pants are, (ha!). After 3 years on the PT111G2, at least a couple thousand rounds, I have no worries when carrying it.

  23. I would like to see a “Service & Support” category added to these reviews. That would drop this “Overall” rating down to “* 1/2”, right where it should be.

    • Have a look at the other comments in this thread. I think you may be outnumbered.

  24. I have a PT111 G2 and it fits me fine and works well. No it’s not a glock but it’s not $500 either.
    I thought about trading it at one point until I heard the trade price…$125??!
    But given the fact I pd only $200 for mine I suppose that’s about the trade value.

    Frankly I’m tired of people knocking these guns when most dont even own one, and if all mine’s worth is $125 I’ll just keep it and be happy with it.

  25. I bought a PT111 G2 when they first came out, and then another one when the price was under $180, and a third when they were on sale again. One is new in the box, just looked over and the glops of oil cleaned off, the second has maybe 1000 rounds through it without any issues, and the third has modified sights a Lakeline recoil spring and a modded striker bushing, and it has over 2000 through it with a single jam on the third round fired from it. I had a Shield for a while and sold it, I like the 111 G2 better!

    A friend has a G2C with about 1500 rounds through it without any issues. These guns are winners all the way around.

  26. Bought my wife a S&W Shield in 9mm(performance center model) and I picked up a G2C($179.00 on sale). While the G2C is no S&W, Sig, Kimber or Beretta it is a fine little pistol with a lot of good points. I haven’t had one bit of a problem with failure to fire/eject. I’ve even mixed FMJ and HP in the same mag…even with different weights and brands. Not one problem. Taurus has come a long way over the past 10 years or so and their customer service has improved from the substandard service of years ago…at least from what I remember.

  27. My daughter just got hers today. Replacement for the MIllenium. After the several years it has taken to get this recall thing resolved, court time, getting the recall organized, and holding her gun for over a year before finally shipping it… Not to mention marketing a potentially defective gun to begin with. There are not going to be any Tauruses bought in this family. Their customer service was beyond unexcusable. Hour long waits on hold to get call answered – give me a break. Then their customer service people were unpleasant to deal with. That said, their new G2c seems cheap and poorly done in comparison to the Millenium. We’ll see if it shoots in a few days, but so far, mark me as unimpressed.

    • You should mark yourself as, “unheeded”, as Taurus has ALWAYS been awesome to me, and I’ve NEVER had a problem with their products, or customer service. I had a PT25, and it had some issue, but they not only sent me a shipping-paid label and envelope to put the pistol in, but they fixed it in a few weeks time, and sent an extra mag, just for the inconvenience!! I know you may have been dealing with a specific issue, but in my experience, Taurus is great!

  28. Bought a gov last Sept have less than 400 rds thru it.. No failure to feed or ejects but last time I took it out had several failure to fire on first trigger pull had to refill trigger to get it to fire. Not a comforting feeling. Nephew shot it also and had same issue..we used 3 different types of ammo. After failure to fire waited then ejected shell looked at primer no mark at all. Has anyone else had this issue?

  29. I own a Glock 19, which is great for OWB EDC. It is a bit to bulky for summer carry. My wife had a Glock 43, which is great for IWB EDC. My wife didn’t like the Glock 43 very well. She bought a M&P Shield 2.0 9mm as her gun of choice and gave the Glock 43 to my daughter. I was never a fan of her Shield. I bought the Taurus G2C on sale for $189.00 plus tax. It fits my IWB holster that I used for the small Glock perfectly. It carries 6 more rounds than the small Glock. It carries 4 more rounds than the Shield. I have fired hundreds of rounds of quality range ammo through it with no issues. It is nearly as accurate as my Glock 19 with 2 inches less barrel length. It is as comfortable to carry as the small Glock IWB. I think this is a GREAT gun.

  30. My first Taurus was my first pistol. Purchased in 1986, it’s their .38 Special 5 shot revolver in stainless. It’s surprisingly accurate for such a small gun and has lived in my bedside table from day one. In all these years I’ve only had it “tightened” once. Since, I’ve added two Berettas (92FS and P04 Storm – both 9mm) but wanted something more concealable and with more than 5 shot capacity as does the 38.

    After three “try and sell” experiences, I settled on Ruger’s EC9. Turned out the only thing if fit was my pocket. Too difficult to shoot without pinching my finger and for me, too inaccurate for dependable use.

    While still in search mode, a friend brought over his newly acquired G2c. It fit my hand perfectly – comfortably, when I first picked it up. With some searching and growing frustrated with unenthusiastic sales people trying to sell me stuff I’d already tried – or Glocks, I ordered one from Sportsmans Guide via a local FFL at about $250 all in. With about 300 rounds thru it so far, the gun has exceeded my expectations. At 7 yards, it’s more accurate than I am.

    For me, this is a very well balanced gun. Re-acquisition of target is made better due to its balance – and once you learn the trigger, that balance and relatively light recoil makes me look pretty good at 7 to 10 yards. So far, Taurus has worked for me.

  31. Have owned & shot striker fired pistols by the dozen. I must say, the trigger on my G2C is STRIKING! Equal to or better than any other save the Sig 365. At twice the price of the Taurus, I guess the Sig trigger should be better. Go out & bought yourself a G2C with a stainless slide & enjoy practicing with the $$$ you have left over!

  32. since the mid 90’s i’ve owned 7 taurus firearms. the first 2 were revolvers (model 85), one blue and one stainless. both had timing issues right out of the box. sent back to taurus and returned within a month, but i didn’t trust them and got rid of them. nexy was the old millenium 111 in 9mm. functioned perfectly but was inaccurate as hell, for me and 3 other persons who tried to shoot it. got rid of it. next was a slim 709. functioned perfectly and very accurate. next was the 738. malfunctioned on second magazine and locked up. sent to taurus and returned promptly, but didn’t trust it and got rid of it. next was another 85. great gun! accurate and 100% reliable. still carry it. next is the g2c. failed on first attempt to fire and locked up. sent it back, and was returned promptly with a laundry list of replaced items. but they jammed a zip tie through the ejection port (as a safety issue?), making the gun useless. the zip tie is jammed against the back of the ejection port and the gun frame. called taurus and was told to take it to a local gunsmith. told taurus i was not going to pay for a repair that they created, and they sent a mailing label. they still have the gun. i’m going to have trouble trusting this gun and will probably get rid of it. why do i keep buying taurus? stupid i guess. i like the feel of their semi compacts, but they seem to have production issues, at least in my experience. glad others are having such good results. this will be my last one.

  33. Sig P320 is an amazing looking plastic gun.

    The issue people have with taurus is legitimate. I have not met a single person that had a good experience getting a repair processed, which leads me to my next point…why the $@%# are so many people needing then to be repaired? Out of the dozens of pistols I own, the only guns I have that are inoperable are both of my dang taurus. One is a revolver (really?!), the other is the gun in this very article who’s firing pin shot out the front on a dry fire, with a total of about 150rds through it because i have plenty of better shooters to waste ammo on.

    Buy whatever you want to go have fun with, but for the love of god, do yourself a favor, spend a hundred or so extra on a gun you may need to trust with your life. Nothing takes a beating like a gun you have with you all day everyday.

  34. the author give this pistol 2 and a 1/2 stars for Aesthetics??
    I don’t buy a carry gun for how it looks because it will spend most of it time holstered so what difference does it make if the plastic guns looks pretty? Besides your won’t get plastic to look as good as all metal anyway.

  35. I love mine in black and odg. I can also drive nails with it up to ten yards, which is farther than most self defense encounters. I’d give it four and half stars, -.5 because you cannot trick them out, but come on, it’s a carry weapon not a range jewel piece.

  36. Some of the statements of this article by the author is completely false. The person does not know what he is writing about. The first few paragraphs which he uses crayons as a metaphor for just changing the name on the gun without some upgrades is not only BS and Biased but completely false. I recommend not paying No Attention nor mind to this article. The person is an asshat. Probably a gun snob for another brand and talking SHIT. Think about it? They literally used the word crayons to describe the firearm? What a douchebag

  37. Nice review – answered some questions I had. My friend let me shoot his Glock 43, and this design looks more stable (little finger grip & finger slots). Unfortunately, no rental ranges in my area have one available yet, so I’ll have to wait to try one out. And I agtee – age is not for the weak of heart!! Also, HUGE Rush fan – our 3-piece band used to play 2112 – FUN!

  38. A friend of mine bought one of these and forwarded me this article. I’m not a huge fan of these writers who will give an overall score of 4 stars when in the five other categories the highest score awarded was a 3.5 star rating. The overall should be an average of all aspects that drive the “overall” opinion of the firearm. Typically I let this stuff go and couldn’t give two rips about the review. Just an observation that irked me enough to post a comment.

  39. First of all, I had always been a Smith guy, using a 638 for summer carry and a Beretta guy, using an 8045 Cougar for fall/winter carry. Never once would I consider trusting my life and/or my loved ones lives to a Taurus. BUT, as the Illinois governors race approached almost a year ago, and talk of additional red tape/dealer costs (leading to increased consumer costs), and possible registration requirements, (as promised by the socialist democrat opposing the gun friendly incumbent Republican gov.), I started looking for a compact 9mm with a 10 round or more mag cap.. After hours of online research combined with discussions with my concealed carry range friends, I was shocked to discover the G2C. The only caviat my carry LEO/military/instructor friends indicated was to replace the polymer guide rod and dual recoil spring system with a stainless steel guide rod and spring system from Lakeline LLC, AND replace the polymer striker guide with a stainless steel striker guide from the same company. As my G2C cost around $225 out the door, with 2 12 round mags, the $60 or so cost of the upgraded parts seemed minimal, ( I chose not to replace the striker spring but Lakeline has the part). The only cost factor I experienced was the cost for additional mags, which ran around $30 for factory units, (4 more, in addition to the 2 included, cost almost half of the new pistol cost!). The only concealed carry issue I experienced came from the aggressive texturing on the grips. Though great for solid grip purchase, wet or dry, when carried in an IWB holster, (I use Alien Gear), an undershirt or Concealed Carry specific shirt like VERTEX, with an integrated lower torso compression material liner, is a must. The darn grips will chew you up if you don’t, unless your IBW holster’s leather/neoprene completely covers the grip surface. As for reliability, I have put 400 Federal 115gr brass cased ball thru it, 100 Federal 115gr aluminum cased ball, AND 40 Hornady 135gr flexlock +P (the G2C IS NOT +P RATED, FYI), Critical Duty rounds, WITH NO FAILURES! The adjustable rear sight, ( plastic ), was simple to use, (a Jewelers flat head screwdriver works great), and had me Tea cupping at 15 yards unsupported after the first three mags. For such a light 9mm, the recoil was far less than I had expected, having NEVER shot a small, polymer framed 9mm. It seemed less than my S&W .380 Bodyguard, and closer to my full sized Ruger P89 9mm. (Dual recoil springs??). It not only has a “second strike” capability, (or third, fourth, etc.), but goes from a light DA first pull to a lighter SA pull there after. Though the trigger CAN be completely released after each shot, the actual travel to reset is quite minimal. After some deliberate fiddling at the range, “double taps” were shockingly simple. The pistol surely shoots better than I do. This is NOT the same, soft striking PT111/millinium G2, regardless of how it looks! I literally trust my life and my family’s life with it, as it has found a strong roll in my carry rotation. This from a guy that would have bet you hundreds that I would never own, let alone carry, a Taurus! PS – Just saw a G2C for $175 and I am buying my second one this weekend! Never say never.

  40. Should we consider this writing a “distant early warning” for buying this firearm and we should “use kid gloves” while sighting it? By the way, you have great musical taste!!

  41. “Than it should be”????? I disagree with that comment. If it is successfully built that way, well, then it SHOULD BE! A true gun review should be a blind review and not a comparison, biased filled one. Review the gun on its own merit and not how you feel about the maker or guns in that price range. Just my opinion of course. I’m not a gun expert, I just enjoy collecting them and shooting them.

  42. I recently purchased a used G@C in 9mm. I like how it feels in the hand, but do not like the feeling from shooting it. I have a compact Kimber 45ACP and it has about the same felt recoil as the 9mm. The same day I shot a Ruger SR9C. IT had less felt recoil then the Taurus. The Ruger SR9C cost from GrabaGun is 289.99. The cost of a Taurus G2C 9mm is 199.99. For the price difference I would purchase the Ruger.

  43. I bought the G2C after looking to replace my conceal carry gun. I was using a Kimber solo which proved to have a few issues that never worked out (stiff spring), not to mention that being a ultra sub 9m it kicked like a mule. After shooting the G2C I’m glad I made this choice, it’s smooth. The trigger took a little getting use to but it wasn’t bad. The only issue I have had is that it doesn’t like cheap ammunition, but whatever, I spend a dollar more on ammo and the gun takes it just fine. I recently purchased a dry fire laser to work on my concealed carry fundamentals. I absolutely love the fact that I don’t have to rack the slide after each fire due the “double action”. The sights are adjustable and the closet I can get them aligned with my eye is almost perfect, but I do have to adjust my aiming point by about 1/4 under where I aiming at about 5-7 yards. Basically, I trust this gun as my concealed carry a lot more than the more expensive Kimber solo. No kick on Kimber, they make great guns but the solo was a miss. As for the G2C, it’s a win.

  44. I know this is about the G2C, but my comment might be helpful to anyone considering purchasing a Taurus. In the fall of 2019 I purchased a Taurus TH9C. After getting it home I noticed it was missing the front sight screw. I contacted Taurus customer service and was told a new sight screw would be shipped to me. This was on Oct. 4 of last year. It’s now Jan. 14 and I still have not received my order. I’ve emailed customer service MANY times and was given one excuse after another. So two weeks ago I phoned customer service and was told my order was ready to be shipped, but there wasn’t a tracking number yet. Two weeks later…no tracking number and no sight screw. I called again today and was told that the order was ready to be shipped, but because they moved, no orders have been shipped yet (remember, I place my order on Oct. 4). And they couldn’t give me an approximate date as to when they would resume shipping. I informed them that 3+ months waiting for an order is ridiculous. So anyone considering a Taurus, you better hope you don’t need parts, because their customer service is beyond horrible!

  45. Page 24 of the owners manual of my gf’s G2C says:
    “All firearms chambered in 9mm Luger” are +P rated.
    It does go on to say it does generate extra pressure (duh) and its not recommended for practice, I only use +P when I’m loaded for self defense but just to clear it up the G2C IS +P capable. As the manual continues to say: All firearms chambered in 45acp, .38 super automatic, model 817 compact frame (packer) revolver in 38 special, Model 82 medium frame revolver in 38 special, model 85 polymer revolver, model 851 small frame revolver, model 850 small frame revolver all in .38 special.

  46. Ive had a Pt111 g2 for two years. Bought it on sale for 220 bucks from my local but world famous dealer. Its been my primary center console gun ever since. Never leaves the car, except i recently brought it in as the top of the fridge gun during the pandemic, since im not driving every day. Love this gun. Solid, simple, rugged. Fits my had perfect. I had a sw shield 9mm For work and i would take this g2 as a personal gun every day over the sw.

  47. I’ve owned my G2C for a little over a year and have over 500 rounds down range with it. I have had No, I say again “NO” failures of any kind! It is light, accurate (on a man size target) and pleasant to shoot. I got it for $179 with a rebate. It’s my EDC. Taurus has made major changes and are as good as any other brand name out there ! I’m going to buy another for my wife. Best Bang for your Buck I’ve seen in a long time !

  48. Taurus are great guns for the price how ever the Taurus Company will not return letters, or Emails which is very poor customer service, so I can only think may happen if you need a firearm repaired under warrantee.

  49. I recently purchased my first Taurus, an all black G2C, and so fat I am COMPLETELY satisfied. I feel for the 200 I spent on the pistol, it meets every demand for it I had. It is very reliable, it conceals great in my IWB holster, and is accurate and very shootable. I am super confident that if the situation ever arises where I need to protect myself and/or my family this TAURUS G2C will perform. Do I want a 5-600 Glock or a Springfield Hellcat? Hell yeah! Of course I do but ATM I can not afford it. So this is where I think Taurus has nailed it 100% with this model. What you get for the price is amazing and with the recent stuff happening in this country I am sure the sales are going to go through the roof!!

  50. Yes there are other more reputable weapons out there (if that is such a thing) but the items that can be accessorized on the G2C are things most weapons all have.
    1. Sights
    2. Guide rod
    3. Trigger
    4. Magazine
    Most of all the removable items on the G2C, but unlike my 1911 that has multiple movable parts and I’ve accessorized the heck out of it, but I don’t carry that “brick” with me when I’m out. But with the G2C I say “less is more” when it comes to my CCW. Sights, trigger and ammo are my main concerns with my CCW and if all those all work and I do my part…..I’ve hit the mark.

  51. so, if I choose not to buy this weapon have I still made a choice? I guess I’ll just go with freewill.

  52. I had the PT111 was ok now this gun is awesome Good price… feels great in my hand
    if it’s rebranded who cares

  53. I bought my Taurus PT 709 SLIM at a gun show years ago, maybe 11 years. Hadn’t shot it a lot do to just life. Now that I’m retired and shooting more, I couldn’t hit a 12”x12” target at 10 yards. I had to go bigger, a 24”x 36” target. It was grouping at the far bottom left, About 7-8” from center. This is after rear sight adjustments. I called Taurus and they paid Fed Ex shipping. It’s been about 4 weeks and I just heard back from them. They reported they could not repair the weapon and would replace it with a G2C. I paid $378.00. Not sure if I’m getting an equal or better replacement. As for customer support and service, I would say 5 stars.

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